chapter 20
love you, Dr Kissinger

This book has been written with honesty, without fear, and in the desire to uncover the cause of the ills of this planet and the means through which we can heal them.

Not every last fact will be 100% accurate, nor every assumption, because we are dealing with people and organizations who wish that such information remains hidden. Dispersing the smokescreens is a life’s work. I come from the direction of no religious, racial, or political dogma. I only wish to challenge the imposition of belief systems by those who use violence, fear, guilt, and the suppression of information.


I also desire for love to flood this planet and for all humanity to access its full and infinite potential. If anyone decides to take parts of this book out of context and pronounce it ‘racist’, they will be making a statement about their own state of being, not mine.


I wouldn’t know how to be racist if my life depended upon it. I seek freedom for myself, for humanity, and for this planet and all her lifeforms. If there are those who believe, or claim to believe, otherwise, that is their right. But I know what is in my heart and that is good enough for me. Such people will benefit, too, from remembering that their children and grandchildren, of whatever colour, culture, or background, will have to live in the world we leave them.


Would they prefer us to leave them freedom or the New World Order?


To be accused of racism when you have love and freedom in your heart can be frustrating, but no scale of criticism will stop me. It is time for humanity to stop running away. Time to let go of fear.

You will have noted, I’m sure, how the first section of the book is far longer than the second. This is not an imbalance. It is symbolic of how simple the answers are to all that I have outlined in this book. The principles within these last few chapters contain all that we need to change the reality of this world. We need to love, respect, and forgive ourselves and, through that, love, respect and forgive everyone else.


One will come with the other. It begins with self. I don’t have to set out new economic and political structures and tell people how they must live to create a better society. Who the hell am I to tell someone else what they should do, anyway?

I know what is right for me, not you. From the transformation of mind which love, respect, and forgiveness of self will trigger, all these other answers will naturally evolve. We have the tyrannical structures of today because that is the reality the collective mind has created by its attitude to itself. When we change that attitude, we change the world. The pyramid becomes a circle. The human race, in general, doesn’t like itself, let alone love itself. That is reflected in the physical reality.


When love abounds within us, love will wrap its arms around the planet and it is on that foundation that all else will follow.




By love, I mean a much greater love than the emotional attachment and possession that so much ‘love’ on Earth has become. I don’t mean “I love you if I fancy you, darling”. Nor “I love you if what you do is acceptable to me, or if you conform to my idea of someone who deserves to be loved”.

I mean “I love you, whatever you do”.


It means to read this book and then say: I love you, Dr Kissinger. I love you David Rockefeller, George Bush and Bill Clinton. That kind of love. Without condition or possession. It is the love we have for our children. We don’t always agree with what they do and say, but we love them just the same.

If we can see each other in that light, the ills of this planet will fade away. With this unconditional love for self and each other, we would not produce economic arguments for why homeless people must sleep in the streets. The economic system would become subordinate to love and reflect that love. The idea that we would allow one person to be without adequate shelter would be unthinkable.


We would stop charging interest on money, remove the debt so far accumulated, and spend what was necessary, interest free, to build enough good quality homes for people to live in.


The love in our hearts would accept nothing less. We would dismantle the economic tyranny and encourage communities to take back the power over their lives, providing what is necessary for the benefit of people, not some Global Elite. Love would eliminate the pain and suffering we impose on the animal kingdom. We would recognize that the privileged minority on this planet cannot, with love, go on living off the backs of the Third World and then ease their conscience by putting a few pounds in a charity tin here and there.


Love would insist that we withdraw from such economic dictatorship and allow those oppressed billions to live their lives for the benefit of themselves and not the multinational corporations. There would be no more CIA fascist coups to thwart elected governments determined to serve the needs of the people when love abounds in the collective human heart.

Love would cease to cooperate with the present structures of global power and in doing so, it would show just how little power they really have. They only exist because we created them and because we continue to cooperate and bow to their will. The real power in a pyramid lies at the base, not the top. Nothing survives if it is not founded on love and the present structures of control will not survive. The governments we select in a world of love would reflect that desire to serve, to set free, and not impose.


