by Sean David Morton


The physics of the universe demand that nature be in conflict.


It is always about the survival of the fittest, as physical and spiritual evolution grinds its way upwards. This means that every complete system must have an equal and opposite. A complimentary force. The positive electrical charge, opposed by the negative charge, creates a third force, which is a balanced combination of the two. The Kabbalah calls it the "Daath" force.

The anthropocentric tendencies of humanity usually see man as being the most significant entity in the universe, interpreting the world in terms of human values and experiences. Our anthropomorphic mind ascribes human characteristics to non-human things. So we see the infinite powers of the Creation in terms of the human family.


The Father as the Generator force, the Mother (or Holy Spirit) as the Operative nurturing force, and the combination, or balance of these masculine and feminine forces, as the Son/Daughter, or child. This third force usually represents destruction and sexuality. Destroying what has come before, but planting the seeds of rebirth to begin the next cycle with the Son taking the new role of the father. This Holy Trinity is an idea that has cut across every human culture from the beginning of time.

Humanity sees everything in personal terms. We see the natural Negative/Positive interplay of the Universe in terms of Good vs. Evil, God vs. Lucifer, Jesus vs. Satan, Buddha vs. Maya, Christ vs. Anti-Christ, etc. Sort of a World Wrestling Federation view of the cosmos. If it is bad for me, it is bad for the universe. The mouse can see things only from its perspective at the bottom of the food chain.


The eagle sees the pattern of all things and how they operate in harmony.
With that being said, every major religion in the world, has seen some kind of last global conflict between the forces of Good and Evil. Evil, from our perspective, is naturally parasitic, and cannot exist on it’s own. The parasite must feed off the host organism. Therefore, if there is a Holy Trinity, then there must also be an UN-holy trinity. An UN-Holy Father, an UN-holy mother (un-holy ghost?) and an UN-holy son (who I presume would drink only the UN-cola!/ . . . sorry).

But one religion’s Heaven is another’s Hell. The Native Americans, and all conquered indigenous peoples, viewed the Christian Jesus and his angels as the Devil and his host of demons, because the Christians who brought them committed mass genocide, wiping out entire civilizations, because their god, "told them to!"

They believe that when the Great White Demon and the evil Sky People invade for the last time (the return of Jesus and the Saints) that the Children of the Planet will circle the world like "Buffalo protecting their young, and fight to the death to defend their own".


The Jewish Talmud is another example:

"You (the Jewish people) have made me, Jahveh, the only true lord in the world, so I will make you the only ruler in the world." Talmud IV/4/81
"Just as the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are not humans, but cattle." (goyim=human cattle) Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a
"When the Messiah comes, all will be the slaves of the Jews!" Erubin 43b.

Makes you sort of wonder who exactly they plan on making "The Boss"?

Before you think I am picking on anyone, these quotes from the Talmud are just a small sample of the doctrines of over 250 different religions, who all think that "THEIR" great messiah will come and put them in charge!


The Catholics, the Mormons, the Hindus, the Fundamentalist Christians, the Baptists... even the Moral Majority, all think that when the Messiah comes, everybody else BUT THEM is in a lot of trouble, and THEIR version of the truth will be imposed by force and pain of death on the rest of the world, and everybody who doesn’t get with the program is "Cleansed", a nice way of saying uncomfortably executed.

So, from a historical and investigative perspective you can see the problem of pinning down one supremely evil individual, who is to be the physical incarnation of Lucifer himself, along with his accomplices, the false prophet and the Beast, who wage the last great war against all humanity.

So if we look at the Greek word "Kristos" or Christ, as meaning "God Knowing" or "the Anointed One who has God within", then Christ represented knowledge, wisdom, honesty, truth, kindness, charity, and freedom. An anti-Christ, would be the antithesis of all that.

History has been filled with a lot of nasty characters. But those men were just the titular heads of much more vicious organizations who caused untold death and destruction. Their ultimate purpose was to make sure that humanity did not evolve.

