The Sisters of Light
Sub-Figura vel Liber Caeruleus


Excerpted from:
"He Came To Set the Captives Free"
1992 by Rebecca Brown, MD
ISBN 0-88368-323-7
Whitaker House
P.O. Box 65 Clinton, AR 72031


Elaine and The Sisters of Light

For those with enough courage and objectivity to examine the current "alien" scenario from outside the constraints of the culturally-imposed Star Trek model of our day, this fascinating yet deeply disturbing missive will provide perhaps immensely valuable puzzle pieces to round out your respective syntheses.

In fact, we hereby challenge you to read it in itís entirety.

In it we find a mysterious secret society of extremely powerful women ("The Sisters of Light") and their occult agendas of unimaginably insidious religio-socio-political manipulation. Manipulation on levels which the vast bulk of us cannot even begin to conceive of.

One can only wonder why the eclectic group of present day "lightworkers" have chosen a name for their group (as have the mysterious "Sisters" above) which is perhaps coincidentally similar to an exceptionally clever discarnate who also hails by the name of "The Light-Bearer." As a clue here, the biochemical name which has been coined to describe the enzyme which produces luminosity in fireflies is, in fact, "luciferase."

We also find a particularly fascinating and remarkably lucid description of the way malevolent discarnates can employ certain biological substances (blood and urine in this particular case) to enable them to take on literal, physical, "third density" bodies as they literally, physically manifest themselves in our level of "reality." Cattle-mutes and blood/skin/semen/ova extraction, anyone?

We further note the peculiar "shape-shifting" abilities of these clever entities to take on whatever form they choose -- the most cruel and deceptive of them taking on physically pleasing forms of very attractive, ostensibly loving and phenomenally intelligent beings which, when the mask is stripped away to reveal their core essence, become unimaginably hideous and cruel filth.

We cannot help but wonder at this point how difficult it would be for these types to dress up in costumes provided by George Lucas. After all, isnít this precisely what we expect of them? "Little grey space aliens," anyone?

Of further interest in this vein is that the more controlling of the beings described in this particular account (the 8 ft. tall arch-demon types as opposed to the subservient little "grey" imps) appear to be remarkably "reptilian" in nature -- being clad in thick armored skins made of a scaled substance like that of a tortoise shell. "Reptoids," anyone?

Which brings us now to the conceivable reason for military/ intelligence participation in this phenomenology. To further elucidate, please allow us to quote the author directly:

"These witches are incredibly powerful. They are able to produce disease and kill without ever physically touching the victim, even over a distance of thousands of miles."

Here is far more to this milint involvement than mere "remote viewing," folks.

Then, of course, we have the ever-present sexual component in which these physically-manifested discarnates engage in literal, physical copulation with the human females of the group -- an act which is apparently immensely humiliating to the powerless victims yet simultaneously invigorating for the parasitic perps. "Abductions," anyone?

"More and more we are finding that mythology in general though greatly contorted very often has some historic base. And the interesting thing is that one myth which occurs over and over again in many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people."
-Francis A. Schaeffer

In closing, a wise friend once noted that though many folks today enjoy going on and on about subjects which they quite frankly know very little about, few take the time to thoroughly research and/or experience the phenomenology enough to speak with authority on the subject. Suffice it to say that after the better part of a quarter century of familiarity and intensive research on this very subject (and perhaps far more to the point, effective "Baldwinian" methods of dealing with the clever little bastards), we speak with a great deal of authority on the subject.

Entering The Brotherhood

Sandy became a friend of mine, about the only friend I had. I met her at the church in the youth group I mentioned earlier. I didnít go to church to hear about the Lord, I went to get involved with the other kids. Sandy and I worked together on various youth programs in the church and at high school we also chummed around, studied together, and went out for cokes.

Sandy was a pretty girl. She was richer than I was, very well dressed and very popular. She didnít seem to let that bother her too much where I was concerned. I thought she was my friend more out of pity than anything, but that was because I didnít know she was a recruiter for The Brotherhood. Shortly after the incident with the football player, Sandy mentioned to me that she noticed that I had a special power that few others had. She said she knew where I could learn to have more of that same power.

She also said,

"Hey listen, I know that youíre lonely and down, and I think I have something that can help you. The church weí re going to doesnít really care about you, and God doesnít really care about you. If He did, you wouldnít have been born the way you were."

