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A Brief History of Starbuilders

StarBuilders was established on February 17, 1990. Its founders, Michael, Khatrie and Emmanuel were each involved in different aspects of the NewAge. Michael had practiced astrology for 20 years and studied metaphysics under the guidance of a Great Master of the Rosicrucian Order. Khatrie lived in an ashram for 15 years studying Eastern mysticism. She also worked in drafting, accounting and computer programming. Emmanuel taught Kundalini yoga in Holland, lived on a kibbutz in Israel and was a therapist for the brain injured.

Shortly after the establishment of Starbuilders, Michael and Khatrie began channeling a variety of entities. They also manifested a number of what were originally called "Psychic Power Tools." These exotic instruments were in the form of various crystal and copper configurations. Then, on March 10, 1993, the first team of walk-ins arrived. Zal-Zen walked into Michael, Zol-taire into Khatrie. It was through this team that the first series of fifth dimensional technologies, "The Orion Ascension Technologies," emerged.

The completion of these technologies marked the end of the first team's assignment. On August 18, 1993, Zal and Zol walked out and the second team - Malenchen and Maruna - walked in. Maruna embodies the Essence of Divine Jubilation. She functions as a Free Radical Code Breaker. Malenchen embodies the Essence of Divine Compassion. He functions as an E.T. Alchemist. This team manifested two more sets of technologies, "The E.T. Alchemy Series" and "The Miracle Path," which completed the techno-trilogy.

Having projected their consciousnesses into human forms, they must participate, like everyone, in the current 3-D drama of the Planet Earth. Part of their Mission is to boldly face these "manifested illusions" or, "hallucinations," and to take a stand for their True Reality while moving through them. Other aspects of the Mission include living a life of Divinity by serving spirit plus sharing energy, technologies and insights with other masters for the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

The Federation of Light

The beings at Starbuilders are emissaries of The Federation of Light, a council of over 1,000 E.T. masters that source from different dimensions, various locations in space and points in time. They are the only incarnated beings on the planet who represent this particular Council! When in human form they function as portals through which transdimensional energies, models of reality and technologies enter into the Earth Plane!

The Federation recently participated in Ascension work on a similar planet in the Orion Sector. Malenchen and Maruna were involved during the pre-transition phase. Zal and Zol were present at the time of the Ascension and witnessed the birth of a star.

The Federation of Light is just one of many Councils that are involved in Earth's Ascension Process. One of its specialties includes manifesting highly integrated and systematic technologies of consciousness which assist in the rapid manifestation of one's Divinity. They establish a solid, fifth dimensional, energetic foundation!

Some Brief Thoughts From Brother Blue

My Dear Brethren of the Web:

In this day of polarised Belief Structures, we witness daily the dischordant dysfunction of the various warring camps; operating with a woeful lack of awareness of that Holy Hermetic Principle of the Kybalion; the Principle of Polarity, which Divine Principle explains the Mystery of the Polarities and resolves the nagging paradox with an irrevocable finality by astutely stating that both apparent extremes of any pendulum swing are essentially differing flavours of the self-same stew:

"Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has it's pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled."
-The Kybalion

For where does one accurately draw the One True Line betwixt the twain of Good and Evil; betwixt Light and Dark; or hot and cold; or Wide-Eyed UFO Believer and Cynical Materialistic UFO Debunker?

Indeed, where precisely does Darkness stop and Light begin? Where does cold stop and warmth begin? At what precise point does one jump the metaphysical fence from the camp of Foul UFO Debunkers to Holy UFO Believers?

The Debunkers staunchly defend their Holy Dogmas and BELIEFS in Newtonian Scientism whilst the UFOlogists just as tenaciously defend the Dogmatic High Ground of their Holy BELIEFS in Little Grey Martians flying around in Space Ships.

Yet are both polar extremes merely two sides of the same coin?

Let us then, my Beloved Brethren, don the attire of Iconoclastic Adepts and Holy Heretics and examine with a greater precision the mechanics of True Belief.

Our Dear Brethren, the StarBuilders shall show unto us The Way.



True Believers, Integrity, and Truth
by StarBuilders

Everyone believes in something. Even those who say, "I don't believe in anything," believe that they don't believe anything. So, believing, at least while in human form, is inevitable.


Being in "integrity" means that we act on our inner truth. Integrity acts like an internal tuning fork, vibrating whenever we hear truth. Strictly mental arguments (logical though they may be) will not make the fork vibrate. These strings of logic don't source from the heart.

Sometimes, our beliefs take us far from our integrity. When this happens, we become unhappy, because lying keeps us in illusion. We feel separate from others, ourselves, and God.

To stay in integrity, our beliefs must be the same as our inner truth. Aren't "beliefs" the same as "inner truth"? For some beings, they are; for others, they are not. Those who grant their beliefs precedence over their inner truth are "True Believers."

The Growth of Integrity

As we grow in spiritual awareness and veils lift, behavior that once worked for us becomes inappropriate. Our actions are not genuine. When we act out these old behavior patterns (usually out of habit), we notice that we are not in integrity.

This behavior creates instant karma. We become vulnerable to -- and even invite -- attack. We must defend our illusions. Other beings sense the discordant vibrations and take a poke at them. At some level, everyone knows we are lying.

