chapter 19
free at last

The river is flowing, flowing, and growing,
The river is flowing, back to the sea.
Mother Earth carry me, a child I will always be;
Mother Earth carry me, back to the sea.

I don’t know the person behind the eyes that are reading these words.


I don’t know where you come from or your race, colour, creed, or income. I frankly don’t care because these temporary states are only vehicles for experience, anyway. But I do know a great deal about you in other ways. I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation. I know that you are a unique expression of that consciousness as the sum total of all your experiences.


I know your potential to love and create is without limit and without end. I know these things because every lifeform on this planet and anywhere else you would care to name, has those same abilities, that same limitless potential. You can do anything you want to do and be anything you wish to be. You just have to believe it and make it happen. It is the awakening understanding of our true selves and the end of limitation which will bring an end to the manipulation I have detailed in this book. This is already happening.

The speed with which life will change on Earth in our generation will defy the imagination.


I know that many people who have opened up to another understanding find it hard to accept just how fast the new world and the new Earth will emerge over the next 35 years, even the next ten. But think of it in these terms. We are trapped in a vibratory prison. Imagine it is a physical prison cell. While inside that cell, our potential to act and achieve is enormously limited.


But the moment the door is opened, that potential soars. Suddenly, it is not only the door that is opened to us. It is the world, also. Yet the time span between those two states of severe limitation and freedom is the fraction of a second it takes to step through the door. In the time it took to make that one step, our lives would be transformed. The principle is the same with the vibratory prison. The moment that blocking, jamming frequency is dispersed and humanity returns to ‘wholeness’ and multidimensional reconnection with its higher consciousness, this world will change for the better in an incredibly short time. We are now in the transitional period between those two states of being.. .the prison and the freedom.

I believe that the period we call Atlantis was the last full scale attempt to break the blocking frequency.


Consciousness of high evolution entered the three dimensional prison and became incarnate on Earth to challenge the Prison Warder vibration. I feel that many of these spiritual volunteers (who arrived with the best of intent) became intoxicated by this rare vibratory environment and were negatively affected by it under a thought-bombardment from the Fourth Dimension.


Those Atlantean volunteers who allowed their vibratory state to fall below that of the jamming frequency, found themselves trapped and unable to leave until they had, through experience, raised their frequency again to a level that allowed them to escape. They, like the rest of the prisoners, embarked on a cycle of incarnation and reincarnation trying to create experiences and learning that would restore them to a state of love and enlightenment that would open the vibratory door.


Those who managed it were said, in symbolic language, to have ‘ascended’ to the ‘Father’. Such an achievement was extremely difficult because the consciousness within the prison was delinked from its powerful connection with the higher consciousness outside.


This has created the reincarnation cycle, which, for some, I believe, involves incarnating with little pattern or plan.


The dense physical world has become like a drug with minds - souls - attracted to certain lifestyles and experiences like a cocaine addict is consumed by his or her addiction. I am sure that many of the people I call the Elite have had scores of physical lifetimes in which they pursued the same pattern of control and manipulation. Thought patterns of many kinds can become like a rut, a needle stuck in a record, repeating over and over. They might be attracted to certain family lines because they know those lines will allow them to continue with their addiction.

Other Atlanteans managed to stay in greater contact with their higher consciousness while still in the prison and continued to select their incarnations with a view to gaining experience of this strange and suppressing vibration in preparation for a future mass incarnation to break the jamming frequency.


This is the period we are living through today. Since Atlantis, other highly evolved consciousnesses have entered the prison to experience and prepare for this time. My own view is that the ‘volunteer’ consciousness has come back from the future and that the star system known as the Pleiades is very much involved.


This relates to the idea of simultaneous ‘time’ in which the past, present, and future are all happening at once. Mind blowing, I know. I get a headache just thinking about it.


But I do feel that the consciousness of those who are here specifically to free the Earth and the human race from suppression and oppression, came from a time-space reality far in the ‘future’ of this universe.


