chapter 6
master plans

The First and Second World Wars were made possible by a coup d’etat on the minds of hundreds of millions of people.


As the Prison Warders program the minds of the Global Elite, so the Elite do the same to people on Earth. It almost wouldn’t matter that the global bankers and industrialists were funding both sides - if (and it is one hell of a big ‘if’) the people in general had seen what was afoot and refused to take part.


I remember the words of a splendid song by Donovan in the 1960s, The Universal Soldier.

“He’s five foot two, and he’s six feet four. He fights with missiles and with spears. He’s all of thirty-one and he’s only seventeen. He’s been a soldier for a thousand years...He’s the universal soldier and he really is to blame. Without him how could Hitler have begun? He’s the one who gives his body as a weapon of the war and without him all this killing can’t go on.”1

Hitler was no threat to the world unless the mass of the German people handed over their lives to him. Unfortunately, this is what happened, and the same was true of people in Britain and elsewhere, who also gave up thinking and allowed ‘leaders’ to ‘do it’ for them.


In Germany, you had the propaganda whipping up public opinion against a perceived enemy and their egos were being massaged by talk of a German Master Race. Outside Germany, the same force was orchestrating public opinion against the Germans, once Hitler’s rearmament program was sufficiently advanced.


When the two populations had soaked up the designer propaganda, they were played off against each other. Most of the people who fought that war did not want to be there. They wanted to be at home with their families and to watch their children grow. But because they had given up their right to think, they left their families and children, to kill and be killed. Their minds were so overwhelmed by the mass hypnosis, that those who did stand up and challenge the official line were jailed without trial and few raised even a whimper against it.


But by then, especially with the First World War and the Great Depression still powerfully affecting human responses, the collective mind was full of fear. It had lost confidence in itself. It was confused, bewildered, and looking to others to change the nature of the human condition.


The human mind had also been programmed, not the least by its recent experience, to believe that life was about conflict and struggle: the world was a horrible place. These were the dominating thought patterns and that was the physical reality thus created.

Uniting a nation against a common enemy and convincing the people of their own racial superiority is another powerful weapon of control. The Nazis used this to great effect with their German Master Race/anti-Jewish propaganda. Ironically, or perhaps more than that, they were assisted in this by a man called Alfred Rosenberg, an occultist with a Jewish, Estonian, and French background.


It was Rosenberg who made a copy of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion available to Hitler. Why on Earth did he do that, when he would have known that Hitler would use them as propaganda against Jews as a whole? Hitler did indeed circulate The Protocols widely to justify his campaign against Jews.


This was outrageous, given that the mass of Jewish people were not aware of what was going on and nor would they have supported it if they were.

Rosenberg said that a stranger arrived mysteriously and gave him a copy of the document: “The man, whom I had never seen before, came to my study without knocking, put the book on my desk and vanished without saying a word”.2 Rosenberg presented himself as vehemently anti-Jewish and soon rose to become the Nazi Party’s official ‘ideologist’, with the role of providing the ‘facts’ to justify the campaign against Jews.


Ernst Hanfstaengl, a close friend of Franklin Roosevelt, was also a close associate of Hitler before the war. He says he was warned by the Austrian writer, Rudolf Kommer, that,

“if any political party emerges with an anti-Semitic programme directed by Jewish or half Jewish fanatics we shall have to watch out”.

Hanfstaengl wrote that later, after experiencing the influence that Alfred Rosenberg had on Hitler, he began to realise what that remark really meant:

“I thought back to Rudolf Kommer’s remark about an anti-Semitic programme directed by Jewish or half Jewish fanatics - Rosenberg was distinctly Jewish in appearance, although he would have been the first to protest furiously if anyone had questioned his ancestry. Yet I used to see him most mornings sitting in a dingy cafe at the corner of Briennerstrasse and Augustenstrasse with a Hungarian Jew named Holoschi, who was one of his principal assistants.


The man called himself Hollander in Germany and was another of these Jewish anti-Semites...I suspected the Aryan background of many of the others, Strasser and Streicher looked Jewish to me as well as figures like Ley, Frank and even Goebbels, who would have had difficulty in proving their pedigree.”3

Now isn’t this all rather strange? Jewish bankers and their political representatives were provably involved in funding the Nazis and their rearmament.


Then along comes Alfred Rosenberg from a Jewish background, to hand over a copy of The Protocols to Hitler and to become the chief ‘researcher’ of anti-Jewish material which leads to the grotesque treatment of Jews under the Nazi regime. This treatment is then used and hyped to justify the takeover of Palestine for a ‘Jewish’ homeland. No-one used this method more obviously than Lord Victor Rothschild in his House of Lords speeches urging support for a Jewish State in Palestine. What goes on here? I believe it was all a set up by the Elite.


