chapter 18
the freedom called love

We can only be truly free when we respect ourselves and love ourselves, but humanity, collectively and individually, finds this so hard to do.


As a result, we project into the world this self-dislike, even self-hatred, the spiritual cancer within us. The inner turmoil becomes the outer turmoil reported on the news bulletins.


Some of the most aggressive people I have met have been those who hate themselves and have no love or respect for themselves. If our thoughts and attitudes change, so must life on this planet. If we heal ourselves, we heal the world. The Prison Warder Consciousness knows all this. To maintain the outer chaos and conflict, they know that we humans have to be manipulated into inner chaos and conflict.


We will then be broadcasting the thought waves, energies, that reflect our inner state of dis-ease and dis-harmony into the energy fields of the Earth, thus creating the outer, planetary, dis-ease and dis-harmony, which is so essential to the maintenance of the vibratory prison.


Dogmatic religion has been used to fantastic effect over thousands of years to fuel and exploit emotions like fear and guilt, and the feeling of being ‘unworthy’. This has encouraged people to hand over their right to think and feel to a Bible and a priest because they have not had the confidence or self-belief to realize that they have a right, and an infinite gift, to make their own decisions.


As the power of religion has waned in the face of ‘science’, politics, and economics, these have become the new religions with new books and priests - scientists, politicians, economists - to whom we can concede our right to think and feel. We are encouraged to deny our own infinite potential. We are “born sinners”, apparently, and I cringe when I hear the mass of humanity described as the “common people” or “the ordinary man and woman in the street”, or when politicians describe the population as “our people”, as if we are children who must be looked after by their higher intelligence.

There are no ‘ordinary people’. There are no ‘common people’. There are only glorious expressions of the one consciousness that is creation. Each aspect is unique, equally special, and loved by the source of all that is. Each one is on an eternal journey of evolution through experience and all have the potential to do anything and be anything we want to be.

The process of awakening and deprogramming will be stifled and, at worst, suffocated unless we let go of these programmed responses like fear, guilt, and the sense of worthlessness. Every second, we are taking in energies from the cosmos around us and from other levels of our own consciousness. These are the ‘feeling’, ‘intuitive’, energies I have spoken about.


This flow and connection comes in through the base chakra (vortex) in the genitals area and up through the central channel to the other major chakras. It also flows the other way, too.


From here it affects all areas of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. When this flow is powerful and harmonious we are operating at our full intuitive potential, but this can only be achieved when we are at peace with ourselves. Like everything, emotions such as fear, guilt, and resentment, are an energy. These deep-seated and often long-held emotions act like dark knots of energy which eat us away and are, if not dealt with and released, a major cause of dis-eases such as cancer and heart problems. They block or diminish the natural, powerful, flow of intuitive energies, as they pass through our levels of being.

You might see these knots of energy symbolically like dams or big rocks in a fast flowing river, slowing down the flow and causing disharmony as eddies and whirlpools are created. In a way, the vibratory prison is like a vast knot of negative energy which is holding back the flow of energies in this part of the cosmos; hence other levels and civilizations are as keen as we are to remove it. When we lack selfworth and have feelings of fear and guilt, it holds us back from reconnecting with our true, whole, selves. Yet, when you look from the spiritual perspective at what makes us feel fearful and guilty, it all seems so ridiculous.


Fear, guilt, and resentment are not emotions we have to feel.


They are emotions we create for ourselves by locking into the programming which is passed on and intensified across the generations.




Look at the bottom line of human existence, something that cannot be taken away from us: today is the first day of the rest of our eternity, and the Source of all that is has a love for all of us that is equal, beyond words, and eternal.


As we reconnect with levels of ourselves which are outside the jamming vibration, we can begin to feel this incredible love and broadcast it into this physical world. When you connect with that love, a love without judgment or condition, there simply is no fear or guilt. You know there is nothing to fear. It is of our own creation and it is within the power of our hearts and minds to un-create it.


To be without fear is not to be without awareness. I have heard it said that fear is essential for survival because it is that which stops us walking across the street in front of a car or jumping into a lion’s cage. But fear and awareness are not the same. You don’t have to be fearful to know the consequences of something and avoid them. In fact fear is often the cause of unpleasant events, not the protection from them.

