A Message From Our Space Brothers
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Lecture given by George Hunt Williamson
June 21,1954

Detroit, Michigan

It is a great privilege and pleasure to be here in Detroit to speak to you on the subject of "flying saucers." The term "flying saucers" until very recently in the world has been more laugh provoking than it has been thought provoking. But now people all over the world are beginning to realize that this phenomenon known as the "flying saucers" may have a great bearing on the lives of each and everyone of us in the not too distant future!

Tonight I will tell you of our own experiences with flying saucers. I also know of a number of men who have had various similar experiences. I was with George Adamski in November of 1952 when he had the memorable contact in the desert with the flying saucer. Both my wife and I were witnesses to that event. The event as it is described in the book entitled Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski is accurate and true. However, our work in flying saucers started long before our contact with Mr. Adamski. It was through our own work that we heard of him and eventually met him. We wondered what to do with the information we had collected and decided to go to see George Adamski who was only 400 miles away from us.

In the book Flying Saucers Have Landed, Mr. Adamski has several good pictures of saucers. The great astronomical observatories of the world also have pictures of saucers. I have a friend who went to school with one of the astronomers who is now working at the "Big Eye" (telescope) at Mount Palomar. Many times the students of various universities are allowed to spend time at the Big Observatory to work on certain projects. This friend of mine was at Mount Palomar and asked his former classmate, the astronomer, how it was that an amateur photographer like George Adamski could get pictures of saucers and Mount Palomar could not, and if Adamski's pictures were fake. The astronomer replied that Mr. Adamski's pictures were NOT fake and if he thought Adamski's pictures were good, he should see the ones they have at Mount Palomar.

The government has the story. They also have made radio contact with saucers. Whether they will ever give out this information or not we do not know. They may wait until we all know about it and then confirm it. There is a project known as MQ707 at Edwards Air Force Base which is a project for telecommunication with saucers. They contact these craft and attempt to get them to land.

In August 1952 we had our own contacts with space people via short wave or radio telegraphy. I had been in Minnesota a year or more previously where I was working among the Chippewa Indians gathering little known legends and facts about them that had not been accumulated or written down before. I knew nothing more about saucers than most people. There had been a few things in the newspapers and I had, of course, heard of flying saucers.

On the way to Minnesota I picked up a copy of Major Kehoe's first book Flying Saucers Are Real. When I arrived in Minnesota, it was raining and continued to rain for several days. I could not get out of my cabin so I read the book. Once I started it I could not put it down until I finished it. After I finished reading it I was thoroughly convinced myself that these things could at least be interplanetary. Here was a man, a former Marine Major, who had gone into the subject in an objective way and had analyzed all the facts and had come to the conclusion that they could not be anything else but something from outer space. In fact, I believe he mentioned in the book that it was hard for him to accept this and that it was fantastic, but that no other conclusion seemed to fit the evidence.

As I read this book, all the Indian legends I had been collecting seemed to fall into place, and I began to see that a number of the stories I had collected sounded like flying saucers. I checked with my wife who was doing work among the Mexican Indians and found she had been finding the same thing. On further investigation, we found that all American Indian tribes had practically the same legends. There were slight variations but they almost all had the same basic facts.

For a long time anthropologists had discarded Indian legends and the stories of so-called primitive people throughout the world because they said they were merely the stories of superstitious people and had no basis or fact. No longer are they doing this for they realize that there must be something to start a story and although these legends or stories were not written down as they did not have a written language, they were passed from generation to generation.

One of the Chippewa's legends is the account of the "Gin Guin" or the "Earth-rumblers," or the "Wheels-that-rumble-the-earth." The story in essence is this: At various times a rotating wheel or whirling wheel, sometimes surrounded by a cloud, would descend and lightning would sometimes be seen to shoot from it. Then out of it would step a young fair-haired man whom they called "Bococitti," the fair-haired god who comes from the skies. Stories like these are found throughout the United States and in fact almost all primitive people throughout the world seem to have the same kind of legends.