Hitler’s infamous book, Mein Kampf, was ghostwritten by Major General Karl Haushofer, who acknowledged that a major source for the “ideas” it expressed came from Halford J. MacKinder, a director of the elite’s London School of Economics. In 1996, official German documents uncovered by an American student also proved that many of Hitler’s leading officers and thousands of his troops were of Jewish decent. In Britain, it seems to me, the public mind was being urged to ignore Hitler until his rearmament program was well established.


Then, when the Germans were ready for battle, that same public opinion was switched dramatically to see Hitler as a monster who must be stopped. The British collective psyche was like a little child in the hands of the mind doctors.


This policy, I believe, was coordinated by Lord Milner and the Round Table secret society, together with the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House.


The two front men for these two very different stages were Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his successor, Winston Churchill (Comm 300).

Chamberlain and his close aide, Lord Halifax (a Round Table member almost from its foundation and a member of the Committee of 300), supported the appeasement of Hitler. Milner and his fellow manipulators agreed with this policy. Speeches by the Round Table /Royal Institute high command like Lionel Curtis (Comm 300), Leopold Amery, and Lord Lothian were strongly in favour of leaving Hitler alone during the 1930s.


In May 1933, Hitler’s representative (Alfred Rosenberg) visited England to meet with Sir Henry Deterding (Comm 300), head of Royal Dutch Shell; Geoffrey Dawson, the editor of The Times newspaper (owned by the Astors (Round Table, Royal Institute)), Walter Eliot MP; 1st Viscount Hailsham, the Secretary for War; and the Duke of Kent, brother of King Edward VIII and King George VI. Edward, who is believed to have had sympathies with Hitler, later fell in love with an American woman, Mrs Simpson. He abdicated from the British throne and moved to the Rothschild castle in Austria after reigning for only 325 days.


There is speculation that the real reason he left Britain was because he would not support a war with Germany, which the manipulators knew was planned. When Hitler announced the remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936, the British Cabinet accepted it.


The Astors used their Times newspaper to promote this view of Hitler also.


The authorized biographer of Lord Halifax shows how the Milner crowd and the British Cabinet were negotiating behind the scenes with Germany, and making proposals that would have given Hitler control over mainland Europe. This was part of a British-German-United States pact proposed by Milner’s associate Lord Lothian in a meeting with Hitler in January 1935. Lord Halifax also met with Hitler in Berchtesgaden on November 19th 1937.


Carroll Quigley’s research for The Anglo-American Establishment reveals that Halifax (Comm 300) convinced Hitler of three points:

a) that Britain saw Germany as the main defence against communism in Europe

b) that Britain was prepared to be part of a Four Power agreement with France, Germany and Italy

c) that Britain would allow Germany to liquidate Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, if it could be achieved without British public opinion demanding a war with Germany.4

All elements of the Round Table, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and their associated organizations, publications, and members, were put to work to sell the appeasement policy.

The only thing that could have started a war with Germany earlier than planned was British public opinion, so the appeasement propaganda was stepped up. A few months after the Halifax/Hitler meeting, the Nazis invaded Austria in March 1938. The French Prime Minister, Daladier, went to London to ask for British support for the protection of Czechoslovakia against Hitler’s aggression. Chamberlain refused. More than that, it would appear that the French were urged to pressure the Czechs into an agreement with Hitler. Lord Lothian made speeches in the House of Lords and at Chatham House condemning the Czechs for not making concessions to Germany.5


In a meeting with American newspaper journalists at the Astors’ London home, Chamberlain made a calculated, but deniable, comment, indicating that he believed the Czechs should hand over some of their land to Germany.6 Lady Astor denied the meeting had taken place when the news was made public, but later had to admit that it had.

The policy Chamberlain had outlined for the journalists was supported in a leading article in The Times newspaper, owned by the Astors. This produced such an outcry of protest that the manipulation of public opinion was further increased. The article appeared on September 7th 1938 because they knew the German invasion of Czechoslovakia was near. Later in that month, Lord Halifax and others launched a propaganda exercise known as the ‘war scare’. The government circulated stories which greatly exaggerated the strength of the German forces. They implied that if they went to war with Hitler, German planes would soon be dropping poison gas from their aeroplanes over England.


The government even went to the ridiculous lengths of digging trenches in London parks and distributing gas masks! But, of course, silly as that may have been - what use are trenches in the parks? - it was not their military usefulness the government was interested in. It was about mind manipulation. They wanted to frighten public opinion into thinking that going to war with Germany was not such a good idea after all.


Chamberlain added to this by saying on BBC Radio that the dispute between Germany and Czechoslovakia was:

“.. .a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing”.7

The Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia was, in truth, crucial to the plan because it gave Hitler the resources he needed to be a major military power, capable of fighting a prolonged war.