She then offered me a chance to go to a "youth camp" with her run by "the group that she and her family belonged to. She called it a church camp." It was located in a small town a few miles away. It was held during the summer. School was out at the time and as I had nothing else to do I decided to go.

I told my parents I was going to a church camp -- they really didnít care what I did. I was fearful and yet elated. I thought that I had finally found a friend and that maybe this was the answer to both my loneliness and my questions about the strange power inside me. Sandy talked to me about the camp for days before we actually went. She described it as the ideal place where I would be accepted and wanted and needed. My powers were needed, she told me, and they could be perfected. I would be able to become great and famous, or rich, whatever I wanted I could have. As she talked I felt that strange power within me beginning to stir and build.

What Sandy did _not_ do was mention the word "cult," or tell me the truth about this group. I will stop here and give you a capsule summary of the group.

This group which secretly calls itself The Brotherhood, is made up of people who are directly controlled by, and worship, Satan. It is a rapidly growing and very dangerous cult. It has two major centers in the U.S. -- the West coast, mostly in the Los Angeles-San Francisco area, and another in the mid-western U.S. where I lived. They are divided into local groups, or chapters, called covens. The covens range in size from 5-10 people to several thousand. This is the same cult written about in Hal Lindseyís book, Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth, and in Mike Warnkeís book, The Satan Seller. It is also the U.S. counterpart of the group in England written about in the book Freed From Witchcraft, by Doreen Irvine.

This cult is extremely secretive. No written records of membership are kept. Even the contracts with Satan signed in blood by the members are burned by the high priests and high priestesses. (This is not common knowledge among the lower ranking members.) These satanists infest every level of society -- the poor and the rich. The very well educated, the police force, government officials, business men and women, and even some so-called Christian ministers. Most all of them attend local Christian churches and are considered "good citizens" because of their involvement in local civic activities. This is all done as a cover-up. They lead double lives and are expert at it; masters of deception.

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light, therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness."
-II Corinthians 11:14-15.

They all go by code names at their meetings so that, should they meet each other on the street, often as not they would not know each otherís real name. They are rigidly disciplined by Satan and his demons. They practice human sacrifice several times a year and animal sacrifice on a monthly basis. The human sacrifices are most often babies -- born out of wedlock to various cult members, cared for by the doctors and nurses within the cult so that the mother is never seen in a hospital -- the babyís birth is never registered, neither itís death. Other sacrifices are kidnapped victims, a cult member who is being disciplined, or who volunteers, I suspect because they can no longer live with themselves. Many of them are cold blooded murderers, extremely skillful.

Each coven is led by a high priest and a high priestess. These people get to their position by obtaining favor with Satan by various means and by obtaining greater and greater powers of witchcraft. There is much in-fighting within the group. There is an elite society of witches within the cult called The Sisters of Light.

There are several occult groups in the U.S. who call themselves The Illuminati, most are not a part of The Brotherhood. There is a group called the Illuminati made up mostly of people who are directly descended from the Druids of ancient England. They are extremely powerful and dangerous people and are linked to The Brotherhood. They practice human sacrifice frequently.

The Sisters of Light first came to the U.S. from Europe in the late 1700ís. They date back to the dark ages in Europe, but indeed have their roots back to the sorcerers of ancient Egypt and Babylon who were powerful enough to be able to actually reproduce three of the ten plagues sent upon Egypt during Mosesí time. (See Exodus chapter 7.) These witches are incredibly powerful. They are able to produce disease and kill without ever physically touching the victim, even over a distance of thousands of miles. This is all accomplished by demons of course, and these people are deluded into thinking that they control the demons when actually Satan and the demons are just using them.

Incredible atrocities are committed within the cult by humans so controlled by the demons within them that they lose all emotions of love and compassion and become cruel beings that hardly seem human. Some of this will be discussed later in the book.

The rapidity of growth of The Brotherhood is a mark of the end-times we are in and a direct fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

In the United States and around the world there are countless thousands of cults and groups that worship and serve Satan under many many different names. Many do not call Satan by this name, but by some other name. Many simply refer to him as the "Master." Also, there are many independent groups of self-styled witches and satanists. Customs and styles of worship in individual groups and organizations vary widely.

