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"It seems clear that despite the 'outer space' trappings, most of the Gray aliens, and possibly all of them, are subterrestrials ... Many of them want things from human beings, and some species of these lower entities even seem to depend for their very existence on the subtle substances they extract from physical creatures. They are thereby at best symbiotes, but most of these types are probably parasitic. And some of the worst are literal vampires, the source of all the legends and horror tales. At the same time, some jinns, elementals, and even demons are reputed to be friendly and beneficial to humans. Even some of these well-disposed types, though, often lie and deceive the humans who come in contact with them, sometimes apparently for sheer sport; but the grizzlier varieties attempt to practice large-scale, elaborate deceptions on the human race, for ends that are very grievous indeed."





An Occult Analysis of Aliens and Earthlings
by Joseph Kerrick


Is it really conceivable that Earth is being visited by extra- terrestrial beings? The answer is yes - but you can conceive it only if you have unified your own awareness enough to not get hung up on certain dualistic conundrums, like the question of whether the ETs are spiritual (angels, gods, demons) or physical (space aliens). If you can't handle "both of the above", then you'll have to settle for "neither". Or for the everlasting insipidity of agnosticism, which is basically just a way of getting reconciled to your ignorance.

Those who wish to know, and who will never rest until they do, are not AGnostics but gnostics: people in quest of true unified knowledge of themselves and of the cosmos - for indeed, the same patterns that govern the operation of the Universe are to be found in the deepest soul of the individual human being, as well as the forces that drive those patterns.

This is the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, showing how its 10 spheres correlate with the 7 chakras, subtle energy centers within the human organism; note that the 6th, 5th, and 3rd chakras are each equivalent to a dyadic pair of spheres on the Tree. I have used English words in place of the original Hebrew to render the approximate meanings of the spheres. In a proper diagram, the spheres are shown as circles arranged in the above configuration, all interconnected by a series of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, which are the paths between the spheres.

A key mystery revealed by the Tree is the existence of the Abyss, a vast gulf of nothingness between the lower seven and upper three spheres. A cryptic 11th sphere, here labeled "Mystery", is located within the Abyss.

In one sense, the top three spheres are God, which explains the "Blessed Trinity" of Catholic theology. God exists in "Heaven", which is really the supernal realm Across the Abyss. But looking at the chart, we find that in another sense the triune God dwells in the two highest chakras of a human being, or at least an enlightened human being who has opened his Third Eye and won his Crown.

The chakras are indeed the key to the development of the individual. But they are also the key to the origin and evolution of species. This we can see by looking at the schema of meta-evolution formulated by Theosophy, the spiritual/philosophical movement founded in the 19th century by Madame H.P. Blavatsky. In this cosmology, the human spirit and the human species is destined to evolve through seven "root-races", a concept that has very little to do with the biological notion of race, and everything to do with an expansion of the chakra-model to the scale of the collective organism.

Each successive advance takes place when the species activates the next higher chakra. According to Theosophical doctrine, all of humanity as we have known it in historical times is the fifth root-race, corresponding to the fifth chakra, centered in the throat. The four preceding root-races each corresponded to a collective development and activation of the respective chakra. Furthermore, on the next smaller scale, each root-race progresses through seven sub-races (and these again are not identical with biological races).

This esoteric model based on the chakra/Tree of Life correspondence can show us the answers to many mysteries which have stumped postmodern thought. For instance: why do societies, civilizations, and even life-forms rise and inevitably fall? The answer is built into the very shape of reality. An organism or collective entity can only evolve in a direct process until it reaches the Abyss. At that point it must either Cross the Abyss or else devolve. It's only possible to Cross the Abyss in certain circumstances at certain definite points of the cycle, so most often the result is death or devolution.

Each of the first four root-races ceased progressive development with the fifth sub-race, because that was the point at which they encountered the Abyss, and did not cross it - and in fact they could not, because the root-races are a part of the larger time-body of total humanity, which will be complete only at the end of the current "Round" of meta-evolution.

Therefore, in each of these cycles, a two-edged process occurred: the root-race continued to develop into a sixth and seventh sub-race, but these were degenerate - evolutionary dead-ends. Meanwhile, the most advanced and astute members of the fifth sub-race separated themselves from the rest of the social organism, and in this isolated gene-pool they effected the mutational change which unfolded the next chakra. Thus they evolved into the next root-race. This process is the underlying reality behind legends of how survivors of the sinking of Atlantis founded the earliest civilizations of our present historical cycle.