The Prophet Daniel, in a startling vision of the future, gave exact details and dates based on a procession of 2300 prophetic "Days" or years. His prophecy begins in 456 BC when the foundation is laid for the Temple of Solomon, and ends, if you simply do the math, in 1844 AD, where the "Tabernacle" of the Earth will begin an era of "cleansing by fire." Daniel predicts the empires of Babylon, Alexander the Great and the Meado-Persians and the Roman Era. He predicts the years of the birth of Christ, his rejection by the Jews, and death.

The last empire he speaks of has many confused with the final anti-Christ at the end of the age. Daniel foresaw a ten (10) nation confederation born on the seven hills of Rome as a revised Roman empire, coming after the Golden Roman age. This empire would have "feet of clay" being based on lies and deception. It would have a succession of leaders. It would enforce a universal language, a universal religion and would bring an age of repression and darkness. It would burn its enemies at the stake, and "persecute the saints", even giving the number of 15,000 dead during one era.

The organization that Daniel describes is very clearly the Catholic Church. The word "Catholic," in accordance with Daniel, even means "Universal". It even began the Inquisition to persecute the Knights Templar, and burned 15,000 of them at the stake from 1305 to 1360 AD.

The back of this "Anti-Christ" would be broken in 1798 AD, exactly as Daniel prophesied, when Napoleon invaded Italy, and took the Laurel Crown from the hands of the Pope, placed it on his own head, and said, "I do not recognize your authority!" The Vatican Army was disbanded, and the Pope was stripped of the power to persecute heretics, which I assure you they would be doing today if they could, as it is STILL official church policy (look it up!).

Then we come to "John the Divine" who had his remarkable visions on the Greek Isle of Patmos. His letters to the seven assemblies of Asia-Minor became the Book of Revelation in 96 AD. It was only included in the final version of the Bible at the 10th century Council of Toledo, and only made the cut by one vote when the Pope voted to break a dead tie in its favor after severe editing and a savage rewrite.

There is a body of evidence to support that John was in fact Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead. Most of our modern perceptions of the anti-Christ come from him.

But I must point out that all of the Angels, Horses, Seals, Beasts and Vials that are released, broken and poured out upon the earth, are brought by GOD and have little to do with some supremely evil human entity.


However, they are not the focus of this article.




The first earthly antagonist doesn’t appear until Rev. 12:7 when Michael and his angels cast a great dragon down from heaven onto the earth, who is called, "The Devil, and Accuser, the deceiver of the whole habitable world." The Dragon’s first act is to pursue the Woman who had given birth to a son who would "rule with an iron rod all the nations."

A False Prophet (the ANTI-John the Baptist) appears being able to perform great wonders and accurately prophesy future events. He predicts and gives credibility to an evil being who will set himself up against Christ and the people of God in the last days before the SECOND COMING. The term is used only in the writings and scenario of John in Revelation.


It refers to one who stands in opposition to all that Jesus Christ represents (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7). John wrote that several antichrists existed already in his day--false teachers who denied the deity and the incarnation of Christ, but that the supreme Antichrist of history would appear at some future time.

The anti-Christ’s primary work is deception, which also characterizes SATAN in his attempts to undermine the work of God in the world. Biblically, Satan’s deception begins in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) and continues to the end of time. The DRAGON (or serpent) of Revelation 12 is Satan, the Serpent mentioned in Genesis 3. Thus the thread of Satan’s deceptive work may be traced from Genesis through Revelation. That work reaches its climax in the Antichrist, who receives his authority and power from the Dragon. (Rev. 13:4).

The work of Satan through the anti-Christ is rooted in the prophecies of Daniel who speaks of a beast with ten horns and one little horn (Dan. 7:7-8). The Ancient of Days will kill the beast and throw it in the fire (Dan. 7:11). Then, according to Daniel, one like the Son of Man will receive the everlasting kingdom (Dan. 7:13-14).