It is the use and manipulation of fear that has allowed people like Averell Harriman and Henry Kissinger to tell two countries the (often invented) aggressive intentions of the other and so bring about conflict.


Each country strikes out of the fear of what the other is planning, or alleged to be planning, to do.


Each one thinks:

“We must destroy them before they destroy us”. “Get your retaliation in first,” as a soccer manager I knew used to say.

War is overwhelmingly the physical manifestation of fear.


It is the opposite polarity to love, trust, and respect - the protectors from war and disharmony. If we remove fear from ourselves, we remove our contribution to fear in the world. Removing fear from the world, removes war and disharmony. Once again it starts with us.

Fear is indivisibly connected with a lack of self-worth and self-respect. All three are the result of looking outside ourselves for confirmation that we are ok. The reason most people say they can’t speak in public is fear. And the fear comes from being concerned about what the audience thinks of them.


They are looking to the audience to confirm that what they are saying and doing is right and they fear those people will either reject what they say or think them to be an idiot. Put the would-be public speaker in an empty room or among their trusted family and friends and they would be fine expressing their views. Put them in front of an audience and they can hardly speak for nerves and lack of confidence. When you begin to reconnect and understand the true nature of the human being, you begin to look within for confirmation that you’re an ok person. It doesn’t matter what people think of you and what you say. They have a right to think what they like - and so have you.


The only person you have to convince that what you are doing is right, is you. Of course we need to listen to all views and information, but if you are in tune with that flow of intuition from higher levels of yourself, you, and no-one else, will know what is right for you to do and say. Once you realize that, and live it, you no longer stand up in front of an audience worrying about what they will think of you because you accept that they have every right to disagree. You know that what really matters is what you think of you.


Perhaps the most effective form of information suppression is the fear of those who think differently to the status quo, but are frightened of speaking out and passing on what they know and feel. It is time for that to end.

Many people tell me they fear for my safety because of the ‘powers’ I am challenging and exposing in this book and The Robots’ Rebellion, and for what I say in the media and on the speaking tours. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I feel no such fear. I try to avoid unnecessary hassle that will affect my ability to communicate information to a wide audience, but when I believe something to be right and in need of communication, I do not fear the consequences.


First of all, I feel enormously protected in a way I could not express in words, and secondly, what’s the worst that can happen? My eternal self leaves this physical shell and moves on to another parallel world, another wavelength of reality. That doesn’t sound too bad to me. I have had the benefit of experiencing years of severe and, for a while, constant ridicule in the United Kingdom. It was impossible to walk down a street, literally anywhere, without being pointed at, shouted at, and laughed at.


This has diminished, but it still goes on today among those who have accepted without a thought or question what the media say I stand for. Such experiences have shown me how completely the vast majority give their minds away and, most important on a personal level, that no matter what people say about you or do about you, no-one can stop you if you refuse to be intimidated and you look to yourself for self-assurance and not to others. What does it matter what others think of you?


People change what they think all the time and if we constantly seek to conform to the prevailing beliefs we just become clones of another’s opinion - often programmed opinion - instead of masters of our own hearts, minds, and destiny.


There is nothing to fear.




When I host weekend workshops and we talk about guilt, I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful people before me who speak, movingly, of the guilt they feel.


Beautiful spirits who ooze warmth and love reveal sometimes a lifetime of inner turmoil and emotional pain caused by guilt. It blights their lives and, in terms of self-worth and the flow of intuitive energies from the higher realms, it is terribly destructive. Guilt, like fear, is a creation designed to control. But, again, when you analyze what makes us feel guilty, it is programmed ‘values’, mostly from generations long passed.


There are Roman Catholic priests all over the world with sexual feelings they battle to suppress and with a sense of guilt at those natural feelings which fills their days with emotional distress.


Do you know why they are forced to go through this nonsense? Because one Pope decided in 1074 that clergy should be celibate.


Sex and relationships are perhaps the most awesome of the countless vehicles for the creation of guilt. If people have had a sexual experience with someone who is not their official partner, they feel guilty and if news of it gets out, they are made to feel even more guilty by a society which has been programmed to inherit ‘values’ without question.