The present state of global civilization marks the climax of the fifth sub-race of the fifth root-race. This means that it is also the time of the apotheosis of the entire Round: this is the moment when the human species itself must Cross the Abyss.

The basic apocalyptic implications of this fact should be clear, but we must wait until the writing of the book to explicate the details. For now we must turn our attention back to the other crucial aspect of the situation, namely the aliens.

The Tree of the Universal World extends, of course, from its 1st sphere down to its 10th; at its 6th sphere it begins to overlap with the Galactic World; its 10th sphere is the meeting-place of three worlds; ([{10/6/1}]). This means that here there coincides the Universal (sphere 10), the Galactic [sphere 6], and the Solar {sphere 1}. The same pattern of the overlapping of specific spheres proceeds down through the Tree, as all the worlds interpenetrate.

This chart of the extended Tree of Life (click image right) is traditionally called "Jacob's Ladder," indicating that it portrays the esoteric reality behind the Bible story in which Jacob saw a ladder reaching up into Heaven, with angels ascending and descending upon it.

For indeed, the spheres of these higher Trees are said to be the habitations of Angels. Every sphere is designated by the name of an angel, which can also be understood as a collective entity: a whole race, tribe, species, or "choir" of angels. And all these legions of angels are ranked into three basic orders corresponding to the three worlds.

The up-and-down / higher-and-lower imagery is supplemented in some kabbalistic sources by three-dimensional imagery of smaller spheres within larger spheres. Thus the "higher" worlds are also the greater worlds, and contain the lesser worlds within themselves - just as within the Universe are galaxies, within galaxies are solar systems, and within solar systems are planets. So the formations of the material cosmos do in fact body forth the nested spheres of the angelic realms.


And so it is that this ancient glyph correlates perfectly with modern astronomical knowledge, fleshing it out with the higher knowledge of life-forms far beyond the power of radio telescopes to descry. For this perennial wisdom shows us that there exist beings so vast that their reach is coextensive with the Universe itself; that these are served by entities of galactic proportion; and that the will of the Galactic Gods is in turn administered by angelistic creatures who oversee every stellar system and the lesser beings within it.

Thus we return to our familiar terrestrial world: the level of organic life-forms existing on the surface of planet Earth in this, our solar system. So it is that material life is the lowest form, existing at the very bottom of the hierarchy. Or is it?

No indeed, for there is still another series of Trees below it, as illustrated in our next diagram:

The postmodern mind, speaking from within its constrictions, asks: "How can this be?" How can there exist regions that are less tangible than our familiar solid, physical world, and yet are not superior to it and greater, like the worlds of those beings traditionally described as angels and gods, but rather inferior to it, and lesser? Is this the hellish realm of the very devils? And how can such creatures be real, since science has found no trace of them below the surface of the Earth?

We shall not here explore the fact that postmodern scientism knows less about the interior of the Earth than it does about the farthest stars, and that for all we know a mystically rejuvenated Hitler may be holding court in the Hollow Earth, and sending forth his vimanas from the aperture at the South Pole to bedevil the civilization that rejected him.


But from another angle, it's significant that this latter-day warlord has taken his place in postmodern mythology (in myths better known in Europe than in North America) with the dark rulers of the underworld who have reigned within the collective psyche for lo! these many eons.

And who are the real, objective beings who cohabit with the phantoms of the human Id, and manipulate them like pawns in a chess match? Tradition gives us the names of all the entities mentioned in Chapter 2, including fairies, jinns, elementals, demons, and indeed those devils.


From this range we can see that we are not dealing with a simple dualism of good above and evil below, but rather with a complete spectrum - a sliding scale of all the complexity you would expect in a Universe full of exotic and divergent beings.

In a more generic bent, traditional cosmologies also give us a varied nomenclature for the beings from beyond the Earth in relation to those beneath it, referring to them respectively as supermundane and submundane, supernal and infernal, and super-terrestrial and subterrestrial. We shall make selective use of these names as the need arises. For now let's just point out that these beings have always been known in every culture, with at least a general outline of their typology. It has remained for esoteric traditions to transmit the details, the methodologies of communion, and the content of the communications.