Time travel is very much a reality, as perhaps even the elite human scientists have now understood. It is possible that from the volunteers’ and the extraterrestrials’ perspective, they have come to change the course of their ‘past’ to avoid some sort of catastrophe unfolding in their ‘present’. Maybe even Atlantis happened in another time-space dimension of the Earth and not this one. Just a thought. Now please excuse me while I disappear up my own backside!


There have been memorable group incarnations of volunteers to bring higher frequencies to the planet and to diffuse the negative vibrations. One of these group incarnations came 2,000 years ago when the man, probably called Y’shua, was involved (as I explore at length in The Robots’ Rebellion).

I believe that consciousness came from the future too, and that it is back on Earth today. If you look at the prophecies of many people and texts like those of Nostradamus, parts of the Bible, the Mayans of Central America, the Native Americans, and so many others throughout history, they all have a common theme: a period of fantastic change when a new world and a new Earth will emerge.


Some believe this will happen in this decade and across the millennium into the next century.


Another common theme between such predictions, I believe, are that they were channelled to this reality from frequencies outside the prison where the knowledge of what will occur is available to us.

There are two main reasons, I feel, why all the predictions have pointed to the last years of the 1990s and beyond. These relate to astrology and something called the Photon Belt or Beam. There are, according to astrologers, a number of rare planetary alignments and sequences in the latter period of the 1990s which are likely to trigger enormous change on all levels of people and planet - a transformation indeed of the old evolutionary cycle.


The vibrations of the planets affect us very powerfully. As the pull of the moon moves the tides of whole oceans, so our bodies are affected by the same spiritual magnetism. Our bodies consist overwhelmingly of water because they are like batteries, storing and processing energy. Blood is the physical version of our energy meridians and blood is subject to influence by the planets, as is our body in general. Some highly significant astrological events have already occurred like the Uranus-Neptune alignments in 1993 and the effects of Pluto in 1995 which are speeding the awakening of those who are ready.


The year 2000 coincides with the highest point of the upwards cycle of the Orion constellation to which the pyramid builders apparently aligned their geometry, and it was in the 11th millennium BC, within the window period suggested for great geological upheavals on the Earth, that Orion reached the lowest point of its cycle. Astrological events affect earthquakes and weather systems because of the vibrational change they create on Earth, as does collective human thought. Also on May 5th 2000, the sun and the planets, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all align with each other. The vibrational effects of this are likely to be fantastic.


Another important date may well be December 21st 2012, when the calendar system left by the Mayans in Central America more than 1600 years ago, predicted that a great cycle for the Earth would end.


It appears to me that May 5th 2000 is the moment when the freedom vibration begins to take over from the fear vibration as the dominant force in the human psyche as Uranus, the planet of breakthroughs, discovery, rebellion, freedom, and experimentation, enters into a colossal vibratory tussle in the heavens with Saturn, the planet of tradition, old values, limitation, discipline, rules, regulations, and control.


The gifted British astrologer, Gloria Treloar,1 says of this event:

“When these two planets challenge each other it signals a change in mass consciousness. Events and circumstances during this transit will start to shatter false ‘security’ which has been fixed in old social values and belief systems promoted through fear. Experimenting with new concepts which give a greater sense of liberty and independence has been the bottom line since the sixties felt the first vibration of the Age of Aquarius.


Rebels with a cause emerged to fight injustice, narrow vision, and controlling influences. It was a rehearsal for the final decade of the century when breakthroughs (Uranus) would begin to happen on an aggregate level, rather than a generational one. The effect will manifest in disruption and it is meant to - only through chaos can creative and harmonic change emerge!”

Underpinning these astrological events in this period is the Photon Belt.


Many psychics and esoteric scientists are now agreed on the existence of a belt of highly charged energy centered on the Pleiades star system, an estimated 500 light years from the Earth. It is from here that much channelled information which feels right to me is purported to come. I believe that the Pleiades (maybe in our ‘future’) is a base for the positive extraterrestrial support we are being given at this time, and quite possibly the home of extraterrestrials who have abused the Earth and humanity, too.


As with the Earth, the Pleiades will have those of positive and negative intent. It is no coincidence, either, that the Pleiades was the focus of much mythology in the ancient civilizations of Greece, China, and others. The astronomer, Jose Comas Sola, made a special study of the Pleiades - the “Seven Sisters” as they are called - and he suggested that they form a system which includes our Sun and a number of others. Each Sun, he said, had its own planetary system.