After I left Minnesota, I joined my wife in Prescott, Arizona, where my family lives. A friend of mine, Alfred C. Bailey, came to visit me and asked to see what I had been accumulating on my recent trip. I did not mention saucers, but let him read some of the legends. When he finished reading the material I had collected, he said: "This sounds like flying saucers. I thought your trip was to collect legends of the Indians?"

We discussed the flying saucer phenomena and thought perhaps they might be weather conditions, for we would not be the first to observe weather conditions. The Indians would have seen the same things and perhaps made legends about them. We also talked about the possibility of man traveling to other planets by rockets. One of us suggested something with a lot of "ifs" in it. If in the future we of earth planned to go to another planet, and if we found it inhabited and if they had radio or some similar type of communication, why could we not monitor their radio and attempt to learn their language and find out about the culture of the inhabitants before we landed? We decided that perhaps if the other planets were inhabited and space people were visiting us that they might now be doing this very thing. Perhaps they might even be interested in contacting certain people on earth, people who were not afraid.

We were just discussing these possibilities and were really not too serious about it. We reasoned this way. If these people from outer space have been here since Kenneth Arnold first observed them in 1947, certainly they must know our language and our Morse Code communication system. By monitoring our radios they undoubtedly could pick up our language in a short period of time, as the Morse Code System is no secret and it is used daily throughout the world. However, we decided it was all too fantastic and we then dismissed the subject.

However, several weeks afterwards Al Bailey called me and said:

"Remember what we were discussing about flying saucers? We have had success."

"What do you mean?" I asked, "Have you seen one?"

"No," he replied, "I do not mean that, I mean that we have made radio contact."

Then I asked the question that all of you would ask: "Is it a hoax?"

"Yes," he said, "The radio man thinks it is a hoax because he cannot figure out why they would contact a nobody like him. He wonders why they did not contact the government or Einstein."

I later asked the radio man: "How do you know they have not contacted the government?" He thought his might be a reasonable assumption.

Regarding the messages we were receiving, the radio man suspected that they might be from another amateur. He noticed that the code was extremely loud and he had to turn his whole set almost completely off and the volume way down. He also noticed that the code was very fast. The radio man is not only a "ham" (amateur) operator but is also a commercially licensed operator with the Santa Fe Railroad in Arizona, and he has a reputation of being very fast on both receiving and sending. But he missed much of the messages we were receiving. He constantly asked them to slow down and they would slow down between words but not between letters. The words would come in very fast and then a long pause before the next word. He then began to realize that the messages could not be coming from another amateur.


He then thought that if they were coming from earth they might be from communists in Mexico. This was a poor idea and he did not keep this idea too long, but he thought possibly they might be communists in Mexico preparing for a landing, and when they landed we would greet them in friendship and out would come the Russians. He thought it might be a plan preliminary to an atomic bomb attack to cause panic. However, he dismissed that idea very quickly.

His ham radio shack in his backyard was separated into two sections. One part was where he did repair work and the other part contained his radio set. He did technical work for the Santa Fe Railroad and also for police radios. He noticed that if he was at his work bench, the saucer people would come in and give a preliminary warning before giving the message and when he got to the set the message would start. The warning was in the form of a couple of preliminary beats. However, if he was already at the set they never gave this preliminary warning. This gave him a very strange feeling for they seemed to know whether he was at the radio equipment or not. The messages were received in international Morse Code. One time we had radio telephone contact with the space people but the rest of the time it was radio telegraphy.

The radio man decided to run some sort of a test and told them he was operating at a disadvantage because they knew who he was but he did not know who they were.

He asked:

"As you have made this contact you must be interested in us. Therefore will you give us some type of assurance so that we can know that you are who you say you are?"

They replied immediately, and said: "Yes, yes. If you will get a glass we will be by Solus at high time tomorrow."

We took that to mean that if we would get a telescope they would be by the sun at noon the next day. We did not have a telescope and did not know exactly what they meant by being "by the sun." I went out the next day and looked up at the blazing sun, but of course did not see anything. However, that evening the newscast coming up from Phoenix, Arizona at 5:45 p. m. announced that a large fleet of the so called "flying saucers" had been sighted around noon that day. This could have meant something but we did not want to jump at conclusions and decided to wait until something else developed.