How does this whole grand map of worlds upon worlds within worlds intersect with the UFO/ET phenomenon as it's unfolded on Earth in the last half-century? The most rudimentary answer is that flying saucers and space aliens constitute the outer form that the "esoterrestrials" have adopted as the means for their interaction with humanity in the present age.

The specifics of this interaction hinge on the complexities of the overlapping spheres of the Tree. We can only hit some of the basic points in this brief treatment. First of all, in our diagrams, note that the body of the Solar World {sphere 10} coincides with the unity sphere of the Terrestrial World (sphere 6), which is the human heart. People who experience higher beings, whether perceived as tall, blond space aliens, angels per se, or Beings of Light in a near-death experience, all do so by means of an activation of their heart chakra, generating the specific heightened mode of consciousness which makes this contact possible.

Proceeding up the Tree, we find that the identity sphere of the Solar beings fills the Abyss of the Earthly Tree, which explains why humans have always (properly) looked up to these entities as Gods and envoys of Gods. The time is rapidly approaching when we must collectively Cross the Abyss ourselves and meet our fate; but in all the long ages it took to prepare ourselves for this moment of apotheosis, the divinities of our local solar system, and of Earth as the only organic planet in it, were there to shepherd us along the way.

All sources agree that the type of aliens most commonly encountered are the short, big-headed, bug-eyed "Grays". Who are these creatures, and what is their relation to humanity? It seems clear that despite the "outer space" trappings, most of the Gray aliens, and possibly all of them, are subterrestrials.

Within this basic categorization, the abduction literature shows a wide range of behavior exhibited by beings who all have the general appearance of "Gray aliens". We are probably dealing with different types and groupings of submundane beings who all adopt the "Gray" form (with variations) for certain reasons which I will clarify below.

Traditional literature and folklore inform us that the sub- terrestrials are not all bad, though some of them are pretty damn horrid. Many of them want things from human beings, and some species of these lower entities even seem to depend for their very existence on the subtle substances they extract from physical creatures. They are thereby at best symbiotes, but most of these types are probably parasitic. And some of the worst are literal vampires, the source of all the legends and horror tales.

At the same time, some jinns, elementals, and even demons are reputed to be friendly and beneficial to humans. Even some of these well-disposed types, though, often lie and deceive the humans who come in contact with them, sometimes apparently for sheer sport; but the grizzlier varieties attempt to practice large-scale, elaborate deceptions on the human race, for ends that are very grievous indeed. Almost all the types are said to be able to "cast a glamour" upon incarnate people, to mesmerize them and make them see and believe things that are not really there.

These attributes all have obvious relevance to the reputed actions of the Grays and other aliens in the abduction phenomenon, but there has never been a comprehensive matrix of knowledge in which these matters could be fully understood and properly dealt with - until now.





Let's look at the Tree of Life with its lower extensions in our diagram. Here we have a map of the attributes of the sub- terrestrials, and of the relation of the first layer of them to human beings. Let's see if it can tell us anything informative about the Gray aliens.

First we note that the Body-sphere of the Telluric world ("telluric" means "earthy" with metaphysical overtones) does not overlap the terrestrial Tree, but is two levels below its lowest sphere. This means that the natural bodies of the Telluric beings are not material, but rather fall below the "wavelength" of matter, just as the angelic superterrestrials are above it.

However, the Unity-sphere of the Telluric Tree coincides with the Body-sphere of the Terrestrial Tree, which means that when these beings activate their heart chakra, they can become physical - they can manifest temporarily in the physical world of humans, and then cease the manifestation when their heart chakra deactivates. Becoming physical is literally a higher experience for them, just like the experience of mystic Oneness for a human, or even falling in love - these being functions of the heart chakra / Unity-sphere in the human world.

But perhaps the most interesting thing of all in relation to the abduction phenomenon is that the human Identity-sphere fills the Telluric Abyss. The Identity-sphere is a sort of lower ego (the Mercy/Severity spheres constitute the higher one, centered in the throat chakra), the sphere of primal identity; some modern Kabbalists have associated it with the Id. Here, then, is the device by which a given race of subterrestrials takes on a collective identity and appearance in accordance with imagery and beliefs in the human collective unconscious. Thus the Telluric beings today take on the appearance of space aliens of certain types.

But is it merely an appearance? Is it all just a grand deception on the part of parasitic beings to steal our vital energies? Or is there also a larger process at work, guided by higher influences? I believe there is, and that the best clues to the mystery are provided by the experiences of abductee Betty Andreasson Luca.