How would the tabloid newspapers fill their pages every day without passing judgment on the morals of the rich and famous? And how many people with much to offer the world have been destroyed by such ‘exposes’, in papers who would not know a moral if it bit them on the bum? But hold on a minute, here. Who said that expressing love for another human being (another aspect of ourselves) is wrong unless it is the official partner? Did you decide that? The guy down the street? Who? Religion decided it thousands of years ago, as I explain in The Robots’ Rebellion. And who or what was controlling religion?


These same people were also vehemently insistent at the time they decided on this form of “morality” that the Earth was flat and Jerusalem was the centre of the universe. And yet we go on judging ourselves and others and either feeling guilty or making others feel guilty on the basis of what people thousands of years ago decided was right. It’s just crazy. Who owns your body? You or someone else? Who owns your emotions and your spiritual self? You or someone else?


If you accept the above imposition the answer is someone else. You are allowing them to impose thought and behaviour patterns upon you which, if you go against them, create an enormous sense of guilt. This area of love, sex, and relationships is a minefield of guilt which is holding back so many people from reconnecting with their true and whole self. When you look behind the words and the clichés surrounding relationships, we are not looking at love.


We are looking at a form of possession. I love you, therefore I own you. Yet what is real love? It is a love so endless and without judgment or condition, that we love a person for what they are, not what we say they must be if we are to love them. We love them so much that we want them to experience whatever they need to experience to ensure that they can learn, evolve, and achieve what they have come here to do. We have no wish to possess another human being, only to love them. How many can truly say on that basis that they love someone?


I am not saying here that we shouldn’t respect the feelings of a partner. Of course we should, but we have feelings, too, and a lifeplan for our experience, service to Creation, and evolution. When you look at what makes people feel emotional pain over sex and relationships, it is largely the result of programming. It has little to do with what is right or wrong and everything to do with what that society has been programmed to perceive as right or wrong over hundreds of years.

If a person was born into a rigid, sexually suppressive society, their emotions would be blitzed by their partner expressing physical love for another, even though the love that partner had for them remained undiminished or was even strengthened. But if that same person was born in a loving and sexually open society in which expressing physical love for each other was as natural as the sea and sky, there would not be the same emotional pain in exactly the same circumstances. Sex has been turned, by design I most strongly feel, into a form of suppression, control, and limitation. Guilt is the major factor in achieving all three.


And if the power of the base (sexuality) chakra can be diminished, we don’t absorb energy to our full potential. This affects our life span and creativity. On the one hand, sex has been presented as something sinful and dirty, thanks to the influence of religion, and on the other it has become for many a merely physical experience, a means of releasing physical desires and frustrations. Both, I believe, are a travesty of what sex really is. Indeed I would say there was a chasm of difference between sex (physical) and spiritual love (physical/ spiritual).

The act of spiritual love is an explosion of spiritual energy. It is the multidimensional expression of spiritual, emotional, and physical love and all those energies are created and merged to affect positively both the individuals and the Earth. Spiritual love between two people is a positive contribution to the world because of the love and thought patterns it creates. So why are we supposed to feel guilty about it?


Some Eastern philosophies acknowledge this truth and their view of sex and relationships is consequently different from the Western version which, as I saw in a quite awful publication by the British government’s Health Education Authority,1 has turned sex into the spiritual equivalent of artificial insemination. At the moment of orgasm our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels are as One and we are as One with our highest potential. All our energy centres are wide open.


This is a moment when we can reconnect and feel the bliss of that experience if the intent is loving and spiritual. As with everything, however, there is a downside to this if the intent is negative.


Orgasm under those circumstances opens up the energy centres to connection with the lower vibrational, malevolent consciousness and this, I believe, is why so many of the dark esoteric ceremonies involve sex and orgasmic experience. Whenever I look at something which helps us to reconnect with our highest potential, be it sexual love, self-love, or the free flow of information, I find that it has been, by calculated design at the Prison Warders level, distorted and manipulated.


Our view of sex and relationships is one very important example of this and it creates a tidal wave of guilt in the collective human mind. I will return to this theme in a future book devoted to this subject.


Again, we need to follow our intuition. Does it feel right to express physical love for someone, whoever they may be? Your mind may be shouting “guilt” at you in a gathering panic. But what does your feeling centre, your heart, say? If it says yes and it feels like the most natural thing in the world, then what could possibly be wrong with that? It is possible to love more than one person at the same time.


