by David Icke
August 6, 2006
from SoulWise Website




Hello all,

It may seem as if the world is falling apart with all the wars and the gathering extremes of weather, but there is another perspective from which all this can be seen. When I first began to consciously 'wake up' amid some extraordinary experiences in 1990-91, a major theme of my life was of a coming transformation of human perception.


There didn't appear to be much sign of that at the time, but as I traveled and met people we would call 'psychics' I was told on many occasions that I was destined to play a role in the coming global awakening when humanity, or large swathes of it, would break free of the amnesia that has held it in servitude. I put all this aside to simmer while I got on with my life because if it was true the evidence would eventually be there to support such ideas and beliefs.


But deep down I just knew it was true, despite all the messages to the contrary from mainstream society.


The rising sun may be an Illuminati symbol
but it also captures what is happening to human consciousness today

Now, 16 years on, it is clear that the wake up call is being heard by vast numbers of people, most of whom would once have laughed at the very idea.


The end of the inter-generational amnesia is in sight and therefore so is the 'world' it has allowed to manifest. It may seem that we are sinking deeper in the mire of control, surveillance and manipulation, but that is being expressed in the 'out there' realm of the still-unwakened - the great majority for sure. One step back from that, however, there is a stirring in the hearts and consciousness of rapidly increasing numbers of people and the time is coming when that will explode in massive global change.

I remember when I was a national spokesman for the British Green Party how we could see through 1988 and early '89 that the public was beginning to see the insanity of treating the planet like a factory floor and garbage dump.


The mainstream of politics and media saw nothing because they operate in a reality cocoon, a superficial world in which the mentally blind mix with the partially sighted.



Then, 'out of nowhere', the Green Party attracted by far the biggest vote in its UK history in the summer of 1989.


But it wasn't 'out of nowhere', that was just the perception of the media observing from its cocoon. The change in public awareness of the environment had been building, ever more quickly, for the best part of two years and the election result was the natural outcome of this - not an 'out of nowhere' mystery.

It is the same with the much greater awakening I am highlighting here.


I have observed the change in my travels since 1990 as I have seen hearts open and awareness expand. From no interest in these subjects when I began, it is becoming a spiritual tsunami. So what is happening and why? That's what I want to talk about this week after some wonderful awakening experiences of my own in Sedona and Mount Shasta in the last few weeks.

Those who have studied the Mayan Calendar say that it charts cycles of energy and the 'evolution' of consciousness. The ancient Maya appear to have originated in the Yucatan in Mesoamerica about 2600 BC, and they reached their peak around 250 AD in what has now become southern Mexico, Guatemala, northern Belize and western Honduras.


They studied astronomy and developed hieroglyphic writing, but they are best known today for their magnificent temple-pyramids and their measurement of 'time' and energy cycles in the 'Mayan Calendar'.



Many believe that the culmination of major energy cycles identified by the Maya will happen on December 21st 2012.


Others, like Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, the author of books such as The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, say this date is actually October 28th 2011. Still other estimates I have seen say February 10th 2011.


Whatever it may be, it's soon, and it correlates with what I was told many times in 1990, and on numerous occasions since, that a spiritual awakening of fantastic proportions has arrived.


A representation of the Mayan Calendar

The Maya believed that the earth has been going through nine cycles, made up of 'days' and 'nights' (good times and challenging times) and that each cycle contained 20 times more 'creation' than the last. Calleman says that this does not mean that 'time' passes quicker with each cycle, it only appears to because more and more 'creation' - activity - is taking place.

When you look back over the last few centuries alone you can certainly see this pattern very clearly with the pace of change and activity accelerating at an ever faster pace. What would have been considered 'miracles' and impossibilities not so long ago are now the commonplace and we have seen nothing yet.


Ian Xel Lungold, who has worked with Calleman on decoding the Maya information, has come to similar conclusions.

He says:

'A very brief example; the beginning of the 5th [cycle] of Creation's pattern was 102,000 years ago. This is when our ancestors learned to speak. Advancements in technology took approx. 7,900 years each. The 6th [cycle] began in 3115 BC and this is when we learned to write. Changes in technology took place about every 396 years.


The 7th [cycle] started 1755 AD. Here was the invention of the mail service, the printing press, newspapers and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Major tech advances were achieved every 19.7 years. The beginning of the 8th [cycle] was Jan 5th 1999. Now we have the Internet and instant communications world wide.


The same amounts of technical advancements now occur every 360 days.'

The Mayan pyramid at Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan.

They were designed to reflect the Mayan cycles

These are the Mayan cycles, according to researchers:


Cellular cycle

beginning 16.4 billion years ago, developed the consciousness of Action/Reaction.

Mammalian cycle

beginning 820 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Response.

Familial cycle

beginning 41 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Stimulus/Individual Response.