From an esoteric standpoint, this is the most revelatory case ever reported; and fortunately, it's also one of the most thoroughly investigated and documented cases, thanks largely to the work of Raymond E. Fowler, who led a number of teams of seasoned and highly-credentialed investigators in exploring the case for more than twenty years, and has to date written four books about it: The Andreasson Affair Parts I and II, and The Watchers Parts I and II.

From early childhood to age thirty, Betty Luca had a number of encounters with beings in the mold of the typical Gray aliens. Two of these experiences involved abductions and journeys on saucer-shaped craft; but, lest we jump to the conclusion that these were space ships, the destination of the saucers was in both cases underground, flying through huge caverns, one of which was reached by first diving underwater. Both episodes culminated with Betty having religious/spiritual experiences.


One of them was the experience of "the ONE", which as Betty described it under hypnosis was clearly the experience of ecstatic Unity that results from a full opening of the heart chakra. If the aliens who conducted Betty to this experience were indeed subterrestrials, the implication would be that they must have been functioning at the highest peak of development possible to their species, namely the Telluric Crown-sphere, which coincides with the human heart-sphere. And in fact the Gray leaders of the two "expeditions" do come across as superior beings, giving Betty advanced metaphysical information.

Betty had more encounters after the investigation of her case was begun. The metaphysical elements continued to be prominent, including the occasional brief appearances of a second type of entity: beings who looked completely human except that they were seven feet tall; they had long blond-white hair and pale-colored skin and eyes, and wore long white robes. In other words, the angelic image could hardly be more striking, especially in light of the fact that Betty is a Christian. She calls these beings the Elders.

At length there came a point, as reported in the latest of Fowler's four books, The Watchers II, when the Elders seemed to completely take over Betty's encounters. The Grays arrived again and took her off in a saucer, but now for the first time it flew into outer space, where it docked with a huge cylindrical mothership. This was the domain of the Elders, who apparently commanded the Grays in a symbiotic relationship. This journey climaxed for Betty in another ecstatic experience of the ONE, this time accompanied by an Elder and a Gray; the latter was evidently under the tutelage of the Elder, as was Betty.

In some of her earlier abductions, Betty was forced to undergo invasive procedures by the Grays, one of them involving an apparent implant behind her eyeball. She was not, however, implanted with fetuses nor used in any way in the alien "hybridization project", and she bore and raised seven healthy children in her normal terrestrial life. Nevertheless, in one of her abductions the Grays made her witness the taking of two fetuses from a fellow female abductee, and then shown the process by which such fetuses were technologically altered to grow into adult Grays. The implication was not so much a hybridization of human and Gray, but rather that this was the normal method of Gray reproduction, which would seem to make their species totally parasitic on humanity.

The mystery of the Andreasson case is why such apparent alien skullduggery is carried on under the auspices of the Elders, who in The Watchers II are portrayed as discharging unmistakable angelic and benevolent functions, not only in relation to Betty but to other people whom they invisibly visit upon the Earth. What higher purpose could possibly be served by this macabre process of making Grays from humans?

Still assuming that there is some type of hybridization aspect to it, we note that in many other reports Gray aliens often explain this "project" by telling the abductees that the human race is destined for imminent extinction by one means or another, and that the aliens are thereby "preserving the human seed" which might sprout again in some future existence. In Betty's case, the Grays told her that the human species is becoming sterile. What are we to make of such claims?

Here we must refer back to the pattern of meta-evolution revealed in the Theosophical conception of Rounds and root-races. Every previous root-race degenerated into a dead end after the fifth sub-race. To all sensitive eyes, it's clear that the present human species has become extremely degenerate, and that the trends toward increased computerized globalization and genetic engineering will only exacerbate the tendency.


Trapped in its materialistic blindness, guided by the diabolic religion of scientism, the species will attempt to transcend itself by artificially selecting for vastly augmented rationalistic intelligence, to the point of incubating giant brains independent of bodies. Such pathological plans are already popular amongst people who actually have some rank and power in the current Cryptocracy.

The interesting thing about the Grays is that they are the epitome of the science fictional and computer-nerd notion of an evolutionary "advance" in which the brain increases while the rest of the body diminishes. In reality, this is the formula for devolution into a dead-end sub-race. But even though the physical human race may be degenerating and devolving, the subterrestrial race of Grays may be advancing and evolving. i.e., we're going down while they're coming up, and the literal hybridization may be the precise moment when the two species complete their overlap with full integration and fusion.

