Athanasius Kircher



by Rand & Rose Flem-Ath


from Flem-Ath Website


This account is based on an unpublished manuscript (ATLANTIS AT LAST!) which was registered with the Library of Congress on the 18th of August 1980



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If we compare Athanasius Kircherís 1665 ancient Egyptian map of Atlantis (right) with a modern map of ice-free Antarctica (below right) the similarity becomes astonishing!

Kircher did not have the benefit of seeing an ice free map of Antarctica. In his time the continent had not even been discovered, let alone explored. Kircher preserved the notion that for the Atlanteans South was at the top of a map. His compass on the map of Atlantis indicates that North is at the bottom of the page rather than the traditional and universally accepted way of representing maps. Because he did not possess a complete globe, Kircher was unable to compare the Egyptian map of Atlantis with a complete globe with South at the top.

The Latin inscription on the top left hand corner of the map of Atlantis translates:

"Site of Atlantis now beneath the sea according to the believes of the Egyptians and the description of Plato."

All attempts to trace the mystery of the lost continent of Atlantis must begin with the study of a few key sentences left to us by Plato. These sentences give us the first known reference to the location of Atlantis. The misinterpretation of these sentences has blinded hundreds of serious searchers to the true location of Atlantis, and sent the frustrated mumbling that it no more than a myth. But each of Platoís words become clear once we understand the Atlantean Worldview.