The writer, Gertrude Elias, says of this:

“Most revealing even for the present are the deals which preceded the sell-out of Czechoslovakia by Chamberlain in 1939, which turned Germany into a military superpower. The fact was, however, that the Skoda works, the biggest munitions factory in Central Europe, controlled by the French Schneider Creuzot, like Wittowitz, the biggest steelworks owned by the Rothschilds, like the Czech explosives, had already been handed over to Germany...

“...The death warrant [for Czechoslovakia] was signed in the head office of the Unilever subsidiary in Aussig, the headquarters of the pro-Nazi clique.”8

When Germany occupied the whole of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, there was a sudden and remarkable switch in the attitude of Milner and the Round Table.


Now they were all in favour of war with Germany. The time had arrived for the second strike in the Elite’s pre-war strategy in Britain. Chamberlain had served his purpose in giving Hitler time to rebuild German armaments (with Wall Street support) and Germany’s area of influence had expanded. Dictators of a similar persuasion were installed in Italy (Mussolini) and Spain (Franco). OK boys, we’re ready to go. Start the war.

Hitler had been duped, too, into believing there would be no opposition, but suddenly that was to change. The Milner group, through its publication, The Round Table magazine, had been pressing for the appeasement of Hitler throughout the period we have been discussing. Now it was calling for a ‘Grand Alliance’ of Poland, Rumania, France, and Britain, against Germany. Lord Lothian and Lord Astor, those arch appeasers, were suddenly making speeches saying exactly the opposite of what they had said before. “War with Germany!” they cried.


Lothian was also calling for an alliance with Russia. They demanded a policy of conscription into the armed forces, as did Astor’s Times9 and Lord Amery, the man who had supported Hitler so vigorously. The switch in policy wasn’t even subtle. It was painfully transparent if you knew the Elite game plan.

Chamberlain’s use to the Elite was almost over. His successor, Winston Churchill (Comm 300), was being manoeuvred into place. All that was left was to remove Chamberlain and the knives of his former ‘friends’ were sharpened.


There can be few greater examples of hypocrisy in the House of Commons chamber than when Leopold Amery, echoing Cromwell, shouted at the government benches:

“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”10

Go for pursuing the policies Amery advocated right up to the sudden switch of 1939.


Lady Astor who had supported Chamberlain’s policy to the hilt, turned against him even earlier: “Will the Prime Minister lose no time in letting the German government know with what horror the whole of this country regards Germany’s action?” she asked him in 1939. Chamberlain didn’t answer, but another Conservative MP, Major Vyvyan Adams, summed it up when he shouted at Lady Astor: “You caused it yourself”.11


Chamberlain was simply a scapegoat, knowingly or unknowingly. Churchill became Prime Minister. A man of war was now in Downing Street and on the very evening he took over the reins of the British Empire, May 11th 1940, the policy of bombing civilian targets began. The Churchill family has links with the Rothschilds (Comm 300). Winston’s father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was funded by the House of Rothschild while he was British Chancellor of the Exchequer in the mid 1800s and his closest friend was Nathaniel Rothschild.


When Randolph Churchill died, he was in debt to the Rothschilds to the tune of some £65,000.12 Winston, too, was in debt to them and he was a good friend of Lord Victor Rothschild and the Rothschild’s arch manipulator in America, Bernard Baruch.13 The names of Rothschild and Churchill continue to crop up together today. In 1995, some of Churchill’s papers and speeches were controversially sold by his family to the National Heritage Memorial Fund for £12,500,000, thanks to money acquired from the National Lottery.


The Chairman of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, which agreed to buy the papers for such a large sum, is Lord Jacob Rothschild. Also important were Churchill’s close links with Bernard Baruch and the elite family known as the Cecils. Indeed they controlled him to a large extent. The Cecils have longtime connections with the networks set up by another elite front, the Jesuits, and to other families in the European elite like the Habsburgs and the Black Nobility of Italy.


Churchill knew exactly what he was doing. Within a fortnight of walking into 10 Downing Street, Churchill was using the infamous ‘Regulation 18b’ to imprison hundreds of British people who opposed the war or pointed out that it was being engineered by a secret force.14 This approach must be noted in any guide to freedom.


It is one thing to use propaganda to feed public opinion a particular line, but if you are a manipulator, you also need to stop anyone who is voicing alternative information.


What the British administration did was to use Regulation 18b to imprison - without trial - those who sought to reveal who was really creating the war, and to justify this in the public mind with press claims of a subversive ‘Fifth Column’ at work in Britain, in support of Hitler. Regulation 18b had been introduced before the war in response to bombings in London which had been blamed on the IRA. It conveniently allowed people to be imprisoned purely on ‘suspicion’.


