A Holy Pleiadean Perspective

"Intelligence is beyond the spoken word and beyond the written word, for it is a frequency that sometimes comes in geometric shapes. Pythagoras had a beginning grasp of this, but his geometry was not understood by others. Geometry is an evolved intelligence, a collection of experience that can communicate huge amounts of information. Actually, crop circles all over the planet are put there by sounds above human frequency to implement these language shapes. Many times in the beginning, these shapes are circles. They will evolve into triangles, lines, and many other things.

"The crop circles have been most prevalent in England and throughout Europe. However, they are also in the area previously known as the Soviet Union and in South America. They are even in the United States, although some people are doing a good job of pretending they are not there. We understand that some of your news broadcasters are planning upcoming shows about these crop circles. We will see how much they pretend they don't know about them. It is going to be interesting.

"The circles and shapes being put on earth are here to assist you in holding and managing your frequency and having the courage to live your light. They make frequency information available in a very subtle way, and no one can figure them out yet. These shapes are all connected to one another, and if they were all written out simultaneously on some farmer's field, something would happen to them immediately. They are spaced from one continent to another, and they move a frequency band around the planet that will help activate earth's grid-work. They will allow you not to feel so weird with what you know and to feel more comfortable with the changes in frequency as they occur.

"This is just a little bit of what the crop circles do. They are quite interesting. Many of them are designed and constructed by what some call 'Ascended Masters'. There is also a joke behind them. You must understand that some beings, as they become very evolved, develop a tremendous sense of humor. They see the humor in all things.

"As we have said, geometric shapes and forms are carriers of intelligence. They are frequency waves that can be modulated and changed. The shapes coming onto earth are like energy gates or energy glyphs. They hold intelligence and are being set up to eventually connect and make an intelligent grid-work around the planet. The grid-work will have a frequency that humanity can use to evolve.

"The whole language is not on the planet at this time. The glyphs come onto earth as a result of a certain evolvement of consciousness. They work with places that are vortex centers that are now drawing them in. Over the billions of years that earth has been in orbit, these centers have been covered and buried. Some have gone into dormancy, and many of them are being reawakened because the seal around the planet has been penetrated.

"The crop circles are phenomenological expressions of consciousness. They come into your reality to show you that the reasoning mind can not control all of the data, much as it would like to. These events occur to intersect with the coding of consciousness of all human beings. Whenever reality cannot be explained, a certain niche is opened within consciousness. The crop circles are completely beyond the logical mind. Therefore, they force the consensus view of reality to expand, since reality, as formerly designed, cannot house these events as a possibility. They are a trigger. They force reality to move beyond it's own limitations.

"There are a number of reasons for the existence of the crop circles. Basically, they exist to force reality to move -- to get you feeling rather than thinking. Most who explore these circles think their way through the circles rather than feel their way through them. Great Britain is having a rash of them because, in general, the British have a very logically oriented consciousness. However, the land of the British Isles is imprinted with megalithic spirals and stone forms that have intensely imprinted the intuitive faculties of the inhabitants.

"This phenomenon has no logic to it. It is forcing a logically oriented society to recognize something that makes no sense, and it is being done in a very playful and obvious way without creating a threat to anyone's reality. If ships were to land everywhere, people would get upset. When corn lies down in concentric circles and doesn't even break or die, no one really gets too upset. Do you understand how energies play with you? It is necessary to do certain things so that you get it and figure it out without having your circuits overloaded.

"This language is being introduced onto the planet as a story -- a glyph of information that holds a frequency to assist you in holding your own frequency. As you awaken, it is easy for others to read you and recognize you."

"Bringers of the Dawn"

Barbara Marciniak,

1992, Bear & Company Publishing,

ISBN 0-939680-98-X

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