Notre Dame de France

at Leicester Square

Cocteau Mural

from Crusader Website


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Notre Dame de France - Entrance in Leicester Place, London.


Notre Dame de France - the complete Mural


1st Roman

2nd Roman

Jean Cocteau 
(+ Horus ?)


3rd Roman


Central Scene


Mary, Mother of Christ, at feet of Crucified Figure and symbolic Rose

Mary, Mother of Christ

Mary Magdalene - looking away from Crucified Figure

The Two Marys


1st Unidentified Figure

1st Unidentified Figure and 'Black Sun'


Two Marys, 1st Unidentified Figure and Black Sun.

4th Roman

2nd Unidentified Figure

Group of 3 at RHS of Mural


Complete RHS of Mural


Altar dedicated to Mary


Rose & Cross and Feet of Crucified Figure


1st 2 Romans

'Casting of Lots'