There was no need for the State to prove anything and I can’t help thinking that this law was another case of: create the ‘problem’ (the London bombings blamed on the IRA) and then offer the ‘solution’: a regulation that gives you the power to arrest and imprison whomever you like, whenever you like, during the war you already know is coming. One lady, a Mrs Nicholson, the wife of a distinguished admiral, was arrested, tried, and acquitted on all counts of being involved in a ‘Fifth Column’.


As she left the court, cleared of all charges by a judge and jury, she was arrested under Regulation 18b and imprisoned for several years. This was happening in a country, under Churchill, that was supposed to be fighting for freedom! Who was the British intelligence officer in charge of the prosecutions under Regulation 18b? Lord Victor Rothschild, the friend, I would say manipulator, of Churchill.15 Rothschild controlled the intelligence operative who was officially in charge of 18b, Maxwell Knight.


Intelligence researcher, Doctor Kitty Little, who investigated Lord Rothschild’s activities for fifty years, told me:

“Being in control of counter-subversion and the administration of 18b gave Rothschild plenty of scope for subversive activities. He was able to ensure that members of the three covert sections of his organization were protected from investigation, while he used 18b in two ways. On the one hand he was able to intern people like Fuchs [the Soviet spy and nuclear physicist, Klaus Fuchs, who later worked on the atomic bomb project] and send them to the camp in Canada where they received training in subversive organization or sought to thwart the activities of its members.


Since then many other people whose normal patriotism or whose normal scientific activities have run counter to the desires of subversive agents, have found their careers and influence inexplicably hampered and thwarted. His agents reached the stage when patriotism was routinely smeared as ‘fascist’, or ‘extreme Right wing’, or ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semitic’.”16

A famous victim of Regulation 18b was the Conservative MP, Captain Archibald Maule Ramsey, formerly of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.


Ramsey served with the 2nd Battalion of the Coldstream Guards in the First World War before he was severely wounded in 1916. He blamed Jews for the manipulation of the Second World War and he did not hide that fact. My feeling is that to blame any one race for anything is extremely simplistic and can quite wrongly give the impression that all Jews are responsible.


This is fundamentally not the case. I believe Jewish people as a whole are victims of the Global Elite, not behind it. But that some people who are Jewish are involved is without question. Why is it apparently terrible to say that when it is OK to say that some Arabs or Germans are involved, which they are? People are people are people. Or they should be. I don’t care what bodies they have.

It is what they do that interests me.

Ramsey made some very legitimate points about the covert manoeuvrings and he asked some very pertinent questions in the House of Commons, while most of the other MPs were, as usual, easy prey for the manipulation. In a statement from Brixton Prison to the Speaker and members of the House of Commons, Ramsey claimed to have uncovered nearly thirty organisations which were working in Britain to bring about what I call the Elite agenda.


The names that interconnected and controlled these organizations were, according to Ramsey: Professor Harold J. Laski (Fabian Society and Labour Party), Israel Moses Sieff, Professor Herman Levy, Victor Gollancz, D.N. Pritt MP, and G.R. Strauss MP. Notably, given what would later unfold as the European Community, he said his investigations had unearthed a plot to bring about a Federal Europe.


That has certainly proved to be correct. He said in February 1940 he was handed some literature about a new group advocating a Federal Europe under centralised control. “The list of supporters’ names was startling” he said. “It might have been copied from the chart I had just completed.” This chart was the interconnecting names and organizations he said were engineering the war, some of whom are listed above.17 Ramsey raised these matters in a question in the House of Commons.


He asked for confirmation that the creation of a Federal Union of Europe was not one of the war aims of the government, but he received only a noncommittal reply. Ramsey had, in fact, identified one of the key reasons for the war, as we shall see.

His most potent threat to the manipulators came from his connections with Tyler Kent, an American coding officer employed at the US Embassy in London, where Joseph Kennedy (the father of JFK) was the ambassador. Kennedy was later to say that he opposed the war because it had been manipulated to happen. More about this in Chapter 12. Kent had sent coded cables between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt before Churchill became Prime Minister. They were both knowingly part of the scam. Churchill was then the First Lord of the Admiralty. The contents of the cables confirmed that the war was indeed a setup, with Churchill and Roosevelt plotting together to arrange future events.


They also showed that the manipulation of the war in Europe was being coordinated from New York.

Ramsey saw some of these documents at Kent’s flat at 47 Gloucester Place. He intended to see the rest and make the contents known to Chamberlain after a visit to Scotland. While he was away, Chamberlain was replaced by Churchill and when Ramsey returned to London, he was arrested on the steps of his house under Regulation 18b. He spent the rest of the war in jail and so did Tyler Kent, who was found guilty of stealing documents from the US Embassy.18 Ambassador Joseph Kennedy sacked Kent just before he was arrested by the British authorities and this deprived him of diplomatic immunity from prosecution in the British courts.