In his study of the star system, Paul Otto Hesse claimed to have discovered a belt of immensely powerful energy which he termed the Photon Belt.


According to estimates, it takes this solar system 24,000 (some say 26,000) years to orbit the Pleiades and the star reckoned to be at the centre of the belt (Figure 17) known as Alcyone (Al-see-ahnee).


Figure 17



Again, there is much ancient legend across many cultures about this star. It would appear that we have reached the point where this solar system is entering the Photon Belt and its highly, highly, charged energy.


The influence of the belt on the Earth began in the early 1960s and affected the thinking of many people, but it was as nothing compared with what will happen over the next 35 years. While it takes 2,000 years to pass fully through the belt, the biggest impact is when we first enter, and the vibrations and molecular structure of everything has to cope with dramatically changing conditions. This will affect the thinking, behavior, and physical bodies of all lifeforms.

We are now beginning to see the mainstream scientific community confirming phenomena long predicted by psychics and felt instinctively by sensitive people. Cosmic rays of (in modern times) unprecedented power are being detected. Normally the rays are measured in millions of electron volts, but scientists at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, have measured cosmic rays with an energy of 320 billion, billion electron volts. This had previously been considered “impossible”. Something similar has also been measured by scientists in Japan.


Roger Highfield, the Science Editor of the London Daily Telegraph wrote:

“Something out there - no-one knows what - is hurling high energy particles around the universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists...


Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist...” 2

These are the energies that are changing life on this planet by the minute, never mind the day, and these same energies are rebalancing the Fourth Dimension, so dispersing the negativity and manipulation from there.


The Global Elite are losing their power source. I was also fascinated to see how the cycles of sunspots synchronize so remarkably with the cycles of the Earth’s evolution left by the ancient Maya of central America.


Sunspots are produced when the sun is emitting an immensely powerful magnetism which comes to the Earth on the so called solar wind.3 These cycles are fundamental, I believe, to the spiritual transformation and the multidimensional shifts which the planet, and humanity, are experiencing. We are going through enormous magnetic change and this has great consequences for the electronics and computer systems which, of course, are the basis of the world financial system.

On Earth today in this period of incredible opportunity are millions of volunteers from many universal civilizations and time-space realities who have come here to be at the front of the snowplough. Some are former Lemurian and Atlantean consciousnesses, and others who have come into the prison since then. But what has happened in the past is of no relevance now, except in the experiences and the knowledge that has been gleaned to make the task easier. It doesn’t matter if your consciousness has been an Atlantean or a cabin boy in a previous life, you are the sum total of all your experiences and it is what you do now that matters.


The volunteers on Earth today have been living what we would call ‘normal’ lives, mostly with no idea what they are really here for or where they have come from. This has been essential to become knowledgeable and grounded in the world as it is, and to lock into the rigid thought patterns they have come to challenge. Experiences, many extreme and sometimes very negative on the surface, have been attracted to them to help their minds break out of the programming of this world and to access their higher consciousness.


Often it is when you are as low as you can go that you shed the old, programmed skin and reveal the new one, the real you, underneath.


As a channeled message said:

“Opportunity is often disguised as a loss”.4

This happened to me in 1991, when the fantastic ridicule I attracted from virtually the entire United Kingdom allowed me to let go of the old perceptions and the concern of what others thought of me.


I entered another reality in which being true to myself and my heart became far more important than worrying what anyone would think of me.


I can’t recommend it highly enough. Within the subtle levels of the volunteers were preprogrammed spiritual ‘alarm clocks’ which have been activated increasingly since the late 1980s. They have suddenly opened their eyes to another understanding and they are now creating another reality. Some have been in the financial world, or business, religion, education, and medicine. Others have been mothers at home, unemployed people, or those who have retired. Their background and role in life up to this point matters only as experience.


The real reason for this incarnation is just beginning for most of them and their numbers gather by the day as more wake up and realize who they are. They are reconnecting across the jamming vibration to wholeness and their lives and perceptions are changing dramatically. They are remembering. The same opportunity is available to everyone on the planet. In the years to come, the masks will be removed.