The next day the Los Angeles Times reported that Mount Wilson Observatory in the middle part of the previous day had observed tremendous sun spots suddenly appear on the sun.

Now there is nothing unusual about sun spots on the sun, except that this was a period of declining sun spot activity. There should not be any sun spots at least not large ones, and instead of their lasting the usual two-week to thirty-day period these sun spots lasted only one day. We do not know if there is any connection or not, or if this is just a strange coincidence.

I would like to mention that I am not a technical man. One of the reasons anthropology appealed to me was that I did not have to take mathematics. It is said that the men go into anthropology because they do not have to take mathematics, and the women go into it because there are men in it! Now what I tell you as we get into more scientific terminology this evening is for you to accept or reject. I am not going to inject any of my own opinions or ideas for I am sure you are not interested in my opinions. However, I do feel that the experiences that I have had and the experiences of others with flying saucers should be told.

We were very much interested in our radio contacts and wanted to find out if it was all true. The radio man decided to run a test. He was on 40 meters and asked a question and got an immediate answer. Then very quickly he switched to 160 meters and asked another question and the answer came in promptly. The 40 meters that he was going to switch to 160 meters the man would not have had time to find him and therefore could not have heard the question and could not have answered it. That was one of the first tests he made.

Then one night a cousin of his visited him while he was in communication with another ham. He did not mention saucers to the cousin but they heard a strange buzzing sound outside. He has a fluorescent tube on the outside of his shack and when he is sending messages it flashes on and off. He asked his cousin to go outside and see if there was anything wrong. The cousin did and called to him to come outside quickly.

"You might think I'm crazy but I think that there is one of those flying saucers," he said excitedly.

Above the antenna a large orange disc was hovering but it soon took off at high speed. Then the radio man told his cousin what he had been doing in trying to establish radio contact.

The radio man figured as long as they had contacted him by radio perhaps they would be willing to land in some remote area. He asked them and they replied they would be willing to land, it would just be another saucer sighting and there are hundreds of such sightings. Then the radio man made all the arrangements as to where we would go the next day to make the contact. He was to drive in one car, and we would follow him in our car.

That same evening the radio man's father-in-law came in from Tennessee. He was quite an elderly gentleman and was very senile and childish and could not keep his balance. He was really a sick man. The radio man had finished transmitting for the evening when his daughter came into the shack and told us that she had quite a problem as to what to do about the elderly gentleman. She felt they should not take him with them on the trip in which they hoped to contact the space people and she felt she could not leave him alone. If she took him on the trip and he saw something unusual he might have a heart attack and certainly she could not tell him that she was going out to contact a man from another world. Also, she was afraid that if they saw him they might not want to land.

We discussed this problem for at least an hour and we were not attempting any experiment in mental telepathy or anything like that, it never entered our minds. The receiver was on as always and all at once a message came in which said:

"Now, about the father."

Believe me I think my hair stood on end when I looked over the radio man's shoulder and saw what he was writing. The radio man turned around looking very pale and said:

"Believe me if I ever doubted, I do not now, because this is impossible but it is happening before my very eyes."

These space people told us about the old man's condition, which was verified later by a doctor. They also said there was a saline solution by the bed which was hampering the contact and asked that someone remove it and clean it up. The daughter went inside and found the solution. She came back looking very pale also. The space people seemed to know everything that went on in the ham shack and in the house. This message in connection with the elderly gentleman was the longest and I feel that it was the most significant message we received. But they said it would be all right for us to take him with us the next day. Their parting sentence was:

"Never fear the aged for they can help when they are brought back into life again."

You will all have to interpret that for yourselves, but I feel that it is very important.

The next day a fourteen year old boy from next door who was staying with his uncle, a Colonel in the Air Force, came over and asked us what happened last night. The radio man thought this strange because he was on the air almost every night and the neighbors were used to this. He asked the young boy what he meant, and if he had seen anything unusual. The boy replied that he woke up, and gave the time he awakened which was the same time we were having the radio contact about the old gentleman.


