Have now to thank the late Dr. W.J. Holland, Director of the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburg, Pa., for his kindly advice and suggestions about the order of compiling the material contained in this work. His recommendations I have found most helpful.

To my friend Dr. C.W. Gilmore, Curator of Vertebrates of the National Museum, Washington, D. C, I have to give special thanks on behalf of myself and readers for his great kindness and magnificent work in making restorations of ancient life to illustrate one of the chapters of this work. The restorations were made from actual fossils in the museum.


They are now of world-wide renown among scientists and are considered the best restorations ever modeled of these past forms of animal life.


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During the teachings of early man, science was a part of religion. They were considered and looked upon as twin sisters. The first teachings of man were that there was an almighty, all-powerful, creative God and that man owed his existence to him.

Then followed the teachings that man was a special creation, possessing a something that no other form of Creation on earth possessed - a soul or spirit. He was taught that this soul had everlasting life and never died. The material body returned to earth from whence it came, this released the soul, and it continued on.


Apparently, when the foregoing was thoroughly instilled into his mind and he thoroughly comprehended it, lessons in science followed. Teachings were given that showed him the laws and works of Creation, such as the infinite wisdom in the arrangement of the universe, the perfectly natural laws governing all creations and the perfect manner in which they are being carried out, etc., etc.

With the knowledge of these sciences, man was enabled to apprehend more fully the power, the wisdom and the Great Divine Love of the Creator.

These scientific teachings brought man in closer touch, and gave him a better understanding and oneness with his Heavenly Father.

All of these original sciences which were taught man were in a form so simple that man, in his then uncultured state, could thoroughly understand them. Understanding them gave him implicit faith in and love for his Creator.

These simple sciences were taught without theorizing, and not a semblance of theology or technology was used. Plain, simple facts were taught, and explained only. Yet these sciences today are called the Cosmic Sciences. They are called Cosmic because, simple as they were to the ancients, they are not understood and are beyond the knowledge of present man.


The question may be asked, why?


The answer to which is:

Because the ancient scientific garden has been choked up with the rank weeds of theory, technology, theology, misconceptions, inventions, capped with childish dreams which have neither rhyme or reason, and all of which are totally at variance with the natural laws which govern throughout the universe.

The deplorable state of the present time has been brought about generally by two factors:


The egotism of present man, and his inordinate craving for publicity, wishing to be thought the topmost pinnacle of the Mountain of Science - absolutely forgetting or ignoring the fact that there is only one Great One.

The greatest height man can ever attain is the great honor of being one of His selected agents for conveying the knowledge of truth. Man is only the agent; the greatness belongs to Him alone: but great is the man who is the agent, because he has received an honor beyond all earthly honors that could be bestowed upon him.



Man's turning from the worship of God to the worship of mammon, though while worshipping mammon he professes the worship of God. He deceives himself only; he does not deceive the Almighty.


The ultimate object of acquiring vast material interests is to enslave fellow man. These material-worshipping, rooting hogs may wish to call it by another name, but slavery is the name, no other. And while this goes on, peace cannot rest upon this earth.

In the garden of nature will be found the great school for learning true science, for nature is the school-house for the higher learning, where man is taught to prepare himself for his undying future.

To help man in these studies, information was given him in the form of writings called:

The Sacred and Inspired Writings which explained religion and science.

Where are those writings now? Are they lost?


No, not lost but scattered, and the reading of them forgotten, but, according to the Divine Laws, the scattered parts will be brought together again and re-learnt. Then the myths which have permeated science for thousands of years will disappear like mists in the rays of a bright sun.

The contents of this volume are the translations of a few scraps of the Sacred Inspired Writings - Scientific Section -  which have fallen to my lot to discover and record. The translations are poor, I admit, but they are the best I can do with my limited knowledge.

I say that no one can translate the ancient writings giving every minute detail as written, read and understood by the ancients. Anyone who says he can has no respect for the truth. The utmost anyone can do is to give the general meaning. This E feel confident I have done.

There are many reasons why minute details of the ancient writings cannot be given by modern translators; for instance, a symbol or hieroglyph forms a radical and the radical has many meanings, like the modern oriental words - mootoo, erekathu, etc. The actual meaning of the word depends on how it is pronounced and accentuated.


There is nothing in the ancient glyph or in the spelling of the modern words which I have quoted to intimate which meaning is intended.

With the modern we learn from hearing and teaching. In the ancient we cannot hear or be taught; therefore no one at the present time can make translations of the ancient in a manner to give every minor detail as perfect, full and comprehensive as the ancients themselves understood it.