What can we do when we step from integrity? A common response is to feel guilty. Guilt is a third- and fourth-dimensional affair -- a response of the emotional body. We feel bad about our behavior. Brooding over our acts, however, isn't practical if we are to live miraculous lives. An alternative response is to use guilt as an indicator. It signals that we have sidestepped. We then take appropriate steps to realign ourselves with our new picture of truth.

Outside Authority

A True Believer has found an outside authority to tell them what is true. We've all been True Believers at some point. The outside authority could be a teacher or guru, a philosophical system, a book, a channeled entity, a diet, a religion, a science of any kind, or a political system.

Not everyone who is dedicated to a cause or belief is a True Believer, though. Some beings may serve a particular cause grace- fully and sincerely.

These individuals are positive, evolutionary forces. If you look closely, you will find that love motivates these people, not their beliefs. Love is life, beliefs are ideas. Unlike True Believers, these wise people won't try to manipulate you to make you change.


If we are True Believers, we will accept (and often, preach), 100% of the group's rhetoric. We agree to believe those parts of the dogma that we "sort of know" aren't true for us. On faith, we will overlook and even defend these inconsistencies.

Avid True Believers can be defensive or offensive. We can display arrogant, paranoid, or anal-retentive behavior. We can become unpleasant or even dangerous. (In groups, we can start wars.) Supporting a lie, we are easy to anger and quick to strike. To avoid this pitfall, remember that *all* beliefs (/dogmas/pictures of reality) are incomplete and relative. All are biased. Even if we combined all beliefs in the universe, these limitations would still apply.

The Truth

True Believers are lovers of Truth. For them, living in a human body isn't easy. As an analogy, let's say that the Truth travels at the speed of light. We are in human bodies - vehicles equivalent to a 1968 VolksWagen Mini-Bus. The planetary consciousness didn't design these vehicles to reach the speed of light.

Truth exists as the union of all spirits in this Universe: *Truth is a living entity.* In Roman Catholic terms, this entity is The Holy Spirit. As humans, the Holy Spirit can move through us. We, however, can never speak the Truth. Whenever we speak, we must use words. Words form pictures, and through these pictures we share our (biased) opinions about reality. *The very act of speaking prevents us from expressing the Truth.* Language is dualistic, the Truth is not. Being human, then, leaves us only with opinions.

Because of our inability to grasp this elusive (yet all encompassing) entity, many settle into systems that provide a decent substitute. (They become True Believers.) Some prefer this alternative, rather than to live with the certainty that we are all equal in our uncertainty.

Depending on your relationship to your pictures of reality, you find this information to be liberating, confronting, wrong, or an opinion.

The Facts

Facts are opinions that one or more people think are true. All facts are relative in relation to dimension, time, and philosophical persuasion. For example, look at a chair. Some say, "That's a chair and that's a fact." This fact is relative to time, because fifty years ago, the components were trees. Maybe fifty years from now, if fire destroyed it, it would be ashes.

This fact is relative to dimension, because on, say, the tenth dimension, a chair is not a chair. It represents a unified fragment of the whole universe.

This fact is relative to personal opinion, because a physicist could say, "This object is mostly space." A Hindu might say, "That object is an illusion. Call it what you wish. It isn't real."

Independent Thinking

Once we wean ourselves from outside authorities, we become independent thinkers. Now, we face another trap. Our picture of reality is a collage of beliefs, experiences, and insights that we have collected along the way. Because these insights are "ours," we are at risk of being True Believers in our own picture of reality. Reality is beyond the ideas that our heads can produce. If we attach ourselves to our ideas, we can become prisoners of our own minds.

Independent thinking bestows power. However, this power can insidiously become a veil. By deluding ourselves like this, we can become arrogant and proud. This leads to overconfidence and causes third- and fourth- dimensional error.

A Test

True Believers are tested when their leader takes a fall. Many examples of Fallen Leader Syndrome exist. Here are a few. Your guru starts to womanize. The press exposes the scandalous behavior of your party chief. Your favorite channeled entity takes a walk on the dark side. Your health expert dies of heart failure at age 50. A scientific discovery blows apart your belief that the Earth rests upon a large tortoise. These revelations stun the True Believer, shattering his faith. On the positive side, it gives us a chance to restructure our picture of reality. We can become less rigid.


Everyone, at some point, seeks answers and becomes a True Believer for awhile. When we buy into a belief system without question, however, we can compromise our integrity. This makes us act defensively and offensively; we play the polarity game, defending our group (or leader), its agenda, and its tenets. The game darkens the more we convince ourselves that the inconsistencies are true.

Beliefs are thinner than the surface tension of water, yet stronger than spider's silk. They exist because of memory. We are not our memories or our beliefs. To be free, we must believe, yet not let our beliefs keep us from integrity. When we let go of them, maybe the Truth will use us as its instrument.


Excerpt from: The FEDERATION FLASH

Issue #34; Autumn 1996
"Exploring the Frontiers of Miraculous Probability"
Published by StarBuilders
[an unofficial arm of the B:.B:.]

Starbuilders publishes The Federation Flash quarterly. Evin writes the articles, and Katrina edits them. It is a service for those interested in living a miraculous life.

Evin and Katrina (like everybody) are points of conscious Light living in human physical bodies. They serve with The Federation of Light, a council of multi-dimensional beings sourcing from different dimensions, various locations in space, and points in time.

They support everyone in the quest to be happy and to live miraculous lives. Starbuilders honors all beings dedicated to co-creating Heaven on Earth. Starbuilders is an outreach project of the ULC.


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