chapter 5
united fronts

The events of history are the result of the struggle between two states of mind: one which wishes to imprison and the other which desires to set free. The scene of this tussle is the collective human mind.

In these last years of the twentieth century and across into the millennium, the human race is being given an opportunity we’ve not had since Atlantis, to step out of the prison and into mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom. Events are happening, which I will describe in detail later, that are dissolving the imprisoning vibration and vibrationally reconnecting the Earth with the rest of Creation. We and our ‘father’ will be One again. It won’t simply ‘happen’ for every individual; the desire to do this needs to be present. But the opportunity is there for all and many are grasping that opportunity, as I know from the thousands of letters I receive and the people I meet. We are in a period of transition from the old fear vibration to the re-emerging love vibration.

We know this at a subconscious level and, for rapidly increasing numbers, at a conscious level too. Most people at this time can’t remember why they are here, but they will. The Prison Warders on the Fourth Dimension know what is happening too, and the last thing that consciousness wants is’ for its prison and negative energy-production-unit to be no more. The key to breaking out of this spiritual prison is the awakening and expansion of our consciousness to the point where its vibratory rate will be so high and powerful that it can, collectively, dismantle the blocking frequency.


The Prison Warders, via the Global Elite, have been doing everything possible to close our minds and to divide us so that we do not work together as One. As I describe the quickening pace of the global manipulation after the First World War, this reflects the pressure coming from the Prison Warder consciousness for a speeding up of the work towards centralized control of the human mind before the challenge to this planetary occupation reaches its peak, in the latter years of this decade and into the next millennium. This speeding up of the centralized control is yet again a reflection of the collective human mind. It has become a downward spiral.


As we have given our minds away and taken on thought patterns from others about our lack of self-worth and potential to control our own lives, we have created that physical reality. But instead of learning the lesson in the light of events this has caused, such as wars, we have allowed those events to further demoralize us, frighten us, and fill us with guilt and despair. This has further diminished our self-worth, thus increasing our self-loathing and our desperation to look to others for the answers to the gathering gloom. The collective mind has then manifested that negative sense of reality in an escalation to even more centralized power and control which, at a subconscious level, the human mind is demanding out of its fear and self-loathing.


The Prison Warders have taken advantage of this and fuelled the fires of the collective mindset. But they can’t create the reality; only we can. And we can only do that by the way we think about ourselves and the way we allow ourselves to absorb the thought patterns of others, including the Prison Warders and the Global Elite, who are working to erode our sense of self-love and self-worth.

With every year of the twentieth century, the quickening pace of the New World Order agenda can be identified. A network of organizations developed rapidly after the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919, and today this network is the most influential of all the Global Elite structures in controlling world events.


The organizations within this network are presented as harmless ‘think tanks’ and forums, but they are, in truth, part of a global web of deception and manipulation. They were introduced to infiltrate all areas of politics, banking, business, the media, education, science, and the military. Their role is to recruit members who support the New World Order philosophy and ensure that they are appointed to positions of power and influence in all these areas of national and international life. They are organizations within organizations/ eating away at the established structure and directing the world along the road to a global tyranny.


All are offshoots of the original Round Table which began to give birth to this network after Versailles, with the creation of the Institute of International Affairs, based at Chatham House in London. It became the ‘Royal’ Institute when the sitting monarch became its official head in 1926. It was founded by members of the British and American delegations at Versailles when they gathered at the Hotel Majestic in Paris on May 30th 1919. The two groups were composed of members of Lord Milner’s Round Table from Britain and Colonel House’s ‘Inquiry’ group from the United States. Quite simply, they were dedicated to the creation of the New World Order.


The Round Table had close links with the Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Empires, and these connections were extended to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). In Britain, the Astors, including Major John (Jacob) Astor (Comm 300), a director of Hambros Bank and owner of The Times newspaper (after 1922) were operating at the heart of both the Round Table and the Institute, and many of the former associates of Cecil Rhodes were involved.


Sir Abe Bailey, the owner of Transvaal Mines, who worked with Lord Milner to start the Boer War, was among the founders of the RIIA, as was John W. Wheeler-Bennett, who would become General Eisenhower’s political advisor in London in the crucial last two years of the Second World War as the nature of the post war world was being developed. Chatham House at 10 St James’s Square, London, is named after William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham, one of three British Prime Ministers who have lived there. Goodness knows how many prime ministers and ministers have had their policies decided there, too.

The Institute of International Affairs immediately began to infiltrate the education system and expand its influence across the world. In Britain it has had a united fronts 85 considerable sway at Oxford and other universities and within the London School of Economics. Funding this infiltration and the publications and propaganda was never a problem.


Whenever money is required, some part of the Brotherhood network will provide it. By 1926, the money was flowing in for books and other work from the Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees, the Bank of England, and J.D. Rockefeller. The Rothschilds were, and are, the power behind the scenes. Within seven years of its launch, the funding of the Institute by the major banks and multinationals was already established; this continues today with global companies making donations to the cause.