Fifteen thousand years ago these writings were perfectly understood by our forefathers. In Egypt I find that they were fairly maintained down to the time of Moses. Moses understood them. Ezra, who compiled the Old Testament, did not. (800 B.C.)

Two thousand years ago they were understood in about five monasteries. How well they are understood in these monasteries today I do not know. Much has been forgotten.


A very prominent scientist after reading this MS. remarked,

"I hope it will be a long time before this is published, because it will send all of our professors and teachers back into the student class. Such an upheaval as this would cause would be most lamentable."

Arc truths lamentable?

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Chapter I - Origin of the Great Forces

Before attempting to show the origin of forces, I will define what a force is.

A force is that which makes changes in the position of bodies, and sometimes changes in the body itself. No body or matter, however infinitesimally small or ponderously large, can make any change without the aid of a force.

All forces known as atomic forces are only secondary forces governed by some superior force. The superior force moves the atoms and the atoms produce or convey another or secondary force - the superior force is the responsible one. There is one great infinite force that governs all.

A force may be obvious to the sense of feeling, but no force is obvious to the sense of vision.

Forces cannot be stored in superheated bodies, neither can an exhausted force be regenerated in cold areas.

Forces are positive and negative. For every positive force there is a negative one.

Certain of the great forces are limitless in their scope and power, reaching from one celestial body to another. Forces are responsible for the movements of all bodies throughout the universe.

Forces have their affinities, repellents and neutrals in other forces.

Some of the earthly forces have affinities, repellents and neutrals in elements.

Two forces meeting, may do one of two things: They may form a neutral zone where both become non-effective. Example, "When an irresistible force meets an immovable object" - a neutral zone is formed and the struggle ends.

When one force is stronger than the other, it conquers it and passes on.

The movements of forces are vibratory. A live coal may be placed in the palm of the hand without burning it, provided the owner of the hand raises his inner vibrations (higher force) above the vibrations of the heat force.

A neutral zone is formed between the burning coal and the flesh of the hand, beyond which the heat force cannot pass.

There is one supreme infinite force which has created four great primary forces. Through and from these four great forces all other forces are generated, and are therefore secondary. These four great forces are governing the physical universe today, and are working under the command or will of the One Supreme Infinite Force.

This supreme force is the power which started and keeps all other forces working throughout the universe.

This supreme force is incomprehensible to man. Being incomprehensible He can neither be pictured or named. He is The Nameless.

It is without doubt appreciated by everyone that we are surrounded and living in the midst of forces whose power is inconceivable: and yet, while we are in their midst and they are moving and governing the immense celestial bodies, we do not feel them; they do not touch us; and if not told by observation of their effects, we should be unaware of their presence and existence.


Why is it that these appalling forces do not in any way affect us? First, because being elementary, we are neutral to them, and, second, they are ultra to our minds and bodies.

Man is so created and constituted that everything connected with him has range.


His ear can only receive sounds that are within a given range, just so high and no higher, just so low and no lower; beyond these points he cannot hear the sounds, although they may exist, because they are out of his range of reception.

I am about to explain the origin of the great forces, but to successfully build up either a structure or a theory a solid foundation is necessary. I will start my foundation by illustrating the movements of the celestial bodies with a set of cogwheels.


It will be seen that there is a central or primary force, illustrated by a triangle within a circle and having a dot in the center.


The Universe as a set of cogwheels


This circle has no cogs, but is starting the first wheels with cogs into movement.


These cogs represent secondary forces, generated by the movements of atoms, or conveyed through the atoms. The first cogwheel meshes into the second with its secondary forces and starts it, and this one the next, and so on to the uttermost ends of the universe.

As an example let us take our solar system.

A superior sun is meshing in her cogs or forces with our suns, cogs or forces. Being more powerful, this superior sun is revolving our sun, and thereby producing secondary forces. Our sun's forces thus produced are meshing in with the forces of her satellites and revolving those which are not dead. Thus our solar system is a miniature example of the workings of the whole universe.

All governing bodies from the first sun down to the last must revolve on their axis; and, to enable them to do so every revolving body must have a hard crust and soft center; for without this combination they cannot revolve and generate forces.

A solid body without a soft center is a dead body, - it can neither revolve on its axis or generate forces. Our moon and the planet Mercury are examples of dead bodies.

All movements of bodies after leaving the first cogwheel body down to the little moons swinging around the planets are worked and controlled by secondary forces, emanating from the first great supreme primary force.