The anti-Christ will be the sum total of the beasts referred to in Daniel 7 (Rev. 13:1-4). He will speak arrogant, boastful words and he will be aided by the FALSE PROPHET, who will make the entire earth worship him (Rev. 13:11-12) and receive his mark (Rev. 13:16-17) the number of the beast, being 666, a mysterious code name.

Those who worship the Antichrist will experience certain doom through the wrath of God (Rev. 14:9-11). The Antichrist makes war against Christ and His army, but he is captured and is "cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone" (Rev. 19:20). He is later joined by the Devil, a separate entity and together they "will be tormented day and night forever and ever" (Rev. 20:10). The Devil, the BEAST (or Antichrist), and the False Prophet form the Unholy Trinity, counterfeiting Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. After much wickedness and suffering has been loosed against Christ and His people, the Satanic rebellion will be crushed by the power of God.

Although the apostle Paul never uses the term "Antichrist" (as the very name Jesus Christ wasn’t invented until 326 AD so there is some very HEAVY editing and forging going on!), he wrote of the great apostasy, or "falling away" that would occur before the return of Christ (2 Thess. 2:1-12).


The Antichrist is also called "the lawless one" (v.9) who, empowered and inspired by Satan, will lead the final rebellion against God (v. 3.), but will be destroyed at the coming of the Lord. Paul urges believers to stand firm in the faith and not be deceived by the Antichrist who will display "all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders" (2 Thess. 2:9, NIV).

The story ends with the appearance in the sky of the Rider On The White Horse followed by the Armies of Heaven at the Battle of Armageddon. The beast and the Kings of the Earth put up a good fight, but are all slaughtered and the "birds are gorged with their flesh!" (Rev. 19)




The Great Pyramid of Giza has a prophetic sacred geometrical code that makes it a gigantic clock. A prophecy in stone, describing 7 "Days" of 1000 years each. It ’speaks’ of a procession of human spiritual evolution that occurs on this planet, that may happen over and over again when the galaxy grinds to certain positions in a 26,000 year cycle.

There is a "Messianic Triangle" configuration just at the beginning of the 60 foot high, 7 tiered, polished granite Grand Gallery. It points to the birth of the "Great Messianic Initiate" in 2 BC, and the fulfillment of His mission and His final enlightenment (not His death) in April of 33 AD.

At the far end of the Grand Gallery is The Great Step, relating to the year 1844 AD, which begins an unprecedented era of human progress, but also leading to a technological age it calls "Hell on Earth". The step flattens out in 1914 AD, and points to "An Age of Universal Reincarnation" or what the Christians would call, "The Resurrection of the Quick and the Dead". Six Billion would be the trigger for the Final Age, as it would mean that every one who had ever lived would finally be alive for the "Great Day Of Judgment".

In 1933, the Christ consciousness begins to permeate the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to higher consciousness, the Ascension Frequency, and political, social and economic changes that would reflect that new vibration.

Just as a positive force moving in one direction creates its equal and opposite negative force, there is an "Anti-Christ Inverted Triangle" that runs from 1933 to 1944. This period would herald the rise and fall of an "Anti-Messiah" or an "Age of Anti-Christs".

The angle begins (according to the measurements of Tompkins and Lemusiuer) in November 1933, the exact month that Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, and ends with the "completion of the anti-messiah’s mission" in April of 1944. It does not intimate that this anti-messiah dies at that time.

With his use of the swastika, the SS double lighting bolts, the Black Sun, the German cross and the Vril, Hitler used and perverted all of the symbols of the ancient Aryan race. He used every trick in the book to establish himself as the messiah of the "Third Rule of 1000 years". He took a nation that was in total financial, industrial, agricultural and political ruins to within a heartbeat of conquering the world in less than 6 years. He was worshiped by his followers and by the German people for a period of time, and came closer to establishing a "Messianic Dynasty" than anyone since Napoleon or Alexander.

