by EN-MAR - Steve Omar

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 -  Part 1

Discovery: The Lost Continent of Atlantis
Map Evidence
Ancient Writings About Atlantis



 -  Part 2

History is a Repetition of Golden Ages Followed by The Ends of Empires
The Reason for Writing The Earth History is to Re-State: It Can Happen Again!
Cosmic Reflections
Lost Continent of Lumania
Lost In Time
Lemurian Paradise
Procyon, The Galactic Center



 -  Part 3

Empire of The Sun
Migrations in Time
Crystal Cities Of Atlantis
Atlantean Science
The Empire at Its Height
The End of The Empire



 -  Part 4

Star Wars
Nuclear Bombs of Ancients
Ruins Discovered
Lost in The Sands of Time
From Dust To Dust
Starting Again