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Rael Tells the Truth

[Excerpt from Messengers of Deception, 1979

by Jacques Vallee ISBN 0-915904-38-1, pp. 141-143]

Claude Vorilhon is a young reporter living in Clermont-Ferrand (France), a racing enthusiast and the bearer of surprising news. We are living, he says, in the last days of the world! This was revealed to him on December 13, 1973, as he was hiking in the old volcano country near his home. The weather was foggy, overcast. He suddenly saw a blinking red light, and something like a helicopter came down and hovered two yards above ground. It was the size of a small bus, conical on top. There was a flashing white light at the apex of the cone. The red light was underneath. A stairway appeared, and a child-like occupant came out, smiling, with a glow around his body.

On the craft and on the pilot's green suit was a symbol combining the swastika and the Star of David! The pentacle given to me by the French Order of Melchizedek also showed a Star of David with a spinning pattern inside.

The Vorilhon symbol is supposed to mean "As above, so below, and everything runs in cycles." Remember Waite's commentary on Melchizedek: "He raised the world below to the height of that which is above."

Vorilhon looked at the creature and the creature smiled.

"Where do you come from?"
"Very far away..."

"You speak French?"

"I speak every language on Earth."

"You come from another planet?"


"Is this your first visit to Earth?"

"Oh, no!"

"Have you come here many times?"

"Very often...that's the least you could say."

"Why did you come?"

"Today I come to speak to you."

Vorilhon proceeds to tell us the story of his encounter with the glowing child, followed by several sessions of note-taking under his supervision. The story is naive, absurd; it reads like a space opera written by a twelve-year-old.

"Why did you pick me?"

"For many reasons. First we needed someone who lived in a country where new ideas are well-received. France is the country where democracy was born, and her image on the entire Earth is that of the land of freedom."

The pilot added that Vorilhon had also been selected because he was a free thinker without being anti-religious. He was not a scientist, and therefore "would explain the thing simply without complicating it." He wasn't a professional writer, either, and thus "wouldn't make up convoluted sentences that most people wouldn't be able to read." Finally, they picked him because he was born in 1946, after the first atom bomb.

The visitor told Vorilhon to come back the next day and to bring along his Bible. They had half a dozen meetings on successive mornings, and the little man gave Vorilhon his new name, "Rael." During these meetings, Vorilhon-Rael claims that he received commentaries on the most significant parts of the Bible. He gathered his notes in a book, privately published by "Message Editions" in 1974, entitled The Message Given by the Extraterrestrials. It tells a strange tale of Man's creation by scientists of an advanced space civilization who later disagreed on our development, thus splitting the gods into a camp led by Jahweh and one led by Satan. We are now living the Last Days of an Age. In order to make further progress, we need to make drastic political changes.

First, we must wipe out democracy:

"You must eliminate elections and votes that are completely ill-adapted to the current evolution of mankind. Men are the useful cells of a large body called Humanity. A cell in the foot doesn't have to say whether or not the hand should pick up an object. The brain decides, and if the object is good, the cell in the foot will profit by it....A world government and a new monetary system must be created. A single language will serve to unify the planet."

(It is curious to find such themes under the pen of a contactee in Clermont-Ferrand, since the same theories are advocated by Mr. T in his California mansion.) Finally, the military service must be discontinued in all countries. Then the Elohim will come back to the Earth, and they will give us the benefit of their superior science. If, on the other hand, Man remains aggressive, then they will wipe out our scientific centers, as they did once with Sodom and Gomorrah.

Having returned home after the last meeting, Vorilhon surveyed his notes and "realized the immensity of the mission that he had been given." He decided to go ahead anyway, and even to ignore those who would make fun of him as an "illuminated one." He reflected that "It is better to be an illuminated one who knows than an enlightened man who doesn't."

To those who disbelieve his message, he would simply answer: "Look at the sky, and you will see more and more apparitions that neither your scientists nor your military will be able to explain."

The key to Vorilhon's appeal is that he brings a simple, or rather a simplistic, solution to our worries. He confesses this himself in the conclusion to his book:

"All these revelations have brought me such well-being and such an inner peace, in this world where one doesn't know what to believe any more, a world where professional scientists cannot provide a precise enough explanation of our origin and our goals. In the light of these revelations, everything is cleared up and appears simple."

What Vorilhon expresses here very well is the grave danger of contactee beliefs: an unquestioned faith in external intervention that will bring simple answers to mankind. Hitler's "final solution" for humanity was equally simple. The themes are familiar:

  • People don't know what to believe any more, because science and education have made it impossible to continue worshipping a "Good God with a long white beard."