The time coding shows that the age of great Anti-Christs is over and now it is just human stupidity that brings on, and continues our destruction. The lowest point of consciousness for all of humanity, according to the Great Pyramid, begins in 2005 AD when mankind stumbles into the Great Pit 151 feet beneath the Pyramid.

This dark period ends in 2025 AD with the reestablishment of civilization, a sign in the sky on Sept. 17, 2034, and the return of the "Messianic Initiate" on October 31, 2939 AD.




The old boy has been more accurate than anyone in giving exact details in regards to Grand Maniacal World Leaders, so we should best give heed to what he says. The only real problem is, that he never actually FINGERS who the last Great anti-Christ IS! It almost seems that he reluctantly goes along with the Christian line, just enough to save his own neck.

The good doctor saw three great anti-Christs and gave some details of their bloody careers. Nostradamus, being French, gave the greatest attention to the first which he clearly named as Napoleon Bonaparte. Two hundred years before his birth, he even calls him by name in one of the quatrains, but misspells it. When Napoleon died, his name was misspelled on his tomb, EXACTLY THE WAY NOSTRADAMUS HAD MISSPELLED IT IN HIS QUATRAINS ! !

The second A.C. was also named as a Germanic King of the North named "HISTER" and that he would come from a foreign land into Germany, as Napoleon came from Corsica. Hitler was born on the banks of the Danube river in Austria, which in ancient times was called the "Hister River“, and Hitler, like the river, did indeed "flow" from Austria into Germany.

The third and last great anti-Christ is NEVER directly named. Although, once he comes to power, there may be an obvious name for him that can only be seen with hindsight. Nostradamus is tricky that way. No one picked up the "Hister" reference and how it related to his history and origin until well after the fact.

Nostradamus does not seem to be looking at the same person all of the time. There are some maddening clues. We are given the name RAYPOZ as some kind of anagram. We are fed the name Mabus, which if you write it down and hold it up in a mirror (an old Nostradamus trick) comes out "sudaM". But even the word "Maubus" in the French means "To terrorize! To strike fear! To kill in the night! To murder indiscriminately." He also says that his name is barbaric, and almost impossible for Westerners to pronounce.

But he also calls him "The Persian Prince", and "Man in the Blue Turban." It is nowhere near as clear as Orson Well’s in "THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW" would have you believe. The one thing that seems to be agreed upon is that he will be the leader of a great Islamic Confederation. Some Nostradamus interpreters believe he invades Italy, leveling Rome, and driving up into the soft underbelly of Europe.


But this is the kind of mass movement of populations and troops that Nostradamus is used to, so why does he not go into more detail? Instead, his quatrains and predictions just peter out and mysteriously end around 2005, although he makes a few more references to specific later dates.

In Nostradamus’ "EPISTLE to Henry II, King of France", he lays out his visions of the future in specific terms. He describes the ages of all three anti-Christs, and gives the fates and defeats of the first two, but not the third.


After the defeat of Hitler by the King of Aquilon (the North, the US) he describes the last age:

"55. After that Antichrist will be the infernal prince again, for the last time. All the Kingdoms of Christianity will tremble, even those of the infidels, for the space of 25 years.

Wars and battles will be more grievous and towns, cities, castles and all other edifices will be burned, desolated and destroyed, with great effusion of vestal blood, violations of married women and widows, and sucking children dashed and broken against the walls of towns. By means of Satan, Prince Infernal, so many evils will be committed that nearly all the world will find itself undone and desolated.


Before these events some ’rare birds’ [lit. translation: unusual flying objects!] will cry in the air: Hui! Hui! [Today! Today!], and some time later will vanish!

"56. After this has endured for a long time, there will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and golden age. Hearing the affliction of his people, God the Creator will command that Satan be cast into the depths of the bottomless pit, and bound there. Then a universal peace will commence between God and man, and Satan will remain bound for around a thousand years, and then all unbound.