In 1926, funding came from, among many others:

  • The Bank of England

  • Barclays Bank

  • Lloyds, and Lloyds Bank

  • Westminster Ban

  • Midland Bank

  • Hambros Bank

  • Rothschild and Sons

  • Ford Motor Company

  • Anglo-Iranian Oil (now BP)

  • Baring Brothers

  • Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)

  • The British South Africa Company

  • the Mercantile and General Insurance Compan

  • Erlangers Ltd

  • Lever Brothers

  • Stern Brothers

  • Vickers-Armstrong

  • Central Mining and Industrial Investment Ltd

  • British American Tobacco Company

  • Whitehall Securities Corporation

  • Reuters, the news agency which supplies news to newspapers and the broadcast media across the world.1

In the years that followed, Institute branches were established in Australia, Canada, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, and India, where it is known as the Council of World Affairs.


By far the most important of the Institute’s creations, however, was the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the United States, which was to penetrate all areas of American life. This was formed in 1921 at the Harold Pratt House at 58 East 68th Street in New York, the former mansion of the Pratt family, close friends of the Rockefellers. Soon afterwards, the day-to-day administration was taken over by Colonel House and his associates, including the Rockefellers and, particularly, J.P. Morgan.


The CFR’s founding president was John W. Davis, J.P. Morgan’s personal attorney; the founding vice-president was Paul Gravath, from a law firm representing Morgan; and the council’s first chairman was the Morgan partner, Russell Leffingwell. Another ‘independent’ organization, I see. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are the same organization, working on different sides of the Atlantic to carry out the same goals and agenda. Their members are in leading positions in government, including the Presidency, banking, business, education, military, and the media.

The power of the Council on Foreign Relations grew rapidly, and today it controls the administration of the United States, especially its foreign policy. Its goal is to introduce world government and it has spanned the United States with support groups. Each of these front organizations, like the CFR, has a similar structure based on the Round Table. There are circles of members answering to a central elite. The inner circle knows the agenda and works full time towards that target. The next circle knows all or most of the agenda and seek to use their own sphere of influence, politics, banking, the media, whatever, to lead the world in the desired direction.


Other circles of people know some or a little of the real story and are persuaded to support the organization by accepting the idea that a world government is the only answer to the ills of humanity. What this latter group doesn’t realize is that those ills are being created by the very organizations they are members of!

Many of the people named in this book will not be involved through malice, but by genuinely believing that the New World Order agenda is the best option for peace and stability. A few members of these Elite front-groups have had the courage to speak out when they have seen the game plan.


Admiral Chester Ward, a former US Judge Advocate General of the Navy, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for sixteen years.


He said the purpose of the organization was the,

“.. .submergence of US sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government”.

In his book, Kissinger On The Couch, written with Phyllis Schafly, Ward said:

“...[the] lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership, and particularly in the leadership of several divergent cliques that make up what is actually a polycentric organization... [the main clique] is composed of the one-world-global-government ideologists - more respectfully referred to as the organised internationalists. They are the ones who carry on the tradition of the founders.”2

The writer James Perloff read every issue of the CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs, since its first publication in 1922. His verdict:

“...the accusations against the Council on Foreign Relations - the pursuit of world government and receptiveness to communism are true”.

He said the domination of Washington administrations by the CFR membership had influenced,

“mightily upon the course of American Foreign policy in this century... [which has] seen the United States eroded in strength and its allies sometimes vanquished altogether”.3

What was true of the CFR was true of all the other ‘think tanks’ that were to follow. The nexus of control which began in Britain and America was spreading across the world throughout the 1920s and 30s. The Institute of Pacific Relations was founded in 1924 and headed by Jerome D. Greene, a Boston banker close to Morgan and the Rockefellers. This was designed to extend the network into the governments and businesses of the Far East.


Alongside Greene on the ruling council was Lionel Curtis, the leading founder of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. You will see throughout the book how the network of familiar names and organisations keeps coming up whenever events are being orchestrated. A Brotherhood mafia of organizations and people, controlled by the same elite, cast a web of manipulation and deceit across the Atlantic from London to New York and Washington, and then further afield, too.

Much of the funding for this New World Order network comes from the taxexempt foundations. These are the foundations created by the big names of banking, industry, and finance, to make donations to various causes. People like the Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie families all formed foundations and presented them as vehicles of philanthropy. In fact, they are used as tax havens in the name of charity while most of the money is actually channelled into organizations and subject areas which support and promote centralized control.


This reality almost became public in the 1950s, but the Elite control of the media just managed to keep the lid on the truth. The US Congress set up a committee in 1953 under B. Carrol Reece of Tennessee to investigate the behaviour of the tax-exempt foundations.

Researcher and ‘insider’ Carroll Quigley says in his book, Tragedy And Hope:

“It soon became clear that people of immense wealth would be unhappy if the investigation went too far and that the ‘most respected newspapers in the country’, closely allied with these men of wealth, would not get excited enough about any revelations to make the publicity worth while, in terms of votes or campaign contributions.” (p995)

What the papers didn’t get excited about were the Reece Committee’s findings that:

  • the rich banking families give money to the foundations without losing control of how it is spent

  • the major foundations are interconnected and work as one to a common policy

  • they took over social science in the US and suppress those social scientists who disagree with their plans

  • research sponsored by the foundations is often slanted to conform to the conclusions the funders demand

  • those educational institutions in America which refuse to conform are refused a grant

  • Rhodes scholars are fed into government service by the foundations

  • history books are being funded which keep the truth from the people

The Reece Committee discovered that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was promoting war and the foundations were presenting the United Nations as the base for a socialist-communist coalition.


