chapter 2
the birth of the Brotherhood

The most effective way to close down a human mind and to manipulate its sense of self is to programme into it some form of dogma.


A dogma will always vehemently defend itself from other information and repel any alternative opinion which contradicts its narrow, solidified view. Dogmas become a person’s sense of security and means of retaining power. Humanity tends to cling to both until its knuckles turn white.

Dogmas take endless forms and when you can persuade different people to hold opposing dogmas, the manipulation of conflict and control through ‘divide and rule’ becomes easy. It is happening today in the same way - more so, in fact - as it has throughout the period of the vibratory prison. To a manipulator, Judaism is just as useful as Christianity and Islam; the political ‘Left’ is just as important as the political ‘Right’.


You need two dogmas to play off against each other. The most effective dogmas over thousands of years have been the religions. One generation takes on a narrow view of life and themselves (a religion) and imposes it on their children, who then do the same to their children, and so it goes on into the modern world.


The religious and political dogmas have all been inspired by negative elements from the Fourth Dimension.

The two leading weapons used by religions are those cancerous emotions: fear and guilt. They have been used to suppress the human mind and to destroy its sense of self-worth, thus creating a physical reality to match. Religions are the same thought pattern manifesting under different names - the thought pattern called control. Even the origins of their myths, stories and ceremonies are invariably the same because they all originate from the same source!

Towards the end of Atlantis, groups of people began to escape from their increasingly devastated land. Some left the prison while their vibratory rate was still high enough for them to do so; others became trapped by accident or design.


As Atlantis crumbled, some settled in the areas we now know as Egypt and the Middle East, Central America, and the United States. Those who survived the cataclysm which followed, passed on their knowledge to their children in myths and stories. This is one possible answer to the apparent mystery of how when the Americas were ‘discovered’ by the Europeans in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, they found many cultures and beliefs of the native peoples to be remarkably similar to (sometimes the same as) those in the ‘Old World’ of Europe and the Middle East.

Both were influenced by the knowledge brought by the escaping Atlanteans, although I think another reason for this relates to extraterrestrial activity all over the world. In the period after Atlantis, I believe that extraterrestrial expressions of the Prison Warder consciousness still landed and interacted with the people, telling different peoples the same basic manipulated story.

Some Atlanteans escaped by sailing west to the Americas, some went east to Europe and North Africa. It is possible that the biblical story of Noah and the Ark relates to this period, although it could involve another flood some thousands of years later. Over many millennia, the Atlantean and extraterrestrial knowledge was passed on through the succeeding generations, and the original clarity was lost in the repeated communication.


The knowledge also became a vehicle for control, and it was accordingly changed to suit those in power at any given time. This is why you still find elements of this knowledge in all religions. The original core knowledge has been diluted and diverted in countless directions, to manifest as religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Hinduism, etc.


All have retained the themes of the knowledge to some extent, while often destroying its true meaning with dogma, myth, and manipulated make-believe. Ironically, Paganism has retained far more of the original knowledge than those religions (such as Christianity) which condemn it as ‘evil’.


The Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders wish to prevent us from knowing who we are, how we have been imprisoned, and how we can get out of prison. Making us confused and dividing us into factions, religions, and tongues was part of the Prison Warder strategy.


If you read the story of the Tower of Babel, you can see this described symbolically:

“At first the people of the whole world had only one language and used the same words. As they wandered about in the East, they came to a plain in Babylonia and settled there. They said to one another,

‘Come on! Let’s make bricks and bake them hard’.

So they had bricks to build with and mortar to hold them together.

They said:

‘Now let’s build a city with a tower that reaches to the sky, so that we can make a name for ourselves and not be scattered all over the Earth’.

“Then the Lord [extraterrestrials] came down to see the city and the tower which those men had built, and he said:

‘Now then, these are all one people and they speak one language; this is just the beginning of what they are going to do. Soon they will be able to do anything they want! Let us go down and mix up their language so they will not understand one another.’

So the Lord scattered them all over the Earth, and they stopped building the city. The city was called Babylon, because there the Lord mixed up the language of all the people, and from there he scattered them all over the Earth.”
Genesis, 11:1-9

Christianity sees those people in a highly negative light when, I believe, it was actually the other way around.


They were rebelling against the control. After Atlantis, other civilizations began to emerge from the reincarnation of Atlantean consciousness. The knowledge they passed on through the generations, and extraterrestrial intervention, was both positive and negative. There was the civilization called Sumer in Mesopotamia (now Iraq), which developed alongside  the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Sumer is believed to have originated from around 6000BC, although such figures must be treated as only estimates.


