Dr. Mario Pazzaglini
and The Enochian Space Aliens


Excerpt from:
"Alien Writing: An Interview With Mario Pazzaglini, Ph.D."
Facilitated by Greg Bishop for The Excluded Middle #6
P.O.B. 1077, Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA

"I talked to Whitley Strieber once and asked him what was going on about all this, and he said "If you really want to know, read my book Cat Magic. That's where I tell the whole story... it's about evocational magic. It's some sort of a war between magicians."

-Mario Pazzaglini, Ph.D.*

Clinical psychologist Dr. Mario Pazzaglini - whose background is in clinical psychology and neurophysiology with a specialty in treating people who are severely mentally ill - has recently self-published a curious little book entitled Symbolic Messages.


The text discusses "received scripts" - any form of written communication that the human percipient alleges to have originated with a non-human source. Methods of reception range from channeled writings to symbols that were seen on or in so-called extraterrestrial craft, to simple, inexplicable desires to communicate something that seems to come from outside of the receiver's frame of reference.


One purported alien script was translated, "If you want to make light solid, show it to the moon."

Q: What other attitudes do people have when this ["alien" contact] crops up in their lives?

A: There's another group that feel that it's a very important part of themselves, and they've made contact with ... Well, in religions, there are the path of knowledge, the path of belief, and the path of experience. This is the path of experience because the other two are not working. Our religious constructs are cracking, and as people try to find the historical Jesus and the temple of Solomon, and so forth, when you concretize religion like that, for a lot of people it destroys the belief. Also, as Christianity gets watered down and fundamentalized, people begin to lose that awe that kept them entranced and in contact. So what they do is slip into other experiences. They personally experience something that feels bigger than them, and like it knows more than them, and that's very important. So they really hang on to it.

Q: Do you see any connection between the UFO-human interaction, your research, and occult practices (West and East)?

A: For the western, the answer is definitely yes. Elizabeth the First had a court astrologer called John Dee. He, along with Edward Kelly was in contact with some sort of spirit being -- I have a copy of the manuscript, actually -- and this being did a number of things: it dictated an alphabet to them...

Q: Enochian?

A: Enochian ... and then it dictated some chants, and then an entire system in this language. That system flourished while Elizabeth the First was ruler, and in fact, a lot of English history was probably influenced by this since Dee was using this channel to not only get information, but to control events.

Q: How do you mean?

A: Well, for instance she could say "John, the Spanish Armada blah, blah, blah ...and what do you think? Can you help? Can we arrange the forces in such a way that we have an advantage?" and he would do that -- it was his job. So he'd tell her what days to do it, but not using only astrology, but these "tablets" that the "angel" dictated as well. So this goes into the Ashmolean museum in England and is used by a series of occult societies, until it really surfaces again in about 1870 with MacGregor Mathers and Wynn Wescott, and they develop the Golden Dawn using this system. Aleister Crowley then takes this system and uses it for a series of things he calls "workings" beginning in 1911. Along the way, he contacts Aiwass and another entity called Lam ... he looks just like one of the alien "greys" with an eye disorder. Smaller eyes. Crowley continues these "workings" until the last one in 1946, which was done by Jack Parsons. It's funny, because the OTO [Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis organization] and other groups keep popping up all over the place. The private lives of these people would make Dynasty look like Mickey Mouse! Parsons is working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the government has hired an arch magician to do ultra-sensitive work.

Q: And you can be sure they checked up on his background and didn't find it objectionable enough to bother with.

A: And they knew he was Crowley's "chosen kid." It is weird all the people who knew each other, and sometimes I think "Gee, I'll just throw away all my history books!"

Q: "Everything You Know Is Wrong." There's a thrill in the discovery of these things.

A: And there's a thread of that running through the Hollywood community. Because [filmmaker] Kenneth Anger knows Jacques Vallee. They've known each other for a long time.

Q: What's that connection all about?

A: I don't really know. Vallee mentions in his latest book that he knows the man. People I know who have asked him about Anger say that he says nothing and won't talk about it. A magical magazine called Green Egg dedicated a recent issue to Vallee. I talked to Whitley Strieber once and asked him what was going on about all this, and he said "If you really want to know, read my book Cat Magic. That's where I tell the whole story."

Q: So what did you find?

A: Well Cat Magic is about evocational magic. It's some sort of a war between magicians. So that information seems to point to the theory of UFOs that some gate has been opened and this is basically a "leak." It's sort of the space-time ripping theory. In other words, there's this hole in space-time and these things are getting through.

Q: Vallee actually hints at this over and over in his books -- he just couches it in scientific language.

A: He's being very careful, but he's saying the same thing. Actually, a lot of people are saying it. John Keel does this. The phenomena is bad because it doesn't just violate one or two physical laws, it violates the whole deal. So you know it's just bad. Something's really off. It's either very bogus -- a lot of neural noise, or it's just so far beyond our understanding that we have no concepts to wrap around it to get a handle on it. If that were true, then the space-time holes idea might just be what it would look like.


In fact, that's just what my great-grandmother told me.

"These things are not from here. They come through here, and you have to be careful. You can use them, but just be careful."

The things we were taught about were called foletti. The root of that word is the Latin word folis, which means "whirlwind." They speak of little creatures about two to three feet high that inhabit this "other world." And they do things: they abduct people, they play tricks, they're very sexual -- they like to fiddle with people sexually, and this begins to sound like Jacques Vallee.

Q: And Keel, and Mack, and more recently Gregory Little, author of Grand Illusions.


A: If you look at John Dee and that kind of stuff, this information, put in the right place at the right time, has a great influence on the flow of human history. I think gradually everyone's waking up, and it has an effect at that level.



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"I talked to Whitley Strieber once and asked him what was going on about all this, and he said "If you really want to know, read my book Cat Magic. That's where I tell the whole story... it's about evocational magic. It's some sort of a war between magicians."

-Mario Pazzaglini, Ph.D.

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