All these findings came from an official Congressional Committee.4 This is still happening today and behind the names all these major foundations, including Ford and Carnegie, are controlled by the Rockefeller family. The Ford Foundation came in for especially strong criticism. It gave a billion dollars to the cause of ‘education’ and a million dollars to the Council on Foreign Relations. The foundations are another arm of global manipulation.


Norman Dodd was the Reece Committee’s director of research and he interviewed the then Ford Foundation president, H. Rowan Gaither, as part of his report. Gaither told him that the Ford Foundation operated under directives from the White House and these instructions were to make every effort to alter life in the United States to ensure a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union.5 The foundations are particularly used to fund projects which aim to massage public opinion.

In the years after World War I, the interconnecting networks of think tanks and foundations had increased the effectiveness of the conspiracy. In these years, also, the manoeuvring went on that would explode as the Second World War. This was another bankers’ conflict. Without their connivance, it could not have happened.


The Second World War was planned before Versailles. It was at Versailles that the Rothschild-Wall Street-Colonel House-Bernard Baruch-Round Table connections imposed the impossible reparations on Germany which were sure to destroy the new German Democratic Republic and prepare the way for the rise of a dictator, Adolph Hitler.


Added to this colossal debt, other decisions at Versailles had cost Germany 75% of her iron ore, 68% of her zinc, and 26% of her coal. Soon France announced that Germany had defaulted on reparation payments and French troops occupied the Ruhr. This ‘defaulting’ turned out to be a small shortfall in deliveries of coal and telegraph poles. The French move sent the German mark into freefall and it plunged to 7,592 to the dollar. This is hardly surprising, given that the Ruhr produced 80% of Germany’s coal, iron, and steel. By November 1923, the mark had plummeted to 4,200 billion to the dollar!

What followed was a double-strike by the Wall Street and British banking cartel, which first financed German rearmament and enabled Germany to prepare for the next war, and then collapsed the German economy again to bring Adolph Hitler to power.


These strikes were called the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan. General C. Dawes was appointed by the US government to propose a solution to the German reparations fiasco. He introduced a series of short term loans from Wall Street banks to bail the Germans out. All this did, of course, was to add to the debt and put off the moment when the German economy would collapse, a collapse that was to be timed to bring Adolph Hitler to power.


Lloyd George told the New York Journal American of June 24th 1924:

“The international bankers dictated the Dawes reparations settlement. The protocol which was signed between the Allies and Associated Powers and Germany is the triumph of the international financier. Agreement would never have been reached without the brusque and brutal intervention of the international bankers.


They swept statesmen, politicians, and journalists to one side, and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs, who knew there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees. The settlement is the joint ukase of King Dollar and King Sterling. The Dawes Report was theirs. They inspired it and fashioned it. The Dawes Report was fashioned by the Money Kings.


The orders of German financiers [lead by the Warburg bank] to their political representatives were just as peremptory as those of allied bankers to their political representatives.”

That was because the Allied and German bankers were on the same side.


They were connected by the same All-Seeing Eye cult; a force which goes back to antiquity. The short-term loans issued under the Dawes Plan went into specific German companies vital to rearmament. It was this money that expanded the pharmaceutical cartel known as I.G. Farben, which was, in reality, Hitler’s war machine. Farben had produced poison gas in World War I, thanks to German fanatic, Fitz Haber. The rest of the money went to other German cartels or the German subsidiaries of American companies.


These included A.E.G. (the German General Electric), United Steelworks, and American I.G., the wholly-owned subsidiary of I.G. Farben. These loans, which included some from Morgan and Rothschild companies, and the technology transfers from America to the German cartels, made the Second World War possible. Without that help, there could have been no war.


The US Ambassador to Germany, William Dodd, said in a communication to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on October 19th 1936:

“At the present moment more than a hundred American corporations have subsidiaries here of co-operative understandings. The DuPonts have three allies in Germany that are aiding the armament business. Their chief ally is the I.G. Farben Company, a part of the Government which gives 200,000 marks a year to one propaganda organization operating on American opinion.


Standard Oil Company (New York sub-company) sent $2,000,000 here in December 1933 and has made $500,000 a year helping Germans make Ersatz gas for war purposes; ...The International Harvester Company president told me their business here rose 33% a year (arms manufacture, I believe), but they could take nothing out.


Even our airplanes people have secret arrangements with Krupps. General Motors Company [Morgan] and Ford do enormous business here through their subsidiaries and take profits out. I mention these facts because they complicate things and add to war dangers.”6

This was a shocking story of involvement with Nazi Germany’s rearmament by major US companies and all the more compelling in that it came from the United States ambassador to Germany.