We are going to see how many spiritual volunteers there are within the system of control. As they awaken, they will bring down these Elite bastions from within. At the same time, we will see that many of those who have spoken the words of the New Age, the environmental, and the ‘radical’, are in fact tuned to a rather less pleasant consciousness. By their deeds we shall recognize them, not by their words.

The process of diffusing and removing the jamming frequency is very simple in one way, but, in this misguided world, it can involve some vast emotional and spiritual upheavals in our lives to deprogram us to the point where we can achieve it. As people awaken and let go of the programming, their consciousness also lets go of that programming’s vibratory suppression which is holding down their own frequency.


When the mind and feeling centers are opened and allowed to expand, their frequency rises and if this is allowed to continue, it will reach the point where it can synchronize with frequencies of reality outside the vibratory prison. This allows these higher frequencies to be filtered down our levels of being to this conscious level, and then broadcast out into this physical world. When this state of being is achieved, those people become walking, talking, transmitters of a higher frequency.


The more people who awaken to do this, the more the cumulative effect is raising the frequency of the planet as a whole. This is allowing non-physical frequencies within the prison to rise, because in some way, this dense physical level will hold back the others if it doesn’t shift and raise itself. It acts like a drag or an anchor on the other frequencies within the prison and until this dense physical level moves, they can’t.

We are looking here at a multidimensional shift across many parallel universes in this period of transformation and not just on this single planet. When this multidimensional shift happens, largely as a result of what we do on Earth now in conjunction with the effect of the planets and the Photon Belt, the jamming frequency will be overwhelmed and the prison door will fly open. We will be free and whole again. The nightmare will be over. The jamming frequency is already diffusing and breaking up, and light is pouring into our world.


As the process gathers pace, the portals or gateways to other time-space realities (dimensions) are beginning to open. The period of quarantine is also coming to a close. These gateways, in places like Stonehenge, Machu Picchu in Peru, Tibet, Knossos in Crete, Ayers Rock, Lake Titicaca in the Andes, Mount Fuji, Mount Shasta, and the lands of ancient Sumer and Babylon (now Iraq) are opening as circumstances allow.


This is like opening a valve which allows energies and vibrations from other dimensions to flood into this one.

A merging of dimensions and realities is beginning to happen which is offering the opportunity for those who are ready, emotionally and mentally (vibrationally in other words), to advance to a far higher state of consciousness, love, wisdom, and understanding. These energies and the effect of the Photon Belt are activating data stored in our consciousness and our physical bodies.


Knowledge is being unlocked from the cells, bones, and our DNA which will, eventually, be restored to its twelve stranded potential.


This will return us to full brain capacity, instead of the 8 to 20% the human race works with currently. Each cell has a consciousness and its coding is controlled by our thoughts. This is why we can think ourselves ill and think ourselves healthy. Our emotions stimulate and release chemicals into our bodies which have positive and negative physical effects. Laughter is a great healer because of the chemicals it releases, and hatred, anger, fear, and guilt cause dis-ease for the same reason.


Health is actually free and we will be able to regenerate our cells by our own thoughts. Our bodies age and become infirm because that is the reality programmed into the human mind and that is the reality we create. We don’t have to age in the way that we do. Our thoughts ensure that we age, not our bodies. The power of thought to heal the body is something the drug companies (Global Elite) don’t want us to know. Our bodies are going through incredible changes and this will increase with each year.

As the time-space portals reopen, more extraterrestrials will be visiting this dimension and we will be seeing more UFO activity. An average of 150 UFO sightings a day are reported world wide and it is reckoned that only about one in ten sightings are actually reported. I would emphasize the caution, however, that the scientists and military of the Global Elite have flying saucer, anti-gravity technology and we need to be very careful not to be conned by its use in the guise of an “alien” threat to justify centralized control. I believe this to be a distinct possibility, the ground for which is being prepared.