I stepped directly into this cult when I went to that summer camp with Sandy. I was very excited by the time we arrived. With excitement you lose a lot of what you see and hear. We were taken first to the dorms where we were to stay and made to feel very welcome. The camp had many facilities: museums, libraries, different houses where you could go clairvoyants, hypnotists, palm readers, tarot card readers, voodoo experts, etc. Some of these people lived there the year íround, some didnít. This was the place where the cult officially meets with the unknowing public.

We attended many classes which taught us how to extend use our "powers." Sandy took me to the first meeting with the Sisters of Light. Much later I found out that they had been watching me carefully throughout my childhood, from the time of the sale of my blood made by Helen and Grace.

Sandy took me into the large Satanic church on the ground about two hours before the main evening meeting. The sun was setting and the entire church was dark except for 13 candles in a circle on the floor at the front of the church which cast eerie shadows about the 13 figures also seated on the floor, one behind each candle. As we drew closer I could see that the figures were 13 women, all dressed identically in long white robes with attached cowl-like hoods up over their heads. They were each sitting cross legged on the highly polished wooden floor, backs straight, arms folded across their breasts, staring with absolute concentration into the candle in front of them.

The candles were each about two feet tall and three inches in diameter. They were made of black wax and each one sat on top of a long narrow sheet of paper that was covered with fine writing. The wax from the candles dripped down onto the papers. The women did not wear jewelry or ornamentation of any sort. There was no movement by any of them except for their continuous low-voiced chanting and humming as they offered their prayers to Satan. There was a power there that held me both fascinated and awe struck. I could feel a mighty stirring of the unexplainable power within myself as I sat and watched them throughout their two hour ceremony.

I found myself drawn back again the following night to watch the same ceremony. I knew that they were the Sisters of Light only because Sandy told me so. Other cult members referred to them as "Mothers," and few knew that they were actually this elite group. They never told men of their identity as men were strictly excluded from the group. However, they are the powerhouse and main strength of the cult, and a strictly guarded secret even within the cult itself. They do not tolerate weakness in any of their members, anyone weak is destroyed. There are very few younger women among them.

After the ceremony the second night I was approached by one of the women. She told me that they had noticed my interest and already knew of my unusual power, and that they would very much like for me to enter into their training program. They were casual and kindly and told me that they could train me to greatly increase and extend my power as no other group could. I swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

At first they told me of the greatness I could have, of how I could use the power within me to get what I needed, also, whatever I wanted I could have. This power was of Satan, not of God. They were the first to tell me that and they also told me that Satan is the only true God. They taught me how to chant and hum. Told me that if I wanted anything, all I needed to do was to light my candle and put my prayers underneath it. Requests not only for myself, of course, because I must not be selfish. I could pray either for another personís uplifting or for his downfall. It made no difference as long as there was someone elseís name on the paper as well as my own.

At last the final day of the camp came and I prepared to go home. Suddenly I was faced with the fact that all the kindliness of the people at the camp was a front and the involvement was no longer a game, nor was it voluntary. When I met Sandy for the trip home she told me that she had just had word from the Sisters of Light that they were offering special training to myself and some others who were "specially gifted." Sandy said that they and the high priest and high priestess wanted to speak with me briefly over at the church before we left.

I went over to the church and entered with several others. After we got into the church we saw that armed guards immediately stepped in front of the doors and we were told to stand before the small group at the front of the church. The high priest then told us that we had been selected to join The Brotherhood, which meant signing a contract with Satan in our own blood at a meeting the following night. I asked what was in the contract and was told that I would be giving myself body and soul and spirit to "our great father Satan" in return for many " blessings" from him. We were also told that if we did not want to do so that they would use certain "persuasion" to change our minds. I told them that under no circumstances would I sign such a contract. At this point the high priestess took over and informed me that I had no choice. I looked her square in the eye and said, "Go to Hell! You bitch! I think you are all weird I will do no such thing."

Immediately a very large guard armed with a submachine gun came up behind me and grabbed my arm at the wrist pulling it behind me and upwards with such force that I felt as if he had broken it. He told me that I was to bow my knee to the high priestess and ask her forgiveness for my disrespect, that if I did not do so he would beat me until I did. Outraged, I shouted, "Then go ahead and start, because Iím not bowing myself to any woman!"