What did Roosevelt do? Nothing. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a distant cousin of an earlier president, Theodore Roosevelt, was brought to power through a Wall Street-created depression in the United States, and was ensured of election when Wall Street put its financial and media power behind him. Another supporter was Meyer Lansky, the head of the international crime syndicate which included the Mafia.


The term “Mafia” is often used to describe the organized crime network. In fact, the Italian Mafia is only a part of the picture, albeit an important part. Lansky was actually top man in the syndicate and it was his money and bribes which helped Roosevelt to power.7 Once more the people of America were conned. Some of his prominent backers set up an organization to oppose him - a constantly repeated Global Elite strategy. This was called the Liberty League and its pronouncements ensured that it would be branded ‘extreme Right wing’ and ‘anti-Semitic’.


This allowed all the main opposition to Roosevelt, even the genuine people, to be dismissed as Right wing anti-Semites. The Liberty League was funded by Pierre and Irene DuPont ($325,000), J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, J. Howard Pew, and William J. Knudsen, who was later given a top job by the very president the Liberty League ‘opposed’.8 In the same way the Robot Radicals of the political Left and the Robot Right all over the world are used today to discredit genuine opposition. The preparation of America and Germany for war and the rise of both Hitler and Roosevelt were remarkably similar. We have seen how the Elite collapsed the German economy.


They were doing the same in America. During the 1920s, they encouraged the stockmarket to overstretch itself and then the Federal Reserve issued a series of strict new banking laws which put the smaller banks under terrific pressure. This was the time of the so called ‘Turkey Shoot’, when the global banks picked off the small fry and massively increased their power. When this process was over, the Federal Reserve withdrew the new banking laws. The Wall Street crash of 1929 plunged the country into economic depression. In the United States and Germany, the same solutions were offered. Borrow more money from the banks.


Roosevelt’s National Recovery Act or ‘New Deal’ was offered to the American people as the way out of depression. Thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, the same plan under another name was being offered to the Germans by Hitler. Roosevelt’s New Deal was the work of Gerard Swope, a member of many Roosevelt organizations.


He was the chairman of the Morgan controlled International General Electric, and a director of German General Electric (A.E.G.). Roosevelt was another version of Woodrow Wilson. Like Wilson, he would be elected by telling the people that America was not going to war while knowing that was exactly what was going to happen.


Again Colonel Edward House was behind the scenes, visiting Roosevelt at his home in East 65th Street, New York, almost every day in 1932.9 What a ‘coincidence’ that Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in the wake of economic depression with the same basic ‘New Deal’ type solutions, and that both were advised by people connected with the American-German cartels and the Elite controlled Bank of International Settlements.


What’s more, they both took office in the same year, 1933! Small world, isn’t it? Indeed, it is the same small world occupied by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan when they were in power on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1980s, while following exactly the same economic policies, Thatcherism and Reaganomics.

Hitler’s rise to power was made certain after 1929 when the Dawes Plan of short-term loans came to an end with Germany now owing an extra $16 billion in debt. One of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s main financial backers, Owen D. Young, was appointed to propose solutions to Germany’s inability to pay. Young was a Morgan executive and the head of the Morgan-controlled General Electric. The Young Plan of demanding payment in cash, not goods, demolished the German economy almost overnight. That is why he did it.


A major financial supporter of Hitler, Dr Fritz Thyssen, would say under interrogation in 1945:

“The acceptance of the Young Plan and its financial principles increased unemployment more and more until about one million were unemployed. People were desperate. Hitler said he would do away with unemployment. The government in power at that time was very bad, and the situation of the people was getting worse. That really was the reason for the enormous success Hitler had in the election. When the last election came, he got about 40%. “10

The network linking both the Nazis and the Allies at the highest level is clear to see.


While millions fought and died for what they believed was a war for freedom, the same force was manipulating the whole thing through both sides. Without them, it would not have happened.

The Austrian writer and researcher, Gertrude Elias, identifies Hjalmar Schacht as a major go-between, connecting the Nazis and the Wall Street-City of London elite.11 Schacht became Hitler’s financial advisor and President of the Reichsbank. The two signatures on the document confirming Schacht’s appointment on March 17th 1933, were Adolph Hitler and the Rothschild frontman, Max Warburg.12


In 1930, Schacht also founded the Global Elite’s Bank of International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland. In England, a key figure was Montagu Norman (Comm 300), governor of the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England, and a close friend of Schacht. In fact they were so close that Schacht named his grandson after him.


It was Norman who pressed for and supported the raising of US interest rates by the Federal Reserve, which was the final push that led to the Wall Street crash, the New Deal, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Norman was the most influential central banker in the world at that time and his actions, in league with Wall Street, were crucial. Once Hitler was safely elected, the attitude of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve to Germany was transformed.


Credit was offered to the Nazi regime and after the Nazis successfully invaded Czechoslovakia, Norman released £6 million of Czechoslovakian gold to Hitler which was deposited in London. This was done with the agreement of the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.13


On June 11th 1934, and again the following October, Norman and Schacht met in secret at Badenweiler in the Black Forest to arrange loans for Hitler and the Nazis.14


But who was behind Norman? His family almost turned the governorship of the Bank of England into their personal property. One grandfather, George Warde Norman, was governor from 1821-1872 and his other grandfather, Lord Collet, was governor from 1887-1889.


