Brother Carlos Allende
Holy Observer of the Philadelphia Experiment

"I watched the air all around the ship ... turn slightly, ever so slightly,
darker than all the other air ... I saw after a few minutes, a foggy green
mist arise like a thin cloud ... I watched as thereafter the DE 173 became
rapidly invisible to human eyes."

The Enigmatic Allende Letter

[presented "as is" so as not to lose any of the original flavour]
My Dear Dr. Jessup,

Dr. Morris K.
Your invocation to the Public that they move en Masse upon their Representatives and have thusly enough Pressure placed at the right & sufficient Number of Places where from a Law demanding Research into Dr. Albert Eienstiens Unified Field Theory May be enacted (1925-1927) is Not at all Necessary. It May Intrest you to know that The Good Doctor Was Not so Much influenced in his retraction of that Work, by Mathematics, as he most assuredly was by Humantics.

His Later computations, done strictly for his own edification & amusement, upon cycles of Human Civilization & Progress compared to the Growth of Mans General over-all Character Was enough to Horrify Him. Thus, we are told today that the Theory was "Incomplete."

Dr. B. Russell asserts privately that It is complete. He also says that Man is Not Ready for it & Shan't be until after W.W. 111. Nevertheless, "Results" of My friend Dr. Franklin Reno, were used. These Were a complete Recheck of That Theory, With a View to any & Every Possible quick use of it, if feasible in a Very short time. There Were good Results, as far as a Group Math Re-Check AND as far as a good Physical "Result," to Boot. YET, THE NAVY FEARS TO USE THIS RESULT. The Result was & stands today as Proof that The Unified Field Theory to a certain extent is correct. Beyond that certain extent No Person in his right senses, or having any senses at all, Will evermore dare to go.

I am sorry that I Mislead You in My Previous Missive. True, enough, such a form of Levitation has been accomplished as described. It is also a Very commonly observed reaction of certain Metals to Certain Fields surrounding a current, This field being used for that purpose. Had Farraday concerned himself about the Mag. field surrounding an Electric Current, We today Would NOT exist or if We did exist, our present Geo-Political situation would have the very timebombish, ticking off towards Destruction, atmosphere that Now exists. Alright, Alright! The .result" was complete invisibility of a ship, Destroyer type, and all of its crew, While at Sea. (Oct. 1943)

The Field Was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape, extending one hundred yards (More or Less, due to Lunar position and Latitude) out from each beam of the ship. Any Person Within that sphere became vague in form BUT He too observed those Persons aboard that ship as though they too were of the same state, yet were walking upon nothing. Any person without that sphere could see Nothing save the clearly Defined shape of the Ships Hull in the Water. PROVIDING of course, that that person was just close enough to see yet, just barely outside of that field.

Why tell you Now? Very Simple; If you choose to go Mad, then you would reveal this information. Half of the officiers and the crew of that Ship are at Present, Mad as Hatters. A few are even Yet confined to certain areas where they may receive trained Scientific aid when they, either, "Go Blank" or "Go Blank" & Get Stuck." Going-Blank [an after effect of the Man having been within the field too Much, IS Not at all an unplesant expierence to Healthily Curious Sailors. However it is when also, they "Get Stuck" that they call it "HELL INCORPORATED". The Man thusly stricken can Not Move of his own volition unless one or More of those who are within the field go & touch him, quickly, else he "Freezes".

If a Man Freezes, His position Must be Marked out carefully and then the Field is cut-off, Everyone but that "Frozen" Man is able to Move; to appreciate apparent Solidity again. Then, the Newest Member of the crew Must approach the Spot, where he will find the "Frozen" Mans face or Bare skin, that is Not covered by usual uniform Clothing. Sometimes, It takes only an hour or so Sometimes all Night & all Day Long & Worse It once took 6 months, to get the Man "Unfrozen". This "Deep Freeze" was not psycological It is a Result of a Hyper-Field that is set up, within the field of the Body, While the "Scorch" Field is turned on & this at Length or upon a Old Hand.

A Highly complicated Piece of Equipment Had to be constructed in order to Unfreeze those who became "True Froze" or "Deep Freeze" subjects. Usually a "Deep Freeze" Man goes Mad, Stark Raving, Gibbering, Running MAD, if His "freeze" is far More than a Day in our time.