This whole area of UFOs and extraterrestrials is a minefield which demands great caution and a very flexible mind. ETs, like everyone, can be positive and negative in their intent, and it is vital that we don’t treat them as ‘Gods’. They are not to be feared, because we will attract that reality, nor to be worshiped as saviours. We are our own saviours. There is a great deal of disinformation circulating about ETs and UFOs and picking the wheat from the chaff requires a constantly open, but filtering, mind, and constant vigilance.


The opening portals and merging of dimensions is breaking the linear time locks which distinguish past, present, and future. That version of time is collapsing and we will realize, amazing as it may seem, that the past, the present, and the future, are happening at the same time. The effect of collapsing linear time is that the hours and days will seem to pass incredibly quickly until the point is reached when another version of time emerges. These are difficult concepts to grasp because so much knowledge has been kept from us and so much limited thinking has been imposed.

Many people, more than ever before in modern times, are being attracted to ancient sacred sites and most are unsure of exactly what is happening when they go there and feel often powerful energies pass through them into the Earth.


They know something has happened because they can feel it and they know as more people awaken that the same experiences can be retold by millions around the world. I was asking the same questions when it began to happen to me in 1990.1 believe that the energies we feel passing through us at such moments are the higher frequencies filtering down our levels of being and we are grounding them on this frequency so quickening its vibration.


In 1987, hundreds of thousands of people gathered at sacred sites all over the world for the event known as Harmonic Convergence when there was a mass grounding of higher frequencies onto this level.


This was the trigger that activated my own spiritual alarm clock and the pace of awakening has increased in great leaps since then. This work is helping the frequency of this physical level to raise itself out of the misunderstandings that have plagued this world. A frequency carries information, knowledge, and the higher the frequency, the more developed and evolved the knowledge. It is this frequency change that will transform the world we live in because information is freedom.


We talk of freedom of information, but it is the information itself which is the freedom. What we think is what we create and what we think is based on what we feel and know - information, knowledge. As the frequency continues to rise, there is an explosion of knowledge re-entering our world. Nothing and no-one will be the same again. The true origin of the great sacred sites will be known, and since all spiritual change is reflected on the physical level, this is a period when a constant stream of scientific, historical, and geological discoveries will be made to overturn our whole view of history and who we are.


There is world-shattering information waiting to be found in Egypt, I am convinced. In the same way that the rising frequencies are triggering data and codes stored in our bodies, so it is happening with thought codings stored in the stones of ancient sites.


The energies of these sites are filling with knowledge, which is available to anyone operating on a vibration high enough to access it. The higher frequencies can be filtered down and grounded anywhere and once you are connected with those higher levels, you are doing it all the time, often without even realizing it.


But there are points on the Earth’s surface - many of which are marked by the standing stones and circles, mounds, hills, and other places held sacred by the ancients - where this can be done most powerfully and effectively. As acupuncture has long understood, the physical body is kept alive by a web of energy lines known as meridians and these also connect into vortex points, the spirals of energy called chakras, where these lines cross. They are like spinning spiral power stations on a grid of electricity lines. When these energies are flowing with balance and harmony, the person is physically, emotionally and mentally well. When they are unbalanced or blocked, they will be suffering from some form of physical, emotional, or mental dis-ease, dis-harmony.

It is the same with the Earth. This energy grid of the Earth has been much affected by negative events and limitation of thought. The energy passing through these lines is a form of consciousness, because everything is consciousness in different states of being. So these lines are affected by other consciousness - like the thoughts of human minds. When those thoughts are full of fear, anxiety, guilt, pain, and other negative emotions, the negative thought patterns are absorbed by the energy grid and its power and balance diminished.


They are also carried around the globe on the grid network, and so the negative energy created by a war on one side of the world affects everyone because it is passed around the planet. These lines are designed to enjoy positive-negative and male-female harmony, but they have become dominated by the negative and male energies resulting from the inner turmoil and imbalances of humanity. In this transition period, it is necessary to repair the grid by removing the negative blockages, and channel high frequency energies into its system to raise the frequency. Millions are now involved in this.