How many people today vote with love in their hearts? People vote, overwhelmingly, for what they believe is best, materially, for them in the short-term. That is the reality they create - governments which serve themselves, short-term self-interest, and not the interests of others. We get what we vote for, because we get what we are feeling in our hearts when we, collectively, decide how to vote.

If the human race voted out of love, it would attract and elect such people into government. It is no good hurling all the blame at politicians for what is happening in the world. Politicians can only get elected by telling people what they have been programmed to want to hear. What people want to hear is what is in it, materially, for them. The kind of politicians we elect are an exact reflection of the collective attitudes which voted for them. When the collective human mind changes, so will the kind of politician we elect. Try getting elected on a policy of ending the Western dictatorship of the Third World which would affect the incomes and imports of the industrialized countries. No chance. Only with love in the collective heart will that be possible. Power to the people with the power of love.

Love for self will transform our lives, not least in the way we heal ourselves and others. Today, the medical services are controlled by the multinational drug companies. Sixty per cent of the US drug industry is owned by the Rockefellers alone. As a result, what claims to be state-of-the-art ‘medicine’ offers the scalpel or the drug in response to almost every ill. Both are motivated, at their controlling levels, by profit, not people. Wealth and not health.


The infinite knowledge of healing in the world which understands how imbalances in our eternal selves create physical dis-ease is kept out of ‘official’ medicine.


The body-as-machine approach of Darwin and others is still the one taught in medical schools and hospitals. It has become so farcical, that a hospital doctor I once met treats the nurses with homeopathy, but cannot treat his patients in that way, except secretly, because the wrath of the official drug-company-controlled medical establishment would be brought down upon him.


Millions die of cancer while many cures are suppressed. If you can’t sell it at a vast profit under contract to a drug company, every effort is made to destroy methods of healing that would remove the so called “incurable” diseases of today. There are no incurable diseases. Every one is caused by an energy imbalance - an imbalance that can be returned to harmony and, in doing so, the body returned to health. This is happening every day outside the medical establishment.

Love for self will insist on taking back power over our own bodies. The drug companies dominate because the human race has, largely, handed over control of the body to doctors and pharmacists.


It is an expression, yet again, of the way humans look outside themselves for answers. We look outside for confirmation that we are ok; for someone else to blame when something goes wrong; and for the answers to our discomfort when our body is ill. The answers for all three are inside us, in our view of ourselves.


Self-hatred and frustration leads to cancer and heart disease, and every other ill can be linked to a mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalance, all of which can be corrected. I can thoroughly recommend a book called You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay1 for more detail about this.


As we begin to love ourselves and let go of the fears, guilts, and resentments accumulated over the years and the aeons of time, disease in the world will plummet. The cause of it will have diminished. We will see the illness that does occur as a sign of something amiss inside us. We will then address that, and think ourselves well again. Our physical dis-ease is also the result of our inner dis-ease, the magnetic pattern our thoughts create.

Love is not just a word. It is the power that holds creation together. It is the power that holds us together and, as we can see, whenever love is missing, a life, or a world, simply falls apart.




This, together with love, is the self-balancing mechanism of any balanced society. An imbalanced society creates endless rules and regulations to say “you will” and “you won’t” to overcome the lack of respect. When you have respect for the Earth, you don’t need laws and government agencies to tell you not to damage or pollute the environment.


You would not dream of doing so. When you respect life as sacred, you don’t need laws against cruelty to animals because you would not dream of harming a fellow expression of creation. When you respect another’s right to live their life as he or she sees fit, you don’t seek to impose your view on them.


You respect and celebrate their right to be different. Not wrong. Different. When such respect is awash in the collective human mind, people will be living their lives in a way they believe to be right, while allowing others to do the same. All will shape their behaviour so they do not impose their thinking upon another. There will be no need for laws as we know them today because love and respect will be the balance that allows different beliefs to live in harmony.