He swung at me, his fist catching me full force in the temple. I donít remember anymore until I awakened in small 5x5 foot cell. It was completely bare with a hard wooden floor. The door had a small window out to a hallway so that I could be observed. It was almost completely dark. I was in that room for 24 hours. It seemed like days. I was not allowed to sleep, speakers blared constantly. I was told over and over again that all glory and honor and homage was due Satan. That I needed to ask Satanís forgiveness. That Satan was the God of the universe. I was also told that my family was being watched, and that if I did not adhere to the rules and regulations and sign the contract, that they would all be tortured and killed. I was not given any food or water during that time.

The following evening I was taken from the room by two guards into another room where I was met by two women from the Sisters of Light. They helped me to bathe, then placed a satiny white robe over my nude body. My feet were left bare. The robe reached the floor and was tied at the waist with a white cord. It had a cowl-like hood and long loose sleeves. It did not have ornamentation of any kind. The women told me that I should not fight any more, that I could not avoid my destiny. They told me what wonderful "blessings" I would receive by giving myself to "my father Satan."

I was transported to the meeting in a closed van so that I could not see where we were going. This meeting was not held at the Satanic church on the camp grounds. I caught only a glimpse of the outside of the building as I was hurried inside. It had no windows and was back in a woods. It looked like it was some sort of storage building on a farm, though isolated, and there was some straw on the wooden floor inside.

The building was dimly lit by many large flickering candles around the walls. The candles were in groups of three, a black, red and white candle in each group. There were 200 to 300 people present, seated on plain wooden benches facing the front of the room. At the front was a wooden platform with torches burning around the edge on about 5 foot tall poles. There was a rough-hewn stone altar down in front in the middle of the platform which looked like it was sitting on saw horses. (I was to learn later that this was indeed the case to provide easy movability.) The stone was gray with many brownish stains - these stains were from the blood of the many sacrifices performed on that altar, both animal and human.

In spite of my exhaustion and fear I felt a stirring excitement as I felt the tremendous invisible power within that room and a responding stirring of the power within me. Incense was burning, filling the room with its odor. I think it had some sort of drug in it because it quickly made me quite dizzy. The room was absolutely silent as the robed hooded figures looked expectantly at the empty stage. At some unseen signal many small hand-held bells started ringing as the high priest and high priestess stepped noiselessly on the stage out of the shadows.

The high priest and high priestess wore identical robes. The robes were both of a black satin material, the same style as my own, trimmed with red around the hood, down the front edges and around the edges of the long full sleeves. Each was tied at the waist with a golden cord. Their feet were also bare as were everyone elseís. Each carried a scepter about 3 feet long. The high priestessí was gold. At the top was an inverted cross with a serpent curling around the handle and up onto the cross. The high priestís scepter was of the same design but made of silver. The scepters were carried reverently in the crook of their arms. Their presence was commanding and I became aware really for the first time of the tremendous power they had. and I envied them.

There were many heavily armed guards at that meeting both inside and outside of the building. This was my first attendance of a real cult meeting. All the rest had been games and play and show.

After the opening remarks I was taken forward to the front of the altar by the two guards. I and the others were introduced to the congregation as new members "anxious" to join. The high priest first centered his attention on me. He said,

"Brothers and Sisters of Satan, we bring you this child, this one called Sister Courage (that was my new name). We bring her to you for she has asked to become one of us, and now unto our lord and god our master, the master of the universe, and also the destroyer, Satan, we say: this child, Sister Courage, we give unto you to do your bidding to be what you want her to be. We have promised her as you have given us the word to promise, your blessings."

I was then given a knife to cut my finger with, but I refused to do so. Instantly one of the guards brought a whip down hard on my back causing me to writhe in agony, but I was determined not to bow to them. With a flick of her hand the high priestess signaled the guard to stop beating me. She spoke in a voice dripping with disdain and said that there were much more effective ways of showing me my error.

I watched in amazement as she and the high priest took up positions on opposite sides of a large pentagram (five pointed star) drawn on the floor in the middle of the stage. The pentagram was drawn inside of a circle and a black candle sat at each point of the star. With merely a wave of her hand the high priestess lit all the candles at once without touching any of them. Then she started an incantation, the high priest joining in with the chant. The audience also chanted at certain points when directed to do so by the ringing of the little bells.