This would later become part of the Babylonian Empire, which greatly influenced the beliefs of Judaism and, through that, Christianity, as did the Egyptian civilization.


You can read the detailed history of all this in The Robots’ Rebellion. A contact who has worked on the ‘inside’ of government and security agencies in the UK told me a story which relates both to Sumer and the themes of an extraterrestrial takeover. He says that in the 1960s the British intelligence agencies produced a secret report detailing claims of extraterrestrial sightings. This involved interviewing 1,800 people in Europe and Scandinavia who claimed to have seen a UFO, an extraterrestrial, or had contact with beings from another world. At the same time, he says, similar surveys were being compiled in the United States, the Soviet Union, Australia and Japan.


Eventually they pooled their findings and this made available some 62,000 interviews with people across the globe.

  • Firstly, the vast, vast majority of the stories told of positive, loving communications with the ETs of various races. This is so different to the “evil aliens” stories we see in the media.

  • Secondly, about 75% of those interviewed all over the world apparently told the same basic story. They said that the ETs told them how a planet called Melchedek had once existed in our solar system, but the Melchedekans had become obsessed with the material world and they destroyed their environment.

In the end they exploded so many nuclear devices during tests and conflicts that the planet broke apart and itself exploded. The asteroid belt was said to be part of the remnants of Melchedek.

According to the stories of the contactees in the survey, about 5,000 of the Melchedekan ‘elite’ escaped and landed on the Earth in the place we know as Sumer, now Iraq. The Melchedekan race were described as.. .wait for it.. .blond haired and blue eyed. The “Aryan” ‘Master Race’ described by Adolph Hitler.


These were the ‘Gods’ described in the Sumerian tablets, this story goes, and as time passed they used their advanced knowledge of genetics to create a new race of Earth people - the white race we see today.


This was symbolized by the story of Adam and Eve and forbidding them to eat from the tree of knowledge was symbolic of the plan to keep the Earth races ignorant of who they really were. In effect, a slave race was created and this has continued to the present day. The contactees said that it was the Melchedekans who became known as the Elohim in the Biblical texts. I think this Fourth Dimensional force is known by many names.


The original Earth people were the black, red, and other native peoples of the world in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia - not the white race, the contactees were told.

There were two streams of Melchedekan ‘invaders’. Those who only interbred with each other, thus keeping the blond haired, blue eyed genetic ‘purity’. These, the ET communicators said, were still living on the Earth, though mostly out of sight underground. The others interbred with their newly created Earth races, but again they sought, and still do, to keep this genetic stream as pure as possible by interbreeding only within the family or within a small circle of similar genetic background.


It was said that it is this genetic stream which overwhelmingly make up the families of the ‘Illuminatithat have manipulated the course of human history since the time of Sumer.


The manipulation has guided this planet along the same destructive road that Melchedek experienced. Again according to the overwhelming majority of the 62,000 interviewed, there are also five other extraterrestrial races working on Earth today to help humanity break out of the mental prison and remove the Melchedekan manipulation.


One of these races is described as about eleven feet tall, the “giants” of ancient legend, perhaps? They have double hip joints, very large foreheads, blue eyes, a small gap in the face rather than what we would call a mouth, and very big feet. Make of all that what you will, but this could - could - be another expression of Fourth Dimensional beings operating on our frequency.

It is certainly true that Sumer was the origin of so much that was to shape human culture and existence. The Christian belief in a Son of God and a Lamb of God dying so our sins could be forgiven can be found in Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt. The idea of a lamb dying to forgive the sins of humanity originates from the Sumerian belief that if you literally sacrificed a lamb on the altar, it would remove the sins of the people involved. While I was writing this book, I saw a picture in a newspaper of an Orthodox Jew today, still waving a chicken around the head of a young girl, in the belief that the chicken would absorb her ‘sins’.


Virgin mothers of ‘saviour’ figures abound throughout the ancient world and, indeed, can be found in the beliefs of the native peoples of North, South, and Central America.


The Bible story of the Garden of Eden is mirrored in the much earlier Sumerian story of the Garden of Edinnu, and even the idea of the Sabbath can be found in the Sumerian day of rest, the Sabattu. The Jewish peoples were held in captivity in Babylon and, when they were freed by the Persians, they took many of the Babylonian stories and beliefs back to Palestine. These found their way into the Old Testament of the Bible and through that into the New Testament.


Today’s religions are the recycling of ancient beliefs and symbolic stories which have been added to and twisted under the guidance of the Prison Warder consciousness, until the original meaning has been lost under an avalanche of myth and invention.