This respect for others comes, as always, from respect for self. A lack of respect for others is the outward expression of a diminished respect for self. When we respect ourselves, we stop looking to others to tell us what to do and think. We have respect for our own infinite capacity to decide what we can do in any situation. We might seek another’s advice and view, but in the end self-respect decides for itself. Self-respect also has the confidence to go against the majority view when appropriate and to decide its own morals and values.


It refuses to bow to all the “shoulds” and “musts” that we are subjected to, and subject ourselves to, from the earliest years of childhood, most of them inherited from previous generations, sometimes thousands of years before. You must do this, you should do that, I must do this, I must do that.


Who says? The American therapist, Albert Ellis, called this phenomenon “mustabation”. The musts certainly abate in the face of self respect. Love and respect for self are the most powerful combination in Creation.


With them as our guiding light, there can be no fear, or guilt, or psychological fascism.


And without those, there is no New World Order.




The burden of guilt carried by the human race, much of it going back to previous lives, is caused by a refusal to forgive ourselves. If we do not forgive ourselves, we find it so much harder to forgive others.


If we don’t forgive others, we eat ourselves away with resentment, and seek revenge against those we consider to have acted badly towards us. Hence we have the conflicts and feuds that span the generations and the inherited prejudice and divisions which the Global Elite so exploit.


If we vent our anger and resentment on the people I have named in this book, some of whom will not know what they are really involved in, what good will that do? It is right that we know what is going on and those who are seeking to control us. Without that knowledge, we will go on being manipulated. But the people connected with the New World Order do not need or deserve our hatred. No-one does.


They are victims, too, the physical result of the emotional and spiritual imbalances within them which desire to control and dominate others. The last thing they need is more hatred. They need our love. By that, I don’t mean a love that walks away and allows all this to continue unchallenged. I mean a love that does challenge the imposition, but without hatred or a desire for revenge.


I love you, I love you, I love you, Dr Kissinger. I am you and you are me. We are each other.


But I will challenge the New World Order mentality until the moment it is time for me to leave this planet and move on. The two approaches, the love and the challenge, are not incompatible. Nor is forgiveness of the personnel while working to expose their game plan.

Forgiveness of self and each other will bring an end to the story I have told. Let the divisions between us fall away, for they have been manufactured on the classic principle of divide and rule. That is the reason behind the engineered wars and the divisions of race, color, country, class and income bracket. While there is an us and a them, we are a manipulator’s party trick.


When the us and them becomes we, which is what we really are, all part of each other, the manipulation will end. Let us put our arms around each other, the Arab and the Jew, the Christian and the Muslim, the manipulator and the manipulated. It’s been a nightmare, but the nightmare is almost over. It’s time to dream.

You are a beautiful spirit. You can be whatever you want to be. You are unique and you are loved in a way that we find so hard to comprehend on this planet. There are times when I feel that love from all, and for all, of Creation. It is a love without fear, guilt, resentment, judgment or division. It is an experience beyond words and it is ours, yours, for the taking, the thinking, the feeling.


We’ve been away too long, my friends. It is time to go home and reconnect with all that is. In the words of a lovely song recorded for the Comic Relief Appeal:

When we stand together,
It’s our finest hour.
We can do anything, anything, anything, anything,
Keep believing in love’s power.
Love can build a bridge,
Between your heart and mine,
Love can build a bridge,
Don’t you think it’s time? 2

There are gathering millions who are screaming “YES!” to that question.


As love, respect, and forgiveness sweep across the human mind and we love out of existence the misunderstandings of the past, we are destined to be the first generations for thousands of years who will leave our children a better world than the one we found. That is our gift to, and from, this glorious planet.

My fellow expressions of God, what a great time to be alive.





1 Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life (Eden Grove, London, 1988). First published by Hay House Inc., USA, 1984.
2 Love Can Build A Bridge (N. Judge, J. Jaruis, P. Overstreet, © London Records 90 Ltd.)

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