He was tried in secret in ways that were illegal under the American Constitution. Kent and Ramsey were jailed in Britain for the duration of the war, along with another investigator, Anna Wookoff, to prevent them revealing the truth about the war and how it started. Part of Kent’s defence against the charges was that Roosevelt was helping to remove Chamberlain and install Churchill, and that this was part of a chain of events designed to bring America into the war.

In the USA and the UK, the wartime leaders, Roosevelt and Churchill, are still revered as wartime heroes, and yet the legends and reality are light years apart. Even the conventional ‘history’ which says that Churchill broadcast live to the nation on the BBC to lift morale (with lines like “We will fight them on the beaches”), is a fantasy. Churchill’s speeches were never broadcast live or in their entirety by the BBC. He made them in the House of Commons and short recorded clips were later used in the news bulletins.


After the war, it was an actor who recorded his speeches in full for the Decca record company.19 With Roosevelt, Churchill, and Hitler all in place, the Elite could step up the war and turn it into a worldwide conflict. It would be a massive global problem in search of a massive global solution: the United Nations, the European Community, and all the other centralized institutions that would appear after 1945. According to Roosevelt’s son, Colonel Elliot Roosevelt, his father used the cover of an invented fishing trip in August 1941 to meet Churchill on board a warship in Argentia Bay.


Also at the meeting were Lord Beaverbrook (the owner of the London Daily Express) and Averell Harriman (whose family business had financed the Bolshevik Revolution, Adolf Hitler, the Nazi war machine, and eugenics organizations advocating the forced sterilization of the Tower classes’ to bring about a Master Race).


These were the people who met to discuss opposition to Hitler!


Churchill, Beaverbrook and Harriman were all members of the Committee of 300. Harriman was close to both Roosevelt and Churchill and he acted as the gobetween, advising both of them. From this position, he could manipulate the two leaders as he liked, or rather, as the Global Elite liked.


The Elite’s problem was to bounce the American people into sending their sons and daughters into another war in Europe which, on the face of it, had nothing to do with them. The American people were so keen to avoid war that Roosevelt could only get re-elected by saying he had no intention of sending their children to fight in Europe or anywhere else, thus echoing the words of Woodrow Wilson before he took America into the First World War.


Like Wilson, Roosevelt was lying.


Look at some of the things he said:

“...And while I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you one more assurance. I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again. Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”20


“You can therefore nail any talk about sending armies to Europe as deliberate untruth.”21

All the time he was saying these things, he knew the Second World War was being executed by the Elite and that the means to make American public opinion accept US involvement had long been unfolding behind the scenes.


Roosevelt was breaking the international laws on neutrality and defying his own speeches by supplying the British with ammunition and weapons both covertly and through the Lend Lease Act. Some members of Congress could see what was happening.

Representative Philip Bennett of Missouri said:

“But our boys are not going to be sent abroad, says the President. Nonsense, Mr Chairman; even now their berths are being built in our transport ships. Even now the tags for identification of the dead and wounded are being printed by the firm of William C. Ballantyne and Co of Washington.”22

To this day, popular accounts of history portray Roosevelt as a man who “strove in vain to ward off war”.23


The Elite plan, long known by Roosevelt, was to engineer an attack on the United States which would so anger public opinion that people would agree to go to war against the aggressor and, as a consequence of that, join the European conflict also. As a member of Woodrow Wilson’s administration in the First World War, Roosevelt would have been well-schooled in manipulating public opinion with engineered events.


In 1939, Senator P. Nye of North Dakota said that he had seen a series of volumes called The Next War, including one called Propaganda In The Next War. This was the document to which I referred some chapters earlier. It revealed that the Americans had been promised that Britain would recognize a Jewish homeland in Palestine if the Americans entered the First World War. As Senator Nye revealed, the material also included the game plan for manipulating public opinion into accepting American intervention in the second global conflict, which these documents - written between the wars - said was coming.


The propaganda document, which originated in Britain, said:

“To persuade her [the United States] to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America, a threat moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the Republic will again take arms in an external quarrel...

“The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan [my emphasis] were involved, and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious effect of our propagandists to achieve this, just as in the Great War they succeeded in embroiling the United States with Germany...


“Fortunately with America, our propaganda is on firm ground. We can be entirely sincere, as our main plank will be the old democratic one. We must clearly enunciate our belief in the democratic form of government, and our firm resolve to adhere to... the old Goddess of democracy routine.”24

The manipulation around Roosevelt was coordinated by Bernard Baruch and that front for the Global Elite, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).