He looked out from the glassed-in porch where he had been sleeping and saw a long tubular shaft of white light above the house. He could not see where it ended as it kept going straight up into space. The lower end went right down into the house and into the bedroom. The boy said he knew he was not dreaming. He was fully awake and knew what he saw.

This was just another check, for no one knew what we were doing. In fact, I did not tell my father until months later but he was quite skeptical and thought we were being hoaxed. However, I have since heard from my mother and she said father finally saw a flying saucer and it was confirmed by his friend, the head of the weather bureau. So my father is beginning to wonder too.

Unfortunately we did not succeed in making our contact the next day. The radio man went on first and we were to meet him. However, in trying to follow his car we ran into a great deal of traffic and we lost him. He took a left fork in the road which we unfortunately did not see him take. We tried hard to find him but could not. When we all returned later that evening we made radio contact with the saucer people again and they said that the plans had been changed but that when all was ready we would be contacted "by a man." I did not know what they meant but that is what they said.

Now I know you must wonder what all this means. It is very interesting to speak to a Venusian on the desert and to talk to a saucer by short wave radio, but really when the novelty wears off and the excitement subsides, what does it mean? If it just means that some stray Venusian happened to drop down and talk to a man in the desert and took off again and that would be the end of it, it does not mean much.

The people of the world are asking what it means. If saucers are interplanetary and they are coming here, what does it mean to us? Are they here to conquer us, are we all going to be annihilated? What does it mean and why have they come. We asked these and all manner of similar questions.

One of the questions was asked by my wife as she is interested in medicine:

"You have such tremendous development in space ships, etc., have you advanced in medical science?"

They answered with just "No."

We were amazed and said: "That does not seem right. You have space ships yet you have not advanced in medical science? Why?"

The answer was: "Simple, no disease, no medical science."

They also said it was not natural for man to die in agony of cancer or other diseases, and that it is not the germs we have that cause disease. The germs are merely the scavengers and it is incorrect thinking that causes disease.

We asked about the length of life on the other planets. They replied that on Mars or Venus the inhabitants live between 300 to 1500 years, and when they have learned the lessons of the planet they have been living on, and then are ready to go to the next, they merely pass out of the picture.

Believe me, this saucer business is fantastic, but even living itself is fantastic. The fact that we are alive and sitting here is fantastic. Truth is stranger than fiction and we must keep an open mind. We realize that what we know now is only a pale shadow of what we will know tomorrow. Remember the learned men in Columbus' time at the Spanish Court! Columbus was held up three years because the great scientists thought they knew all there was to know about science. They were absolutely certain that the earth was flat, but of course we know now that is not true. The wise men should have known better, because their ancestors on this earth knew full well that the earth was round. Their ancestors also knew that other planets were inhabited. What these space people are telling us is not really new. It is only new to some of us. Remember the old saying: " There is nothing new under the sun."

We asked about our atomic experiments because there is so much talk about strange weather, tornadoes, etc. They said yes, they were quite concerned about our atomic experiments. It seems to me we should be a little concerned also. Three days after an atomic bomb was set off we had an earthquake in Turkey killing about 1,200 people. The atomic bomb blasts shake up our earth faults and contribute to some of these things. Even our astronomers tell us that large sun spots appear on our sun, which is over 90 million miles away, when an atomic bomb is set off. If it can affect our sun so many miles away it is logical to assume that the blast contributed to the Turkey disaster. These people are concerned about our atomic bombs, but it is not our atomic bombs that are their main concern.

They say that our entire solar system is moving into a new area of the universe and that cosmic ray bombardment will increase at a fast rate. Recently a very famous American physicist announced to the scientific world that the electron count has speeded up and that the cosmic ray bombardment was increasing at a tremendous rate and that present theories would not account for it in any way. He was very alarmed. His work did not get into the newspapers. It did appear in a few scientific journals and was immediately hushed up. But, if you look in some of the back issues of Science News Letter you will find the facts. The space people told us about this even before it was announced.