So often when you investigate the origin of the foundation stories of the religions, you find the same basic themes with different names for the alleged heroes and villains. For the Christian version of Jesus, see also Bel (Sumer), Dionysus (Greece), Mithra (Persia and Rome), Osiris (Egypt), Quetzalcoatl (Central and South America), Krishna (India), and so on. In this way, the spiritual knowledge from which all religions originally derive, has, to a large extent, been destroyed in the public arena. This process has been essential to controlling the human race. You take information out of the public arena and pass it on secretly only to those who share your ambitions.

The foundation of the manipulation of the world has always been the control of knowledge. While the religions were using fear, guilt and imposition to sell the people a desperately narrow view of life and themselves, a secret network developed to pass on far more advanced knowledge to the privileged few. Even within this vibratory prison, there is knowledge that remains hidden from most people. It does not compare with the knowledge available outside the prison, but it is still far in advance of that which humanity in general has been allowed to know. If you want to manipulate people, it is essential that you have knowledge which they don’t have.


One of the first rules of control and manipulation is “Don’t let your victims know what you know”. I will call this ‘hidden’, suppressed understanding the ‘esoteric knowledge’. The dictionary definition of esoteric is: “of a philosophical doctrine meant only for the initiated, not generally intelligible; private, confidential”. Sums it up perfectly. This knowledge has been kept from the mass of the people for reasons of manipulation and control. Hence, the knowledge has indeed become ‘private, [and] confidential’.

There is an unfolding global awakening, however, which will make these understandings available to all who wish to hear, and the conspiracy to keep humanity in the spiritual dark will crumble and fall. It is already doing so.


A key part of this process is to reveal the nature of the deception and why it is being perpetrated. The vehicle for keeping this knowledge from the public arena has been the system of initiations used by the ancient mystery schools and the now immense secret society network all over the world, which I call the Brotherhood. Each higher level of initiate is given more knowledge than those below.


This sets up a pyramid structure, with the few who reach the top levels of initiation knowing far, far more than the majority further down the ladder (see Figure 3).


figure 3


This makes it easy for those few to manipulate the rest.


The content of this esoteric knowledge relates to an understanding of the laws and potential of Creation which is far in advance of the ‘science’ we are allowed to see in the public arena, and of the knowledge of the human psyche, its nature, and how it can be programmed and controlled. The hoarding of such knowledge was not always done for negative reasons.


When Christianity imposed its misguided and manipulative dogma throughout most of the known world, it was suicidal to speak of these alternative spiritual beliefs in public. Not surprisingly, they were passed on in secret or hidden within legends and symbolic stories. Thank goodness they were! But knowledge is neutral. It is how you use it that is negative or positive.


The spiritual knowledge can be used and abused, and so can the secrecy inherent in the societies and mystery schools which, particularly at their higher levels, know spiritual realities denied to most people. In the same way that each higher level of initiate within the secret societies knows more than those below them, so the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders ensure that they know far more than even those human vehicles at the top of the global pyramid of manipulation.


Today, at their higher levels, this network of secret societies and the knowledge it has inherited are being used, I believe, for almost entirely negative reasons, under the direction of its highest, controlling core: the Global Elite or simply the Elite.


The members of this Elite are either direct incarnations of the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders or have their minds controlled by them. The aim of the Brotherhood and its interdimensional controllers has been to centralize power in the hands of a few. This process is very advanced and it is happening on a global scale thanks to modern technology. The game plan is known as the Great Work of Ages or the New World Order, and it seeks to introduce a world government to which all nations would be colonies; a world central bank and currency; a world army; and a microchipped population connected to a global computer.


What is happening today is the culmination of the manipulation which has been unfolding for thousands of years. The idea of passing on the knowledge through a series of secret initiations goes back at least to Atlantis, probably much further. A common theme of channelled information is that there was a sort of temple in Atlantis, where those considered to be trustworthy would be given knowledge that the bulk of the population did not have. When the civilizations that followed Atlantis began to emerge, they, too, continued to have initiations into different levels of the knowledge.


Among these organizations were the Mystery Schools of Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, which guarded their knowledge with enormous secrecy; the smallest violation of the oath of secrecy was punishable by death. From this foundation came today’s massive secret society network. These mystery schools of initiation were inspired by the negative elements of the Fourth Dimension, and have been supervised by them through the consciousness of the highest initiates, the adepts, since that time.


In his study Fragments Of A Faith Forgotten, Professor G. R. S. Mead says:

“A persistent tradition in connection with all the great Mystery institutions was that their several founders were the introducers of all the arts of civilization; they were either themselves Gods or were instructed by Gods - in brief, that they were men of far greater knowledge than any who had come after; they were the teachers of infant races...