The central power is not governed by any force, for it is the origin and governor of all forces. If it were governed by some other force it would not be the center, there would be something beyond it. The central power is the Great Infinite Force which has always existed and will continue on forever.


The foregoing is my foundation.



At the time of the destruction of Mu - the Motherland - which occurred about 10,000 B.C. the sciences which were then known and practiced were the development of over 100,000 years of study and experience, if we date their commencement from a stated time.

Today we are practicing sciences, such as they are, that have been developed within the past 500 years. We are probably now treading the same road which our forefathers trod over 100,000 years ago. That they experienced as many troubles and failures then as now, there can be no question of doubt: for legends by the score tell us that this was so. The symbolical legend about the Tower of Babel is one of them.

Scientific human nature has ever been the same - very egotistical, jealous, domineering, selfish, craving for prominence, desiring fame, regardless of whether it is deserved or not, with a most profound worship of Mammon. All of which are quagmires and quick-sands in the paths of science; and all those who walk this road are doomed to disappear and be forgotten directly they are gone.


They have done nothing for themselves or for mankind.

In India I found many clay tablets brought there from the Motherland by the Naacals. They originally brought a library of over 10,000 tablets; thus it will be seen that what I found formed only a single paragraph in a long story. All except a very few of these Naacal tablets were on the creation, and the workings of the Cosmic Forces.

Upon their disclosures I commenced to write this book. Details about the finding of these tablets were given in my first book, "The Lost Continent of MU."

Sixty years ago I was sitting in the shade of feathery palms in India, with my old preceptor, the Rishi, deciphering and translating these precious Naacal relics.


Today I find myself alone, in America, sitting at a library table deciphering other sets of ancient writings, over 3000 in one set alone.

This set consists of stone tablets found by William Niven in Mexico, at spots varying from 4 to 6 miles north and northwest of Mexico City. William Niven has generously and kindly copied and photographed them all, and sent to me the copies for deciphering if I can.

From some of these tablets it is shown that they are more than 12,000 years old, but how much older I cannot say.

All but a few of them are picture writings, and are tableaus depicting sentences from the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. A great number are about the Creation, and over 1000 about the Cosmic Forces, giving their origin and workings, also showing what life is, and how elements are given life.

I find in these American tablets many links missing in the Oriental Naacal tablets. As both sets, the American and the Oriental, came originally from the same source - the Sacred Inspired Writings, we can make a start in an inquiry into the mysteries of nature, and learn how our great scientific forefathers saw it after more than a hundred thousand years of study and experience.

I have made numerous experiments, following the Naacal writings. One experiment extended, continuously, day and night, for a period of seven years. This experiment was made for the purpose of satisfying myself as to the cause of the various changes in the forms of life which have taken place since the advent of life on earth.

The result of this experiment is given in Chapter V, "Evolution Impossible."

At this point it will no doubt interest some of my readers to see the form of these ancient American tablets, with their symbols and pictorial form of writing. Also how they are deciphered and read. These are pictures which fate has preserved and handed to us for study, that we may correct the scientific errors into which we have fallen.

I will first take a few of Niven's Mexican tablets, then follow them with a few from the American Mound Builders virtually coming out of our own front gardens.

Tablet No. 1231

The key to universal movements

This is probably the most valuable tablet in the whole of Niven's Mexican collection of over 3000; as it clears up two important points in ancient man's cosmogony, and explains what has hitherto been looked upon as mythical.

As will be seen, when understood, there is nothing mythical about it, but something very profound, and beyond our knowledge of today.

This tablet tells a tale that is far-reaching. It first tells us that there are four great primary forces, which were used in Creation, and are now governing the movements of all bodies throughout the universe. It tells us that these forces are working from west to east, and carry all celestial bodies in the direction of west to east and further it shows that all living revolving bodies revolve on their axes from west to east.

It tells us that these forces by their actions cause the revolving bodies to continue their force, so that apparently the force comes from the movements of the body. The scientific world calls this atomic force. There is no such a thing as an atomic force. What is now called an atomic force by scientists does not obtain its energy from elements of the atom.


The atomic element is simply a collector, carrier and distributor of the portions of primary forces that have been handed to it.

Revolving bodies, like the earth, may be termed in popular language, transformers; receiving from the primary forces portions of the main volume, which each body distributes throughout itself, according to nature's requirements.

Coming through the atom, which is kept constantly charged, scientists have assumed that it is the atom which creates the force, which is erroneous, for the atom is only a conveyor.

