All matters of science in this work are based on the translations of two sets of ancient tablets. Naacal tablets which I discovered in India many years ago, and a large collection of stone tablets, over 2500, recently discovered by William Niven in Mexico.

Both sets have the same origin; for both sets are extracts from the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu.

The Naacal tablets are written with the Naga symbols and characters - and, legend says, were written in the Motherland and first brought to Burma and then to India.


Their extreme age is attested to by the fact that history says the Naacals left Burma more than 15,000 years ago.

Where the Mexican tablets were written is problematical. They are mostly written in the northern or Uighur symbols and characters. What actual writing there is on both sets is in the alphabet of Mu, the Motherland. Whether they were written in Mexico or in the Motherland and brought to Mexico I cannot say. They are, however, over 12,000 years old as shown by some of the tablets.


Among the Mexican tablets I have found several speaking of Mu, and others that supply missing links in my Naacal tale of Creation. These I have added to the text of this edition of Mu, giving their dissections, decipherings and translations.

Some of the subjects embodied in these American tablets are: an account of the Creation in minute detail, Life and its origin minutely given. The origin and workings of the "Four Great Cosmic Forces." Over 1000 tablets are devoted to this subject and last but not least: The creation of woman.

The Naacal tablets which I came across in the Orient were only fragments of the various subjects with many missing links. The Mexican tablets not only confirm the Naacal but supply many of the missing links.

I spent many years, proving as far as possible, by experimentation, that the facts set forth in these tablets were true. I spent over 50 years in investigation, research and explorations to prove out what I found written on these intensely interesting Naacal tablets. I have yet to find the first one that is wrong.

The Mexican, like the Naacal, indubitably establishes to my own satisfaction that at one time the earth had an incalculably ancient civilization, which was, in many respects, superior to our own, and far in advance of us in some important essentials which the modern world is just beginning to have cognizance of. These tablets, with other ancient records, bear witness to the amazing fact that the civilizations of India, Babylonia, Persia, Egypt and Yucatan were but the dying embers of the first great civilization.

The Oriental Naacal tablets which formed the foundation of the first edition of this book were a wonderful history of past man. Niven's Mexican Stone Tablets are equally wonderful and instructive, if not more so.


They confirm my contention that the oldest records of man are not to be found in Egypt or the Valley of the Euphrates, but right here in North America and in the Orient where Mu planted her first colonies.

I desire here to express my appreciation and thanks for the courtesies and contributions received for the benefit of this book from:

  • The British Museum, London

  • Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu

  • The American Weekly, New York

  • Capt. E. A. Salisbury, Los Angeles, Cal.

  • Samuel Hubbard, Oakland, Cal.

  • William Niven, Austin, Texas

  • to Certain Monasteries in India and Tibet whose names are withheld by request

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