“It is said that these earliest teachers of humanity who founded the Mystery-institutions as the most efficient means of giving infant humanity instructions in higher things, were souls belonging to a more highly developed humanity than our own...


In the earliest times, according to this view, the mysteries were conducted by those who had a knowledge of nature-powers which was the acquisition of a prior perfected humanity not necessarily Earth-born and the wonders shown therein such that none of our humanity could of themselves produce.”1

This initiation structure was either negative from the start in its ambitions for humanity, or it was later taken over by that consciousness.


I feel the highly influential Egyptian Brotherhood has been dominated by negative manipulation at least since the end of the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, who died around 1,362BC. He had moved the Egyptian court to a new city in Middle Egypt called El-Amarna, and there he built a Brotherhood Temple for the esoteric initiations. When he died, his successors moved the royal court back north to Thebes, but the Brotherhood stayed at El-Amarna and broke away from the state. Through the centuries, other vehicles for communicating the knowledge emerged.


Some, like the Cathars in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, were destroyed by the Catholic Church in the most horrific manner after spreading their influence over a wide area from their base in Southern France.


The Knights of the Temple (Knights Templar), who came to prominence about the same time as the Cathars, were dealt with equally severely by Papal ‘justice’. But the Templars went underground and their influence has continued up to the present day, both in their own right, and within other secret societies which are, after all, part of the same overall organization.


This period of the Cathars and the Crusades spawned many Brotherhood offshoots, which continue to significantly influence events - secret societies like the Knights Hospitallers of St. John, known today as The Knights of Malta. Nor was this merely a phenomenon of the Christian and Jewish world. Similar secret societies were created within all cultures, and the Arab Brotherhood Grand Lodge in Cairo was to become a major manipulator of events.

The aim of this negative Brotherhood structure is to persuade the mass of the people to believe any old nonsense while the manipulators keep for themselves the knowledge of the nature of life and Creation and how to exploit the power of the mind, the Earth’s energy fields, and the global energy grid (the network of energy lines known by different cultures as ley lines, meridians, and dragon lines). But even the privileged initiates did not retain the purity of the information through the centuries. To this day, they work with a twisted version of the knowledge, albeit still far more advanced in its understanding of the universal laws than anything you will find in the religions and establishment sciences that the rest of us are asked to accept.


The greatest misunderstanding of the negative Brotherhood relates to the power of love. The Prison Warder consciousness which controls the minds of those who manipulate the Brotherhood does not understand love. It generates and feeds upon negative energy, and the more negative energy it can produce and encourage humanity to produce, the more powerful it becomes.


To this consciousness, love is like garlic to a vampire, and without love - the energy on which all Creation exists - knowledge will always be misused. Knowledge without love is the state of being which still controls the higher levels of the Brotherhood network, via its Global Elite.


It is the intellect without the heart, you could say, and without the balanced feminine.

The symbols of the Brotherhood in ancient times remain those of the Brotherhood today - the pyramid and all-seeing eye, the swastika, the lamb, the apron, the obelisk and many others. The obelisk is symbolic of the penis of Osiris, the Egyptian God. The legend is that he was torn into pieces by the ‘evil’ Set (Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, et al.) and when Isis, the wife of Osiris, tried to put him back together again, she found all his missing parts, except you know what. Such legends are, I feel, symbolic of much more straightforward truths. The obelisk and Osiris’s penis in that story symbolize male energy, which has dominated the world throughout recorded history. All of us, and Creation as a whole, are in search of balance and harmony between opposites - negative and positive, male and female.


These are the Yin and Yang-type forces of Chinese culture. When one of these forces dominates, there is an imbalance which manifests as imbalanced behaviour. The transformation the planet is now going through is designed to bring such forces into harmony and balance so that all serve, but none dominates. The suppression of female energy by the male has created a male-dominated world and the ‘macho man’ is one of its offspring.


This has not been by accident, but by design - the Prison Warders’ design.

Harmony and balance in all things = wholeness.

Wholeness = infinite potential.

That’s the last thing the Prison Warders want, because such people are impossible to control. Instead, they have sought to imbalance us.

Disharmony and imbalance = division of self.

Division of self = limited potential.

The two major imbalances within ourselves and the prison in general have been the negative dominating the positive and the male dominating the female.


There is no greater manifestation of the male imbalance than what is seen in some of the major religions and in the secret society network. The re-emergence of female energy is crucial to the harmonizing of the Earth, and by that, I don’t only mean the re-emergence of women into areas of decision-making. I mean the reawakening of female energy within the male form also, and a softening of the indoctrinated desire of so many men to dominate and to follow the macho man programming.