Suddenly the pentagram was engulfed in a whoosh of smoke and blinding light. The room was instantly filled with a foul odor as of burning sulfur. A huge demon appeared in physical manifestation in the center of the circle, flames surrounding him. He was huge, about 8 feet tall. He glowered menacingly at me, weaving back and forth. The high priestess (Grace) turned to me and told me that if I did not obey and sign the contract that I would be given to that demon to torture until he finally killed me. That was enough for me! Never had I felt such fear, but at the same time I lusted after the power displayed by Grace (the high priestess). I was determined to become as powerful as she so that I could get revenge on those people for all that had been done to me.

When I signaled my willingness to sign the contract, two women came forward and placed a black robe over my white one. The black robe was made of a cotton material and was of the same design as the white one. The black was a sign that I was no longer a novice. I took the knife offered me and cut my finger deeply. Then I dipped a quill pen in my own blood and signed the contract with my name stating that I giving myself body, soul and spirit to Satan.

Immediately after signing the contract, I was engulfed in an electronic charge of energy which surged from the top of head down to my toes. It was so strong that I was knocked to the floor. As I lay on the floor trying to recover I realized that Grace was doing another incantation. I struggled to my feet to find that she had called up another demon. This one came down to where I stood and told me that he was going to live in me. He reached out and roughly grabbed me by the shoulders before I had time to say anything. Immediately I felt agonizing, searing heat go through my body and smelled sulfur strongly again. In the midst of the agony I passed out and knew nothing more until I was roughly loaded into the van for the return trip to the camp. By that time I was so exhausted and dizzy from the lack of sleep, the beatings I had endured, and the lack of food and water, that I did not fully comprehend the significance of what was happening to me.

I stayed at the camp for a week afterwards so that the most noticeable of my cuts and bruises could heal. When I went home I thought and felt that I was now one of the most powerful people on earth. I knew that I had power that was beyond most peoplesí imagination. I thought that nothing and no one could destroy me.

How wrong I was!

Rise To Power

I was now a member of The Brotherhood, had a new name and was what is known as a witch. About one month after I had signed the contract with Satan I had my first meeting with the local high priestess. The coven in my home town was fairly large, about a thousand people. The high priest contacted me and told me that she wanted to see me in her home. I was very surprised to be called by such a high authority. Very few girls are ever called to see the high priestess unless they are to be punished, or if she has something specific for them to do. Her home was elaborate and very beautiful and she ruled with an iron hand. She told me,

"You have been specially selected by Satan to be trained for his work and to become a high priestess if you can qualify"

Within the satanist cult this is a great honor. You must be highly ranked to be accepted for that type of training. The high priestess was an elderly lady. She had been a high priestess for many many years. She was very pretty even though she was old. Her personality was one of friendliness and yet there was something very cold about her. She knew that I was to replace her. A high priestess is always destroyed when she is replaced by another witch. She is commanded by Satan or one of his high demons to train another witch to take her place. She has no choice but to obey the command.

I thought it strange that she should ask me to be trained for such a position as I was so young and a new member. What I didnít know at the time was that the demons that I already had were far stronger than hers and that Satan had commanded her to teach me exactly what they were, how to use them, and how, in the end, to destroy her.

In my heart of hearts, I was not, and never would be, one for destruction. I enjoyed living and I did not want to hurt this lady, but I knew that if I did not, she would kill me.

I received intensive training in several areas for the next 20 months. I met with the high priestess mostly at her home or at other meeting places where we met off in another room away from the other members of the cult. We met often, at least weekly.

The contents of my training by the high priestess consisted mainly of incantations. I learned how to conjure up spirits to do my bidding. She taught me how to project and use that strange power that I had felt within me for so long. She taught me that those powers came from demons dwelling within me. She also taught me protocol and how to conduct cult meetings as a high priestess.

The Sisters of Light also participated in my training. They were the principal ones responsible for training me to increase in power as rapidly as I did. Through their training I learned many secrets that most other high priestesses never know. They asked me to join their society but I refused. Secretly I always thought they were very strange.

Arrangements were made for training in the martial arts as well. I already knew some Karate and Judo, but knew nothing about Kung-Fu. I was given into the hands of a middle-aged Chinese man who was a master of all three. He was a well-known lawyer in my home town. He was kind to me, but a very tough taskmaster. I learned much from him. He trained many cult people from the whole surrounding area. He thought that I had much potential and wanted me to participate in public competition. I never did and never wanted to.