Other levels of their consciousness are guiding them to the right place at the right time, via the feeling centre and the magnetism. They are using their physical bodies as transformers and transmitters to broadcast the new frequency to this planet. The point of maximum impact on the jamming frequency is the collective mind of humanity. With every individual mind which opens itself and deprograms its thinking, we are another step closer to that critical mass point of the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome, when a big collective switch will occur.


Those who are working now to open their own consciousness and to heal and deprogram themselves, are at the front of the snowplough, the pioneers, who are adding to that critical mass and making the big switch possible.


If you are one of them, you have every right to be proud of yourself. Anyone can do it, anyone at all. You just make the choice, follow your heart at all times, and you are on your way. If we now look at the Elite’s manipulation from the perspective I have outlined here, we can see that the themes of spiritual transformation, freedom, and global conspiracy are indivisible.


We can also appreciate the wider picture within which the manipulation in this world needs to be seen if we are to fully understand its nature:

1. When we close our minds and hearts, our frequency falls (we become less informed and sometimes incredibly stupid). When we open our minds and hearts our frequency is raised (we become more knowledgeable, wise, and understanding). We can also raise our frequency to the point where we can cross the jamming vibration and escape from the prison.

If you are the Prison Warder consciousness on the Fourth Dimension which wants to retain this vibratory prison and the negative energy production unit it has become, you can only do that if human minds, as a whole, remain closed. Therefore you develop a network of manipulation on this physical level designed to keep people from the higher knowledge and their infinite potential. You create religions which tell people what to think - or not to think. You encourage the population to focus their thinking on absurdities and trivia, and give their minds away to religious books which most people, even ‘believers’, do not bother to read, let alone understand.

This gives the power to churchmen to tell the population what the religious book says and means. When this religious imposition begins to wane as even the closed-minded humans realize it is a vehicle of oppression, you introduce a new ‘science’ which claims there is no after-life of any kind and when this physical life is over, the lights go out forever.


You ensure that the scientist is seen as the cutting edge of human knowledge and so if he or she says there’s no after-life, that’s the way it must be. You also develop other vehicles for this drive and call it Humanism. This encourages humans not to relink with their higher levels because they become convinced they have no higher levels. The mind is the brain and the brain is the mind, and that’s it, so there.


2. When people who are connected with the higher levels become incarnate on Earth, you make sure they are condemned and ridiculed, lied about, and undermined in any way possible, to stop their information being accepted and taken seriously. When they have gone you even take the opportunity to turn their words on their head and create a religion in their name which is the epitome of everything they came to challenge.


3. You develop a media, business, and political network controlled by people operating on your vibration to manipulate the human mind and keep it closed, uninformed and confused. You create a money system which keeps people under a lifetime of pressure just trying to survive. This gives them no time to think and feel and ask questions about life and the world. They are too busy getting through to tomorrow to worry about anything like that. Thinking about the wider world is a luxury they don’t have the time to do, or so they believe. We work too much and think and feel too little.

You divide and rule via manufactured divisions such as race, colour, creed, religion, income bracket, and an endless list of other ‘us and them’ devices. This creates the same division and confusion in the collective mind, thus ensuring that it is never united enough or on a high enough vibration, which would breach the jamming vibration in an instant. Those involved with the Elite are just vehicles for the Prison Warder consciousness to work through them and follow an agenda which is serving a much wider plan that even the Elite do not understand. They think they are in control, but they are not. They are stooges, a means to an end.


4. When you realize that an attempt is coming to remove your control of the Earth by raising the frequencies within the prison, you step up your attempts to dominate the human consciousness. You press ahead even faster towards the global control of government, banking, the currency, information, and the military, and you increase the pace at which you introduce the microchipped population because you know that if you can electronically tag every human being and link them to a centralized computer, you can artificially suppress their minds and frequency, so preventing them from being vehicles for grounding the vibrations that will break open the prison or access levels of understanding that can tell them they are in a prison. You also activate your dirty tricks agencies to undermine alternative thinking and concepts by branding them as mad and dangerous ‘cults’.

A global attempt to destroy the ‘grounded’ alternative movements is underway while, at the same time, another team of dirty tricksters is continuing to manipulate the New Age movement into floating around in some spiritual mist following the instructions of ‘Masters’ and ‘Ashtar Commands’. The manipulators want to stimulate imbalance because that means control and a limited perspective and potential. They don’t care why people give their minds away, so long as they do.