This reemergence of female energy is symbolized as ‘the return of the Goddess’. It is highly appropriate that the obelisk (the symbol of male energy) should be so important to the Brotherhood over the centuries, because it is, after all, a brotherhood, not a brother-and-sisterhood. The secret societies are almost entirely male-dominated with women excluded from the knowledge and decision making. Look at the Freemasons as an example. It is a male preserve, with their wives wheeled out for the annual dinner like a piece of decoration. Such a male-dominated organization must by definition be imbalanced, and this one most certainly is.


The Freemasons have become one of the most important of the secret societies which have appeared since the ancient times, and they have based themselves on the structure and beliefs of the Brotherhood Mystery Schools, as have the others. I will refer to this network as the cult of the All-Seeing Eye, the cult that worships these Fourth Dimensional “Gods” or “masters”. It goes back to antiquity and this same stream of manipulation is behind the New World Order to this day.


It is a fusion of the ancient esoteric beliefs which have emerged from Babylon, Egypt, and the Hebrew Kabbala School. The higher levels of the Freemasons still worship a ‘God’ called Jahbulon - Jah (Jehovah, Hebrew), Bul (Baal, Babylon), and On (Osiris, Egypt). Perhaps the most important achievement by this Global Elite-Brotherhood on the journey to world domination has been the colonization of America, a land it knew existed long before it was officially ‘discovered’. Throughout known human history, there have been two levels of knowledge operating on this planet. One is made public for the mass of the people to see, most of which is flawed and manipulated to control our thinking and the reality we create, while the other is known only to the few, mostly in the Elite levels of the Brotherhood. The conventional story behind the ‘discovery’ of the Americas is an example of this.


The history books tell us that Christopher Columbus made a guess in 1492 that the Earth was round or pear-shaped and if he sailed west, he believed, he would eventually reach India and the Far East which had already been identified by Marco Polo. It is said that he ‘accidentally’ discovered what we call the West Indies and that he believed he had found India, to the day he died.


We are further told that John Cabot and his son, Sebastian, both Venetians, set off from Bristol four years after Columbus had sailed from Spain; Cabot ‘discovered’ North America in 1497. No link is offered by conventional history between these two events. But when you look deeper there is a potential link: the knowledge held by the Brotherhood network, which had been passed on secretly since the time of Atlantis.

The 33rd degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall, points out in his book, America’s Assignment With Destiny,2 that John Cabot’s real name was Giovanni Caboto.


He was born in Genoa, the city where Colombus is said to have been born, and Caboto later became a naturalized Venetian. It is suggested that he was involved with a secret Christian Brotherhood sect known as the Johannites, which was greatly influenced by the esoteric doctrines of the Templars. Legends say he visited the so called ‘Wise Men of the Near East’ - just as Colombus had done. Columbus had his own Brotherhood connections.


His father was a member of the Brotherhood branch, The Order of the Christ. Columbus himself was involved with a group which followed the beliefs of the poet Dante, who was a member of the Cathar Church and an initiate of the Knights Templar.


Columbus was often seen wearing the garb of what was believed to be the Franciscan Order. Columbus’s son said his father had died in such attire. The priests at the ancient Egyptian Brotherhood Temple at El-Amarna wore a similar habit, as did a Brotherhood group called the Fraternities at the time of Columbus. These are only some of his Brotherhood connections. Columbus’s father-in-law was a member of the Knights of Christ, the undercover name for the Knights Templar.


When the Templars were purged across Europe, they survived in Portugal by changing their name to the Knights of Christ. They devoted themselves to maritime activity. The explorer, Vasco de Gama, was a Knight of Christ, as was Prince Henry the Navigator, a Grand Master of the Order.


Columbus’s father-in-law was one of Prince Henry’s captains, and inherited maps and charts from him which Columbus used to ‘find’ the Americas. The red cross on a white background was the Templars symbol. It was outlawed by the Pope at the time of the purge. Columbus’s ships sailed with the red cross on a white background! 3


His historic journey was funded by King Ferdinand of Aragon, Spain and Queen Isabella of Castile, Spain, whose marriage helped to unify Spain.


These were ‘Catholic’ monarchs funding a trip by a man flying the flag of the Knights Templar. More than that, other support came from Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo de Medici, both high initiates of Brotherhood secret societies. Given this background to Columbus and Caboto, it is hardly stretching the bounds of credibility to suggest that their ‘discovery’ of different parts of the Americas within four or five years of each other was no coincidence.