It is possible to love all people and all lifeforms at the same time, in many different ways. It is possible to love those who love us and love those who hate us. So why do we say that everyone needs to love everyone to build a better world and yet feel guilty on the occasions when our bodies are involved? What a contradiction it all is. The body is only a vehicle for the eternal self, after all.


A magnificent vehicle, yes, and an extension of us while in incarnation, but still a vehicle and not the eternal self. I am not calling for a sort of open-house-all-in-together-free-love society. It is up to the individuals involved to decide what their heart and intuition tells them. If people want to live together and not have sexual experience with anyone else, great, wonderful, fantastic.


But while they have a right to make the decision of what they believe is right for them, others have an equal right to make a different choice. It is not a better or worse choice, it is merely different. So there is no justification for guilt to be felt by those involved, nor for guilt to be imposed by others who seek to make everyone else conform to their version of morality.

There is so much that society demands we should feel guilty about. We look back at the way we treated our parents. We feel guilty if we did not fulfill in our lives what our parents wanted us to achieve.


We think we have let them down. We feel guilty at the way, perhaps, we treated our own children or other loved ones. We feel guilty if we work so much that we don’t see enough of our families. We feel guilty if we don’t work enough and can’t give our children the material things they are programmed to want. You name it and someone, somewhere, will feel guilty about it. Enough!

Fear and guilt are there to control us, divide us, diminish us, and limit us. Let them go. These things have to be seen from a much bigger, spiritual, perspective. First of all we choose where and with whom we incarnate. We choose our parents and they choose us. Instead of holding onto the guilt and resentment of what we see as an unpleasant childhood or the feeling of letting down our parents, we need to ask ourselves why we chose those experiences and why our parents did. What was that interaction of people designed to achieve for all parties?


My father gave me a hard time mentally and emotionally, but that experience turned out to be essential to tap the mental and emotional toughness I needed to cope with what has happened to me since 1990. The experiences my wife and children have had as a result of what I have said and done has had the same effect on them. Experiences that seem terrible in the moment can be seen, with the hindsight and knowledge of passing years, to be gifts which allow us to deprogram from the shallow, manipulated, superficial world we have allowed to solidify around us.


We are not here to fulfill our parents’ ambitions for us. We are here to serve the planet in the most effective way, fling open the prison door, and speed our own, and the collective, evolution. In the same way, we are not here to impose our beliefs and ambitions on our children. We have not come to serve a system created by the manipulators which insists we must work day after day under someone else’s control or feel guilty or unworthy if we don’t. Nor are we here to play the material game by allowing guilt about our children to make us feel terrible when we can’t give them what their friends may have. We can give them something that is beyond price.


We can give them unconditional love and we can help them to reconnect with their highest potential. You can’t buy that at the computer game store. Another form of guilt is that felt by awakening people at not thinking ‘perfect’, loving thoughts about everyone all the time. We need to be kind to ourselves here. In this imbalanced world, some terrible events happen and we are not going to be immune to the emotions they attract.


When I saw Bill and Hillary Clinton sitting with assembled children and television cameras in the White House taking political advantage of the Oklahoma bombing, I did not have loving thoughts, I can tell you. Nor am I immune from the frustration of being attacked by those who talk of “freedom”.


It is the way we deal with those emotions that matters. That is very different from not feeling them. We really would be robots if that were the case.


The more we open up to our higher consciousness, the easier it is to keep thinking positively, but it’s a process we evolve through and if we feel bad about feeling bad, it will only hold us back by accumulating more guilt.



Pattern Breaking

Another form of guilt is this word, karma.


It is expressed in many religions and cultures and can be summed up by “what you do to others will be done to you”. I accept that karma exists and I believe it can be expressed as creating our own reality. It is not a punishment, it is a gift. I also feel, as I have said in other books, that karma is created by the intent behind an action, not the action itself. If we do something with good intent and it doesn’t work out, we learn from the experience, but there is no ‘karma’.


If, however, we do something that appears to be positive, but it has an ulterior, negative intent behind it, there will be a karmic reaction which will lead us into a situation in which we face what we have done to another. The reason for this is that positive intent and negative intent create different thought patterns and so attract a different reality. But there are two points to make about karma.