Montagu Norman spent a period in the United States at the offices of the Rothschild-funded Brown Brothers (later Brown Brothers, Harriman) and was befriended by the family of WA. Delano (Comm 300), relatives of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President of the United States at the same time that Norman was head of the Bank of England. This all-powerful banker was actually a ‘yes man’ for the Rothschilds, and here again, we see the ploy at work. He was portrayed as anti-Jewish.

Today the Bank of England is still the fiefdom of the Global Elite. Gertrude Elias says that the Bank collaborated with the leading Zionist, Lord Bearsted of Royal Dutch Shell, to arrange the transfer of the assets of wealthy German Zionists to Palestine.


It was these transfers, she says, that helped to build up the economy of the embryonic Zionist state.

“They were the privileged émigré class while propertyless Jews were refused asylum and neutralized in the holocaust”, Elias adds.15

I believe that all this was coldly calculated by the ‘Jewish’ elite, for reasons I will come to in due course.

I don’t want to send you to sleep with a mass of detail, but I do want to make it clear how provable it is that the Second World War and the rise of Hitler were creations of the Elite in Britain and America. We need to move away from conspiracy theory and see that it is conspiracy fact. Only then will we deal with it. Crucial to the rise of the Nazi war machine was the behavior of some of the most famous companies in the United States, who supported Hitler via their German subsidiaries or partners.


Here are just a few of what were almost countless examples of how this was secretly done...


I.G. Farben/Standard Oil

German production of steel and other products needed for war soared through the period leading up to the outbreak of the conflict in 1939. At the centre of this rearmament was the chemical giant, I.G. Farben.


As Senator Homer T. Bone would say to a Senate Committee in 1943 “Farben was Hitler and Hitler was Farben”.16


This immense cartel was created in its wartime form by American loans! In 1939, with Wall Street investment, it had become the biggest manufacturer of chemicals in the world. And who controlled I.G. Farben, a company that would use Jews and others as slave labour? The Rothschilds, via a stream of frontmen and companies.


Among the German bankers on the supervisory board of Farben into the late 1920s was Max Warburg, the brother of Paul Warburg of the Manhattan Bank, who was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to install the Federal Reserve System and to take over the US economy. These were quite a pair, operating in concert in the US and Germany.


The US Naval Secret Service Report of December 2nd 1918 said:

“Paul Warburg. German, nationalized US citizen 1911, decorated by Kaiser, handled large sums furnished by German bankers for Lenin and Trotsky. His brother Max who is director of espionage system of Germany”.17

Paul Warburg was on the board of Farben’s American subsidiary, American I.G. Sitting alongside him were Edsel Ford (son of Henry) of the Ford Motor Company, Charles E. Michell from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Walter Teagle, Franklin Roosevelt’s close friend from Standard Oil.


All this top American influence and support for a company of which an American War Department report said:

“Without I.G.’s immense productive facilities, its intense research, and vast international affiliations, Germany’s prosecution of the war would have been unthinkable and impossible.


Farben not only directed its energies toward arming Germany, but concentrated on weakening her intended victims, and this double-barrelled attempt to expand the German industrial potential for war and to restrict that of the rest of the world was not conceived and executed ‘in the normal course of business’.


The proof is overwhelming that I.G. Farben officials had full prior knowledge of Germany’s plan for world conquest and of each specific aggressive act later undertaken...”18

The Farben Empire became a state within a state and in effect ran its own economy. Reports and investigations, during and after the war, show that Farben’s role, with Wall Street and British support, was to make Germany self-sufficient in all that Hitler needed for war: products like rubber, petrol, oils, and explosives. One major problem they had was the supply of oil. Their supplies came from outside Germany and in 1934 around 85% of German petroleum products were imported. This would obviously dry up during a war.


But a deal between Farben and the Rockefellers ensured a constant supply of oil to Germany.


Farben began to invest vast sums from the Wall Street loans into research aimed at developing processes to make oil from the German reserves of coal. What they couldn’t discover for themselves, the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil gave to them! In January 1933, just before Hitler came to power, a report from the Commercial Attache at the US Embassy in Berlin said:

“In two years Germany will be manufacturing oil and gas enough out of soft coal for a long war. The Standard Oil of New York is furnishing millions of dollars to help.”19

The Rockefellers also helped I.G. Farben with chemicals essential to aircraft fuel. The American representatives of American I.G. tried to hide their company’s involvement with the German war machine by merging American I.G. into another company and changing its name to the General Aniline and Film Corporation.


In fact, the makeup of the American I.G. board of 1930, with Farben already five years into its preparation for war, tells the real story of the US-German Brotherhood network which was leading the world into yet another awesome conflict.