"57. All these figures represent the just integration of Holy Scriptures with visible celestial bodies, namely Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and others conjoined, as can be seen more at length in the quatrains. I would have calculated them even further, Most Serene King, but for the fact that some given to censure would raise difficulties. Therefore I withdraw my pen and seek nocturnal repose."

Sound a lot like the entire 20th Century?

Islam is still waiting for their true Messiah, just as the Jews are. In the Koran he is called THE GREAT IMAM. After proving himself to be a miracle worker of great wonders, he climbs the winding stair that leads to the roof of the black cube that houses the KABBA STONE in Mecca. From there he declares himself, and all of Islam unites around. He declares a Holy Jihad on the Infidels, and calls on all true men of Islam to "cleanse the world, so that all may serve the true will of Allah!" (This all sound familiar?)




I get a great deal of my information by going forward, and then looking backwards through time.


Your future then becomes my history. For those of you who are familiar with this newsletter, Vajra Morton is my next incarnation. I have "traded places" with him on occasion, and astrally gone to his future home in New Omaha, Nebraska, which is now an area of the former United States called New Jerusalem. (It’s a long story!)

In THE VAJRA CHRONICLES (D.A.N. issues #35 & 36) he describes an Islamic leader who declares a Great Jihad against the west that leads to the terrorist destruction of a number of US and European cites, including Washington DC, and the near miss of a nuclear missile in New York. He calls this character "Jamal", which is truly ironic because it means ’The Beautiful One’.

But he goes on to say that Jamal is a minor nuisance compared to an invasion of North America by a faceless horde of 200 million screaming Chinese somewhere around 2017 AD.


We fight them off, and America wins, with the last Great Battle taking place at Denver, Colorado on what will be called, "The Plateau of Judgment".




A prophet, astrologer and seer who reached the height of his fame around the turn of the century, Leonard Hertzog’s work was later resurrected for a book called "Millennium Prophecies" by A.A. Milne.

In 1899, Hertzog predicted the birth of the Anti-Christ as being February 5, 1962, in Jerusalem, which at that time was still part of Syria. February 5, 1962 features a very rare alignment of planets that happens only once every few hundred years, when the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn would align in Aquarius. Uranus was in Leo, Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto was in Virgo, making the alignment even more severe, but none of those planets had been discovered in 1899.

His prediction was that an Islamic leader of royal birth would be born in or near Jerusalem on this date, come to power in 1999 and unite the Arab peoples in a final Jihad against the west, aligning Islam with "Godless China."

He saw the AC attacking Jerusalem and utterly destroying it, sometime a few years after the turn of the 21st century.
Hertzog is one of the true unsung heroes of prophecy, and his accuracy in describing the 20th century, which was unfolding before him, was truly astounding.

In September of 1992, I took Hertzog’s prediction, and had astrologer Louis Turi run a chart based on that data, which I printed in my Manuscript Opus; THE MILLENIUM FACTOR.

With all of those planets in Aquarius, the sign of nuclear energy, this man would not blink an eye at using nuclear weapons or biological warfare to achieve his ends.

JEANNE DIXON... great American Prophetess and Seer, also used Hetzog’s predictions, [whether she knew it or not] and gave some very specific information about the AC. Saying that he would be born on February 5, 1962, and she saw him "dressed as a Prince of Egypt".


That he would be filled with love and light, but then turn to the Dark Side "a dagger dripping with blood! Murderer of the Queen of Peace." She emphasized his royal blood and linage, how world leaders would pay him homage, and how all the world will turn to him as he apparently solves the problems in the middle east, only to turn at the last minute and "lay waste to Jerusalem!"

Blowing Jerusalem to smithereens seems to be the recurring theme in all these scenarios.




In my own visions, I kept seeing a face so strongly in my meditations that I worked with my friend police sketch artist Steve Hill, who lived down the street from me, to make sure I got it right. I saw this man clearly as he was at that time. I felt he would be on the front page of every paper in the world around the turn of the century, taking credit for blowing up planes, buildings, and even poisoning entire cities. That face, as you can see here, was Osama Bin Ladin, the royal Saudia Arabian multi-millionaire, who has become the global financier for Islamic terrorism. He was linked to the bombing of US embassies in Africa, and last week was linked to the apartment building bombings in Moscow which killed 300.