Learning the martial arts was a rigorous and very tormentive type of training. I asked special demons to come into me to give me the abilities I needed. The mind and the body must be trained to move as one. I could jump many feet in the air, land on my feet, make somersaults and come up and destroy someone with my feet and/or hands. I became expert also in the use of knives, num-chucks [sic], swords guns, bow and arrows, stars and many types of oriental weapons that are not well known in this country. Not only do high ranking members of the cult receive such training, but a number of the lower ranking members also receive it so that they can serve as guards, assassins, etc.

I was taught much about Satan, almost all of it lies. I was taught about his power, about his love for me. How I had been rejected by God. How Satan loved me and wanted me as his own and about how I had been chosen among all women to be his high priestess. The Sisters of Light also told me much about the opportunity to become a regional Bride of Satan.

There are only 5 to 10 regional Brides of Satan in the U.S. at any one time. It is a position of great honor and power. The Sisters of Light told me they were sure I had the ability to attain this high position. They constantly talked about all the benefits I would gain if I reached it. I became determined to gain that position.

The first demon that I actually saw, manifested to me in physical form during that first ceremony when I signed the contract. The next demon I actually saw, was the first "conjured-up" demon of my own. As I performed the appropriate incantation he appeared in a cloud of smoke which smelled strongly of sulfur. The whole episode was a very elaborate, very staged type of thing, but he was very real. Again, he was in a physical form.

He was huge, about eight feet tall. He had a body much like a man, yet different. He was all black. We have since come to know this class of demons as Black Warriors. He had fiery red eyes, huge hands, and his armor was really his skin. It was made up of thick, black, hard scales, something like a tortoiseí s shell. Each scale was about six inches square. I knew that this was a powerful demon and I had called him up just to see if I could do it. As he stood silently staring at me, I told him that I was the "chosen one." His response was,

"I know who you are, and I know that I am sent here to guard you and that nothing will ever harm you as long as Iím here, and as long as you serve the almighty Satan, our lord and our god."

His name was Ri-Chan. He fought many battles both for me, and, when I was disobedient to Satan, against me.

I saw and conversed with many demons after that. As my skill grew in being able to see the spirit world, I was able to see and talk with demons without them taking on a physical form. Indeed, I rarely asked them to appear physically except on occasions when I wanted to impress or frighten someone lower in the cult than myself.

The next major demon I summoned was Mann-Chan. This was during one of my training sessions with the high priestess in her home. She told me that I was at a point in my training where I must learn and do a very special incantation. She did not tell me the purpose of the incantation and I did not ask. I knew this day was an important one because of the special preparations made.

First, I drew on the floor with chalk a very large pentagram, then drew a circle around it.


(The purpose of the circle around the pentagram is to keep the demon summoned inside the circle unless you gave him permission to move out of it. The circle is supposed to protect the witch from the demon who comes. In reality, of course, the demons do pretty much whatever they want so I quickly learned to be very careful not to summon a demon that was stronger than the demons I had protecting me.)


Carefully, I placed a black candle in each corner of the pentagram, then a much larger black candle in the center. All six were lit. A table with a hot plate on it was set up close to the side of the pentagram.


The contents of a kettle had been prepared earlier by the high priest. It was filled with desecrated holy water, that is, holy water from a Catholic church which the high priest then urinated into. He had also taken a dog and killed it and drained its blood into a special jar which he had given to me to take to the high priestessí house. She then gave me some powders and herbs. The water in the kettle was brought to the boil on the hot plate just before I started the incantation.

I asked no questions, but obeyed the high priestessí instructions to the letter. I sat on the floor, staring into the black candle in the center of the pentagram, murmuring:

"O great Satan, the power and builder and creator of the universe, I beg thee, give me a demon to be the guide and light of my life -- to give me all wisdom and knowledge. My beloved, Oh master, grant to me my wish!" At that point the high priestess spoke the name Mann-Chan to me.

I then said, "Mann-Chan come, you are welcome into my body, I bid thee arise from your hiding place."

I took the powders and herbs and blood and cast them into the boiling kettle. The steam rose and immediately the room was filled with a very foul odor, I then dipped a desecrated golden goblet into the kettle, filling it. I set the goblet carefully down on the table and waited expectantly. Within about five minutes the liquid in the goblet had completely turned to powder. Then I took the goblet and threw the powder from it into the flame of the large candle in the center of the pentagram.