Among the board members of American I.G. were:

Carl Bosch (German), from Ford; Edsel B. Ford (US), Henry Ford’s son; Max Ilgner (German), director of Farben’s Nazi intelligence office in Berlin; H.A. Metz (US) director of I.G. Farben and the Rothschild/Warburg Bank of Manhattan; C.E. Mitchell (US), Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Morgan National City Bank; Hermann Schmitz (German), president of American I.G. and I.G. Farben and on the boards of both the German Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements; Walter Teagle (US), director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil of New Jersey, trustee of the Roosevelt Foundation, and close friend of the President; W.H. von Rath (naturalised US), director of German General Electric (A.E.G.); and Paul M. Warburg, of the Bank of Manhattan.

When the war ended and the investigations into its background began, three German members of that American I.G. board were found guilty at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. The American representatives such as Paul Warburg were left untouched, as was his brother, Max Warburg, who, even though a Jew, was allowed to leave Nazi Germany in 1939 without any restriction.


The Elite controlled even the arrests and trials resulting from the war and the horrors they themselves engineered. Such operations were not only between two companies, they involved other elements of the Global Elite-Brotherhood in other companies and governments. The president of Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon) at this time was William Stamps Farish. During the war, a letter was released by the US Justice Department from Frank A. Howard, the Standard Oil vice-president to Farish.


It was dated October 12th 1939, and it said:

“...In England I met by appointment the Royal Dutch [Shell Oil] gentleman from Holland and...a general agreement was reached on the necessary changes in our relations with the I.G. [Farben], in view of the state of war...the Royal Dutch Shell Group is essentially British...I also had several meetings with the [British] Air Ministry...


“I required help to obtain the necessary permission to go to Holland...After discussions with the [American] Ambassador [Joseph Kennedy]...the situation was cleared completely...The gentlemen in the Air Ministry...very kindly offered to assist me in re-entering England.

“Pursuant to these arrangements, I was able to keep my appointment in Holland (having been flown there on a British Royal Air Force bomber), where I had three days of discussion with the representatives of I.G. They delivered to me assignments of some 2,000 foreign patents and we did our best to work out complete plans for a modus vivendi which could operate through the term of the war, whether or not the US came in.”20

William S. Farish refuelled Nazi shipping and submarines in Spain and Latin America during the war. It was the Standard Oil-I.G. Farben enterprise which opened the Auschwitz Concentration Camp on June 14th 1940, and used the slave labour of Jews and political opponents to produce the artificial rubber and gasoline from coal.


Farish was very close to Hermann Schmitz, the chairman of I.G. Farben. Standard Oil hired the infamous publicist, Ivy Lee, to promote Farben and the Nazis in the United States. William S. Farish had a grandson, William Farish III, who was to become a close friend of George Bush (Comm 300) and has enjoyed the company of Queen Elizabeth II (Comm 300) at his home.


Their horses breed with each other, apparently. When George Bush became vice-president, he had to hand over his businesses and investments to a ‘blind trust’, to ensure that he could not (in theory) make decisions in the White House which affected his investments. Who was put in charge of this ‘blind trust’? William Farish III!


General Electric (G.E.C.)

I.G. Farben worked in concert before and throughout the war with other cartels like the J.P. Morgan-controlled General Electric, a company with which President Franklin D. Roosevelt had many close connections.


In 1939, Senator James A. Reed of Missouri, a one-time Roosevelt supporter, told the Senate that the President was a “hired man for the economic royalists”, in Wall Street. He added that the Roosevelt family was one of the biggest holders of shares in General Electric.21 Interesting, then, that General Electric was a big Hitler supporter and there is photographic and documented evidence that, like I.G. Farben, both General Electric companies in Germany, A.E.G. and Osram, directly financed Hitler.22


Farben contributed the most (45% of the fund that brought Hitler to power in 1933), but the companies linked to General Electric also made very large donations and - in this web of intrigue - a number of directors of German General Electric were on the board of I.G. Farben. As with the other major American companies involved, General Electric (in the US) channelled its contributions to Hitler via German subsidiaries and cartel partners.


Again only the German directors of the General Electric cartel were charged and tried at Nuremberg, not the Americans.


To have done so would have exposed the whole story.


International Telephone and Telegraph (I.T.T.)

Another United States company that was important to Hitler and his war machine was International Telephone and Telegraph, better known as I.T.T. It was the creation of its founder, Sosthenes Behn, an entrepreneur born in the Virgin Islands.


By 1924, I.T.T. was closely connected with J.P. Morgan, and the board reflected Morgan’s control. It has been proved that I.T.T. made donations to Hitler through German subsidiaries and was a significant supporter of the Nazi regime.23 I.T.T. bought a large interest in German armament companies, most particularly the aircraft manufacturer, Focke-Wolfe.


The profits from these investments were not returned to the United States; they were reinvested in further German rearmament. Sosthenes Behn met with Hitler in August 1933.24 Hitler’s personal banker, Baron Kurt von Schroder, a Nazi and SS Senior Group Leader, became the overseer of I.T.T. interests in Germany and a director of all I.T.T.-affiliated companies. Baron von Schroder was channelling I.T.T. funding to Himmler’s SS at least until 1944!25 The Schroder Banking family from Hamburg had branches in London and New York under the name of J. Henry Schroder (Comm 300).