Another thing they told us about was the extra satellites or moons that we now have. It was only recently announced, but I happen to know that some of our people were investigating this phenomenon over two years ago. In fact our government was doing work on it two miles from us at Lowell Observatory when we had our radio contacts with space people in northern Arizona. During this time the saucers spoke of Lowell Observatory and I know that over a million dollars worth of electronic equipment was installed on top of Mars Hill in an endeavor to locate the two satellites or artificial space stations that are now in the earth's gravitational field. This is not a secret, Frank Edwards, Washington commentator, has had it on his newscast and it has been written up in several scientific journals, etc. However, it has not been announced what these space stations are. I can state that they are not Russian space stations and they do not belong to us. They travel so rapidly that they cannot be picked up by telescope but they have been detected by electronic equipment.

The space people said that as we move into this new area of the universe there are going to be some very strange things take place on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. Peoples' minds are going to change for one thing. Also, there will be tornadoes and earthquakes. Volcanoes that have never been active in recent history will become active and erupt. Perhaps the ones in Alaska and in the Pacific that are now becoming active are perhaps part of this picture. Watch your newspapers in the small corners for the news and you can see the trend for yourself.

The Ionian Island disaster was over an area in the Mediterranean where three of the earth's major fault lines converge. Also a large explosion was felt over Seattle a couple of years ago when green fireballs exploded and caused a great reverberation throughout the Seattle area in the state of Washington. Seattle is also over an area where three of the major fault lines of the earth converge.

These saucers are coming from many different places in the universe. The only thing that men on earth can accept is a physical phenomena such as a saucer or mechanical device and even then some people in the world are laughing at flying saucers. Incidentally, we were told that these ships operate in a resonating electromagnetic magnetic field. They say we have not yet discovered the fourth grade primary force of the universe, which is what they are using. It is the same force that makes a space ship out of our own planet. ALL celestial bodies operate in a resonating electromagnetic magnetic field. The small craft have counter rotating wheels. They say that this power is to be ours also and that earth will in time be taken into the interplanetary brotherhood.

Now a word about space beings. There are beings in outer space who do not eat as we do and there are those who do not have organs of speech like ours, but they use telepathy for communication. Let me tell you what these people have to say about man:

Man wherefrom, whyfor, and whereto. They say that man is not man because he has two legs, two arms and two eyes placed in a certain position in his head or because he has come up from the anthropoid ape. They say that man is man because he is a spiritual being, that man exists through the universe, that man as a race is an inhabitant of space, and that he takes on certain physical manifestations or vehicles on certain planets to learn certain lessons and have certain pleasure-pain experiences.

We can liken our earth very simply to a school. If you had progressed beyond this earth you would not go down to the first grade and interfere with what was being taught there. The space people will not interfere with our instruction. They say we are not going to get off this planet until we make the grade or learn the lessons this earth has to teach us. They liken it to the words of Christ: "In my Father's house there are many mansions." In space there are many planets and they say that all of them are inhabited by "life." After I had these experiences I started reading the Bible and many other things mentioned by the space people. In Hebrew it says: "the worlds were framed by the word of God." Please note that "worlds" is plural.

What about some of the astronomical theories? The science of astronomy is known as a pure and true science because it is based on mathematics. When most of us were in school, astronomers said the planet Jupiter contained deadly methane and ammonia gas. Recently they have announced through scientific journals that they were 100% wrong, Jupiter is hydrogen. If they are 100% inaccurate about one thing they are liable to be about something else. As many of you know because it has been in many of the newspapers, they have discovered that the distances to Andromeda and the other great galaxies are double the distance previously announced. Again, they were 100% wrong. It is twice as far as they thought! This is much the situation as existed in Columbus' time. The scientists of Columbus' time were no less great because they said the earth was flat; unquestionably they represented great minds of the time. On today's mistakes are based the truth of tomorrow.

These people say that all planets are inhabited to a certain extent by some type of life. They say that comets are planets in the making. That is now one of the latest astronomical theories. They are discounting the old nebular and planetesimal hypothesis that we blew off from the sun. The latest theory is that planets and other celestial bodies are formed by cosmic matter accumulating in space, getting bigger and bigger like a snowball rolling down a hill. After millions of years the comets cool off and vegetation, etc., appears and single cell life develops indigenous to that planet. Also, when the planet is ready for human life, or the classroom is all readied up, spiritual life arrives from outer space.