I speak of TIME for DEEP "Frozen Men" are Not aware of Time as We know it, They are Like Semi-comatoese person, who Live, breathe, Look & feel but still are unaware of So Utterly Many things as to constitute a "Nether World" to them. A Man in an ordinary common Freeze is aware of Time, sometimes acutely so. Yet They are Never aware of Time precisely as you and I are aware of it. The First "Deep Freeze" As I said took 6 months to Rectify. It also took over 5 Million Dollars worth of Electronic equipment & a Special Ship Berth. If around or Near the Philadelphia Navy Yard you see a group of Sailors in the act of Putting their Hands upon a fellow or upon "thin air", observe the Digits & appendages of the Stricken Man. If they seem to Waver, as tho within a Heat-Mirage, go quickly & Put YOUR Hands upon Him, For that Man is The Very Most Desperate of Men in The World. Not one of those Men ever want at all to become again invisible. I do Not think that Much More Need be said as to Why Man is Not Ready for Force-Field Work, Eh?

You Will Hear phrases from these Men such as "Caught in the Flow (or the Push) or "Stuck in the Green" or "Stuck in Molasses" or "I was "going" FAST", These Refer to Some of the Decade-Later after effects of Force-Field Work. "Caught in the Flow" Describes exactly the "Stuck in Molasses" sensation of a Man going into a "Deep Freeze" or Plain Freeze" either of the two. "Caught in the Push" can either refer to That Which a Man feels Briefly WHEN he is either about to inadvertently "Go-Blank" [Become Invisible" or about to "Get Stuck' in a "Deep Freeze" or "Plain Freeze."]

There are only a few of the original Expierimental Crew Left by Now, Sir. Most went insane, one just walked "throo" His quarters Wall in sight of His Wife & Child & 2 other crew Members (WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN), two " Went into "The Flame," I.E. They "Froze" & Caught fire, while carrying common Small-Boat Compasses, one Man carried the compass & Caught fire, the other came for the "Laying on of Hands" as he was the nearest but he too, took fire. THEY BURNED FOR 18 DAYS. The faith in "Hand Laying" Died When this Happened & Mens Minds Went by the scores. The experiment Was a Complete Success. The Men were Complete Failures.

Carlos Allende

(ca. 1943)

Check Philadelphia Papers for a tiny one Paragraph (upper Half of sheet, inside the paper Near the rear 3rd of Paper, 1944-46 in Spring or Fall or Winter, NOT Summer.) of an item describing the Sailors Actions after their initial Voyage. [see below -B:.B:.] They Raided a Local to the Navy Yard "Gin Mill" or "Beer Joint" & caused such shock & Paralysis of the Waitresses that Little comprehensible could be gotten from them, save that Paragraph & the Writer of it, Does Not Believe it, & Says "I only wrote what I heard & them Dames is Daffy. So, all I get is a "Hide-it" Bedtime Story."

Check observer ships crew, Matson Lines Liberty ship out of Norfolk, (Company MAY Have Ships Log for that Voyage or Coast Guard have it) The S.S. Andrew Furnseth, Chief Mate Mowsely, (Will secure Captains Name Later) (Ships Log Has Crew List on it.) One crew member Richard Price or "Splicey" Price May Remember other Names of Deck Crew Men, (Coast Guard has record of Sailors issued "Papers") Mr. Price Was 18 or 19 then, Oct. 1943, and Lives or Lived at that time in His old Family Home in Roanoke, VA. a small town with a Small Phone book. These Men Were Witnesses, The Men of this crew, "Connally of New England, (Boston?), May have Witnessed but I doubt it. (Spelling May be incorrect) DID witness this. I ask you to Do this bit of Research simply that you May Choke on your own Tongue when you Remember what you have "appealed to be Made Law"

Very Disrespectfully Yours,

Carl M. Allen

A Regional Philadelphia Newspaper Article
Strange Circumstances Surround Tavern Brawl
October 1943

Several city police officers responding to a call to aid members of the Navy Shore Patrol in breaking up a tavern brawl near the U.S. Navy docks here last night got something of a surprise when they arrived on the scene to find the place empty of customers. According to a pair of very nervous waitresses, the Shore Patrol had arrived first and cleared the place out -- but not before two of the sailors involved allegedly did a disappearing act. "They just vanished into thin air ... right there," reported one of the frightened hostesses, "and I ain't been drinking either!" At that point, according to her account, the Shore Patrol proceeded to hustle everyone out of the place in short order.

A subsequent chat with the local police precinct left no doubts as to the fact that some sort of general brawl had indeed occurred in the vicinity of the dockyards at about eleven o'clock last night, but neither confirmation nor denial of the stranger aspects of the story could be immediately obtained. One reported witness succinctly summed up the affair by dismissing it as nothing more than "A lot of hooey from them daffy dames down there." Who, he went on to say, were just looking for some free publicity.

Damage to the tavern was estimated to be in the vicinity of six hundred dollars.