Many of the early explorers and colonizers were known to be members of Brotherhood societies. They knew what they were looking for because they had the maps and charts of the world passed down over thousands of years by the Brotherhood, perhaps since Atlantis.


In 1513, Piri Reis, an admiral in the navy of the Ottoman Turks, produced a map showing the land mass of Antarctica which then, as now, was covered by a mile thick sheet of ice! Antarctica wasn’t even officially ‘discovered’ until 300 years after the map was compiled. The United States Airforce has confirmed that the map agrees “very remarkably”4 with the results of the seismic profile produced by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949. This indicates, says the US airforce, that “the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice cap”.5 They said they had no idea how the data on the Piri Reis map can be reconciled with the state of geographical knowledge in 1513. I can help them there.


Piri Reis compiled his map from maps and charts passed on through the higher levels of the Brotherhood. The evidence is mounting that far from being there for millions of years, the ice cap has only been there for maybe 6,000 years. The world was mapped before that date by civilizations far in advance of what we have been told by conventional, doctored history, which is designed to fool, not inform us. Columbus and Cabot found the Americas for one simple reason. They knew what was there! Colonizing the Americas and particularly North America seems to have been a long-term aim of The Great Work of Ages or the New World Order.


Sir Francis Bacon, the Grand Chancellor of England, was a Brotherhood member of high rank at the time of Elizabeth I and James I.


He was a Grand Commander of the Brotherhood Order called the Rosicrucians, and very much involved in the underground operations of the Knights Templar traditions. Bacon passed on knowledge secretly in codes contained in works like the Shakespearean plays, which he wrote himself. The evidence for this is very substantial and the Shakespeare story is a myth. Sorry Stratford! Bacon used the network to encourage the colonizing of North America, not the least to stop the Spanish getting control of it. More than that, however, he was working from the Brotherhood agenda.


People like Sir Walter Raleigh were also in Bacon’s circle, along with other prominent names in Elizabethan society. I stress that not everyone within the Brotherhood is of negative intent. Most are persuaded by those even higher up the ladder that the Great Work is for the good of all people. Most Brotherhood members have no idea of the despotism contained in the real agenda which is known to only the tiny few. Indeed, the real agenda is known only to the Prison Warders of the Fourth Dimension who have been the common link in the conspiracy over thousands of years.

In his work, The New Atlantis, Bacon sets out his vision of a new world in which the power is exercised by a secret society, The Temple of Solomon. In Bacon’s vision, the privileged elite study the sciences in secret and act as an invisible government, deciding what the people should and should not be told. All this is remarkably like the secret manipulation of events and information today.


But then, it’s not so remarkable really, because the plan Bacon was working from in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries is the same one that is being followed by the present day Brotherhood. Some of them genuinely believe it is the best way to run the world, but, I most strongly suggest, they are fundamentally misguided because they do not appreciate how such a world can be easily manipulated by the few to the detriment of all. Most importantly, they do not realize that the Prison Warders are manipulating the whole thing, including them.

Another significant name in this period was Dr. John Dee, an adept (high initiate) and the official astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I. He was also her unofficial secret agent, and signed his reports 007.6


In a diary entry written in Prague in 1586, Dee describes an encounter with a “little man” whose feet “seemed not to touch the ground by a foot height, who moved in a little fiery cloud” and who went up into the sky “in a great pillar of fire”. In Prague, Dee gave the Emperor Rudolph an illustrated manuscript, written in code and claimed to be the work of Roger Bacon, the thirteenth century Franciscan monk who upset the church authorities with his views and ideas. These included prophecies about the microscope, the telescope, the car, submarine, aeroplane, and the belief that the Earth was a sphere. All of these facts would have been transmitted from the Fourth Dimension.


In 1912, this same manuscript was bought by an American book dealer called Wilfrid Voynich and became known as the Voynich Manuscript. When he sent copies to the ‘experts’ of the day, they said that most of the hundreds of plants illustrated did not grow on Earth. Some illustrations looked like tissue seen under a microscope and others were of star systems and constellations.


The best code breakers available to United States intelligence in both the first and second world wars tried to decipher what they called “the most mysterious manuscript in the world”, but none could do it.


A professor at the University of Pennsylvania called William Romaine Newbold claimed to have decoded some of it in 1921.


He said part of the text read:

“In a concave mirror, I saw a star in the form of a snail between the navel of Pegasus, the girdle of Andromeda, and the head of Cassiopeia.”7

What Roger Bacon describes in the manuscript that was acquired by John Dee is now known to be accurate and the illustration he includes of the Andromeda nebula is also correct, but it is depicted from an angle which cannot be seen from the Earth!


