by Brian Desborough
Review by Brian Desborough

February, 1999

for "The California Sun"

from Whale Website




British author and lecturer David Icke has a penchant for courageously delving into the politically-sensitive machinations of the global elite, as evidenced by his books "
And The Truth Shall Set You Free", and "I Am Me - I Am Free".


His latest book is primarily a history of the Illuminati - the super-secret group who have been the overlords of the human race from the Babylonian era to the present, through their control of wealth, suppression of knowledge and creation of false religions.

Initially reluctant to review this book on ethical grounds, since Mr. Icke graciously cites my own research into the Illuminati, I reconsidered, since my research, spanning nearly three decades, corroborates that of the author. This explosive book and video represent the most penetrating insight into the true nature of global history ever revealed to the public.

The bookís title is derived from a meeting between David Icke and a senior member of British Intelligence. David asked him what was the biggest secret held by British Intelligence. The man replied that it was that the British Royal Family are shape-shifting reptilians!

Before the reader mentally assigns the author to a padded cell, let me assure the reader that David provides corroborative evidence, including the transcript of his taped interview with Princess Dianaís closest confidante, in which she relates Dianaís awareness of the House of Windsorís reptilian ancestry (Diana referred to them as "the lizards").

The author provides an in-depth account of Dianaís ritual murder and investigative cover-up, including the fact that the chauffeur appeared to have been a Monarch mind-control victim, who was programmed to drive away from the intended destination and crash into the thirteenth column in the Pont de LíAlma tunnel. The tunnel is an ancient Illuminati sacrificial site.


Since the book went to press, Iíve been informed by a high-ranking Illuminatus that Dianaís "first aid" in the tunnel included being bludgeoned to death with an oxygen cylinder.

My own research, based upon unpublished astrophysical data, revealed that Mars originally occupied our planetís orbit and was populated by a technologically-advanced Aryan race. A celestial catastrophe displaced Mars into its present orbit, forcing the Aryan survivors to colonize our planet and subsequently construct the Great Pyramid. They were overthrown by an evil priesthood who established the Royal Court of the Dragon in Egypt.

While David was writing his book, it was my good fortune to meet the Mother Goddess of the Illuminati.


She corroborated my research, adding that the Illuminati hierarchy are shape-shifting dragons, who require the consumption of Aryan blood in order to maintain their shape-shifting capability, hence their opposition to interracial marriages. She added that because of this symbiotic relationship, the Illuminati dragons have pursued the Aryans from Mars to Earth.

In her videotaped Interview with David Icke, the Mother Goddess describes how the Illuminati genetically bred her from the Merovingian Royal bloodline and sent her to Russia for psychic development.


She was trained to telepathically communicate with dolphins and extraterrestrials at covert military bases. In order to maintain control over her, she was subjected to the trauma-based Monarch mind-control program by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who covertly conducted his evil work at the China Lake Naval Weapons facility after World War 2.


Mengele forced her to witness Illuminati human sacrifices attended by prominent global figures whom she names in the video.

The Mother Goddessís story may seem improbable, but this reviewer, after watching many hours of the Mother Goddessís videotaped comments made under the influence of sodium amytol, and obtaining corroborative information from other mind-control survivors, finds her story very credible. If it were not, neither of us would be subjected to our current harassment involving wire taps, directed-energy microwave beams, nor surveillance by Naval Intelligence and NSA operatives.


The Readerís attention is also drawn to the autobiographical book "Trance-Formation of Americaí, by mind-control victim Cathy OíBrien, in which she claims that she saw George Bush shapeshift into reptilian form and alleges that former education secretary Bennett told her that the Illuminati relocated here from another region of the universe.

The Mother Goddess, together with several other Monarch mind-control victims, escaped the Illuminati clutches in 1989, when Mengele died. In an attempt to regain their control over her, the Illuminati subjected her to intense harassment, including electroshock torture at a private house in Sherman Oaks (other Monarch survivors have also been abused there).

Custody of her two children was awarded to her ex-husband by commissioner Richard Vogel, despite the fact that three psychologists presented the judge with sworn affidavits that it was their opinion that her young daughter had been sexually molested by her ex-husband.


