To those who know, our current world is "but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." They feel that in comparison to what is truly known and understood about our own reality here on Earth, our modern society is but "a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing."


For in the background of human existence on this planet, there is a past so illustrious, so all-encompassing, that to even comprehend its existence is a logistical leap that few would have dared to make before at least the mid-to-late 20th century. And even then, the legends and artifacts are ultimately so fantastic to 21st century humankind (once we understand them) that many of us are simply not willing to believe the impossible - that such a civilization could have actually existed so long ago.

And yet, this civilization was very real. The proof is not difficult to find, and find it we will. Perhaps even more interestingly, the nature of the proof itself must create a literal revolution in human technology and understanding in this civilization. Atlantis had a very direct, literal comprehension of God and its workings - a knowledge that was practical enough to be transformed into useful technologies that even now go well beyond anything we have ever seen. And indeed, without the fundamentally spiritual backdrop to the Atlantean culture, none of this would have ever been possible.

For those of us who can follow along with eyes to see and ears to hear, once we step back and look at our Atlantean Heritage, we will see that many of humanity's deepest questions about the true, scientific nature of God will be explained - or more appropriately, were already explained before.


And along the way, we will discover the secrets behind creating such things as limitless free energy machines, anti-gravity systems, super-light speed propulsion and machines that interact with and amplify consciousness, as well as understanding the deterministic, cyclical structures of our time and space, the complex interplay of energies that create the illusion of our physical reality from "behind the scenes," the reality of the existence of habitable "dimensions" of space-time higher than our own, and the ultimate spiritual nature and definition of that elusive part of ourselves known as the "soul." And the crown jewel of this new system of understanding will be the realization that we are on the verge of a sudden, unexpected and almost impossibly wonderful change in the very fabric of Reality as we now understand it here on Earth.

The point of this book, as a supplement / addition to Convergence, is that the very Golden Age of future technology that has been promised to us from so many sources of prophecy had indeed already existed here on Earth, more than 12,500 years ago. We will conclusively demonstrate that this ancient society, often known as
Atlantis, was very well aware of these "new" discoveries, (or more appropriately timeless secrets,) and was utilizing them in a much more active, technological and spiritual fashion than we have even dreamed of now. Furthermore, we will see that this society was in touch with a higher level of intelligence sometimes referred to as the "Hidden Directorate," and that knowledge was freely shared between the Directorate and humanity at this time.

We will also investigate the evidence that this ancient society dramatically misused this technology, through wars and other means, and in so doing brought about their own destruction. A very small number of them survived, and their knowledge has trickled down into many different pockets of recognized historical culture - both overtly and covertly, both visibly and secretly.


Furthermore, we will show that some of these original survivors were very well aware that we would be re-discovering these deep, fundamental truths at this time in our history, and made provisions to insure that all of the knowledge that was once had would be preserved through such media as myths, symbolism and the formation of secret societies. Knowing the truths of reincarnation on both individual and collective levels, they also drew up a comprehensive, long-forgotten plan for the formation of a grand society on Earth that would allow the entire Atlantean civilization to reincarnate as a group, and thereby usher in a true Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

The facts will show that America is that grand society, carefully crafted from these ancient guidelines by those who inherited the secrets of this forgotten Tradition. And the evidence will emerge from every side that the Hidden Directorate is working in full force right now to help implement this plan. Aside from the oft-cited UFO phenomenon, the Directorate is actively attempting to lead us back to these universal scientific / spiritual truths through a variety of means - including extensive, credible verbal messages that they have given us through deep-trance mental telepathy as well as accurate scientific diagrams of the geometry of "hyperdimensional physics" that have emerged as the predominantly European phenomenon of "
crop circles."

We will briefly investigate the ideas surrounding the fact that the original Atlantean designers of the Pyramid complex of Giza also built a secret "Hall of Records" where tangible artifacts of this ancient civilization still remain to this day. We will look at some tantalizing clues that suggest that some of these records have already been found by a group in Florida that is now hoping to secure appropriate funding to protect their discoveries before revealing them to the world. This group claims to have the "smoking gun" for the case for Atlantis - hard physical evidence as well as extensive bodies of written work that they are now in the slow process of transliterating.

And lastly, by the end of the book we will have investigated the unfortunate facts surrounding the distortions and perversions of the Atlantean Tradition that have come about as these secrets trickled down through the sands of time into our present. It will be quite easy to prove that a decidedly negative "spin" was put on the vast inheritance of Atlantean information by certain secret brotherhoods both past and present, and that there are those among us now who are very confused with what they think they know about this Grand Atlantean Plan, and the specific identity of God.

Indeed, the overarching worldly power and influence of the negatively-minded members of these Secret Brotherhoods is quite shocking upon first glance - we will see that a very high number of those in power in our military, corporations and governments have direct connections to these Brotherhoods, and that their motives are very self-serving. It is only the knowledge of the protecting force of the positively-oriented Directorate and the reality of the imminent multi-dimensional "spiritual event" in our future that will dispel any of our fears that a disturbing, totalitarian "
New World Order" might manifest itself.

Indeed, we already know the finale to this grand Opera, as it was written and described to us nearly two thousand years ago in our sacred scriptures- the Light will triumph over the darkness, as always. And we will take the extremely rare position of pointing out that not all of the present-day Secret Brotherhoods are negative- some have preserved the core positive aspects of the Tradition vigilantly, and are actively working to counteract the negative influences now present, knowing full well the glory of the Golden Age of technology, spirituality and full human cooperation with the Directorate that is still ahead of us.