The Horrible Truth!


The following Top-Secretİ photos are of a group of Top-Secretİ military officials and scientists that comprised the Top-Secretİ "working group" known exoterically as MJ-12 or "The Conspiracy" yet known esoterically by all Initiates of the B:.B:. as their Evil Nemeses -- the Outer Order of the Left-Handed Black Lodge; the Inner Order of which is reserved for the Luciferian elite of the Rectum Coring Reticulans and, of course, their Diabolical Uberlords, the Draconian Orion Reptoids.

Believe it or not!


  • Dr. Lloyd Berkner
    Joint Research and
    Development Board


  • Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
    Director of National Advisory
    Committee on Aeronautics


  • Dr. Detlev Bronk
    Biologist - National Research
    Council and National
    Advisory Committee on


  • Dr. Donald H. Menzel
    Harvard Astronomy Dept.,
    Naval Intelligence


  • Dr. Vannevar Bush
    Joint Research and
    Development Board





  • General Robert Montague
    Commandant of Fort Bliss,
    operational commander
    White Sands


  • James Forrestal
    1947 Secretary of Defense Admiral Sidney Souers
    Director of the National
    Security Council


  • Gordon Gray
    Secretary of the Army under
    President Truman, chaired
    CIA's Psychological Strategy


  • Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining
    USAF Air Material


  • Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter
    First Director of the CIA General Hoyt Vandenberg
    Central Intelligence Group
    Director, USAF Chief of
    Staff -- 1948

Yes, as the alleged facts are presented, these men were picked by President Harry Truman to investigate and formulate Top-Secretİ policy in the wake of the Top-Secretİ Roswell Incident, where the omnisciently clever yet amusingly clumsy Martians -- no doubt after a bit too much to drink -- somehow managed to plow their hapless saucer into the White Sands of the God-forsaken Roswellian desert.

Following is a partial Top-Secretİ list of the initial MJ-12 taskings:

  • After flying such unimaginable distances to visit our planet, why do the Martians keep crashing their saucers in conveniently remote, military-controlled deserts?

  • Why do the Martians keep kidnapping the same people to scoop their DNA or sample their cum? Do they continually misplace their original samples? Did they forget their petrie dishes?

  • If the Martians bequeathed unto Colonel Corso the secrets of radar invisibility, why do they not employ this technology themselves, choosing instead to litter our radar screens with countless distracting FastWalker(tm) blips?

  • With the incredible preponderance of cigar-shaped saucers, it was deemed imperative for MJ-12 to design saucer-shaped cigars as a viable plan to protect the National Security.

  • What's the deal with all the bovine assholes?


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