We hear a lot about smashing the atom to get its forces. Why smash a brook of running water and scatter it? Why not turn the water into account as it Hows on? By smashing the brook a run of water with its power is cut off. By smashing the atom the flow of forces through it is destroyed. The ancients used the flow, they did not destroy it.

Returning to the tablet. It shows the origin of forces and the power that turns the first cogwheel in our diagram on page 19.

It clearly and distinctly shows and states that: The Power is the Will and Command of the Infinite.

My readers may ask: How are these deductions arrived at ? I will anticipate this question by dissecting and translating the vignette on the tablet.


1. The central circle symbolizes the Creator - the Infinite.
2. The curved arms symbolize the four primary forces.
3. The arms project from the circle. Being joined to the circle, they are coming from it. That is, these forces emanate from the Creator.
4. Within each arm is written its name. The glyph here used is equivalent to architect and geometrician, so that it says these are the four great architects, the four great geometricians, the four great builders.
5. Within the circle is the Hieratic letter H, the alphabetical symbol of the great four. Being within the circle designates that they are in the Creator, and as one of the names in an arm is connected with the Hieratic letter H it designates that the four are to be called the four great geometricians, etc.
Being within the circle, it is within the Creator. Being within and coming from the Creator, it becomes His will and command; thus showing that the actual origin of all forces is the Creator.
6. Here is shown the Hieratic letter H within the circle, the alphabetical symbol of the great four.
7. Each of the arms, a great primary force, has projecting from it an arrowhead, the Motherland's symbol of activity, thus showing that these forces did not cease their work on the completion of creation but are continuing on in some capacity.

The ancients thoroughly understood this, for in this vignette they depict it and in their writings they say:

"When the sacred ones had completed creation, they were given charge of the physical universe."

This is not appreciated today, nor will it be until after it is learnt what life really is, how it is created and afterwards maintained. At present the world is far from this knowledge, otherwise the bizarre theory of evolution could not be considered.




I am using this tablet to confirm the previous one, inasmuch as I claim that the primary forces originate directly from the Creator.

In all parts of the earth, among all ancient peoples, birds were one of the symbols for the creative forces. In America it was and is called the "Thunder Bird."


In the "Lost Continent of Mu" Indian legends and their beliefs about the "Thunder Bird" are given. I will now confirm Tablet No. 1086 regarding the origin of forces.
The eye of this bird is a double, which was the Uighur symbol for the Deity or Creator.

The Hieratic letter H - the alphabetical symbol for the four great primary forces - the sacred four. This is shown projecting from the body, therefore projecting or coming out of the Creator Himself. Beneath the letter H is an apron composed of four bars.


Four was the numeral symbol for the sacred four.

Mexican Tablet No. 1086



In this group there are 116 tablets, and with no two identically alike. (Nos. 494, 1623, 1138 and 513, page 28.)

They are purely conventional figures, and were not intended to represent any form of life. As a matter of fact they are completely made up of symbols and the old form of numeral writing.

They are designed to show the origin and workings of two of the four great primary forces.



Their bodies are either in the form of a crysalis or a pod, used as a symbol for the home of forces, but referring to two only of the primary four.


Mexican truncated figures


The bodies of these various figures have lines and symbols engraved upon them.


The lines are the old temple esoteric form of writing and explain what particular action of the forces the figure is symbolizing. The numeral writing carries a hidden meaning. The numbers used in this form of writing are from 1 to 10, inclusive.

Numeral writing was the temple writing in Egypt down to 500 B.C and probably a little later. We know this from the Greek, Pythagoras, who when in Egypt was initiated into the Sacred Mysteries. When he returned to Greece he taught his pupils "to honor God with numbers."


On every one of these 116 tablets the Creator is mentioned as the One from which the great primary forces originate.



The trunk is a symbol telling us which way or direction the forces move throughout the universe.

All movements are from west to cast and circular or elliptical. All the heavenly bodies are moving from west to cast. All revolving bodies revolve from west to east.
One particular force controls these movements cither directly or indirectly.

Every one of these figures is facing west with their trunks curling towards the east, symbolizing the circular movement of the forces.

Some have a second trunk at the back like tablets Nos. 494 and 513.


This trunk is curled within the head and still traveling from west to cast.


This trunk symbolizes the gyroscopical force, which possibly is the daughter of the great centripetal force, - the force which collected the gases, compacted them and formed worlds out of them.


This great centripetal force, as soon as the body revolved, became dead as far as that world was concerned; then the gyroscopical force took up its parents' work and keeps its world upright.



Their limbs number from none (see tablet No. 1138), to four as shown in tablet No. 1623.

These mark the movements of the sun.

