by David Icke

August 24, 2012

from DavidIcke Website



The enemy of the people seeks to promote the enemy as the people.

I may not be coming from the stance of an American patriot, but I have said many times most of what Raub said and far more in terms of challenging the tyranny of the global State.


The Internet is awash with people with views and opinions like those and that is the point of all this. Brandon J. Raub is a means to an end, not the end in itself.

Those exposing the coordinated hijacking of Planet Earth and the subjugation of the human population have become far too effective in awakening others to their individual and collective plight.


The ‘New Order is in danger from this exposure and so it is time to destroy that challenge to its omnipotence before the house of cards doth fall.

Many of us involved in this exposure have had to cope with being attacked by often State-sponsored or self-obsessed idiots who do not have the intelligence to see that they and their children and grandchildren will have to live in the nightmare world that we are seeking to prevent.


Many won’t even care what happens to their children and grandchildren - it’s not their problem. Oh, but it is...


Tyranny is not coming - it’s here, in the world they are living in.


But still they target those with the guts to put their head above the trench while they hide deep in the shadows behind anonymous log-in names and fake public personas.

Anyone who has ever tried to do anything worthwhile has always faced abuse from the blind, moronic and self-obsessed.


As the writer Jonathan Swift said:

‘When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him’.

That was always so.

For those who have given their lives to exposing the global conspiracy the abuse by idiots - not least in the media - is an occupational hazard that you must either accept or step aside. But the treatment of Brandon Raub and other happenings in recent days are taking us well beyond the realms of the merely moronic and into a whole new stage of the global game. His release amid a public outcry is encouraging, but his case is part of a very clear emerging pattern.

The goonatics are now seeking to target the people and the information sources of the people.


So head up, chest out, strap in. It is a challenge that we must be big enough and immovable enough to meet and deal with.


I doubt, however, that we can count on the support of log-in name ‘Adam’ who made this comment on Brandon Raub’s forced incarceration in a psychiatric hospital for expressing his views:

If we did this more often maybe we could prevent a massacre once in a while. He’s not under arrest and if he is sane and poses no threat then he’s free to go.


But the same people who are ‘furious’ about his detainment would be the first ones to accuse the police of doing nothing had he done some harm. We need more of this kind of preventative action.

- Adam, USA, 21/8/2012 18:10


Bless him. How’s the kids, Adam, alright?

Knock, knock...


The ‘Adam’ mentality is too ignorant

to see that it is far more dangerous to the world

than Brandon J. Raub will ever be.