Liber Discarnatus Excretium
Sub Figura vel Liber Caeruleus
"On the Nature of Lying Angels"

An Relatively Holy Publication in Class C
by the V.H. Fra. C., B:.B:.

- Res Inexplicata Volans -

Beloved Brethren, it hath come to our attention that certain doctrinal disputes have arisen amongst the many Initiates of Lodge Internette in regards to the purposes of the Enochian Angels and their many discourses with the common man. Though perhaps unsettling in nature, we find the core schema addressed by these disputes not entirely irreconcilable, and therefore admonish all concerned parties to pierce to a greater degreeř that illusory veil which blindeth with the exoteric yet shineth forth much light upon those with eyes to psee the Hidden Truths of the Esoteric. For verily, just as it hath been written of old, "Mine inner eye hath pseen the gateway to the stars!"

SO as not to create an greater discord amongst our August Body of Believers, we have extricated all names whereby the authors of such controversial materials have been named, in hopes that in so doing we may discourage any vain and profane name-calling or pidgeonholing on the part of our esteemed readership. Let he, therefore, who is without sin cast the first spell, etc.

And so, without further ado, let us examine the nature of our conceivably divisive perceptions. One learned Brother, after duly observing and objectively noting the Angel's propensity towards memetic fabrication, thought it amusing that despite the promises made to D&K regarding great wealth and longevity, they both perished essentially penniless, Kelley being at best a young middle-aged man. Further, he hath pseen fit to carve in world wide stone the following enigmatic remarks:

"These Calls, which have been demonstrated to be in a language possessing a real grammar and syntax, not to mention a poetic flair, were said to be the proper conjurations to be used to directly contact and influence the angels having control over the affairs of our world ... these Calls would enable the magician to do everything from effect cures for diseases to learning the natures of various metals. In fact, according to the angels, the effect of learning all that they had to teach would be to bring about the overthrow of governments around the world, the 'alteration of most states and kingdomes in the World,' and usher in the apocalypse."

Whilst elsewhere, another Brother balances the apparent magickal nihilism with great grace and scholarly flair:

"Enochian magick and the apocalypse:

"There are two major threads of thought in Christian millennialism. One thread, called postmillennialism, is largely Utopian in nature. It sees the millennium as the beginning of a period of gradual perfection of conditions on Earth; the basic principle is that the world must be brought to perfection and the City of God built on Earth before the Christ will return, and it is only after the Christ returns that the world will end...

"The other thread, called premillennialism, is the more catastrophic variety. In this version, the typical scenario is that the Christ returns, and then the current 'evil' societies of mankind will be destroyed in worldwide disasters, while the elect are preserved from harm. After the world is destroyed, the Christ joins with the faithful in a City built by God to rule over the Earth for a thousand years.

"While there is a strong millennialist flavor to the angels' pronouncements, they are almost uniformly of the post-millennialist variety. The angels divided the world into four ages. The first of these began with the creation and ended with the Flood; the second ended with the first appearance of the Christ. The revelation of Liber Loagaeth ended the third age and ushered in the final age, in which the world would be brought to perfection prior to the return of the Christ."

Oddly, though the disparate paradigms expressed by both Brothers appear to resonate the very antithesis of each other; representing opposite ends of the eschatologickal spectrum as it were, both authors nevertheless remain essentially in agreement that the Angels are somewhat clever tricksters who apparently see nothing wrong with bending truth to suit their own hidden agendas -- archetypal spin doctors, they. And in response to this deliberate obfuscation, we must needs ask ourselves of what sort this spinnage be; deosil ... or widdershins?

For therein lieth the Mystery of Iniquity, my Brethren!

"It is necessary to state unequivocally for those unfamiliar with Enochian magic that neither Dee nor Kelley fabricated the spirit communications. Both believed completely in the reality of the angels, although they differed about the motives of these beings. Dee believed them to be obedient agents of God who submitted to the authority of Christ. Kelley mistrusted them and suspected them of deliberate deception. The dislike was mutual. The angels always treated Kelley with amused contempt."

Once again, the mysterious duality! Yet are we dealing with naive optimism vs. jaded cynicism here (an eager young disciple hath once remarked that a cynic is only "an optimist who has had the shit kicked out of him too many times") or is there an Higher Wisdom at play?