In other words, what these people are saying is that they are your brothers and sisters and that they are not of a different creation. The only reason you and I are where we are is that we are getting certain lessons in this particular classroom. The reason they are on Mars or Venus is because they have left our grade. They say there is no basic difference, that life came from outer space in the beginning to the planet earth. The story in Genesis of Adam and Eve is true, but is allegorical.

In this case everyone of you is a "spaceman." We are all space people because we do not live underground but live on the surface of the planet so we are as much "space people" as the people on Mars. We are not space craft people for we do not travel from planet to planet, but we are space people.

Very recently a professor in Finland, one of the world's foremost geographers, announced that they have discovered that practically all of the earth's bacteria that form humus is dying at a rapid rate. It takes some nine thousand years to produce a certain humus and if it does not replenish itself it will leave in about two years. This means the possibility of famines on our earth. There is no known way of stopping this. It is continuing to die because of the increased cosmic ray bombardment. These things are absolute facts and they can be checked.

The saucer people told us by radio it does not matter whether you believe who you are in contact with or not because if this thing is true it is going to happen. I have always believed what Francis Bacon said:

"Truth is the daughter of time and not the authority."

If what I say is true, it will lie on, if not it will die a very quick death and no one is going to be harmed very much. But, on the slight chance that it is true it is very important because the lives of each and every one of us are going to be changed. My life has already been completely changed by these contacts with space people. I have had to give up a large part of what I learned in school, because it cannot stand in the light of the new knowledge which is coming to us.

John Robinson in England, a young astronomer, has upset many of the older astronomers by announcing that seventy miles above our earth there is a layer of pure hydrogen. In other words, if you were on Mars and you were looking through a spectroscope, you would say nothing in heaven's name could live on earth because it is hydrogen. We know that all life, oxygen, water, vapor, etc., is found near the surface of our planet. And, as I said it has been announced that Jupiter is hydrogen; so why can not someone live on Jupiter?

Another thing is that some of the astronomers seem to be such great authorities on what these other bodies are. Our so called astrophysicists say that these bodies are such and such. Recently, a well-known astronomer announced that the core of Jupiter is definitely solid. How can he know that, when our own geologists are still debating the question as to whether the core of our earth is solid or not? We do not even know the nature of our own planet under our feet. So how can we know what Jupiter is like millions upon millions of miles away? Between the spectroscope and Jupiter you have millions of miles where all kinds of cosmic debris is floating around. That is why one time the spectroscope will get one reading from Venus and at another time will get a totally different reading with the same spectroscope. It just is not accurate.

As I said before, the space people say that all planets are inhabited, and that there are twelve planets in our solar system and not nine. Of course, twelve is significant in our symbology and our historical records; such as twelve apostles, twelve months, twelve signs in the Zodiac, etc. They say there is one planet beyond Pluto and two more between Mercury and the sun. One of these has already been seen in transit in the late eighteen hundreds across the sun's surface and was named Vulcan, but it was not accepted by most of the scientific world.

The contacts that we had were mostly with Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. They say that Saturn is the tribunal or headquarters of our solar system. There have been many debates as to whether the saucerians are etheric. Are they from other worlds, other dimensions, are they invisible or are they discarnate spirits? In other words, by dying do we merely pass into another dimension, another world? Is that what the saucer beings are? Are they beings like ourselves in a three dimensional world on another planet such as Mars or even in another system? All of these concepts are apparently accurate to a certain degree.

Saucers are coming from many different places; from our own solar system, from other solar systems which are in our own dimension and they are also coming from higher dimensions. They claim that at the present time there are fifty-one solar systems in the confederation and that they have over three and one-half million space craft surrounding our planet at the present time.

They have been following out a definite plan. They say that they have agents throughout the earth. These fall into several groups. They say there was an influx of people from other worlds by space craft transportation in the eighteen hundreds. The microfilm libraries in various newspaper morgues tell of enormous spaceships seen in our atmosphere at this period. Another group consists of about ten million people not of earth origin now on the surface of our planet. About six million of these are now in the United States.