In England, the managing director of Schroder Bank was Mr F.C. Tiarks, a director of the Rothschild-controlled and Montagu Norman-supervised Bank of England. Gordon Richardson was chairman of Schroder Bank up until 1973, when he was made governor of the Bank of England. From 1938 on, the Schroder Bank in London was appointed to represent Nazi interests in Britain.


In America, Schroder and the Rockefellers merged some of their business interests.


The Ford Motor Company

Much has been written of Henry Ford’s alleged collusion with the Nazis. He was vehement in his condemnation of the Jews.


Ford was just as outspoken in his criticism of the Wall Street financiers, whom he blamed for starting the wars and controlling the world money markets for their own ends. At the same time, he said J.P. Morgan was to be trusted and I can’t help feeling that Mr Ford did his utmost to spread disinformation. He portrayed himself as the peoples’ friend against the manipulators while he was, in fact, another manipulator.


He made enormous profits during the war by supplying both sides. As early as 1922, the New York Times was reporting that Ford was financing Hitler’s nationalists and anti-Jewish movements in Germany and the Berlin newspaper, Berliner Tageblatt, was calling on the American ambassador to stop Ford from intervening in German affairs. Hitler was so grateful for Ford’s assistance, that in 1938 he presented Ford with the highest honour the Nazis conferred on non-Germans: the Grand Cross of the German Eagle; Ford’s portrait hung behind Hitler’s desk in Hitler’s private office.


The two biggest manufacturers of tanks for Hitler’s armies before and during the war were the German subsidiaries of the Ford Motor Company, and the Morgan controlled General Motors (Opel). In 1928, the Ford Motor Company in Germany merged with I.G. Farben.


Carl Bosch of Farben became the head of the Ford operation in Germany.


W.A. Harriman

Fritz Thyssen was a German steel entrepreneur and banker, who funded the Nazis from the early 1920s.


His banking operation in Germany was affiliated - through a subsidiary - with the W.A. Harriman Company in New York (Brown Brothers, Harriman after 1933), which in turn was funded (at least in its earlier days) by the Rothschilds.


The Harriman family was prominent in supporting both the Russian Revolution and Adolf Hitler. A Thyssen company controlled the Union Banking Corporation in the US, which had E. Roland Harriman on its board along with known Nazis and Nazi financial backers. Prescott Bush, the father of the future president, George Bush, was also on the UBC board and owed his wealth to the Harrimans. Roland was the brother of W. Averell Harriman (Comm 300), who was a director of Morgan’s Guaranty Trust when it was financing Lenin and Trotsky.


Averell Harriman would later make vast profits from Russian ventures and be appointed as the ambassador to the Soviet Union. He was also a controlling voice in the Democratic Party and close to the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt.


The Dulles Brothers

The name Dulles is another which spans the manipulation of both the First and Second World Wars. The Dulles’s were from a southern slave-owning family, and cousins of the Rockefellers. They were connected with international banking in America and Germany.


Statements made by John Foster Dulles as early as 1911 revealed support for the creation of a ‘super race’ by ‘eliminating the lower members...’.26 The Dulles law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the US affairs of I.G. Farben and Hitler’s major financial backer, Fritz Thyssen, who introduced Allen Dulles to the Fuhrer-to-be.


John Foster Dulles wrote ‘Heil Hitler’ on his letters to German clients. After Hitler’s rise to power, John Foster Dulles went to Germany on behalf of the Rothschild/Round Table group, to negotiate new loans for the Nazis. The Dulles brothers were appointed to the US State Department during World War I by their uncle, Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, one of the Colonel House/Bernard Baruch clique which controlled Woodrow Wilson.


The Dulles brothers were at the Versailles Peace Conference where they met the Round Table delegation and became part of the Round Table/Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations network.


Allen Dulles was, very conveniently, appointed First Secretary of the US Embassy in Berlin in 1920, just as his brother was in Germany, representing the Elite’s bankers through his connections with the Bank of England and the J.P. Morgan empire. Both Dulles’ were friends of Hitler’s financial wizard, Hjalmar Schacht. John Foster Dulles would become Secretary of State and Allen Dulles became the first head of the CIA. The latter would also serve on the Warren Commission, which was charged with investigating the assassination of President Kennedy.

I have highlighted some of the big names in the financing and manipulation of Germany and her rearmament programme. But there was also direct support for the Nazi Party by these same banks and industrialists. Among the documents from the Nuremberg Trials are the original transfer slips from I.G. Farben, German General Electric, Osram, and others, authorising the transfer of funds into the Nazis’ National Trusteeship account, Hitler’s election fund. Representatives of companies owned or influenced by the Rockefellers, American I.G., I.T.T., General Electric, and Ford can be shown to be at the heart of the Nazi Party.27


It is fascinating to see how remarkably free from bomb damage were the German factories and plants owned unitedfronts 97 by the American-German cartels. When the Allied armies reached Cologne, for instance, many noticed the stark contrast between the flattened city and the undamaged plants (owned by I.G. Farben, the Ford Motor Company, and the United Rayon Works) on its edge. The way I.G. Farben plants survived the bombing is staggering, given that the Allies knew that this company was the German war machine.


