by David Icke

22 September 2012

from DavidIcke Website


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)said:

‘We know of no information showing that the foods created from these new methods differ in any meaningful or uniform way.'

It was a big lie, a statement of sheer insanity, and people like FDA/Monsanto double agent, Michael Taylor, knew it.

A lawsuit later brought to light 44,000 internal FDA documents which revealed that GMO can produce allergies, toxins, new diseases, antibiotic-resistant diseases, nutritional problems and cancer-causing agents.


They also confirmed that scientists and experts at the FDA had said that GMO food was different from that produced normally and therefore had different risks. The effect on human health in GMO-soaked America has since proved catastrophic and potentially genocidal.

How come, then, that the FDA said publicly that there was no difference between non-GMO food and that produced with GMO, especially by Monsanto, which has led to the FDA not requiring independent safety checks on GMO products?


One of the key people responsible for taking that line was Michael Taylor, the number two at the FDA, a former attorney to Monsanto and later a Monsanto Vice-President for Public Policy.

Taylor was also at the US Department of Agriculture between 1994 and 1996 and in his government roles he was highly influential in the decision not to insist that GMO had to be labeled which has denied the public the free choice to eat or not eat GMO food.


All this must have cost the lives of multiple millions of people and animals since then and caused suffering to untold numbers who have had their health devastated by GMO.


It was also Taylor at the FDA who ensured that Monsanto’s genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH/rbST) could be injected into cows to increase milk production without any labeling for people to make a choice.

He also wrote a paper saying that if producers of milk without the growth hormone labeled their milk as such they should be mandated to include a disclaimer from the FDA saying that there was no difference between milk with bovine growth hormone and milk without it.

Taylor has been described as possibly being responsible for,

'more food-related illnesses and deaths than anyone in history'.

This man should be in jail with the key thrown mid-Atlantic, but where is he now?


He was appointed by Obama to be his ‘food safety czar’ in charge of all United States food safety policy at the FDA and is now Senior 'Advisor' [yeah, right] to the Commissioner of the FDA.


Taylor’s policy is Monsanto’s policy and there can be no greater confirmation that corporations control governments than Taylor's career with Monsanto and government agencies which are supposed to protect us from Monsanto.

This is why Big Biotech is getting virtually all that it wants from the FDA while organic farmers and growers and small farms in general are being destroyed by a mass of new and ludicrous laws on the grounds of 'food safety' imposed by FDA SWAT teams made up of monumental goons with guns in their hands and air in their heads.

Food fascism isn't coming - it's here...!


Obama's 'food safety czar' - 'Taylor-made' for Monsanto.