For two reasons I have taken many of the pictures which are found in America as examples to show the accuracy of the Oriental pictures and writings on the Cosmic Forces:

  • First. Because when other countries are being shown to have had super-civilizations, America at the time was not behind them.

  • Second. To show that our scientists can find more at home here in America that is worth while, than by gallivanting all over the world searching for the remains of very early man. Some ambitious ones declare that it is to be the very first man with them or nothing. If this is actually what they want they would be more likely to find him here in America than in the Gobi Desert or some other out-of-the-way corner of Asia.

Egypt, India, Greece and all ancient histories tell us that man's advent on earth was on Mu - an ancient continent that now forms the bed of the Pacific Ocean.

It is from written Oriental records, with their explanatory vignettes, that I have attempted to give some insight into the ancient Cosmic Forces of the earth's first great civilization, the foundation of all true sciences.

In the writings of this great civilization we are told that the universe is governed and controlled by four great primary forces, that these great forces originate and emanate from the Creator, that,

"they are his executors in carrying out His commands, His desires. His wishes."

The ancients, understanding the origin of these forces, and the power that has always worked them, so revered them that they could never find a name sufficiently divine to call them.


Their attempts to give them more appropriate names led to their being known by many. I have collected a list of over 50.

The ancient scientists, apparently, on all occasions made drawings descriptive of the working of them. Following I am showing some of them, also giving their meanings:



Fig. 1. This is the original symbol used for speaking of the four great forces. I first found it in the Sacred Writings of Mu, which were written over 70,000 years ago. It is prominent in Mexican writings and tablets, also among the American Mound Builders' remains.
Fig. 2. The same four forces, showing that they emanate from the Deity as the Creator. This is also found in Mexico, the Mound Builders and the Cliff Dwellers of North America.
Fig. 3. Another form of expressing the same conception as Fig 2. It is not as old as the previous figures but was universal throughout the world, and especially prominent among the Mound Builders' remains.
Fig. 4. A contemporary symbol with Fig. 3. It simply emphasizes the fact that the four great forces originate in the Creator. It was very universally used and is very prominent in the Mexican tablets and the Mound Builders' remains.


An American Mound Builders of America symbol telling us that the rays of the sun emanate from the workings of the "forces within him," and that these forces come out of the four great primary forces.



These are two other Mound Builders' symbols, showing the molten center of a living revolving body grinding against the hard crust of the body, thus producing a frictional line between the two.


This line regenerates exhausted forces and returns them to the hard crust, there to await nature's call for other work. Details of this work are found in the Sacred Writings.


The Egyptian scribe Aua, 1200 B.C., wrote considerably concerning this phenomenon.


This is a Mound Builders' symbol, which has identically the same meaning as the Mexican Tablet No. 1231, on page 23.


The only difference between the two is that the Mexican has a written explanation on it. They both say that there are four great forces that emanate from the Deity, and that they travel from west to east around a center.

This is also a Mound Builders' symbol. In all of my research work I have only come across one other like if. That was on a very old Hindu document dating about 3000 BC.



It symbolizes the sun emitting both light and dark rays, and says that both the light and the dark rays are carriers of forces, and that they are all moving from west to east in a curve.


This symbol says that the rays with their forces form a curve as may shoot through space, so that a ray coming from our sun would not strike the earth in a direct line but on a curve.


Whether this is true I cannot say. It is up to those who know more about the Heavens than I do to say.


Another Mound Builders' symbol illustrating the workings of the earthly forces and also showing that they originally come from the Creator.

Around the hard crust of the earth are shown a number of scallops. They begin an end at the outer crust of the earth. This endless symbol for it is shown joined to the hard crust, designated among the ancients completion; whatever it represents is shown to have completed its work.


The central cross in the figure is its caption; therefore that which is referred to is the forces.

The complete reading says the earth's forces leave her body and pass into the atmosphere; after performing their several duties there, they become exhausted; when exhausted they return to the great frictional line there to be regenerated, then passed out into the storehouse - the hard crust - there to await the next call from nature.


The earth's forces cannot pass out beyond the earth's atmosphere into space, because there is nothing in space that can hold them.


The Mound Builders are here telling us that the sun's poles oscillate, which means that He is being controlled by a Superior Sun; therefore, as it is revolving and being controlled, our sun is a hard crust.

I think these examples are all sufficient to show that America at one time, and not so very long ago, enjoyed a civilization second to none on earth - at least, as far as the knowledge of the workings of the Cosmic Forces are concerned, which is the true science upon which the universe has been built.

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