In his possession are 167 US made back-pack Stinger missiles, which we gave him to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. He now plans on using them against us. A well trained team, with those type of weapons, could shut down the entire US aeronautical infrastructure! You could blow up 5 planes a day, from practically anywhere, and never be caught. The chaos would be monumental.

There is evidence that this is exactly what was used on TWA Flight 800, and the Feds have gone to a lot of trouble to cover it up! I am not sure when his birthday is, but when I find out, I will pass it along. I do not believe that we can expect one single individual. I believe that it will be a group of men working in concert to achieve the final goal of enslavement of all humanity. George Orwell’s nightmare (or blueprint) "1984", coming to fruition with "a boot stamping on a human face, for all time!"

Here are the men that I see as key players in the coming chaos:

(BORN January 30, 1962) - King of Jordan (1999). Abdullah was named crown prince less than 2 weeks before he was sworn in as regent of Jordan, following the declaration of the clinical death of his father, Hussein I.
Throughout his adult life, Abdullah has been a career soldier and was until the time he was declared Crown Prince, Commander of the Special Forces of Jordan. The Special Forces has been central in controlling internal order in Jordan and they were in action no later than 1998. Abdullah has for years mainly been known for his interests in extreme sports.


  • 1962:   January 30: Born in Amman as son of king Hussein I and the English-born Queen Mona (whose real name is Toni Gardiner).

  • 1963:   Abdullah is named crown prince.

  • 1965:   Abdullah is replaced as crown prince, by his uncle, Hassan, after king Hussein amends the constitution so that it allows also brothers to be heirs of the Jordanian throne. The background for this change, was that Hussein had been exposed to a number of assassination attempts, and did not want to take the risk of leaving Jordan in the hands of an infant.

  • 1966:   Abdullah is sent to England to attend school. Later he continued his education in the USA.

  • 1980:   Abdullah joins the British military academy at Sandhurst, and later serves with the British army.

  • 1993, June:   Abdullah marries the Palestinian-born Princess Rania.

  • 1999, January 25:   In a last minute coup, Abdullah is announced as new crown prince by his father, replacing his uncle, Hassan.

  • February 5, 1999:   Abdullah is sworn in as regent of Jordan, the day after his father is declared clinically dead.

  • February 7, 1999:   Eight days after his 37th birthday, Abdullah is crowned as new king a few hours after his father dies.

Five US presidents and the heads of state and finance from every nation, including Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and the entire Rothschild family, show up to pay their respects, kiss the ring and pay homage to the new young king.

Abdullah was born 6 days away from the 2/5/1962 target date. In THE MILLENNIUM FACTOR, I described how I saw an urbane young man, in a western suit, and that he was being trained and educated by his UNCLE! And that power would flow from his uncle INTO HIM!  This is EXACTLY what has happened in the case of King Abdullah.

There is a reason why David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, the House of Rothschild and five US presidents, came to kiss his ring and pay homage to him. This is the man to watch!

Kim Jong IL (Born February 8, 1942), leader of North Korea since the death in 1994 of his father, Kim Il Sung, who had ruled the country since 1948. Kim Jong Il was born in Watsukoye, Siberia, in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

In 1973 Kim was elected secretary in charge of organization and propaganda for the Korean Worker’s Party (KWP) and was given high ranking in the Politburo, the party’s principal policymaking body.

In 1991 he was named supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army. He was appointed to the rank of marshal, with his father as grand marshal, in 1992.

Kim Il Sung officially designated his son as his successor to the presidency, effecting the first hereditary transfer of power in a Communist state. Kim Il Sung died unexpectedly on July 8, 1994. Although there was no immediate public inauguration of Kim as president of North Korea, in October 1997, Kim was named general secretary of the KWP and in September 1998, he was reappointed Chairman of the National Defense Committee, now North Korea’s highest post.