Baruch was chairman of the War Industries Board during World War I and was among the ‘advisors’ who negotiated the German reparations at Versailles. He was the voice in Roosevelt’s ear, as he had been for many presidents. The Council on Foreign Relations devised the plan to antagonize Japan to such a degree that they would attack the United States.


At the forefront of this was Roosevelt’s Secretary of War, Henry Stimson, a founder of the CFR. In his diary he wrote:

“We face the delicate question of diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad overt move”.25

The CFR’s War and Peace Studies Project sent a memo to Roosevelt, suggesting that aid be given to China while she was in conflict with Japan, and that Japanese assets in the US be frozen, a trade embargo imposed, and Japan be refused access to the Panama Canal. I can recommend an excellent book, Pearl Harbor, The Story Of The Secret War,26 by George Morgenstern, which sets out in great detail how the Japanese were goaded into the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7th 1941. For four years before the attack, the Roosevelt administration had been intercepting and decoding secret Japanese messages.


They knew that the Japanese intended to alert their diplomatic centres around the world of a decision to go to war through a false weather report during the daily Japanese language short-wave news broadcast. The forecast of ‘east wind rain’ indicated war with the United States, ‘west wind clear’ would mean a decision to go to war with Britain and British and Dutch colonies in the East, while ‘north wind cloudy’ meant war with Russia.

As a congressional investigation27 heard in 1945, the messages indicating a decision to go to war with the United States and Britain, though not with Russia, were intercepted and decoded on December 3rd 1941 - four days before Pearl Harbor. These messages subsequently went ‘missing’ from Navy files. Other decoded messages gave Roosevelt prior warning of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but the people were not told. On January 27th 1941, the US ambassador in Tokyo, Joseph Grew, had written to Roosevelt to say that in the event of war, Pearl Harbor would be the first target.28 In all, Roosevelt had information from eight different sources indicating a probable attack.29 The attack was to happen purely to manipulate American public opinion into agreeing to go into another war, which had been long planned.


And no-one was more duped than the Japanese. They had been tricked into attacking the US, both by the Americans and the Germans. The German foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, had been pressing the Japanese to attack the United States. On December 6th, Hitler had added to the Japanese resolve by indicating that the German forces were about to enter Moscow.


On December 8th, the day after Pearl Harbor, the Germans were found to be in retreat from the Russian front. Three thousand people were killed at Pearl Harbor, the latest victims in the Elite’s plan to control the world, but most of the cream of the US Navy was out of harbour at the time. Surprised?


The day after Pearl Harbor, Allen Dulles was appointed to the staff of the Office of the Coordinator of Information, which later became the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and then the CIA. The plan worked brilliantly, as public opinion reacted in exactly the way required. America was into another war in Europe and ‘our boys’ who were not going to be sent to Europe (according to Roosevelt) were now on their way, many of them to die.


Churchill’s reaction to the news was:

“That is what I have dreamed of, aimed at, and worked for, and now it has come to pass”.30

He might have added, “And I always knew it was going to”.


The Round Table/Royal Institute of International Affairs were perfectly placed to coordinate the manipulation in the United States. Lord Lothian, who campaigned for the appeasement of Hitler and then demanded war, was named British Ambassador to the United States. When he died in December 1940, he was replaced in Washington by another elite member of the Round Table/RIIA, Lord Halifax (Comm 300).


This was the man, you will recall, who suggested a deal with Hitler when they met in 1938. Apart from the British Embassy in Washington, the Round Table had its members in control of the Research and Intelligence Department of the UK Foreign Office, the Ministry of Information, and all the agencies involved with economic ‘mobilisation and reconstruction’.31 A similar situation prevailed in the US.


The influence on Roosevelt of the Council on Foreign Relations, with its membership throughout the government, banking, commerce, media, and military, cannot be overestimated.


Roosevelt’s son-in-law, Curtis Dall, quoted in Jim Keith’s Casebook On Alternative 3, said:

“For a long time I felt that [Roosevelt]...had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the USA. But he didn’t. Most of his thoughts, his political ‘ammunition’ as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advance by the Council on Foreign Relations/One World Money Group.


Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared ‘ammunition’ in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people - and thus paid off and retained his internationalist political support.” (p25)

Dall also revealed that Roosevelt had ignored a German offer of an “honourable surrender” in the spring of 1943.


The offer was made to Commander George Earle, Roosevelt’s personal military attaché in Istanbul, by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the German secret service, and later repeated by Fritz Von Papen, the German Ambassador. All the messages which Earle sent to Roosevelt detailing the offer of surrender were ignored.32 The manipulators wanted the war to continue until the world was changed in their image.