More on the Dynamic Duo of Jessup 'n Allende
January 13, 1956

The "mysterious" Allende letters are noteworthy mainly because of their prominence in the UFO literature. The mystery surrounding them arose in 1956, when an annotated copy of Morris K. Jessup's book, "The Case for the UFO" arrived at the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR). It looked as though three men (named Mr. A, Mr. B., and Jemi) had passed the book back and forth among them, adding notes to Jessup's text. Jessup also reported that he had received several letters from one Carlos Allende (alias Carl M. Allen) over a period of months.


The letters and notations seemed to indicate that the writers had some special knowledge of UFOs and alien cultures beyond that of any government on Earth.

The merits of the Allende letters and notations have been argued since that time. Books have been devoted to the subject, and dozens of articles have been written about them. UFO researchers have investigated the case; and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) staff members have met Allende. Many say that Allende knew a great deal about UFOs, while others say that he was involved in an elaborate and useless hoax.

The story, as it is usually told, begins with the book, "The Case for the UFO," arriving at the ONR. Some claim that the Navy, after reading the notations, became very interested and contacted Jessup. By this time, Jessup had already received the Allende letters. Curiously, the first (of four letters) is dated January 13, 1956, exactly one year after Jessup "signed" the introduction to his book.

The Navy, according to many UFO-authors, requested and received permission to reproduce the book in a limited edition of twenty-five copies. The notations were printed in red, and the original text in black. All letters sent by Allende (including those signed: Carl M. Allen) were included as an appendix.

During the next several years, the Navy is supposed to have spent time, money, and a great deal of effort researching the incident. Navy investigators reportedly looked for Allende but never found him. The book had been mailed from Seminole, Texas, one letter from Gainesville, Texas, and another from DuBois, Pennsylvania. After checking all the addresses and following dozens of leads, so the story goes, Allende eluded them.

The letters were intriguing. They told of a Navy experiment based on Einstein's Unified Field Theory. During World War II, the Navy was supposed to have successfully teleported a warship, the S.S. Andrew Furnseth, from its dock in Philadelphia to a dock in the Norfold-Newport New-Portsmouth area and back again. The teleportation, which took only a few minutes, was allegedly witnessed by Allende, a member of the crew; he claimed that a brief article about it appeared in a Philadelphia newspaper. Unfortunately, he could not remember the date, so that a copy of that issue could not be located.

Although the teleportation was a success, according to Allende, one half of the crew was lost during the experiment and the rest suffered a variety of strange side effects. Some were "mad as hatters," while others would "go blank" or "get stuck." He said they would seem to disappear or "freeze" on the spot. Their position had to be marked, and other members of the crew had to step around the mark.

Fellow crew members, when they saw a sailor "freeze," would rush forward and "lay their hands" on the stricken man. The laying on of hands was the cure for the freeze, but the men quickly lost faith in it. One sailor "froze," and a friend ran forward to lay on the hands. Allende says, "possibly because of the metal on him, he began to smoulder. Both men burned for 18 days."

The notes added to Jessup's book were no less confusing. Terms like "mother ship," "great war," and "sheets of diamonds" were used. It was explained how, why, and what happens to the men, ships, and planes that have disappeared. They seemed to explain many things that no one had been able to solve. Therefore, some UFO investigators thought that the Allende letters might provide a solution for the UFO problem.


Some claim that a study was completed 1by the Navy but is highly classified and will never be released. One man even claimed that his entire Allende letter file was mysteriously destroyed by fire. References in several published articles made it clear that a private researcher could not see the book. But, somehow, some of the investigators were apparently obtaining everything from copies of the Allende letters to complete copies of the annotated books.

In 1970, the writer wrote to the Chief of Naval Operations to request a copy of the book. The Navy replied quickly, saying that they had no copies, but that the book had been reproduced by the Varo Manufacturing Company of Garland, Texas. It was possible, they said, that Varo might still have copies, and suggested that the writer write to them. The writer was living near Fort Worth, at the time, and called Varo to ask about the Allende letters. The secretary knew what he was talking about and put him through to one Sidney Sherby.

Sherby told the writer that he had been at the ONR during the Allende "era." There had been copies made but not as part of any official Navy project. Sherby revealed what had transpired at ONR when the annotated version of Jessup's book first arrived. Sherby said, first of all, that no one there expressed any excitement, as many have been led to believe. One researcher pointed out that sending the book to the Navy was ridiculous. The Navy would either throw it out or classify it. Apparently, according to Sherby, they wanted to throw it out. That, of course, is the first departure from the traditional lore of the Allende letters; time after time, UFO writers have claimed that there must be something to the mystery because the Navy was so interested.