This group did not just now step off from saucers. They are here through the reincarnational cycle, and starting about 1947 the saucer beings began a program of waking up these people to the fact that they lived originally on other planets. The saucers also now land their own people here to perform certain definite jobs. These space people do not live among us permanently. They are only here for short periods. They also say that the reason we on earth have progressed more in the last fifty years than we had in the last ten thousand years is because of this type of assistance coming from outer space.

They have further said that certain people will be taken from our earth to other planets. However, there will be those who will not be taken for the simple reason that they themselves are not perfect and some people on earth if taken to their planet might incorrectly influence the minds of some of their own people. However, some people are being taken now and they will be instructed and returned here to be used as teachers.

I want to make it very clear that I am not representing any church or any particular group and my opinions are not important; I can only repeat what was said by the space people. They say life is eternal and that Christ is in charge of the planet earth. The saucer people are the "hosts" that were prophesied about as coming to earth proceeding the Second Coming of Christ. They say it is true that Christ will return and that there will be a judgment day. There will also be earthquakes, etc.


Certain souls have progressed to a certain stage where the new earth will be for them; all others who have not reached this stage of growth will go elsewhere. They say only the good will remain on earth, that is those of a certain evolvement. As for the judgment day, the "judgment" is merely our own development. Some will be able to live in the new higher vibration, and some will not. All will, however, land in the "school" best suited for their growth.

There is now a tremendous interest in our planet from outer space. These people claim they are not gods, they are only a little bit ahead of us and they still make plenty of mistakes. They figured that we would discover nuclear energy about 1950 but because of our second world war and the speed-up in technical advances this came about in the 40's. They said they knew our whole system was passing into a new area of the universe and that certain things had to be done because certain conditions will not exist on earth in the new vibratory rate.

They are not going to interfere in the sense of coming down and stopping what we are learning in this classroom. Now some of us wonder why God himself in all his mercy does not or has not stopped wars on this earth. Or we wonder why the space people, if they are so grand and powerful - why they do not stop wars. It is because there are certain souls that need to experience wars, and after they are blown up about twenty thousand times the soul finally realizes that it is all a little ridiculous.

These people do not like to see war, they do not like to see the cream of our youth destroyed in wars, and much of our good attainment destroyed. But at the same time they do not look upon death as we do. They claim that life is eternal and therefore if you leave one physical vehicle it does not matter very much because you live forever anyway. When they see our boys die on the battlefield they realize it is not death. Nevertheless we are told that the New Age will eventually see the end of all wars on this planet forever.

They also say that we are the only warring planet in this section of the universe. We are not the only planet that has wars, but in this section of the universe we are the only warring planet.

To give you an example they said they know of a system where the people have just invented the wheel and have an axle and found out that if they put beeswax on the axle it would not wear out so quickly. So there are places where men are still running around with clubs, and there are planets that are just cooling off. It is a continual process and I might add that the whole thing is a circular affair. We are heading toward perfection but we are the planet of lowest development in this section of the universe. In other words, we thought we were so grand but we are not -- we seem to be more like the garbage can!

During my lecture in Cincinnati I referred to our earth as the "garbage can" of our system. One woman said she could believe of this but that she just could not believe that any thing in all creation could have anything superior to what the United States has! Well, that is very nice and I am proud that I am a United States citizen and I am proud of our attainments and developments but after all we have to face the facts. Anyway she did not like the garbage can idea! Another woman asked me what they said about Hell. I told her their idea was this: We are in it right now!

One time we told the Venusians that their world sounded like heaven. They said we must not say that because they are still very crude, and that they know of a planet which is six trillion years ahead of them. They said that man does not always take the form that we know now. Believe me this is getting very fantastic, but I give it because it was what we were told. They said that they know of worlds, although they cannot comprehend them, where man is geometric in form. Imagine, if you can, a cube or a triangle going along together! It is just beyond our comprehension. As the Bible says:

"Eye has not seen or ear has not heard what the Father has in store for us."

These people say that this is true. On this planet we have a certain physical form. We as spiritual beings took this form in order to learn the lessons that this particular planet has to offer.