One is that it is too often presented as punishment and people feel guilty when negative things happen to them because it must be the result of something terrible they have done. And the second is that to explain everything that happens to us as our ‘karma’ (how we have behaved in the past) is, in my view, misleading and simplistic. In this amazing period of spiritual and, therefore, physical transformation, large numbers of people are going through sometimes extreme experiences, negative and positive. These are not all ‘karmic’ experiences, from where I am sitting.


They are the prearranged means by which we are being given the opportunity to deprogram ourselves.


These experiences may be the breakup of a long-term relationship, the loss of a job, an illness, or our whole life being turned upside down in some other way. The common denominator of all of them is to make our status quo disappear. Whatever choices we make in the light of these events, one thing is certain: the status quo, life as it has been, is not an available option. They ensure some kind of change, often a massive one.

The colossal spiritual awakening that I experienced in 1990-91 happened so publicly that my television career was destroyed. My status quo was demolished and a great change in my life had to take place. That was not my ‘karma’, in the sense of punishment for past deeds; it was the opportunity to break out of the prison of thought control. If life gets too comfortable and cozy in the same thought pattern - rut - it can be very difficult to step out of it and move on.


Sometimes an upheaval in our lives is necessary to present us with such an opportunity. It seems terrible at the time, but from my own experience and the countless people I have met who have been through this process, you always look back at such events as gifts and not punishment.


Energy codings in our consciousness are triggered, often by astrological influences, to create change within our magnetic aura and, therefore, our physical lives. This is especially true today with the Great Transformation upon us. The process I have described is pattern breaking, in this case, our personal thought patterns. But we are also affecting other, collective, thought patterns as we open up to the higher frequencies.


A lot of people ask why life can be so tough sometimes, even when we have given our commitment to do whatever is necessary to support the transformation. I have asked that question myself, many times! As I said earlier, some of it will be caused by the facing and cleansing of inner thought patterns from the past we didn’t know we had, but I believe that people who have come specifically to support the transformation also operate like spiritual kidney machines.


They absorb negative emotions and thought patterns into their energy fields and transform them into another, higher, state. At the time these are being processed by the person, however, they will be living that emotion and experience. They might feel depressed, angry, or in despair, when there is nothing apparently happening in their life that should make them feel like that. Then those feelings will go quite suddenly without any obvious reason. This, for me, is the process of collective pattern breaking and negative energy dispersal. It is a very positive contribution. But people who are doing this without knowing it often feel guilty at some of the emotions they are feeling.


So much is happening that we don’t understand and only when we stop judging ourselves from the viewpoint of the programmed status quo will we be able to release our feelings of guilt and fear.




This is another emotional cancer which manifests in so much individual and global self-destruction.


If we create our own reality, whatever we experience is of our creation. We attract to us an energy field - person and experience - which can reflect our inner self as a physical reality before our eyes. Or, as in the case of the Robot Radicals, they unknowingly help to highlight information by attacking it, so helping us to fulfill our task. Those other people we resent for what they have done to us have their own imbalances to face and maybe we can help them to do that by our reaction to their behavior.


How we react is an opportunity to look at our inner self. And there is certainly no justification for the resentment we still hold against another person because they were an outer expression, a mirror, of the inner us. Responsibility for what happens to us begins and ends with us. People resent the success of others when the only difference between them is the different realities they have created. And who suffers from the resentment we hold onto about others? We do.


We punish ourselves by clinging to such patterns and it negatively affects our sense of self and reality. We’re the losers in this, not those we resent. One good way I find of letting go of guilt and resentment is to visualize the person or experience involved with a thread connecting them to me. I then project love at the person and experience, thank them for the gift of knowledge, and visualize the thread being cut and the person/experience drifting away, no longer part of my inner pattern.


The Global Elite use resentment to great effect to start conflicts and to keep them going as each side becomes more resentful at the acts of the other.


One expression of this is the so called “tit for tat” killings in the world’s trouble spots. If we release our resentment, we help the planet and humanity as a whole to release theirs.