Symbolically, the Roosevelt mansion (on East 65th Street in New York) was next door to the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations! While hell was being visited upon this planet for a second time in twenty-five years, the Elite were right on course. As in the First War, the idea was to win the peace once it was all over, and to leave the world at the end of the war in a situation that could be most effectively controlled.


Hitler didn’t invade Britain when it was there for the taking (after the Dunkirk retreat of 1940) because, I am increasingly convinced, those who were controlling him did not want that to happen. And, as became clear after the war, the Allied Supreme Commander, General Eisenhower, was prevented by Roosevelt (the Global Elite) from moving on through Germany when the Germans were overrun, so that the Soviet Union Empire could be extended to Berlin and the Cold War thus created.


Eisenhower was a close associate of the Rockefellers and Bernard Baruch. Thanks to them his progress through the ranks was astonishingly fast. After the war he became President of the United States. On April 9th 1951, Life magazine reported that Eisenhower had radioed Stalin via the US military mission in Moscow, to detail his plan to stop at the Elbe River and allow the Russians to take Berlin. The message was written by his political advisor, John Wheeler Bennett of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, received by W. Averell Harriman, and passed on to Stalin.33


The Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall were Elite creations on the classic principle of divide and rule and manipulate through fear.


World war as a form of control was going to be replaced, at least for a few decades, by the fear of apocalyptic conflict between East and West. This fear was fuelled by the unveiling of a new and devastating weapon, the atomic bomb. It was created by the Americans under the so called ‘Manhattan Project’, led by Robert Oppenheimer, with support from the Elite-controlled Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University (where Albert Einstein was a regular visitor).

After Roosevelt’s death,34 his successor, another Freemason, Harry S. Truman, authorized the use of this ‘new’ weapon to destroy the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th 1945. Eighty thousand men, women, and children were killed by the explosion at Hiroshima alone. Goodness knows how many have died or suffered since from the effects of the radiation.


This grotesque act of inhumanity was justified by the politicians and military leaders as the only way to protect American lives which, it was said, would have been lost in enormous numbers had an invasion of Japan been authorized. We now know different. We now know that the Japanese had agreed to surrender the previous spring on the same terms that were accepted after the bombs were dropped. Emperor Hirohito agreed to this through secret negotiations with the US via the Vatican.


The former British cabinet minister, Tony Benn, has said that he learned that this was the case when he entered government. Retired Colonel Donn Grand Pre, writing in the American investigative newspaper, The Spotlight, on September 12th 1994, said that he also knew for sure that the Japanese would have surrendered before Hiroshima.


He said that in May 1945 he was with a military force, driving what was left of the Japanese army out of North Burma while B-29s were devastating Tokyo in a series of raids.


Two days after those raids in the May, the Colonel said, the acting US Secretary of State, Joseph C. Grew, recommended to President Truman that he add to his terms for a Japanese surrender the words...

“surrender would not mean the elimination of the present dynasty (Emperor Hirohito) if the Japanese desired its retention”.

These were the terms on which the Japanese would surrender after the horrors of three months later. Truman apparently favoured the addition, but after consulting with his advisors, the idea was dropped for ‘military reasons’. It was a question of timing, the dissenters said. Truman’s decision was to cost tens of thousands of lives, possibly hundreds of thousands.


The ‘question of timing’ related to the Potsdam Conference when Truman, Churchill, and Josef Stalin would issue an ultimatum to Japan - minus the suggested addition. As Colonel Donn Grand Pre now says:

“The psychological spin behind the exploding of the bombs was to create such a worldwide fear of the power of nuclear energy that countries would give up their sovereignty, turn all their weapons and armed forces over to a world government and surrender their freedom.”35

President Truman said in an address shortly before Hiroshima:

“It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in the Republic of the United States”.

This same approach of justifying centralized world government and all that goes with it can be seen in the statements of Albert Einstein, the man remembered for his scientific genius to such an extent that today you still hear very clever people described as being an ‘Einstein’.


But there was more to him than that. Einstein, who arrived in America from Germany via Switzerland, was a close friend of Bernard Baruch, the financier and string puller of presidents, and of Lord Victor Rothschild, the arch manipulator within British Intelligence who would gather atomic information for Israel’s secret nuclear weapons programme.


Einstein worked on the development of the atomic bomb and Baruch called it the ‘absolute weapon’. Baruch set himself up as the head of an organization he called The United Nations Atomic Energy Commission in 1944 - sixteen months before the US Cabinet, including the then Vice President Truman, knew the bomb even existed and before the first meeting of the official founding group of the United Nations! But then Baruch and his fellow manipulators had known since the First World War what was planned.