A revealing book about judicial treachery is "Thereís a fish in the courthouse" by former Ventura county Chief Investigator Gareth Wean (the reader may not be aware that the current Supreme court Chief Justice is the former attorney for the Kemper Marley organized crime syndicate. Marley was an associate of Al Capone).

Shortly after the child-custody hearing, one of the psychologists, Dr. Daniel Schiele was confined for two weeks in a mental institution and was found hanged on the day of his release. The Mother Goddess claims that in order to terrorize her into rejoining the Illuminati, she was shown a videotape of the hanging, which was perpetrated by four men, three of whom had attended her custody hearing.

The book also discloses little known, yet very important, facts about American history, e.g. that the United States of America is not the name of a country, but a corporation formerly known as the Virginia company, owned by Britain (similarly, the IRS is a private corporation, distinct from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, incorporated in Delaware in 1933 by three Nazis, in order to fund the Nazi military with U.S. tax money).

The Illuminati dragons contemptuously regard humans as cattle; their planned agenda has been outlined in several documents, including National Security Counsel Policy Directive 200, which calls for a fifty percent population reduction by means of plague, famine and controlled nuclear warfare (presumably using the Y2K millennium bug debacle as a precursor).


The survivors are to be subjected to mind-controlled slavery.

The adage "what you donít know can hurt you" is very true when it comes to Illuminati intent. Thanks to David Icke, the Illuminatiís biggest secret has been publicly revealed for the first time, despite the best efforts of the Illuminati-controlled media to suppress it. As the author states in the book, the Illuminati foments wars and mayhem in order to create terror, the vibrations of which become encoded onto the earthís ley lines, thus inhibiting the spiritual growth of humanity.

The Illuminati are supremely confident that their intended imposition of a State of National Emergency in major nations (after blaming terrorists for the detonation of Israeli-developed briefcase-sized nuclear bombs, according to former CIA director Bill Colby) and itís accompanying gun seizures, will enable them to permanently enslave the entire human race.


Even the best laid plans can go awry, however, as Napoleon discovered when eighty percent of his troops perished during his Russian campaign - all because the French uniforms had tin buttons. The buttons became brittle and disintegrated in the sub-zero Russian winter.


Fending off slashing sabers with one hand, while holding up oneís pants with the other, is not effective military strategy.

Far from being omnipotent (the Illuminati privately refer to themselves as Olympians) they have made an incredibly stupid military blunder; most homes in the Western world possess a potentially lethal weapon.


It is not a gun, but a microwave oven. For several years, pamphlets have been distributed at survival meets illustrating that by removing the magnetron, capacitor and cooling fan from a microwave oven and mounting them on a metal chassis, the result is a deadly beam weapon, capable of igniting wood at a distance of five hundred feet, and more than adequate to cook the brains of United Nations goons during house-to-house gun seizures.


Many such home-made weapons have doubtlessly been equipped with inverters, enabling them to be operated from automobiles. Moreover, the technology exists in the private sector to construct inexpensive weaponry capable of eliminating aircraft and satellites (Mossbauer and R.F. modified lasers and Gavreau infra-sonic cannons).

Although not wishing to foment violence, let this book review serve notice to the treasonous fifth column (military, law enforcement, judicial, political and IRS personnel) who conspire to effect the enslavement of humankind by the Illuminati dragons: in your lust for self-aggrandizement, you have backed the losing side. Unless you refrain from your present murderous course of action, you will be publicly exposed, brought to justice and tried for high treason.

The Mother Goddess and David Icke have placed their lives in jeopardy, not to mention ridicule by the Illuminati-controlled media, in order to bring you, dear reader, the most important expose you will probably ever encounter. it is not possible to compromise with the Illuminati dragons, as was exemplified by the House of Windsorís callous attitude toward the death of Princess Diana.


The only hope for humankind is by forcing the dragons to flee this planet. This is achievable if sufficient members of the public (especially college students) read the book, watch the video and inform others of its contents, thus enabling political winds of change to blow over every continent.


This will truly demonstrate that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.