Immediately there was a whoosh and a huge flame. The candle disappeared in blinding white light. As the light died down over the next few seconds, I could see the figure of what appeared to be an incredibly handsome young man. He had coal black hair and piercing black eyes that radiated intelligence. I hurried to my knees beside the pentagram. With a rag, I wiped away the chalk to form a clear pathway through the pentagram.

The young man, who was actually the demon Mann-Chan in a physical form, stepped through to the outside of the pentagram on the pathway that I had made. He spoke to me in perfect English in a gentle manner and with what seemed to be great love. He told me that I was to be inhabited by him and he promised that no harm would come to me. He told me that he would give me all wisdom and knowledge, he would be my teacher and guide. He called himself my "redeemer." I agreed, very much awed by his beautiful countenance. He then walked straight into me. But, in the instant before he entered, he changed from the human form to the demon he really was. HIDEOUS!

He was naked, his face had changed from beauty to hideous cruelty. The beautiful coal black locks of hair had become dull brown and were coarse and sparse and stubby like pig bristles. His eyes were incredibly dark and evil, his mouth open to show long sharp dirty yellow fangs. He had very long arms, his hands had stubby fingers tipped with long sharply pointed nails. He uttered a horrible hideous loud laugh of triumph as he stepped directly into my body. I screamed out. First at the sight of him, then at the pain of his entrance.


Searing, agonizing pain, such as I had never before experienced. I felt as if my body was on fire. I felt as if I was going to die and at that particular moment I wished with all my heart that I could do so. Ri-Chan stepped forward on hearing my cry, thinking that perhaps I was being attacked from without. But Mann-Chan spoke to him and told him that it was he and not to worry. As the pain died down, Mann-Chan told me that that was a small demonstration of what I would get if ever I disobeyed him and also to let me know that he was there to stay, that nothing, and no one could ever make him leave!

From that point on Mann-Chan was the main demon in my life. He communicated with me by putting thoughts directly into my mind. I communicated with him either by speaking aloud or by speaking with my spirit body. I did not fully realize it then, but MannChan could not actually read my mind. He controlled me and kept all my doorways open to Satan and the other demons so that they could come and go as they chose, and also as I willed. My life became centered around him. I gave all of my time and effort trying to gain control of him, but he had more control of me than I did him. Often he knocked me unconscious and completely controlled my body, using it as he pleased, frequently speaking through my mouth. He controlled when I ate and slept, how well I did my work, how well I got along with people -- my very life itself.

I learned through him how to use demons, how to use them in spiritual warfare. How to use them to strengthen my own spirit body, how to use them in ceremonies against other people, other witches, churches and even ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He gave me the ability to speak many languages and to walk and talk with great authority and power.

But Mann-Chan was not the light that he promised or the thing of love and beauty as I had first seen him. He was something evil and rotten and was eating away at my soul and body, causing me much suffering and much pain many many times because I would not uphold or participate in human sacrifices. Life was a continuous nightmare from that point on. I was living a double existence. That is, I was a member of the satanic cult and also simultaneously a member of a very large Christian church where I taught and sang and participated in all sorts of activities. I was torn constantly, never free for a moment, completely trapped.

I then began to have many battles with many witches. Battling is done in several ways. The most common is for the stronger witch to call the demons out of the weaker witch into herself, thus making her even stronger and often resulting in the destruction of the weaker because she no longer has the power to defend herself. Demons have no loyalties. They will always go to the stronger person. Satanís entire kingdom runs on the principle of competition; just the opposite of Godís kingdom where everyone serves each other.

Battling is rarely if ever done on a physical plane, although witches do often use demons to destroy the physical body of a weaker witch. There was one witch in particular who attacked me. Her name is Sarah. I tried to explain to her that if she did not leave me alone I would have to destroy her. She did not believe me and finally we entered into full battle. What I saw was absolutely horrifying. I saw her grow weaker and weaker as I called demon after demon out of her and into myself.


At first her demons fought back and I felt my own body being lifted up, thrown against walls, my throat being strangled without the sight of a physical hand. But what she saw was Mann-Chan and RiChan and many other demons coming against her. They were tearing her body apart. She finally realized that I was truly the chosen one, that I was to be the high priestess and that she had lost the battle.

She withdrew in time to live and I thank God for that. She ended up in the hospital for quite some time as a result of the injuries she sustained in the battle.

