good evening, Mr President

As this book went to press, I attended a performance of a stage show and obtained the tickets from the box office in the normal way.


As I walked up the stairs into the arena, I met a friend who was looking worried and bemused. What was the problem? Seconds earlier she had heard a security guard say to someone that the security seats were in row S, numbers 25, 26, 27 and 28.


I could understand why she was confused. She knew from an earlier conversation that the tickets I had for myself and another friend, Ayem, were row S, numbers 25 and 26! What goes on? We went to the seats to see what would happen and as we sat down all the heads were turning to the back of the arena. Someone was arriving, surrounded by ‘heavies’, amid an explosion of flashing cameras. My friend then came over and solved the mystery. “It’s Jimmy Carter” she said. “What?”


At that moment, Jimmy Carter, the first Trilateral Commission President of the United States, walked along my row and sat down with his wife.. .next to me! I shook his hand as he arrived. “Good evening, Mr President.” I just about resisted the temptation to enquire about the health of David Rockefeller. Here was I, a man who had exposed Carter in The Robots’ Rebellion and even more so in this book, now sitting next to him surrounded by CIA guards.


I laughed till I cried. What really struck me was that the energy working through those genuinely committed to the spiritual transformation is so strong that the New World Order has no chance of success. Mr Rockefeller, Dr Kissinger, Mr Carter et al, it’s over my friends. I could have been allocated any seat among the three and a half thousand in the arena. I could have gone to any performance of the show over more than a year. But Ayem and I were there on that night sitting next to that man. Incredible.

During the performance I said to Ayem that I felt I was taking energy from Carter’s aura. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but there was definitely a flow from him to me. By the end of the show I was feeling a little agitated and later I was seriously agitated. In the end I was writhing around on the bed screaming and growling like some crazed animal. Two friends, including Ayem, kneeled beside me projecting love towards me. One level of my consciousness was in total control because I knew what was happening.


For maybe 15 to 20 minutes, I was experiencing the consciousness that controls the world and has done so for thousands of years. Its malevolence, hatred, arrogance, anger and lack of positive emotion was utterly stunning. When I felt I had experienced enough, I opened my heart energy (love) and in seconds the Prison Warder Consciousness was gone.


I learned two things from that experience.

  • firstly, the Prison Warder Consciousness has no control over love

  • secondly, the personalities behind the New World Order over thousands of years have been possessed by this malevolence

So were the Nazis. I could clearly understand why they have acted in the ways they have throughout history.

Lying there, feeling the grotesque emotions of the Prison Warder Consciousness, the following words came so powerfully into my mind...

Forgive them, they know not what they do.


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