Tribal cycle

beginning 2 million years ago, developed the consciousness of Similarities/Differences.

Cultural cycle

beginning 102,000 years ago, developed the consciousness of Reason.

National cycle

beginning in the year 3115 B.C., developed the consciousness of Law.

Planetary cycle

beginning in the year 1755 A.D., developed the consciousness of Power.

Galactic cycle

beginning January 5, 1999, developing the consciousness of Ethics.

Universal cycle

beginning February 10, 2011 [or in that period of 2011/2012], will be developing the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation.



For me, what we are looking at here is the Matrix computer program, the Time Loop as I call it. I do not believe, as most Maya researchers seem to think, that these cycles chart the evolution of consciousness.


Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, does not need to 'evolve' by experiencing the virtual reality game here on earth. I would suggest it is far more related to the potential of consciousness manifest itself in this realm and thus influence the program. Nor, is it all pre-ordained.


These cycles may provide a backdrop, a 'road map' as some call it, but the way we choose to go is up to us. We can be dominated by the program, pawns of it, or we can use consciousness to change it. We are now in an amazing period when the program and Infinite Consciousness are coming into sync, so sit down and strap in.


What a ride it is going to be and extremely challenging. Indeed, it already is.

The Illuminati and their other-dimensional masters have long known that this awareness explosion was coming and they are now desperately trying block it with their control, suppression and, most notably, with their microchips. This is their main hope to scramble the body computer so it cannot flow with the change as the cycle reaches its climax and transforms life on earth.


The chemtrail 'soup' being sprayed from the sky and the electromagnetic and chemical bombardment through food, drink, and technology are all part of this campaign of panic and desperation to stop the awakening.

Pollution is clearly not a good thing, but what we call global warming is overwhelmingly the result of the vibrational change now manifesting, something I have been pointing out for years. The earth is transforming as we are and as we see our outer experience change, so does the planet. The global-warming-is-caused-by pollution scenario is a cover story to hide what is really behind it - the very transformation the Illuminati and Co are trying to thwart.


They are, however, but a fly to an elephant when awakened consciousness imposes itself. The Illuminati cannot stop the transformation, but they can make it much more painful and frightening for people by suppressing the knowledge of what is happening and by manipulating the population to stay in its amnesic state.

I was saying many years ago in my books that there were two main ways to react to the energy flows that are now cascading through this reality. Taking the analogy of a rushing river, we can enjoy the ride by relaxing and lying back on the air bed, at one with the flow. Or we can stand up in the water, refuse to budge and use more and more of our energy just to stand still. Even then, at some point, the waves will be so large and powerful we will be smacked from our feet and into the energetic white water ride.

Anyone who has awakened from the program and begun to beat to another drum will know what happens next. Their lives change, often 'fall apart', and they wonder why they are going through such challenges when they just want to 'be spiritual'.


But what is happening is perfectly explainable and necessary.


~ Life is a Roller Coaster - you just gotta ride it ~

All the time we are projecting a vibrational field that reflects our current mental, emotional and spiritual state.


This attracts, through what I call 'vibrational magnetism', other energy fields that reflect that energetic state. We call these energy fields people, places, jobs, relationships, experiences and so on. As we awaken to another mental, emotional and spiritual awareness, so the energy matrix creating what we called our 'lives' begins to break down and change. This must, and clearly does, reflect itself in the 'outer' world of people, places, jobs, relationships, experiences.


As the inner transforms, so the outer must follow because one is a mirror of the other.

We experience this as the life we knew 'breaking down', but what we are actually doing is breaking through to a new reality and therefore a new life experience. It seems unpleasant and scary at the time, but it's just the old matrix coming apart so the new one can form. Something very similar is happening in the collective world now as we watch, often in horror, the breaking down of the old world.


What awaits us on the other side, however, is a world that reflects the awakened understanding that Infinite Love Is The Only Truth - Everything Else Is Illusion. We are witnessing the extremely painful collapse of the old matrix to make way for the birth of a new reality.



We can resist this change and try to hold on to what we consider our 'security', which is often much better described as our 'familiarity'.


People like to cling to what they consider to be familiar because they fear the unknown. This is understandable in the world that we perceive, but the transformation, the vibrational shift, is urging us to let go and flow. If we do that, have the trust to let go of the wreckage and just flow with the change, the outcome in terms of fear and stress will be transformed.

The difference in those two choices, those two experiences, can be measured in the chasm between bliss and joy and the fear and terror that comes from looking the unknown in the eye. To sync with the flow, we need to literally be out of our minds. The mind is the level of awareness that relates to the physical body and the program.


Intuition - knowing - is the Sat-Nav that will guide us through this extraordinary time with love and joy because intuition and knowing are Infinite Consciousness speaking through the heart.

Out of the head and into the heart.
That is the way home and we are now in sight of the door.
The challenge is to walk through it.