Let us consider the acts of a confidence trickster for a moment here. Does this individual not seek out and plunder the gullible? And doth he not resent such an one as can psee through his clever sophistry? Will he not treat him with amused contempt for having bared the nakedness of his trickery for all to see?

Let us then proceed to analyze phenomena extant within the constraints of our own current cultural Weltanschauung. Do we not marvel over the clever little space aliens who kidnap unsuspecting women, shove odd probes up their asses then excuse such absurd behaviors by lecturing them with all manner of irrelevant quasi-spiritual platitudes on the importance of living green? Yet then these very same entities are revered as gods and welcomed with open arms by the Advertising Firm of Hopkins, Mack, Greer & Strieber.

My, how little has changed since Dee's day!

Kelley was rumored to have endured the Angelic insults for so many years in the hopes that they would reveal to him the secret of a strange alchemical powder allegedly imbued with the power to transmute base metals into gold. Could it be that this self- same short-sighted greed may yet cause many of us to see only those things we wish to see? Or is there another angle worthy of our consideration here?

"As a person whose magickal training has come entirely from 'non-incarnate' beings of one sort or another, I've had substantially more interaction with them than most people, even within the magickal community. One thing that has become glaringly obvious to me is that the verbal content of our contacts, the intellectually-apprehensible ideas and words, has in many cases been entirely unimportant to the beings with whom I was working. That content was intended to hold my attention on maintaining the contact, and at the same time, to "distract" my attention from the levels where they were doing the actual training work.

"As human beings-in-the-world, we tend to focus on verbalizations, 'facts', and meanings, regarding these as the most important parts of any communication. This is natural enough, since it is how we have to deal with each other and with the manifest world. But to a being observing us from a higher level, those things aren't real. Or, if not exactly unreal, are no more than transitory events of no lasting import, occurring _within_ the structures with which they are concerned.

"What these beings are concerned with are those structures which are the basis for our ability to have experiences. That is to say, where our attention is focused on the content of the mind, their purpose has to do with the underlying functionality that allows that content to exist, and determines the forms it can take. Communication, from their point of view, consists primarily in an exchange of energies between themselves and those root structures of our being; the verbal side is secondary.

"Initiation, the raising of a person's awareness to a higher level, is not accomplished by putting ideas into a person's mind. Rather, it is accomplished by changing the foundational structure of the mind in such a way that it becomes capable of sensing events on additional levels or with greater scope, capable of organizing those sensations and experiences in new ways, and of re-organizing their past experience and thought- patterns to conform to the expanded view. This is done by introducing new energies from higher levels into the matrix of the person's being, those energies forcing a re-structuring so that they can be contained. It is only after such a change has been brought about that new ideas from the beings can have any significance, as seeds for the process of organizing and re-organizing the content of the mind.

"In order to accomplish this goal, it isn't necessary for a magickal being to give someone verbalizations that have any relation to the 'real' world. They need only to motivate the person to keep maintaining the 'connection' between them, and to open himself to them in such a way that they can perform the manipulations needed to induce the change.

Although clearly and brilliantly elucidated here, still, how can one not ask the quintessential question -- Cui Bono? Even granting that there are levels at play we cannot begin to properly conceive of -- perhaps in the same fashion the Lodge dog receives our extensive and scholarly lectures on alchemy and Kaballah by wagging quite energetically his tail and panting loudly as his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth; smiling, yet with an unmistakably vacant stare, proving beyond any reasonable doubt that "he just don't get it..." Even granting that we are perhaps but primitive beasts to some of the Magickal Beings in this unimaginably vast and multidimensional universe, we still must ask ourselves who benefits -- and how, and why -- when the Beings have their way with us.

Is this not true, grasshopper?

"What the Enochian angels conveyed to Dee was not merely a potent form of magic to rule the tutelary spirits of the nations. It was an initiatory formula designed to open the locked gates of the four great watchtowers that stand guard against chaos at the extremities of our universe...

"These Watchtowers, represented in Enochian magic by alphabetical squares, are equivalent to the four mystical pillars of Egyptian mythology that hold up the sky and keep it from crashing into the earth. They bar the chaotic legions of Coronzon from sweeping across the face of the world. Coronzon, the angels reveal, is the true heavenly name for Satan...