He speaks no other languages and has never met a Caucasian, however he is reported to have one of the largest collections of pornography in the world.

His birthplace and background have been officially "Changed", and he is being readied for "Deification" just as his father was.

His government maintains over 100 hundred "Pleasure Villas" for the use of his government officials. Specially designated "Pleasure Teams" are chosen from senior class high school girls, or are kidnapped from Hong Kong and Macao. The girls are divided up into dance, song and sexual satisfaction categories.

Not only are they in possession of nuclear weapons, and missile delivery systems, but the North Koreans are building an immense arsenal of biological weapons.


They are focusing on missile high atmospheric "Vapor Bombs" which can deliver small pox, anthrax or other diseases long since eradicated in the west, and for which, there are no longer ample vaccines.


His background was covered thoroughly in THE DARK PROPHET (Vol. II, Issue #15, Dec. 15, 1994), he is still represented by Benjamin Creme and the Rockefeller financed SHARE INTERNATIONAL. Creme maintains that Lord Maitreya is a higher, more evolved Master than Jesus Christ, and that he is alive now, living somewhere in the Asian community north of London, England.


Creme claims that Maitreya met with Bush and Gorbachov on a secluded yacht in Malta, and that he continues to hold audiences with only high level government officials and elite members of the world press, who are "planning to announce his arrival."

Though he has yet to make his appearance on the world scene, Creme claims that when the Maitreya DOES appear, it will be simultaneously through every television in the world, and that he will send a message of peace and love telepathically in every language.

Creme is a devotee of Alice Bailey who originally published all her books under "LUCIFER PRESS", which was later changed to "LUCIUS PRESS" which is Greek for Lucifer. Creme is an outspoken proponent of the UN, the destruction of the US so that "all the world’s poor can be fed" and has been, in his own words, "A card carrying member of the Communist Party for over 30 years."


He has trained extensively in Moscow and his message of global peace, on Lord Maitreya’s terms, should not be trusted.


Bill Gates is "publicly" the richest man in the world. He has rarely ever given a DIME to charity except for a tax write-off. He has mercilessly cheated and stolen the work and ideas of others to climb to the top of his heap.


He has continually presented inferior programs, operating systems and technology, and has done more to slow the advancement of computers through bumbling and incompetence than any foreign enemy ever could. But he does MAKE STUFF CHEAP, and that’s all that seems to matter.

His recent multi-billion "giveaway" to charity to establish an "AIDS/CANCER" research foundation was nothing more than a multi-billion dollar tax dodge, and was cut as a behind the scenes deal to get Janet "Kill ’em ALL!" Reno off his back.

Gates now has the funding and the power structure behind him to be in position to implement a global "PHOTONIC ECONOMY," starting in Europe with the ECU or EURO. Beginning with SMART CARDS and ending with implantable microchips. If anyone will have the means and know-how to put the 666 "Bear Claw/Bar Code" on every man, woman and child on the planet, it would be him.

Does he "breathe life into the Image of the BEAST?"  Will this now living machine have the power to kill on sight all those who will not take the M.A.R.C.C. (Multiple Automated Readable Computer Chip) of the B.E.A.S.T. (BATTLE ENGAGEMENT AREA SIMULATION AND TRACKING) computer?

On a final lighter note, with all this terror, and so many with the means to cause so much damage on a global scale, effecting all of Mankind for generations to come, who gets my ultimate vote for the real anti-Christ?

He is actually a horrible, hideous, giant purple reptilian invader - with the power to hypnotize and destroy the minds of countless adults and steal the souls of countless generations of our children. Insidiously taking otherwise bright, intelligent active brains and turning them to oatmeal...

I put all the jagged pieces of this horrifying puzzle together and the terrifying realization swept over me... you got it!


It’s Barney.