Sending out broadcasts on what you might call “psychic frequencies” to mislead the New Age field is, in my view, undoubtedly happening. If they can get the spiritually-minded to hand over their thinking to some master or extraterrestrial ‘command’ they can neutralize their effect in the physical world. It is those people who have a spiritual-physical balance, those who wish to manifest spiritual values in physical change, that the manipulators fear, not New Age dogma.


5. You know that if the frequency of the energy grid is raised, so is that of the planet. You work through compatible human minds to build roads, factories, power stations, and transmission towers, at key points on the grid. The black magicians of the Global Elite know that if you can control the energy passing through the grid, you can control the collective mind of the human race. The village and road built through the centre of the stone circles at Avebury in Wiltshire, England, is a prime example. This strategy pours negative energy into the network at these points, weakening the flow within the lines, and suppressing the frequency.


I have spoken to many people recently who have begun to identify a pattern in the United Kingdom of roads and broadcasting transmitters of various kinds which are sited very near or on well known Earth acupuncture points and chakra vortices. It goes beyond the bounds of random coincidence.


The people who make these decisions often have no idea of the energy grid significance, but who is feeding thoughts into their consciousness or who is passing down the instructions from the upper reaches of the global pyramid of manipulation? The Fourth Dimensional manipulators.


You can also create wars and suffering in particularly important areas of the grid, like Iraq and the former lands of Mesopotamia, between the River Euphrates and the River Tigris, the site of ancient Sumer and Babylon when they knew far more about the energy grid than mainstream science does today. Everything I talked about earlier in the book about the physical level manipulation and the engineering of wars is the reflection of a much higher understanding of energies, vibrations, and consciousness, and their relationship to the Earth and the human mind.


George Bush would not have said:

“We’ll attack Iraq and pour negative energy into the energy grid because this will affect the world”.

But whatever and whoever was pulling the strings to make war with Iraq sure as heck knew the implications for the energy grid of doing so.

The effects of the Photon Belt and the vibratory tussle now at large on Planet Earth between the jamming vibration and the freedom vibration can be seen more obviously by the week.


I passed on channelled information in earlier books going back to 1990 which talked of dramatically changing weather patterns in this decade and beyond, with colossal rainfall and floods, and of many other extreme weather and geological phenomena. The changing weather patterns worldwide are now obvious with enormous tracts of ice the size of countries breaking away from the polar ice shelves which were once considered permanent. Nothing is permanent except life itself.


Rainfall records continue to be broken year after year; the seas rise, and rivers cover the land in ways that defy the eye. In other areas there are great droughts. Look back at the ancient prophecies and you will find all of these things. We are told, often with little conviction, that this is the result of global warming, the Greenhouse Effect. I beg to differ. This is a diversion from what is really happening, I believe. We are witnessing the result of the Photon Belt and the higher frequencies being grounded, the portals opening, and the move from a three-dimensional reality into the fourth and fifth dimensions.5


At the same time, the old vibration seeks to hold on to its domain and this is reflected physically as those awakening and changing their thinking and the Elite who wish to impose still further the old patterns of control and domination. This is the tussle symbolized by Uranus and Saturn. This and the Photon energies are stirring up the subtle levels of the planet consciousness - Mother Nature, Gaia, the Earth Spirit - and this is having magnetic consequences in the Earth’s energy field. The planet is the physical body of a consciousness with a mind and emotions.


The Earth is not just a physical sphere spinning in space. She thinks and feels, just like we do. She is part of us, and we of her. The weather and geological changes are leading, I believe, to a switch of the magnetic poles and, possibly, a physical shift of the axis. How traumatic all this has to be on the road to a better world is up to us, the human race. It is no coincidence that, looking at the records of insurance companies alone, geological and weather events have increased in both scale and number very significantly since the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

This immense transformation we are living through is likely to be one of extremes and opposites before all comes into harmony. It is the chaos period as one vibration breaks up and another moves in. Those with an open mind and heart will absorb the new space-time realities. Others who follow the propaganda of the Global Elite and the Prison Warder consciousness will cling on to the old vibration in their desperation to find security. They will become even more vehement in their religious, political, and economic dogma.


