[The Book of Blue Resonance]
Sub-figura vel Liber Caeruleus

Class A Publication
V.H. Fra. B:.R:.H:., B:.B:.
One Whose Number is 777

"Beyond the word and the fool"

After several years of concerted experimentation with various mediums, channelers, abductees and contacteÚs, we became quickly disgusted with the vacuity of the things they told us while allegedly under spirit or so-called " E.T." influence. Though convinced we were contacting out-of-the-body intelligences (CNI), we were also disillusioned by the low grade of intelligence displayed by them.

As sincere seekers after Spiritual Light ( L.V.X.) we became increasingly convinced that we should become purer ourselves in order to attract the type of intelligence we sought to commune with. After much effort, a contact was finally established.

Instructed to sit down at our workstation late last night, we were utterly astounded to discover that our hands began typing without our conscious control! In fact, we were not at all aware of what was being typed unless we dynamically monitored the bitstream which presented itself on our monitor

This, then, is the fruit of our labours:

CIA & Other Agencies Are Preparing For Civil War

This Awareness indicates some time ago, It spoke of a time wherein there would be a revolution in this country -- a civil war. This Awareness indicates that this is not only recognized by this Awareness, but agents of your government also know this will occur. Agents within the CIA have mentioned this, and these entities are aware that the movement toward this New World Order is not going to be smooth. There is the preparation for civil war in these agencies. The question is whether entities will be disarmed before this occurs, or whether they will act to protect prior to the disarmament of the people and thereby have greater numbers than those who would do the fighting for the super-wealthy families.

This Awareness indicates there are many within the government agencies who are not happy with what is planned. There are many in the military and in the police forces who are very disturbed by these planned events, and as they begin to read and hear more of what is in the works, they will become even more disturbed and their allegiance may turn around quickly and they may, instead of promoting the New World Order, they may find themselves defending their friends and relatives against that New World Order.

This Awareness indicates it is not settled by any means, simply because some super-wealthy families want to rule the world through their control of money and want to secure that rulership by totalitarian means and manipulation. It does not guarantee that they can do so. It is simply another effort along the historical path of humanity wherein someone seeks the opportunity to rule the world, as have many tyrants in the past, who have all failed to do what they set out to do, for freedom is something that entities all prize, and very few entities will willingly give up their freedom, even for security when it comes right down to doing so knowingly.

This Awareness indicates the more entities know what is going on, the less likely they are to surrender to that which would take away their freedoms. This Awareness indicates that It is telling this so that entities will understand that though you are moving into a time of intense change, that time may erupt into intense conflict, civil war, and it may also be a time of great liberation. For these entities who plot this takeover are also vulnerable. They have their names, they have their addresses, and many entities know exactly where they are, where they live, and they are vulnerable in their efforts, in their ambitions, and may find themselves caught in a trap of their own doing.

This Awareness indicates that as mentioned previously, there are others in between who work as servants or stooges for these super-wealthy. Many of these do so out of fear, out of fear that they may be terminated if they do not cooperate and therefore, they vote or act according to the dictates of those who sponsor the New World Order.

This Awareness indicates however, that these entities also are vulnerable to being classified as traitors, at least under the present law, and until the New World Order is set up they are vulnerable as traitors when they do anything to destroy or harm the United States government or fail to carry out their allegiance to the people, or violate the laws of the government, of the people.

This Awareness indicates that therefore, the Bill which will at some time in the near future seek an amendment to the Constitution requiring that the state boundaries be fixed, when this Bill is passed or voted on, entities need to watch carefully to see who votes for it and who votes against it, for this will tell which entities are voting according to the Constitution and which are voting according to the regional government plan for a destruction of the United States and a new constitution based on the Rockefeller plans that were created in that Santa Barbara research facility called the New States Constitution.

The eleven million dollar research sponsored and directed by Tugwell, paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation and designed to substitute for the United States Constitution as the New States Constitution, was promoted as a kind of exercise in politics, but for eleven million dollars and many years of work, and the attention which was given to it, and its continued presentation and preservation and use as a potential for new programs and structures, wherein some of these have already been implemented, such as the ten regional governments placed in and around the United States to be administered by appointees; this is all out of the New States Constitution created by the Rockefellers and Tugwell, from the University of Chicago, and it is the intended plan for governing this region of the world, in this New World Order, and the states that now make up the United States would be dissolved and ten regions or Soviets would be substituted.

Caeruleus Interludium
Upon proofreading what was channeled above, we decided to check on the validity of the report and were able to uncover a fascinating book by Tugwell (et al) entitled Preliminary Draft of a World Constitution, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, (c) 1947 (an interesting year, that) by the Committee To Frame a World Constitution -B:.B:.]
B:.R:.H:. Sermonem Finire

This Awareness indicates that when this vote for a Constitutional Amendment suggesting the lines of the states, the borders of the states be entered into the Constitution as now placed, the borders as now placed be entered into the Constitution as fixed, as part of the law; those who vote for this will be seen as the patriots; those who vote against it will be seen as the traitors of this country, and it is quite possible that the whole scenario will then be nipped in the bud, so to speak, whereby the entities are seen for what they are, and the traitors will be identified and the patriots in government will be identified.

The Super-Wealthy May All Be Hanged For Treason

This Awareness indicates that in this way entities begin to sort out who is who, and whether or not they are fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the law of the land, or whether they are preparing to sell the people and the nation for a handful of bribery, for 30 pieces of silver, for allegiance to Mammon, for a reward, for treason.

This Awareness indicates these entities will be as guilty as anyone who sold secrets of the U.S. government to enemy agents, even moreso because their crime would be of such greater magnitude. It will come to a time wherein entities, seeing these situations separating, defining themselves, will have to act, to move in a way that is no longer confused and muddled by the deceptions that have been for so long covering the eyes of the people.

The illusions and misrepresentations of various leaders, the sell-out by various leaders of your countries will become clear, and entities will begin to see things for what they are and the truth will come center stage as entities redefine that which has been hidden by those deceptors, those deceivers, those black magicians, and promoters of the big lie.

Very Little Time Left to Get the Word Out!

This Awareness indicates that until these things happen, It suggests that entities simply keep their eyes and ears open and tell it like it is to as many people as you communicate with, spreading the word to awaken the masses.

Get the word to the churches, to the police, even to those who are involved in the New World Order programs. If you can, let them know that they are being watched, and there will be a time of decision, wherein entities will need to take a stand on one side or the other.

It is also important to get the information to people in the military, in the militia, in the news media.


This Awareness indicates the more the information is spread now, the more it will continue to spread between now and the time when this New World Order cracks down on the masses, in its attempt to promote itself.

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