The V.H. Professor Pan
Vox Stellarus vel Adeptus Caeruleus
Pan and Friend

[Note: upon perusing this weighty and remarkably insightful
missive, we were so struck with it's uncanny brilliance and
remarkable clarity -- dividing asunder so eloquently the
interstial wheat from the UFOological chaff -- that we
granted Brother P:. an instantaneous promotion to the
Grade° of Vox Stellarus vel Adeptus Caeruleus, or, The Blue
Adept which channeleth© the Voice From the Stars. A rare
honour indeed! To further commemorate this truly
remarkable achievement, we have marked all his Sublime
Musings with the Holy Light Blue Text generally reserved
only for V.H. Fra. C. himself! -B:.B:.]


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Memetic Dispatch 6/4/97

"Language is a virus."
--William S. Burroughs

"This stuff is black, black, black!"
--Admiral Stansfield Turner
Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency


The Professor would like to apologize for his long absence, and to allay any consternation this caused among the many subscribers to his chaotik mailings. Indeed, as many of you have suspected, the Professor's arcane studies led him into a deep thicket of dark and unspeakable workings, which he managed to escape only by an especially fortunate act of Providence. He has confirmed that the brethren of the Dark Lodges are working feverishly in these climactic days before the dawn of the New Aeon, and their fiendish creations, once confined to the nether realms except when loosed by dark magic, are now roaming freely among us.

When I asked what message he wished me to deliver to his faithful subscribers, he replied simply: "Pray. And watch closely the shadows." And he fell back into sleep.

While he recuperates, he has given me the task of organizing his notes and spreading the memes to the recipients of his dispatch. I can only dispense of fragments of his work; there is much that I cannot decipher. I have ascertained that his studies led him into an encounter with the qliphotic entities commonly known as the "Men In Black." It is ironic that a film of this name ( is soon to be released as popular entertainment, while the true MIBs--creations far more malevolent than any Hollywood hack could hope to conjure--cackle with delight at their trivialized depictions. As one of the Professor's NSA contacts once told him: "All of this Dark Skies, Independence Day crap plays right into their [Black Lodge's] hands. The real abductions, mutilations, all the demonic infestations, get branded as the rantings of deluded X-Files fans. The idiots scream about a government coverup, when most of the people in the government are scared shitless at what's happening. Those that aren't in collusion with the sick f---ers, that is."

The Professor has recommended one book in particular as an accurate depiction of the MIBs and their ilk--"Casebook on the Men in Black" by Jim Keith, published by IllumiNet Press (ISBN 1-881532-11-9). Keith chronicles the history of the MIBs, from their early descriptions in the chronicles of European witchery to their manifestations in contemporary UFOlogy.

There are many interesting anecdotes, but a few will have to suffice, as I must tend to the Professor, and perform the enchantments for him before the setting of the sun.

From pages 23-24:

"[H.P.] Lovecraft, although ostensibly writing fiction and privately disavowing any belief in the supernatural, is revered by many modern occultist groups for his extraordinary otherworldly visions. Some of these groups, such as the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis and the two orders of the Starry Wisdom Sect that I know of, consider his fictional forays to be true representations of other dimensions, and have patterned their rituals and cosmology after Lovecraft's fantastical visions."

"It is interesting that Frank Belknap Long...a well-known writer of dark fantasy, recalls that Lovecraft met the young L. Ron Hubbard at a science fiction fan gathering in New York in the 1930s. According to Long, Lovecraft remarked that the enthusiastic young Hubbard would go far." (For more on L. Ron, see the superb page by Blue Resonant Human HERE)

The Professor also recommends the writings of Fortean investigator John Keel to those who seek to shine light on the mystery. Before he left for the encounter which nearly destroyed him, the good Professor said to me:

"It's all beginning to come together. The shift from pervasive belief in the ETH to the understanding of the transdimensionality of these soulless beings is beginning to occur. People are waking up to the machinations of the Dark forces. The history, from John Dee up through Parsons and Crowley, is coming to Light. And it's happening just in time, because Choronzon's cold fingers are prying open the Gate, and it's about to burst wide open."

"Bring the Light to the people," he said, as he drifted back into sleep.

I am madly deciphering his notes. I hope that I can put them into some semblance of order before it is too late. As I write, I am watching the Professor. In his slumber, he is obviously disturbed. Whether or not it's a result of the experiments that were conducted upon him years ago, or whether he is engaged in some form of battle that I cannot comprehend, I know not.

Those of you with any clues to the Dark Workings in the final days of this Aeon, please forward them to me, and perhaps they will contribute to my understanding of the Professor's notes. Until then, I leave you with another fragment from his notebook that may illuminate our present situation.

"A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities, as well as phenomena like poltergeist manifestations and possession... Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demoniac possession and psychic phenomena which has long been known to theologians and parapsychologists."

Lynn E. Catoe

Senior Bibliographer UFOs and Related Subjects:

An Annotated Bibliography compiled by the Library of Congress for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research

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