Major fault lines cover the earth. When the government decided where to perform our atomic experiences they picked a place where the least amount of people would have to be moved, and the southwest was decided upon in New Mexico. Unfortunately, these experiments were set off right over two of our major fault lines.

When the big atomic test was made in the Pacific around March 25, about a day later there occurred some terrific earthquakes in the Hawaiian Islands. The atomic bombs are not causing the strange conditions but they are accentuating an already dangerous situation and our lines of weakness are under more strain and stress now because of the atomic bomb experiments. If you find a small crack in the ground and you stomp around on it you may weaken it and the whole thing may give away.

Yes, there will be catastrophes. In fact they have already started. Earthquakes will increase, certain lands will go under. The polar caps are melting at a very fast rate which is why there were icebergs seen off Florida recently. Also avalanches occurred in Europe which buried entire villages. The snow is melting very fast. Ice flows occurred in the northern European harbors not many months ago, which clogged the harbors so that ships could not get in or out.

These people say the, world is not coming to an end. The world will not end. It is only that the true Golden Age which we once knew upon earth will return -- the Golden Age that all historians talk about, when man had the ability to speak with angels. Disease will no longer exist. War will no longer plague us. They also assure us that life is eternal. They say they believe in a Creator, the same God as we do but they also said that:

"You worship by word and not by deed."

May I say that when these people speak they never speak in a derogatory way against any nation, race or church. When they speak of us they speak of us as a totality -- or the people of earth. They are interested in everyone in the world.

Some people suggest that religion be left out of this subject. But how can you leave religion out of it. It is connected. Many people will say that I sound like a Mormon, an Oaspian, a Christian Scientist or some other kind of religionist, and that many of the things I say are things they have learned in their church. All of the religions have some of the truth. These people told us that God provided, but that man divided. We are always dividing. That is why we have so many churches and so many philosophies.

For a long time science has been on the left and religion on the far right, but more and more through the years they have been coming together. How can truth contradict truth? There is no religion higher than truth and if science has some of that truth and religion has some of the same truth, that truth cannot contradict itself. I feel that the scientist must recognize the truth of religion, and the religionist must recognize the truth of science.

Perhaps there will have to be a big explosion to fuse them together in our minds. But in the minds of the space people they are already one. In fact they have always been one, because truth will not contradict truth wherever it is found.

They also told us that under the new cosmic ray bombardment all falsity and hoaxes will pass away. We will not have to wonder, is this or that true. We will know! This is one of the mental changes that will come about. Watch your newspapers and you will see many things being shown up for what they are. You can call it the true light coming from Aquarius, you can call it a new vibration, or a new density, or you can call it a new dimension or the New Golden Age.

In the fall of last year we left the old third density and we are no longer in it. We are in the transitional stage or in the beginning of a new dimension or new density right now. As the change is coming slowly we do not notice it too much. Many people say we are going from Pisces to Aquarius. These space people are here merely to help us, and to usher us into this new dimension -- usher us into this New Age.

Regardless of what we do there is a New Age coming. People are wondering what is going to happen in the future. The space beings said they would not interfere with our education, but there was a qualification to this. This may seem like a contradiction but I will try to make it clear. They will eventually interfere if we decide upon atomic war. If we decide on a peaceful "one-world" they will land and assist us into the New Age on earth. If we decide on aggressive war they will let the war go on a certain length of time because there are certain souls on earth that must have this lesson, and then they will interfere for our planet must not be destroyed, nor the peaceful and constructive minded inhabitants.


At one time they said:

"We are here to conquer earth, but conquer the earth with love."

Now the big question is when is all this going to take place. We asked this question repeatedly. Our radio messages said many times:

"Very soon -- soon -- soon."

We replied: "Maybe 10,000 years to you is soon. What do you mean by soon?"

They answered: "When we say soon, we mean soon as you think of soon!"

Impatient as we are that must be pretty quick!

Whether you believe what I have told you or not does not matter. But keep your eyes on the skies. Keep an open mind and look into this thing for yourselves and give it some serious attention. We are actually entering a New Age on this earth!

I have enjoyed talking to you very much and would like to know each and everyone of you.

Thank you!

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