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Conversations With Richard Hoagland

Excerpt from Leading Edge #88
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The following material has been extracted from a public radio interview conducted on October 27th, 1995.

Q: France has just torched off another nuclear test.

RH: On Larry King the other night, Larry tried to get French president Chirac to explain the tests, saying essentially that who is going to drop one of these things on anybody? Why are you doing this?' Chirac really didn't have an answer, except to say that a lot of money was spent to set up these tests. It was very lame. It is perplexing. The only thing that is not perplexing is the effects. There are people we have talked to, who are claiming that these tests are having interesting geophysical effects. I have my own thoughts about that, based on our own research, on how that potentially might occur. Bruce Cathie, some years ago, published a book called Harmonic 33. He noted back in the late 1950's that the pattern of nuclear tests in the Pacific appeared to occur at certain times and positions, in terms of latitude and longitude.


The bottom line was that he arrived at the conclusion that you could not detonate a nuclear weapon just anywhere and anytime you wanted. He wrote this down, and was visited by folks from the military, the CIA and the Australian Defense Ministry. For a while, there was a tremendous amount of interest because he had predicted the time and place of the next test. When he sent his material to me, Torun and I went through it and tried to reconcile his semantics, since he was not using standard terminology. The conclusion Cathie came to, again, was that you could only detonate one of these devices if the geometry relative to nearby celestial objects was correct, and the geometry on the Earth, relative to the grid, was correct. Certain hyperspacial conditions must be satisfied. By doing this, he was able to predict tests. Ultimately, the conclusion was that because of these protocols, general nuclear war was impossible. The entire foundation for the 'cold war' was a farce.

Furthermore, Cathie went on to explore the issue of the siting of nuclear power plants around the world, and reached the conclusion that they are not sited at random, but they are sited according to the geometry of the global grid. The nuclear plant built here on Long Island is at the exact location where Tesla built his tower ostensibly for power transmission. It is at the exact latitude of the D&M pyramid on Mars -- 40.868 degrees. Nuclear plants seem to work more efficiently on grid nodes.

[We have considered Cathie's perspective before and have wondered what sort of bearing this may have on nuclear-powered subs or spacecraft. Is the theory totally erroneous or are these vehicles required to travel along grid "ley" lines in order to function? Does this also explain the apparent insanity of constructing nuke plants right on top of faults (which also seem to roughly follow grid lines)? Was this the reason Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- two civilian cities -- were targeted for the WWII blast? Again, if the theory was in error, why was Cathie hounded by various intell agencies because of it and why were his nuclear "test" predictions so accurate? -B:.B:.]

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Q: It seems like they wasted a lot of money over 40 or 50 years during the cold war.

RH: It means they spent a lot of money on something other than what the public thought they were spending it on.

Q: Did Cathie check tests in the past to see if they matched his theory?

RH: Yes, but there are aspects of his theory I believe are incorrect. Because nuclear reactions happen all the time in stars, I believe that it is not absolutely true that you must have a special geometry to set off a nuclear test. However, that leads to the question -- why were they setting off all of these tests, as analysis after the fact shows, according to hyperspacial protocols? They were exploring the hyperdimensional grid. That is what the French are doing now. Do you know how nuclear physicists conduct experiments on fundamental particles?

Q: Not really.

RH: They accelerate particles to near light speed and bombard a target. This results in an output of particles that they examine. It's the 'collision' process. I am strongly becoming convinced that the nuclear tests, which we were told all these years were to "perfect weapons," had an objective of probing a whole new technology based on hyperspacial physics. Now, after the "war" is over, the French are banging off nuclear weapons at 19.5 degrees south latitude.

Q: What would be the objective of detonating weapons at these latitudes?

RH: According to this model, what the government is doing is exploring the dimensions of a kind of hyperdimensional physics that transfers information between dimensions, not only on a rotating hypersphere, a planet, but between other planets in the solar system -- perhaps even beyond. It takes a lot of energy to get an "echo."

Q: Does the geological activity in the Pacific "ring of fire" relate to these detonations?

RH: Well, in theory it has to. We are looking in our work at a geophysical model, and we are seeing a hyperdimensional tetrahedronal geometry (in the Earth). There have been a lot of earthquakes around the world occurring at 19.5 degrees. There was one just the other day west of Mexico City, while at the same time a hurricane was twirling around at 19.5 degrees in the Yucatan. The other morning, during an eclipse of the sun at dawn, there was a major earthquake in China at about 22.5 degrees. This is part of this model of physics. The question that everyone has been wondering is -- whether these nuclear tests are triggering geological activity. I can't give you a 100% certainty, but there does seem to be a time-lag of a few days, and a latitude pattern, that would strongly indicate that there is some kind of connection. Now, the next question is -- is it deliberate, or is it just inadvertent? Are the French totally unaware that they are triggering a tetrahedronal response pattern in the "ring of fire?" We aren't sure.