There is evidence that Ford Plants in Germany and France were not bombed by the US Airforce.28 When the one at Poissy was hit by the British, the Vichy government paid Ford 38 million francs in compensation!


A relieved Edsel Ford wrote to his General Manager in Europe:

“Photographs of the Plant on fire were published in American newspapers but fortunately no reference was made to the Ford Motor Company”.29

The Vichy regime collaborated with the Nazis and among its number was one Francois Mitterand (Comm 300), Grand Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry and later the long-time president of France.30


In five years of war and global slaughter, the United States trusts I have highlighted, and others, made a profit of $175,000,000,000, according to research by the writer and researcher, Gertrude Elias.31 To complete this appalling tale of deceit on the people of the world, the same Wall Street names that created and funded the war were also appointed by Franklin Roosevelt to supervise the fate of German industry when the conflict ended.


Top executives appointed to this role included Louis Douglas, director of the Morgan dominated General Motors and president of the Morgan Mutual Life Insurance, and Brigadier General William H. Draper Jr of Dillon, Read, and Co, another firm that contributed substantially to the creation of the cartels and the funding of Hitler’s Germany.


Both Draper and Douglas were members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Draper, a eugenics (master race) fanatic, would later become a leading light in the funding of ‘population control’.

The story of William H. Draper Jr reveals the scale of the scam and the cover-up. He joined the Prescott Bush circle in 1927, when he was hired by Dillon Read to handle the account of.. .Fritz Thyssen, one of Adolf Hitler’s biggest financial backers. Draper became a director and later the vice-president and assistant treasurer of Dillon Read’s German Credit and Investment Corporation, supervising some of the short-term loans to Thyssen’s German Steel Trust under the Dawes Plan.


These loans, agreed upon by Draper, helped to bring Hitler to power and fund his rearmament. His partners in this operation were both Nazis: Alexander Kreuter, in Berlin, was president, and Frederic Brandi (who moved to the US in 1926) became Draper’s co-director of the German Credit Investment Corporation in Newark, New Jersey. Brandi’s father was a leading coal executive with the German Steel Trust.


Draper was listed as a director of German Credit throughout 1942 until it was liquidated in 1943, by which time its job had been done.32 Draper then went off to become a general in the Pacific, fighting for the USA! This is the man appointed by Roosevelt after the German surrender to decide what should happen to the Nazi cartels he helped to create. He would have power to decide who was exposed, who lost or kept their business, and who was charged with war crimes. The scale of the sting is incredible.


Draper played good guy/bad guy with US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, to complete another mental coup d’etat. Morganthau demanded that Germany’s industry be destroyed and the Germans be reduced to a purely rural nation. Draper’s role was to prevent this, but only if the Germans agreed to accept all the guilt for Nazism.


The authors of a superb book, George Bush - The Unauthorised Biography, say:

“Draper and his colleagues demanded that Germany and the world accept the collective guilt of the German people as the explanation of the rise of Hitler’s New Order and the Nazi war crimes. This, of course, was rather convenient for General Draper himself, as it was for the Bush family.


It is still convenient decades later, allowing Prescott’s son, President George, to lecture Germany on the danger of Hitlerism. Germans are too slow, it seems, to accept his New World Order.” (p55)

The threads have continued through the decades since then, with President Bush appointing Draper’s son, William Draper III, to a United Nations job involved in population control.


At Dillon Read, Bush’s US Treasury Secretary, Nicholas Brady, was the long-time partner of Frederic Brandi, General Draper’s cohort in the financing of Hitler’s steel cartel. The same small group of bankers, companies, and political manipulators were behind the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War.


Without their money and maneuvering, the two greatest conflicts in recorded human history would not have happened. Why is it important to know this?


There are many reasons, but I stress two. I have heard it said so often that the problem with the world is human nature. This nature is evil, I hear people say, and what do they point to in justification of this? The two World Wars and other conflicts before and since. Our desire for multidimensional freedom will only become a reality when we realize that human nature is not evil. It has a natural desire for love, not hate, for harmony, not conflict. Those wars were not the result of human nature being evil.


They were the result of humanity giving away to someone else its right to think and act. These are lessons which are still to be learned and until they are, we will continue to be denied our true and infinite potential. But we can make that switch in an instant, if we so choose.

We are having a version of events projected at us through the schools, universities, and the media, all the time. That version of events has almost nothing to do with truth. It has been created to mislead us and to persuade us to think and act in a particular way, which suits the aims of the human manipulators and their controllers, the Prison Warders.


So if you want to go to war and you need the people to support you, just set up an attack on one of your own ships or have one of your top people assassinated, and whip up the public’s indignation with propaganda against the alleged culprit. As long as people take everything at face value, without question, and they don’t survey the world with open eyes and an open mind, we will go on being a bewildered herd, blindly following the sheep at the front.


But is it a sheep - or a monster? And what is its agenda?


If we stop being human blotting paper, soaking up this tidal wave of biased information, and begin to filter what we are told, we become so much more difficult to mislead. These terrible events which have plagued the world in this century can only happen if we see life in terms of the leaders and the led. If we do that, a tiny few can control the world.


And they have. Until now.




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