But the biggest winner when we do this is ourselves. If you have done something in your life that you regret or you feel guilty for the effect it has had on others, remember this: you have all eternity to put right what you have done and the experience you put someone through was precisely what that person needed for his or her evolution. You are sitting there feeling guilty when, viewed from a higher level of understanding, you have made a positive contribution to their eternal journey.


Turn this around from the other perspective of what others have done to you and you see resentment in the same light. And if you have made ‘mistakes’, how do you know they have not been an essential, and preplanned, part of your own learning which can help you and others? Who is the best person to help an alcoholic or drug addict?


Someone who has read about it in a book or passed an exam? Or someone who has been there and knows exactly what it is like? There are no such thing as mistakes, only learning from experience. Accept ‘mistakes’ as a gift, absorb the knowledge, and move on. Fear, resentment and guilt are yet more by-products of dogma.


They result from rigid responses to rigid ‘values’. Step out of the dogma and you step out of the by-products.



I Am What I Am

There is a great song by Shirley Bassey called I Am What I Am and there is one particularly telling line which says:

“I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses”.

Says it all.


When you follow the guidance of that feeling centre, your heart, you are doing whatever you need to do with whomever you need to do it. You are not your brother, or the guy across the street, or the famous person on the television screen. You are you and you are a wonderful you.


Every bit as special and unique as anyone else. And your path is not my path or anyone else’s. It is yours and yours alone. So while we are all part of the same whole, all part of each other, we are the sum total of all our experiences since we first became conscious and that means we are at different points in the journey, with different things to offer and different things to learn.


If we allow fear, resentment, and guilt to make us conform to another’s thought pattern and value system, we give away the uniqueness of our contribution to the world and we lose the opportunity for experiences designed specifically for us. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past.


That has gone. It is what you are now, this moment, that is important. I don’t care if you have served a prison sentence for an unpleasant crime. I don’t care if you have been Jesus Christ or Adolph Hitler. What are you now, this second?

Hold on to the uniqueness that is you. Why should you conform to someone else’s pattern? Why should you be what someone else insists that you be? You have spent forever developing that uniqueness. Why be a clone now? The pressure to conform is simply the pressure to control.


The Global Elite and its Illuminati-Brotherhood cannot control and manipulate billions of people who are expressing their full potential and their uniqueness of view. It can only be done by mass mind control that directs the overwhelming majority to think the same.


Only then do you have the herd mentality, the unthinking, unquestioning sheep, following the guy at the front. How would you control a herd of sheep if they all went their different ways, refusing to follow the one at the front and instead following their own hearts and what felt right for them? You simply cannot control them. So being the unique you and resisting the pressure to be a clone is not only to follow your own path and express your true self. It is also, by definition, to dismantle the means of global control.

Nothing has succeeded in denying our uniqueness more than religion. God save us from religion. It has been a tool and a creation of the Prison Warders and it has done more than anything over the centuries to enforce the uniformity essential to mass control. It is, as I have said before, psychological fascism.


The divisions of race and color are used in the same way. If you are born into a certain religion or culture, you must follow their rules. If you do not, you are a traitor. Such an approach is not an expression of love and freedom. It is the suppression of both. If you are a victim of such a religion or culture by birth, you do have a choice.


You can conform and take, in the short term, but only the short term, the road of least resistance. Or, like gathering numbers, you can acknowledge your own uniqueness, your own mind, and your power to control your own destiny. Remember, too, that you chose to incarnate in the situation that you have. So why did you make that choice? Just to be another clone?


It is rather more likely that it was to give yourself the opportunity to serve Creation, your own evolution, and your fellow men and women by striking out from the mental prison and shouting to everyone who can hear:

“I will not be imprisoned by the mind of another. I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses!”

I read an article by a Jewish-born writer called Jon Ronson who wrote of the way his religion and culture have reacted to him. He could quite easily have been speaking of the extreme versions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or so many you-will-believe-this-because-I-say-so cultures and belief systems.


Jon Ronson wrote an article in the London Time Out magazine about his attendance at the Jewish funeral of his grandmother, in which he recalled:

“I’m the only person in the room who doesn’t understand what the hell’s going on. I’m jealous of the warmth of their identity, embarrassed and guilty of my ignorance. Everybody is singing the Hebrew verse, and I am reading the England translations... 2,000 years of 100 per cent, pure-bred Orthodox Ronsons without a hint of goyism [Gentile] in the genes, and the bloodline ends here.”