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Q: What is it about 19.5 degrees that is important?

RH: About 12 years ago, we began looking at the 1976 photos of Mars and noticed the face at Cydonia and the complex. We realized that there was a geometry connecting these features that showed up again and again. The same geometry is present at sacred sites on Earth. The point of 19.5 degrees is the tip of a tetrahedronal point inside the planet reflecting hyperdimensional physics corresponding to planetary energy patterns.

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Q: How do you think they are using this application?

RH: If the last 150 years is any "rule of thumb," we are probably trying to develop weapons. Nuclear bombs are like candle flames compared to weapons that use hyperdimensional physics.

Q: Suppose you had a bomb based on hyperdimensional physics...

RH: Suppose I had a physics of hyperdimensions, meaning spatial dimensions that are invisible, that are not local -- meaning that you don't have to physically be at the location of an object that you want to destroy. You do something "over here" and something "over there" quietly vanishes. Do you see how powerful that is?

Q: I'm going to change subjects. Ted Koppel mentioned the discovery of possible planets in the Pegasus 51 system. What is all that about?

RH: I don't think this is an accident. There appear to be events that are converging, both of a geopolitical and historical nature, that are moving us in the direction of finally admitting to ourselves certain things that many of us have known for some time.

Q: Events are obviously accelerating at an increasing rate.

RH: They appear to be accelerating, as well as focusing in certain directions. We have been watching this incredible tragedy in Yugoslavia for five years. The world has been apparently powerless to do anything about it. Now, in the last several weeks, there has been an acceleration toward peace, with a meeting. What I find remarkable is that they are choosing to meet at Dayton, Ohio at Wright-Patterson AFB. Judy Woodruff on CNN, when announcing this, referred to Wright-Patterson as "a center for UFO research." This is on par with an event that happened at the closing days of the Bush-Clinton election in 1992. Now, Reagan made no campaign appearances for Bush except in the last two days of the campaign.


His first appearance for Bush was Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico. New Mexico has very few electoral votes. Why choose Roswell, two days before the election? We are looking at "coded communications." Reagan, who spoke on five occasions about aliens, is speaking at Roswell. Is the hidden message here that "they came here in '47 and they're coming back?" In 1995, here we have three parties in the Bosnian conflict who would kill each other if given the chance, and where do we take them? Wright-Patterson. and it was announced two days after the movie Roswell aired on television. Coincidence?

Q: You think that...

RH: One elevator ride down to the archives at Wright-Patterson, and the peace treaty will be signed faster than the OJ verdict.

Q: The whole thing of sending 20,000 Americans to Bosnia is ludicrous, unless, what you say may be true.

RH: That the clock is ticking and there is a timetable to adhere to. I think there is a major hidden agenda, and that the American people ought to wake up and ask some questions. We are not being told the truth. My biggest concern is not that aliens exist, not that UFOs are real, not that there are ruins on Mars, but that it is all a wonderful diversion to keep us from looking at the real essence of this problem, which is the physics, and what is happening under our feet. It would be the worst nightmare to be distracted at the last minute.

Q: Let's change subjects again. What about the ruins on Mars? Is it your view that the ancient civilization on Mars is us, or was us?

RH: It's us in the Golden Age of the Greecian myth. It's us before the fall of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It's us when we were the Titans. Some of us never lost it, and in this model they have been playing head-games with the rest of us.

Q: And the photos of the structures on the Moon?

RH: No one in the government or NASA has contested the data. They are simply not saying anything about it.

Q: What makes you think that the government is involved with hyperspacial physics?

RH: I have a friend that was in the armed services in the 1970's in Central America. He was part of a large group of military personnel that were flown into a location as part of a large battalion of engineers. He said they hauled in large portable generators, each of which was capable of lighting a city. These guys were part of security. He said that there was an enormous amount of copper cable. This equipment was placed at an ancient Meso-American site in the jungle, in the middle of nowhere, close to 19.5 degrees latitude.


The generators were positioned separately in a geometrical hexagonal pattern and energized coils. Given what we know now, this operation must have been to probe the efficacy of the terrestrial hyperdimensional grid. What I need is to hear from people who have been involved with similar programs. [Any speculations as to how HAARP might tie into this grid manipulation scenario? -B:.B:.]

Q: What positive kinds of things can you do at hyperdimensional nodes on the grid?

RH: You could put energy in and change the resonance at the nodes, with the object of alleviating earth changes.

Q: On the other hand, you might aggravate things...

RH: Well, that's where laboratory data is very important.

Q: So, where is all of this going?

RH: It is my opinion that we are being manipulated into a belief system which is reaching a critical point. Someone wants us to think a certain way, and things are being set up so we will follow that perception. It does not follow that the perception reflects the truth. One of the predictions involved with the nature of hyperspacial physics is that constants in physics change. That seems to be happening. Nuclear constants are changing, which means that nuclear plants all over the world, whether they are sited on the grid or not, are probably running " hotter" than they should be, which also means that there might be more accidents.