Some abductees claim to have developed a spiritual relationship with the Grays, and desire just such an outcome. They say that they want their babies to have alien souls. And evidently the aliens want their babies to have physical human bodies!

Such a melding of entities from two different worlds may be possible, though we don't know for sure what the outcome might be. The Grayification of humanity certainly seems to be making great progress. Before I ever became conversant with the alien abduction phenomenon, my observation of present-day people was that they were turning into what I called "humatons": pallid creatures with no primal force, little or no sexual polarization, and no true individuality despite the great cultural shibboleth of individualism. Robot-like, they move through their days in the irresistible ebb and flow of a mechanoid, soulless civilization, gray little entities in the postmodern hive.

On the other hand, physical humanity may be totally annihilated in the apocalyptic transition, as predicted by some of the aliens. Thus whatever amalgam had occurred between human and Gray would continue to exist after that point only in the subterrestrial world. This would explain where the human seed and remnant of its substance would be preserved, and why it seems like the "hybridization" is mainly a matter of turning humans into Grays.

Whatever form such a transition may take, it's surely tragic from a human standpoint. If higher beings from the superterrestrial worlds are presiding over the process, there must be a dharma or destiny involved, though this be dark indeed: modern humanity has evidently doomed itself so deeply that even the angels can do no better than to pick up a few scattered pieces and preserve them in a baser form.

But what, then, of the Elect who will Cross the Abyss and spawn the true evolutionary advance, the sixth root-race? Will they not also be assisted by higher beings, the angelic/deific entities of the Solar World? The Elders encountered by Betty Luca clearly appear to be just such beings. But, as indicated above, they seem to be occupied with a project that may be an evolutionary advance for the Grays, but for the human race it's damage control, salvage, and ultimate devolution, if not outright destruction.


This impression is reinforced by another incident in which Betty was given a message by the aliens stating that the very people who could become the Elect are wandering in the Abyss.

And this is the key: they can't just step in and save us - we have to take the initiative on our own behalf.

This is not some arbitrary edict or abstract moral law. The very nature of the transition requires that the evolving beings work certain things out on their own initiative, and develop certain new powers by their own efforts. Parents can stand on the sidelines and coax the toddler to walk, and reinforce and reward his efforts, but he has to finally take those first steps himself. There's no other way.

And indeed, the situation may not be as dark as it seems, for there are many advanced people, potential Elect, who know this. Some of them may already have begun the Great Work that can lead to species transmutation.

The patterns and dynamics of the Tree of Life have much to tell us about how to achieve this. I explained above how the past relations of humans to their Gods hinged on the Solar Identity- sphere filling the human Abyss. The images, names, and presences of these Solar Gods were above us, and outside of us; we looked up to them from our station below the Abyss, and worshipped them.


But now, for those Elect who Cross the Abyss, this entire relationship will change. We will have taken the first but definitive step toward what was once called hypostasis, the presence of God in Terrestrial, physical form. This is the whole purpose of the entire Earth Round: to accomplish the hypostatic incarnation of the Godmind in physical matter.

From our new position Across the Abyss, holding the Star of Life in one hand and the Deathstar in the other, we will open our Third Eye and look upon the Gods, and find them now to be creatures akin to ourselves.


This, too, will be relative, for they will still be a notch above us, still wiser and more powerful; and yet we will have attained a degree of peership with them. Instead of omnipotent, unknowable, transcendent creatures of awe and glory, they will look more like ... well, like Betty's Elders. Like angelic space aliens. These are the Solar Gods as seen with the Third Eye.

And yet now we will have the power to see God in a greater layer. Above the Third Eye there is still the Crown of our own Terrestrial Tree, and it coincides not only with the golden heart of our olden Solar deities, but with the Body of a being who is a very God even unto them: the resplendent Godmind as it manifests in the greater world of the Galaxy. Until we attain the Crown in the final root-race and complete the hypostatic union, this Galactic God will be beyond us, visible to the Third Eye and yet outside.


And thus we will be spared the error of hubris, for at the very moment when we realize our own godhood - in relation to our formerly all-too-human state - we will discover these vaster expanses of Supernal life stretching out above us, ultimately to the true Universal God at the very top of the Tree, the veritable Crown of all Creation.


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