Ronson wrote another article three weeks later in another magazine or paper detailing the reaction of fellow Jews to his remarks.


Someone sent me a photocopy of this anonymously through the post and so I can’t tell you the date or the publication. He highlighted one letter which “spat out”, as he put it, the fact that he was no better than David Irving, a man who has been vilified for challenging the official stories of the Nazi gas chambers.


The letter went on:

“I speak for all [my emphasis] Jews when I say how you have betrayed and shamed us. We are pleased that your bloodline ends here.”

There we have yet another individual claiming to speak for all and telling everyone what they should think and do. A clone leading clones.


The people who have bodies which are Jewish or Roman Catholic or Islamic or whatever, cannot be legitimately referred to as one entity. They are, like all races and peoples, an example of Creation’s infinite beauty and uniqueness. The Jewish hierarchy in their desperation to control are denying the full expression of thought and potential that Jewish people can offer the world. It is the same with other extreme religions, too.


And this is causing so much pain for those who wish to be themselves and not what the self-appointed thought-police demand that they be.


In his article, Ronson said of the letter from the man claiming to speak for all Jews:

“The letter shocked the hell out of me at first, and then it made me smile. I photocopied it, and sent it - as reply - to the scores of Jews who had written to me in empathy with the column: Jews who have discovered heathenism to be a pleasanter, and more viable, experience than the cut-throat, school-bully, world of official Judaism... On top of the photocopy, I wrote: This is what we’re leaving behind. Makes you proud doesn’t it?’

“And does it make me proud? It’s hard being part of the new, disenfranchised generation of young Jews: Jews who feel, deep down, that our culture is a destructive, arcane, racist, and sectarian one. (I hate hearing Jews bad-mouthing Blacks and Asians. Why do they do this? To deny our past? To help us forget we were the oppressed minority, the ‘dirty immigrant?’ To make us feel more British?)


“And still we refuse to allow our children to mix with non-Jews. We still clutch, unquestioningly, onto Zionism, even its distasteful aspects. We are self destructing... One aunt, after reading my column, phoned the rest of the family to accuse me of anti-Semitism. My family were split down the middle... The idiot that compared me to David Irving will undoubtedly read this and become even more incensed. But don’t you realize - you’re the one who’s driving us away. And, judging by the volume of mail I received, you’re driving us away in droves.”

However, freedom for one must mean freedom for all and Jon Ronson would later reveal his one dimensional view of freedom. While he wishes to be free to be himself, he is less inclined that others should enjoy the same privilege. As a journalist on the London Guardian, he rang a BBC TV programme called Good Morning With Anne And Nick which had invited me to discuss the first edition of this book.


After Ronson’s call the invitation was withdrawn by the program, a decision “justified” by an excuse which insulted the intelligence.


Ronson later wrote an article about me which, as witnesses will confirm, gave an outrageously inaccurate account of our short meeting. When you respect another’s freedom, Mr Ronson, you will enjoy freedom yourself. But not until. You create your own reality, as we all do.

If you are being imprisoned by Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, or one of the others, you have the opportunity to make a great contribution to the freedom of yourself and those in your position.


The awakening of the human consciousness will turn the droves into a tidal wave of people walking away from this intergenerational thought and behaviour control. Many volunteers have incarnated into these cultures and religions at this time to do just that. As these structures crumble and fall, the hierarchies will be seen as they really are: able to lead and cling on to power only by fear, guilt, and mental and emotional suppression.

Don’t deny what you believe, what you think and feel, just because they are different to the prevailing culture in which you find yourself. Those beliefs and feelings are you. If you deny them, you are denying the real you. What good is that to anyone? Fear, guilt, dogma: these are the vehicles of human control. Without them there can be no control, no Global Elite.


You can let them go now if you so choose. In doing this, you will be contributing to creating the world we wish to see for ourselves and those who follow. The means to build that world lies within you and within me.


So what are we waiting for?





1 “The 69 [sic] Bravest Sex Questions” (bold, spicy, frank... they’re the ones you’ve always wanted to ask!). Yawn. Published by Company magazine in association with the Health Education Authority.

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