Q: Does the world's energy grid extend as high as the radiation belt around the Earth?

RH: Yes. Think of a "spider web" around a sphere, decreasing in density as you move outward. It is not confined to the surface. In fact, the moon is within this web, and all the planets are connected hyperspacially.

Q: What device does the government use to detect the "echo" from the hyperdimensional energy grid after a nuclear explosion?

RH: I think we ought to refer that question to Bearden. They would generally be looking for scalar electromagnetic radiation. For a signature.

Q: Tell us more about hyperdimensional physics.

RH: One of the keys to hyperdimensional physics is rotation. Bruce DePalma, a physicist, experimented about 20 years ago with rotation of massive systems. He did an experiment with a 30- pound concrete disk spinning at 8,000 rpm, shielded by mu-metal to prevent EM interference. Suspended over the disk he had an Accutron watch. The Bulova specs say that the watch gains or loses about 1 second per year. When Bruce brought the watch near the disk, it lost 1 second in 20 minutes. He repeated the experiment with an FM receiver, tuned to a station. When the radio was brought over the spinning concrete disk, the radio de- tuned.

Q: It was affecting the oscillators?

RH: Precisely. What we are trying to figure out it how the hyperdimensional model allows for these effects. It qualitatively accounts for them, but we are now working on the mathematical details. It's a non-Einsteinian, pre-relativistic, hyperdimensional physics that affects inertia, mass and gravity. Can you imagine all the neat things we could do with this in the public sector?

Q: If hyperdimensional travel is possible, where are the "hypernauts" visiting in our current time?

RH: You are assuming that they are time travelers. What I am saying is that the UFO phenomenon may be the quintessential demonstration of vehicles, based on hyperdimensional physics, traveling not only from star systems in this dimension, but from other dimensions. Time is basically the "marker" of energy flow between systems in three dimensions. If you have a physics which alters the flow of energy or information into that system, including biological systems, then you can change the flow of time.

Q: What about this alien autopsy film?

RH: Even if the film were a hoax, it would be such a sophisticated one that it is of significance. At John Whites Omega Conference, Linda Howe was reading the transcribed notes of conversations between Ray Santilli and the photographer who allegedly took the film. She read exerpts, and one of the things that came out was that the alien represented came from a crash at Socorro, not Roswell (as the media has been saying). This is why the body didn't look like descriptions of the Roswell aliens. In our model, this makes sense, in terms of the human genome going out to the stars and coming back.


You would see all sorts of physiological variations return. When Linda read the transcript, the photographer described to Santilli that he had attempted to go inside the spacecraft to take pictures, and he said he got violently ill. No one could go inside. This is important -- it was a spatial effect. The cornerstone of hyperdimensional physics involves spatial effects, and this would have a significant effect on human biological systems. This is what I mean by science converging. There is no way that Santilli could have made this stuff up.

Q: What practical application does all of this have?

RH: Creation of an unlimited source of environmentally sound energy. I think that's practical. All important things come first from ideas. If you cannot imagine the unthinkable, than nothing will change. As an aside, I have a 716 page report coming to me from Australia that recommends throwing Einstein's Relativity in the trash can, and returning to pre-Einsteinian classical Maxwellian 4-space vortex physics.

Q: What about the Hale-Bopp cometary cluster? There have been some interesting photographs taken of this group, some showing a spiral...

RH: The spiral is easy to explain, since you have objects that are rotating and emitting material. The most interesting point about Hale-Bopp is the separate chunks. The only thing that could cause that is the predominance of the tidal forces of the Sun over the gravity of the comet. But, if that's the case, it means this comet cannot be a multiple visitor to our system -- it has to be a first time visitor, according to celestial mechanics. So, how can it have the characteristics of a cluster with a 3600 year periodicity and be a first-time visitor? Answer: someone has manipulated the orbit. This is another data point in the "somebody is tampering with our heads" model. Somebody wants us to believe a scenario.

Q: Somebody has tampered with the orbit of Hale-Bopp?

RH: Yes, but they forgot to tamper with all of it in a way that would remove the excess particles around it. Those are now coming off of it, meaning that it is a primordial object that has never been in this system before. It has been nudged into a trajectory to simulate multiple 3,600 year visits. [Interesting how the manipulation forces an ostensible conformity to Sitchin's 3600-year Sumerian "shar" as Bramley's "gods of Eden" once again swing on by the 'hood. -B:.B:.]

Q: Do you think that the soul is a form of hyperdimensional energy, and if so is it possible for the soul to be destroyed?

RH: Speculatively, yes, it would be a form of hyperdimensional energy. Information is not so easily destroyed. I have come to understand that there is a continuum between consciousness and physics, and that if you look at us as one end of the spectrum, what makes us different is the consciousness aspect. If we learn more about this physics, inevitably we will learn more about consciousness.