They will resist the rising vibrations if they choose that path, and this will have mental, emotional, and physical effects. The two states of being, the programmed mind and the open mind, will be more obvious with every month to those who know what is happening.


The Prison Warders, via the Global Elite, will increase their efforts to speed the New World Order, but they will not ultimately succeed. This transition period may well stimulate many negative events, but if we raise our own consciousness and hold onto our positive sense of self, we will not attract such events to us, unless, of course, it is part of our chosen path to experience them.


Our state of mind is our protection from harm. Astrologer, Gloria Treloar, told me:

“Uranus in square to Jupiter (May 5th 2000) signals a time of social and economic change and a restructuring of values. Belief systems will be transformed. Those already open to a different study of truth from the one that has been indoctrinated down the years, will now take a further leap in consciousness; those who have been on the sidelines, a little apprehensive about even a small step, will suddenly cast aside their fears, take a look outside themselves and move into that higher state - breakthrough!


It won’t be easy, but a happening so stunningly and refreshingly transformative can never be described as a breeze. It’s a hurricane which roars through the psyche uprooting old trees of knowledge and shaking foundations to make way for the new. Although the transit of these planets will be uncomfortable, whatever the individual and collective process experiences, it will eventually prove a small price to pay for liberation.”

If we follow our intuition, we will magnetically attract to ourselves everything we need to guide us through this period.


Many people have said that my books, and others, have fallen at their feet from the shelf of a bookshop. This appears to be a ‘mystery’, but it is not. The magnetic energy field of the book and the person’s subconscious interact because the subconscious knows that its conscious level would benefit from reading the book.


At its most powerful, this magnetic attraction pulls the book from the shelf. It is like two magnets attracting each other. If we are open minded, this process will ensure that we will be in the right place at the right time, with the right people, no matter what chaos may be happening around us. In an ideal situation, the transition from one frequency to another is a very straightforward process. But given the vibratory prison and the vast number of closed minds on the planet at this time, this is no ideal situation.


The human and Earth consciousness are not yet rising together as one. There are very different minds linked to very different frequencies pulling in all directions. As I understand it, the dense physical level is one place where consciousnesses linked to an infinite number of wavelengths can live together side by side in the same world. The manufactured divisions which our generations have inherited and perpetuated are the result of divided thought patterns. These patterns fighting for supremacy would cause some chaos anyway, but this is now happening in a period in which much higher frequencies are becoming part of this reality also, and raising the whole vibration of the Earth.


The subtle energy levels of the planet have become subject to astonishing vibratory pressures and it is these which are changing the weather so fundamentally. They will, if they continue to build, bring geological upheavals of a kind not experienced or even dreamed about in the modern world. There is so much evidence now emerging that indicates massive changes in our environment. In the UK, the water tables in London, Birmingham and other cities are rising rapidly, some by two meters and more per year.


This has fundamental consequences for daily life.6


Hard as it may be to accept at first, the geological and weather catastrophes are created largely by the human mind and the wavelengths it broadcasts. The way the collective mind thinks affects the planetary mind, Gaia, and if she becomes imbalanced emotionally and mentally, this has physical effects, just as it does in the human body. But such a scale of physical change does not have to be. It is within our minds and hearts to make this transition far smoother than that.


As more people deprogramme and allow their minds and hearts to open, they will cease to be part of the old vibration as they are able to connect with, and ground, the higher, freedom vibrations of love and harmony. The greater the number who step out of the old vibration and into the new, the smoother and more harmonious the transition will be. But whatever happens, the years of the vibratory prison are almost over. The only question left is how bumpy will be its last days, and if we are to lessen that impact, the time for action is urgent.

So, as always, the answers lie with us. If we can heal ourselves and stop being manipulated by the Prison Warder consciousness, via the Global Elite, the whole process will be easier and the end of the jamming frequency will be hastened.


If we heal ourselves, open ourselves, and trust ourselves, we will heal each other and we will heal the world. It is happening now.





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