Book of Leviticus

Texts from the King James Version

from TheCommandmentsOfYHWH Website




Ch. 1

Burnt offerings of the herds, flocks, and fowls Text

Ch. 2

Meat offerings Text

Ch. 3

Peace offerings of the herds and flocks Text

Ch. 4

Sin offering of ignorance for the priest, the congregation, for a ruler, or any of the people Text

Ch. 5

Trespass offerings for concealing uncleanness, vows, or for sacrilege or sins of ignorance Text

Ch. 6

Trespass offerings for sins done wittingly; burnt offerings; meat offerings; sin offerings Text

Ch. 7

The law of the trespass offering; the peace offerings; fat and blood are forbidden; the priests' portion Text

Ch. 8

Aaron and sons are consecrated; their sin offering; burnt offering; aspects of their consecration Text

Ch. 9

Aaron's sin offering and burnt offering for himself and the people Text

Ch. 10

Nadab and Abihu burned; priests forbidden wine when they enter the tabernacle; the law of eating holy things Text

Ch. 11

Of meats clean and unclean Text

Ch. 12

Purification of a woman after childbirth; her offerings Text

Ch. 13

Laws and tokens for discerning leprosy Text

Ch. 14

Cleansing of a leper; signs of leprosy in a house; cleansing the house Text

Ch. 15

Unclean issues of men and women; their cleansing Text

Ch. 16

How the priest must enter the holy place; sin offerings for himself and the people; the scapegoat; the feast of expiations Text

Ch. 17

Blood of beasts must be offered at the tabernacle door; eating of blood forbidden Text

Ch. 18

Unlawful marriages and lusts Text

Ch. 19

Various laws Text

Ch. 20

Giving seed to Molech; of going to wizards; of sanctification; of cursing parents; of adultery; incest; sodomy Text

Ch. 21

Priests' mourning; their holiness; their marriages; blemished priests must not minister in the sanctuary Text

Ch. 22

Unclean priests must abstain from holy things; who may eat the holy things; unblemished sacrifices Text

Ch. 23

Feasts; the Sabbath; the passover; the day of atonement; the feast of tabernacles Text

Ch. 24

Oil for the lamps; the shewbread; of murder; the blasphemer stoned Text

Ch. 25

Seventh year sabbath; the year of jubile; of redeeming servants Text

Ch. 26

Of idolatry; of religiousness; blessings for obedience; curses for disobedience; a promise to the penitent Text

Ch. 27

Concerning vows; the Lord's firstlings; no devoted thing may be redeemed; the tithe may not be changed Text


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