My first meeting with Satan came shortly before the ceremony in which I became the high priestess. He came to me in the physical form of a man and we sat down and talked. He told me that I was to be his high priestess, that I was very special to him. He told me also that there had to be a sacrifice; more blood had to be shed for my "purification" so that I could become his high priestess. I hated that, but was relieved to find that at least it was to be an animal sacrifice.

What I saw was a man, exceedingly handsome, very bright and sunny and shining. He seemed to have great love for me and didnít seem to be in any way a danger to me. Mann-Chan gave no indication of danger and neither did Ri-Chan. I was very much awed by this meeting. I wanted him to come back, I felt a need deep down inside for him. For the first time in my life I felt really loved. How wrong I was. Satan hated my guts. He wanted only to use me for his own benefit and then planned to destroy me.

I attended cult meetings very regularly during my 2 years of training. The meetings were held in barns, churches, houses, lodges, all different places. On the occasions when Satan was personally present, I was drawn more and more to him like a moth is attracted to a flame. He knew very well that he had me trapped.

Just before becoming a high priestess I saw a human sacrifice for the first time. We were in an old barn with at least a thousand people present. A small baby was used. She was selected because her mother gave the child to be sacrificed and thought it to be a great honor. The law never hears of these babies because most of them are illegitimate, they are born at home, the mother never sees anyone for prenatal care and no record of the babyís birth, or death, is ever made.

The baby was strapped down on a stone alter which was in the shape of an upside-down cross. I will never forget the awful sound of her screams as the high priest drove a sharp knife into her chest and ripped out her living heart. He blood was then drained off and drank first by the high priest and high priestess, then by other members who wished to do so. Many did, not only to receive new and stronger demons, but also because it is believed that such sacrifices provide increased fertility and that the children conceived under such circumstances would be strong and intelligent and powerful in Satanism.

I could not get away. I was trapped within the crowd. I was filled with horror. I was filled with emptiness and coldness and despair. I wondered why Satan wanted such a sacrifice. Wasnít Christís blood enough? We were constantly being told about Christís defeat on the cross and that He had been the ultimate sacrifice to Satan. But I was to learn that Satanís desire for blood and destruction is insatiable.

My last and final battle with the high priestess was conducted with the direct approval of Satan. It took place at a big meeting in the church where I had first met the Sisters of Light. Satan was there and with a single nod gave me permission to take her on. She and I battled back and forth. She was very old and the battle was short, lasting only about 20 minutes. I did not kill her. I could not do that because I hold life very, very dearly. She quit as soon as she saw that she had become too weak to fight any longer. The following year she committed suicide.

Then came the ceremony of my becoming the high priestess. A blood sacrifice was made, then I was taken to the front of the room, or church. There were many, many people present because it was a very high ceremony and Satan himself was present. I was dressed in a robe of white with gold and red trimming. I had a crown put upon my head made of pure gold. I then signed another contract in my own blood declaring myself a high priestess of Satan. No one in the room made a sound as I signed that paper.


Then the high priest, at a nod from Satan, rose to declare that I was now the new high priestess. He proclaimed that I was to be untouched by anyone else in the cult, by any demon, high priest, witch, or high priestess of any other coven, for I was "the chosen one." The crowd became ecstatic, shouting, chanting and dancing. Satan himself appeared to be overjoyed. Again, he was in a physical form of a very handsome man, a man of great brilliance and great authority. He was dressed all in shining white.

The congregation bowed down before me and praised me as the great queen, as the queen of Satan, "lord god almighty," that I was and would forever be by his side and be able to convey to them his every wish and command. I felt as if, for the first time in my life, I had been truly accepted. I felt very proud, very much uplifted, and very, very powerful to the point that I thought that no one, including Satan himself, could destroy me.

I was then put upon the altar of stone, my clothes were all taken off and Satan had sex with me to prove that I was his high priestess. (The high priest and many others had sex with me also.) The congregation went wild. Many of them were high on drugs and alcohol and the meeting turned into a sex orgy. Then Satan gave the most hideous laugh of triumph I have ever heard in my entire life. My body became cold and rigid. I remember feeling such guilt, such pain, such hurt. The cold and emptiness that I felt that night I will never forget.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose...There were giants [nephilim] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them"
-Genesis 6:1,2 & 4

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