Dee was an adept and channeller of great renown and claimed to communicate with an ‘angel with a wand’, an extraterrestrial.


The knowledge held within the secret society network has always been far - often centuries - in advance of what the mass of the people are allowed to know. The knowledge of the existence of America and its long term place in the plan was well known to these Elizabethan adepts, as it was to those who guided Columbus and the Cabots, thanks to the Fourth Dimensional manipulators.

The first permanent English settlement in North America was established at Jamestown, Virginia (named after Elizabeth the ‘virgin queen’), in 1607. Many members of the Francis Bacon family were among the early settlers. From that point on, the native culture of North America was doomed, as was that of South and Central America once the Spanish and Portuguese arrived. The way the native peoples were slaughtered without mercy and their cultures destroyed without respect or compassion was one of the most appalling episodes in all of human history.


Thousands of settlers sailed west from Europe to escape religious persecution after the Brotherhood-engineered Reformation divided the Christian Church into Protestants and Catholics. This created division and conflict and weakened the power of the Pope. But when the persecuted peoples arrived in America, they often proceeded to persecute the native population and the immigrants of other religious beliefs in the same merciless way that they themselves had been treated.

The land they occupied, now called the United States, was and is a key weapon in the Brotherhood’s long term plan for world domination. The Masonic societies went through a massive change and expansion after the English Civil War and especially in the early 1700s. Up to that point, only people who worked by profession as masons or building craftsmen could be members. Now it became open to all and Freemasonary or Speculative Masonry was born. It is likely that Francis Bacon was a force behind this transformation.


The centre of the Freemasonic network that now expanded rapidly was a new Grand Lodge (launched in London in 1717) which became known as the Mother Grand Lodge of the World. It was a centre of Freemasonic manipulation, encouraging other lodges to be set up throughout Europe, the British Empire, and the Americas. Many other versions of Freemasonry were introduced, including the York Rite and the Scottish Rite of Michael Ramsey (which was based on the Knights Templar system).


The Scottish Rite has 33 degrees of initiation and today has enormous influence in the politics, economics, military, and security services of Britain, Europe, the United States, and many other countries. New York was named after the York Rite of Freemasonry. The Brotherhood plan was for the establishment of an independent United States of America - independent of the British government, that is, not independent of the Brotherhood.


Encouraged by the Mother Grand Lodge in London, the Freemasonic lodges in the colonies of America began to plot and agitate against British rule. An economic crisis was engineered, not least through war between Britain and the French. As part of their desperation for income, the British government imposed higher taxation and duties on the American colonies. It was an operation created and coordinated by the Global Elite which has been repeated over and over again. The network in Britain, as in every other country, includes key bankers, many politicians, and, more importantly, their political advisers.


They secretly engineered events which caused an economic crisis in Britain. They then advised the British government that the only way out of trouble was to levy higher taxation on the American colonies. At the same time, the American arm of the Brotherhood was being directed to whip up hostility against this action and turn that anger into demands for independence from Britain. It appears on the surface - and in the history books - as Britain versus the American colonies. In fact, the same network was manipulating both sides. This is how all the major wars and revolutions have been created, as we shall see.


This strategy was described very well by P. Sedir in his Histoire et doctrine des Rose-Croix, published in Paris in 1910:

“Unable to control destinies on Earth openly because governments would resist, this mystic alliance can act only through secret societies.. .These, gradually created as the need for them arises, are divided into distinct groups, groups seemingly in opposition, sometimes advocating the most contradictory policies in religion, politics, economics, and literature; but they are all connected, all directed by the invisible centre that hides its power as it thus seeks to move all the sceptres of the Earth.”

The opposition by the American colonies led the British government to withdraw the new taxes, except for those on tea, but the Brotherhood was not going to let the anger subside.


Members of the St. Andrews Freemasons Lodge in Boston, led by the Junior Warden, Paul Revere, dressed up as native American ‘Indians’ and threw tea chests into the harbour to protest at the tax on tea. The Boston Tea Party, as it became known, was hatched during a supper at the home of the Bradlee brothers, who were both members of the St. Andrews Lodge.8 The momentum for a war of independence gathered strength until it was unstoppable.

The leading revolutionaries and those who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were almost all Freemasons. George Washington, the triumphant Commander-in-Chief of the American armies and the first president of the United States of America, was a high ranking Freemason and all but two of his brigadier generals in the war were Masons.