When Truman became president and learned of the bomb and the United Nations became official, he appointed Baruch to head... the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission. Both Baruch and Einstein sought to use the fear of atomic destruction to install a world government. What a help it was to have an example in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to emphasize its capacity for destruction!


Einstein called for the formation of a world government by the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, to which the ‘secret of the bomb’ should be given. He said that these three were “the only three powers with great military strength” and he urged them to commit this strength (world army) to the world government.


The ‘genius’ went on:

“The world government would have power over all military matters and need have only one further power: the power to intervene in countries where a minority is oppressing a majority and creating the kind of instability that leads to war...There must be an end to the concept of non-intervention, for to end it is part of keeping the peace.”36

These mental gymnastics were right off the pages of the Elite personnel manual and these themes are being parroted to this day by those seeking to turn the United Nations ‘peacekeeping’ forces into an Einstein-like world army. Just look at Bosnia.


Under Einstein’s criteria of a minority oppressing a majority, the first intervention by the world government and army should have been in the Soviet Union which he said should be part of the world government and army! But, no.


The genius had an answer to that:

“While it is true that in the Soviet Union the minority rules, I do not consider the internal conditions there are of themselves a threat to world peace. One must bear in mind that the people of Russia did not have a long political education and changes to improve Russian conditions had to be carried through by a minority for the reason that there was no majority capable of doing it.”37

Decoded, this Einstein-speak is saying that what we need is to use the fear of mass destruction to install a world (Elite) government which will have a world army at its disposal to intervene whenever it believed its interests and power would benefit.


In 1946, Einstein’s British friend, Bertrand Russell (Comm 300), said that it was necessary to use the fear of nuclear weapons to force all nations to give up their sovereignty and submit to the dictatorship of the United Nations.38 This was the approach decided upon in 1958 at the second of the Pugwash Conferences when the policy of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) was agreed.


The conferences were hosted by Cyrus Eaton, a business partner of the Rockefellers.39 In reality, the MAD policy involved building up nuclear arsenals on both sides to the point where for either to attack the other would mean annihilation for both of them. The fear of this would be used as a wonderful means of controlling government policy, arms spending, and public opinion throughout the Cold War, while at the top levels of manipulation they were all on the same side.


Pavel A. Sudoplatov, head of the Soviet Intelligence Bureau on the atomic problem during World War Two, has now confirmed that Oppenheimer was supplying data about the bomb to the Soviet Union during the war.40 Klaus Fuchs, the German nuclear physicist, worked on the Manhattan Project after he ‘fled’ from Germany to Britain in 1933. Fuchs, a close associate of Lord Victor Rothschild (Comm 300), was later jailed for fourteen years for supplying British and American atomic secrets to the Russians.


The post-war Pugwash Conferences, inspired by Einstein and Bertrand Russell, were another means through which scientific data was passed from one side to the other during the alleged ‘Cold War’.


They also helped Victor Rothschild to amass nuclear information for Israel, as we shall see later. It is hard to believe at first, but you don’t have to search too far to realize that almost every major negative event of global significance has been part of the same long-term plan by the All-Seeing Eye cult to take over the planet via a centralized world government, central bank, currency, and army.


And it is being done by programming the human mind. If we are going to stop this and allow humanity to burst forth in its full potential for love and harmony, there is one thing we need to do above all else. We have to stop thinking in black and white and soften our rigid belief systems. This world is not black and white. Nothing is. If you have a rigid belief system that is not open to the endless subtleties of life, you become a manipulator’s party trick.


If you believe that someone running a business in a pinstriped suit is bad by definition, without listening to what the person has to say, your mind is not your own. The same with those who see the homeless or travellers and immediately react with ‘scroungers’ or ‘dossiers’.


Or those who believe one race or other is inferior to their own. No-one is all right and no-one is all wrong. Because the thinking of the mass of the British people before and during World War Two was so set and inflexible, it bought the idea of good v evil, when the same force was behind both sides. It also allowed people who had the courage to stand up and speak out against the manipulation to be jailed without charge throughout the war. If you challenge our side, you must be a supporter of the other side, this childlike mindset believed.


This is the type of non-thinking which allows the manipulation to go on. Still today, if you speak of the global deception and mention any name involved which happens to be Jewish, you are immediately branded ‘anti-Semitic’. Some people do this purposely to discredit the researcher and diminish the impact of their information.


Others, like the people I call the Robot Radicals, parrot these slogans because their minds are so rigid at this time, that they couldn’t cope with the idea that many of their ‘far Left’, ‘radical’, heroes, were controlled by the same force, sometimes part of the same force, which controls their perceived enemies on the ‘far Right’.

It was this naivety that allowed the World Wars to happen. For the second time in forty-five years both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ had been manipulated into conflict with the most devastating and horrific effect.


Sadly, the same childish responses continue to this day.




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