by Brett Palmer
June 22, 2010

from YouTube Website



An examination of the biblical creation story of Genesis in light of recent scientific discoveries.


Also examined are attempts to reinterpret the Genesis creation account alongside these discoveries.

  • Is the creation story of Genesis compatible with modern science?

  • Does a literal reading of the text show remarkable knowledge of future discoveries?

  • Or, must the text be reinterpreted to align it with today’s scientific discoveries?

The Bible mentions water as the one pre-existent element in the universe when God begins his creative week.

  • Is that possible?

  • Were the elements for water, hydrogen and oxygen, available in the early universe?

Dr. David Neiman explains that the “light” of creation matches perfectly the discoveries of science.


And, also,

Can there have been “days” of creation before the existence of our sun?

God is said to have gathered the waters into seas, exposed the dry land and brought forth vegetation. How does this sequence of events line up with modern scientific discoveries?

Biblical creation story sees the formation of the sun, moon and stars, firmly placed into the dome of the sky.


Has Genesis yet found itself able to parallel what has been discovered through modern science regarding the formation of these heavenly bodies?