Since Sherby's statement discredited so many theories, the writer pursued it further. It turned out that ONR members acting on their own had been interested in the book. The Navy had no objection if they wanted to go to the trouble and expense of reproducing it. The only stipulation was that it could not be done on Navy time, and it could not involve Navy funds. It boiled down to this: Members of ONR did the work; the fact that they were employed by the Navy shadowed them. Jessup's book, along with the annotations and the Allende letters, was reproduced by Naval officers, on their own time and with their own funds.

Some UFO researchers have followed the Allende letter, not because there was good information in them, but because they knew Jessup, and were intrigued by the fact that Jessup eventually thought there was something to them. At least, toward the end of his life. Jessup began to accept the letters as something valuable and important. But, he may have had other reasons for his belief in Allende.

One man reported that Jessup was upset by his career. He had been trained as an astronomer, and though successful for a while, he eventually became entangled in a number of other affairs so that his pursuit of astronomy suffered. He was also involved in a business in Washington, and that is where he became interested in UFOs. His job did not require a great deal of time, and he began to read books on the subject. Only a few were in print at that time, so he began to write his own. The result was "The Case for the UFO."

The book was relatively successful. Jessup made some money, but not enough to warrant his writing full time. Other books followed, but they did not have the success of his first. This was another professional disappointment for him.

Later, in 1958, Jessup decided to go into the publishing business himself. He planned an expedition to Mexico to search for proof that UFOs were real and planned a book to follow the expedition. But the expedition, and hence the book idea, fell through. All this compounded the disappointments he felt. Finally, almost in desperation, Jessup began to talk about and study the annotated ONR book and the Allende letters, and a number of his friends became interested in them.

The search for the solution came to an end on April 29, 1959, when Jessup was found dead in a Dade County, Florida, park. Writers have speculated about his death, an apparent suicide. Some though that he had come too close to the truth and was murdered.

Ivan T. Sanderson, world-famous naturalist and writer about UFOs, placed some emphasis on the Allende letters, because he had known Jessup personally. Sanderson told others about Jessup's belief, and he included sections about the letters in one of his UFO books. And so, Sanderson's claims, founded on his friendship with Jessup, have become another support, attaching a false importance to the Allende letters. One might ask: "If there is nothing to them, why did Jessup, and later Sanderson, place such emphasis on them?" Now, there are answers to those questions.

In the years that followed, more researchers began to write the Allende letters off as a hoax, while others continued to research them. Writers made references about researchers "somehow" obtaining copies of the book. They implied that the books were difficult to find. The writer had no problem. Sherby mentioned that the copy he had was the last of five that he had been given. But, if the writer had some way to run a photostatic copy of the book, or if he wanted to borrow it to make notes, Sherby had no objections. Everyone was open and cooperative.

There had been so many rumors on the subject that the writer contacted APRO to see if they had anything new on Allende. Jim Lorenzen, the International Director, wrote back, stating that Allende had been to Tucson and confessed the whole thing. "He (Allende) was on his way to Denver, Colorado, suffering from what he believed to be a terminal illness. He stopped by APRO headquarters here in Tucson and, after talking to us for hours, admitted that he had made up the whole thing. We even obtained a signed statement by him saying that it was a hoax." It is interesting to note that Allende, who produced identification documents, had with him, at the time, a copy of the Varo reproduction of the annotated book.

Lorenzen asked Allende why he had faked the letters. His answer was: "Because Jessup's writings scared me," he said. "I didn't want him to write anymore and this was the only thing that I could think of." Before Allende left, he asked Lorenzen if he could leave some of his personal belongings at APRO. In Denver, he managed to be "cured;" he returned to Tucson, picked up his baggage and returned home to Mexico.

It has been said that dozens of Allendes have come forward, trying to cash in on the original's fame. One researcher claims that the real Allende lives in Mexico, and that there are various documents showing his name as Allende. He did not have to go to all the trouble. Apparently, his Allende and the one who visited Tucson are the same. In Tucson, Allende admitted the hoax. Now, supposedly, he is trying to take back everything he said.

However, even with Allende's confession, Sherby's story, the lack of the Philadelphia newspaper article, and the failure by anyone to collaborate anything that Allende said, the controversy continues. Some writers still claim that it is the key to the UFO problem, and some researchers are still trying to "track down" the books.

A standard dodge used by some "researchers," when the evidence of their favorite case breaks apart and vanishes in the light of good research, is to scream "cover-up." Even though the writer has found evidence of cover-ups in connection with some aspects of the UFO mystery, he found none in connection with the Allende letters. The annotated book was made available; Sherby answered all questions satisfactorily; and there is the confession in Tucson. The thing should have died with the confession.

The Allende letters were not the key to anything. They had only confused the issue with clouds of lies and fables. Serious researchers have wasted a great deal of effort studying them.


The big question about why the Navy would waste valuable time on them has been answered too.


They didn't.


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