Top Freemason and Freemasonic historian, Manly P. Hall, says that of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence, nearly fifty were known to be Freemasons and only one was known not to be.9 Another researcher, Enrique De Vincente, says that fifty-three of the signatories were Freemasons and that seventeen presidents, beginning with Washington, have been members of the Order. The second president, John Adams, belonged to a secret society known as The Dragons, named after the magnetic energy lines in the Earth’s energy grid. He studied the sacred geometry contained in the energy grid and knew how to harness the power it contained.10

One of the leading revolutionaries and founding fathers of the United States was Benjamin Franklin, the first Grand Master of the Freemasons of Pennsylvania. He became a friend of Sir Francis Dashwood, the Chancellor of the British Treasury, and founder of the secret society called the Club of Hell’s Fire. Franklin became a member along with the Mayor of London, the son of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Prince of Wales.


He travelled to France to canvass successfully for the support of the French Freemasons for the American Revolution, and he also secured the services of the German Freemason, Baron von Streube, who served in the army of Frederick the Great of Prussia.

The baron was to play a major part in the colonists’ victory over the British. Franklin’s connections with the French Brotherhood were very close and he became a high ranking member of the Lodges of San Juan and the Nine Sisters which,
in league with the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, would trigger the French Revolution of 1789. Franklin was made Grand Master of the Nine Sisters. One of the central revolutionaries in France, the Marquis de Lafayette, was a friend of Franklin and supported him and the colonists during the American Revolution.


Freemasons manipulated and won the War of Independence and then took control of the new United States of America. They, and other Brotherhood groups, have never conceded that control to this day. How appropriate, then, that when the founding fathers commissioned a design for the Great Seal of the United States, it included the classic Brotherhood (Prison Warder) symbols which go back to ancient Egypt and beyond, including the pyramid and all-seeing eye. Above and below this symbol are two Latin phrases, Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum. These translate as “Announcing the birth, creation, or arrival” of “A New Order of Ages”.


In other words, announcing the creation of the New World Order. The founding of the United States was a massive step forward in the plan for centralized global power.


Today this part of the seal can be found on every dollar bill (see Figure 4), and again this is very appropriate, given that the Elite controls the American economy and everyone else’s. The decision to put the Pyramid/New World Order symbol on the dollar was made by the 33rd degree Freemason, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1935, with the full support and encouragement of his vice president, Henry Wallace, another 33rd degree Mason.11


Mr Roosevelt will be making many appearances in the text of the next few chapters. The American flag, the Stars and Stripes, was also designed to reflect Brotherhood symbolism and the Statue of Liberty was given to American Freemasons by the French Grand Orient (Illuminati) Masonic Order.12


figure 4


While ties were ‘officially’ severed between Britain and the United States after the war, those between the American Brotherhood societies and ruling families and their brethren in Britain and Europe grew still stronger, through the secret network.


Again, I am not suggesting that everyone involved in the fight for American independence was negatively motivated, nor that all in the Brotherhood lodges are of a similar state of mind. Most would have been persuaded they were doing the right thing and in many ways they were.


Often it is not the act, but the motivation behind the act that we need to watch. One country owning and controlling another is quite wrong, in my view. But we need to look at the wider agenda and motivation behind a course of action and look very carefully at what the proposed alternative will be. Control of America by a British monarch and government being replaced by control of America by a secret Brotherhood hardly advances human freedom, but - and here’s the point to remember - such a transfer of power and control can be (and invariably is) justified under the banner of expanding human freedom. The American War of Independence was the first in a series of ‘people’s revolutions’, created and financed by the Brotherhood.


The plan was to end the power of the monarchs. I do not oppose this if it is done peacefully and with genuine popular support. But instead of ‘power to the people’, the monarchs were replaced by other dictatorships, called revolutionary committees, communists, fascists or, more subtly, by the illusion of ‘democracy’, which in reality was and is rule by the Elite.


Let us summarize where we are. A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the negative manipulators on the Fourth Dimension, the Prison Warders. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid, which I have dubbed the Global Elite.


These, in turn, manipulate the lower levels of the network, within which you will find most of the major national and global decision-makers in politics, banking, industry, commerce, the media, the military, etc.

The Prison Warders manipulate the Elite,

the Elite manipulate the Brotherhood network,

and the Brotherhood network manipulates the world.

Each lower level doesn’t know what the level above knows, and none of them knows what the Prison Warders know. It is a manipulators’ paradise, with most people within it not knowing what they are part of or what the final goal will be.


You could describe it symbolically as,

  • the clear-sighted (ETs) manipulating...

  • the partially-sighted (Global Elite/Brotherhood),

  • who then manipulate the blind (the mass of humanity).

With the United States now created and in Brotherhood hands, the control of the world could be advanced even more quickly than before.





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