"Dee's blindness to the true function of the Keys is curious, because clues about their nature are everywhere for those with eyes to see them. The Enochian communications are filled with apocalyptic pronouncements and imagery. Again and again the angels warn of the coming destruction of the world by the wrath of God and the advent of the Antichrist. This apocalyptic imagery is also found throughout the Keys themselves.

"Perhaps Dee believed, as the angels deceitfully encouraged him to believe, that the gates could be opened a crack for specific human purposes and then slammed shut before anything too horrible slipped through to our dimension of awareness. Dee would have assumed that the harrowing of the goddess Earth and her children by the demons of Coronzon would not occur until the preordained time of the apocalypse, an event initiated by God and presumably beyond Dee's control.

"What he failed to understand is that the date of the initiation of the apocalypse is (in the intention of the angels) the same date as the successful completion of the full ritual working of the 48 Keys. This date is not predetermined, but will be determined by the free will and actions of a single human being who in the Revelation of St. John is called the Antichrist."

Here again, our learned Brother opines that the Angels were deceitfully manipulating the perhaps foolishly optimistic Dr. Dee; encouraging him to believe that, just as a single bite of the Edenic Apple could do no harm to Our Very First Brothress, so it was permissible -- and even advisable -- to open the eschatological gates just enough for a quick look-psee.

"Hath God said...?" the ever-effectual enticement once again employed; the carrot of hidden knowledge dangled seductively before the nose of the dumb ass. Yet to Balaam the dumb ass spake! As he speaketh yet to us today, my Brethren.

"Just open the gates for us Brother John, and we will take it from there," they beckon, the silent impotence of their captivity at long last broken. Yet thankfully -- or not, as we shall psee! -- the door remaineth shut; bolted securely unto this very day.

So what, then? What are we to make of all this alleged deception? All of the cloak and dagger cannot but call to mind the present predicament of our current intelligence community which, having told so many lies for so long, is no longer taken seriously at all but instead mocked to scorn. How can we then take seriously the Angels if truth appears so vestigial and unimportant a thing to them? How does their form of desinformatsiya in any way differ from the more mundane currents served by the Black Lodge of Langley or, as we've seen earlier, the modus operandi of the clever bovine-rectum-coring reticulan space aliens?

Not many months previous, my Deare Brethren, whilst lost in an worshipful meditation, we hearde the sayings of an Unseen Friend in our ear as a great joy filled our inner being, "There remaineth a greater kingdom, O mage!" was the utterance -- one we've given a great deal of subsequent consideration to. Now to peel away all of the magic and wonder from the many instantaneous realizations accompanying this saying would certainly be of service to no one, but suffice it to say there are multiple levels of realities at play here and though some may fancy themselves in control of others for a season or twain, there is doubtless a level above them which remaineth yet in control of the entirety of the Grand Dance.

And so it goes!

In conclusion, if true that the Calls may open wide the very gates of hell and welcome the daemon spawn who bring with them the very apocalypse itself, we must from Malkuth rationally ask ourselves just what the FUCK we think we're doing playing with such dangerous fyre? If, on the other hand, we find ourselves awash in a malaise of deep depression over what the present age hath wrought:

"It's the age old Manichaean battle between good and evil, the forces of order and chaos, the status quo versus revolutionary tendencies. But in the 20th century, these lines have become significantly blurred: If you consider the New World Order multinational corporate monoliths poisoning the planet and reducing mankind to the level of wage slavery for the benefit of the very few to be representative of the 'good,' then the Babalon Working must sound like the most outright evil deed ever perpetrated by a human being. But if you're like me, and would dearly love to see the vile, puss-ridden edifice of Western society burned to the ground, you should see Parsons as the penultimate style icon of psycho-sexual/magickal insurrection, a truly American original if ever there was one.

"The question must be asked: Who is the greater hero -- he who prolongs the agony of this pathetic existence or he who opens wide the Pandora's Box of perdition knowing that this is how the final eschatological chapter must play itself out?"

Indeed, we had earlier postulated the existence and influence of an Higher Wisdom manifesting as Dee's apparent gullible naiveté. Peradventure this just may be it.

Light in Extinction;

-Brother Blue, B:.B:.
"All impressions of Brother Blue are wrong"

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