  • On the other hand, science and education have brought no real answers to the deeper questions in our minds: where do we come from? Where are we going?

Vorilhon's illumination has brought him an answer which is all the more convincing because it rests on faith alone. The little man has instructed him to start building a mansion for the returning Elohim. Vorilhon has appealed to public support on French radio and television, and has attracted some followers. Now he waits for the Angels.

Vorilhon gave a public lecture in San Francisco in December 1976. A group of about 150 people paid $3 each to attend. By the time Vorilhon had described the details of his trip to the planet of the Elohim, a reporter observed that "five persons had stomped out, and three elderly ladies had lapsed into soothing snoozes."

They missed the bathtub episode.

In his new book, Beings From Outer Space Took Me to their Planet, Vorilhon writes:

"I put on my belt and found myself carried in front of the apparatus used to make robots. When I was seated, a splendid-looking darkhaired girl appeared in the three-dimensional luminous cube. My robot asked me if I liked her and wished to have different shapes or a modified face. I told him I found her perfect."

The machine produced five more girls, and they accompanied Vorilhon to his place, where he had an unforgettable bath with his delightful robots who, he says, "submitted to all my desires."

Vorilhon doesn't explain any of the contradictions in the story. Why would the Elohim want us to destroy democracy after selecting as a prophet a man born in France, "the country of de mocracy and freedom"? Why would they use for an insignia such a human, terrestrial symbol as a swastika inside a Star of David?

We should look for an answer in the direction the phenomenon itself indicates: it has human elements; yet is alien to us. It is physical in appearance; yet it also behaves like a projection from the unconscious. I suggest that it represents a technology, like the television set, that manipulates the perceptions of the human mind. One is tempted to say that Vorilhon might have had an initial experience, and that he later hallucinated the dialogue with the pilot and the subsequent encounters. Hallucination is a big word, however, and implies that nothing in the experience was real. This is not my intention. Whatever the technology, it is the effect that is interesting. The new man Vorilhon, like other contactees, is out to change the world.

The Manipulators ...I have given this name to the agents who cause the UFO contacts and engineer their effects. Everything now centers on their role, their identity, their designs. Who could they be? Alien beings coming from the end of the galaxy? Psychic entities from the "other side"? Automata controlled by some nonhuman consciousness? Holographic nightmares? But perhaps we are looking far away for something which is right under our nose: could they simply be liutitan? Could they be masters of deception so skillful that they can counterfeit an invasion from space?

It is not difficult to see that the same themes are running through the whole puzzle. Many contactees, for example, mention Atlantis. If our self-styled "space brothers" need such a prehistoric pedigree, is it reasonable to expect them to come from some far-away star? The real answer is both more mundane and more frightening:

Beyond the attention of academic science, below the dignity of official history, there are groups, cults, and sects that serve as "leading indicators" of mass movements.

The myth of contact is such a leading indicator.

Rael's Message of Sensual Meditation:

Sensual meditation is the "instruction manual" which teaches us how to master the harmonizing possibilities within the brain, given to us by those best placed to know: those who designed the human being. As human beings, we are linked by our receptors, the senses, to the infinite which surrounds and composes us.
By developing our sensuality, we develop our capacity to feel connected with the infinite and to feel infinite ourselves. Enabling us to get rid of the Judeo-Christian inhibitions of guilt, without falling into the ethereal mysticism of eastern teachings, sensual meditation allows us to discover our bodies and especially to learn how to use them to enjoy sounds, colors, smells, tastes, caresses and particularly a sexuality felt with all of our senses.

The Elohim taught these techniques of sensual meditation to Rael so that we can awaken our mind by awakening our body and realize our true potential.

The word meditate comes from the latin "meditare" which means to exercise. It refers to the exercising of our senses which are linked to the brain via the nervous system. Awakening our senses awakens our mind.

Sensual Meditation book:

Throughout time, teachings have attempted to achieve the blossoming of the mind, while detrimentally neglecting the body. Sensual meditation is unique in its respect for the indivisible nature of the human being. In this book you will discover some of the most effective techniques for awakening your mind and body. This will enable you to understand and use to the fullest the powers of your mind which are already within you.

Sensual Meditation tape:

We are proud to be able to offer you a high quality recorded tape (voice and music) which will enable you to learn this meditation technique. The text and music were composed by Rael himself, and then translated into English. This tape was specially designed for your enjoyment. It will fill your cells with a deep feeling of harmony and peaceful contentment.

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