Wilcock: Every night that we were doing this play, and I was selling candy bars with him, in the context of this friendship, he would continue to attack me, he would continue to attack my credibility. I gave him several of my best readings and, instead of just acknowledging how nicely worded they were, he was trying to pick them apart. And it seemed like, a lot of times, he was doing it just for the sake of trying to make an argument.

He read the whole manuscript of what has now become Convergence. At that time it was called 1999 Cycle. I have had many, many people tell me that Convergence is the best book they’ve ever read, that it has brought together research as diverse as Gurdjieff, Ouspenski, Collins, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Richard Hoagland—just the whole gamut of metaphysical writers that this book has fused together.

He read the initial version of it and told me that it was very interesting, but held no substance. So, I knew that it was not doing me any good. I was severely losing confidence in myself and, as a result of that, I broke-off the contact and I basically have not made any further direct attempts on my own to go to the A.R.E. offices and try to talk to them, even though I live right in the same town with them.

The next important stage of my public disclosure happened on July 1, 1998, when I made the conscious decision to move into a new place, which I had done, and to entertain the possibility of doing this business of readings for other people for money, instead of doing these other jobs that I had been working, which were all temp-jobs at $6.25 an hour.

When I made the commitment to do it, I got one of the longest readings ever. It took me about an hour and 20 minutes to do one reading, which is unusually long. This particular reading generated a lot of new information. Some of the information was confirming the stories about the bloodline of the Holy Grail, or the idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion and, even though he had ascended in the spiritual sense, he went on to have a family. So, my readings talked about that and gave some credence to the story. The story is now becoming extremely compelling with works such as that of Lawrence Gardner who wrote Bloodline Of The Holy Grail.

Martin: Right.

Wilcock: And Lee and the other guy who wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and other books along those lines, like Messianic Legacy.

So, at the end of this particular reading, once I had made the commitment to do readings for others, there was an expressly difficult warning that came through and it discussed the possibility that there was going to be a terrorist nuclear strike on New York City on August 17, 1998. And it came through in very deeply fragmented form, but it was obviously understandable.

Obviously, this never happened. In the wake of that event, I called the FBI because I was so concerned about the possibility that something like this could happen. I had gotten several dreams that showed it happening. I had gotten readings that had predicted the exact day and also showed me the astrology surrounding the event.

Based on my track record—I had hundreds and hundreds of accurate prophecies by this point—I knew this was nothing to ignore. And so I felt I had to call someone who would be responsible enough to be able to do something to defend New York against this.

The reading got very specific. It said that this group was going to try to take a boat and ride it into the harbor, and they had secured a suitcase nuke from the collapsed Soviet regime and were planning on exploding it.

So, when I called the FBI, as is to be expected, they very naturally were tapping my phone to beat the band within a week, and the tap continues to this day. In fact, that click that we heard in the conversation [earlier] was the tap coming on when I said the word A.R.E.

It has never stopped. I have lived, ever since the time that I started to do readings for others, without privacy. My phone is continually tapped. It is highly annoying, but the joy that I have felt from doing readings for others, and away from the wage-slavery system, has been unbelievable.

My next major event was that I moved onto a farm that was self-sustaining. And during that time I didn’t have to pay rent and the readings had slowed down, and that’s when I took three months of my time, working about sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, to write Convergence.

I finished Convergence on March 8, 1999. And, right at about the exact same time that I did, Richard Hoagland had his heart attack, which made me very concerned.

My next significant event was that I got in touch with John Major Jenkins, who was the author of Maya Cosmo Genesis 2012, and he made arrangements for me to get on the Laura Lee [radio] Show to voice these ideas. And so, now, as we speak on August 3, of 1999, I have now been on the Laura Lee Show, which was on July 17, 1999, and my public presence has finally increased to the point where people are starting to pay attention to this material.

Now, the Cayce readings have said, in reading 294-151: "Is it not fitting, then, that he must return to be as a liberator of the world." And I always tell people, you’ve got to remember, it says "a" liberator of the world; it does not say "the" liberator of the world.

Martin: Right.

Wilcock: It’s not a messianic prophecy. There are many liberators—anyone who decides to work for Light, to give up the focus to earn money and have a materialistic life, in order to serve God in what they do, is a liberator. Anyone who just tries to be of service to others is a liberator. So, it’s not anything grandiose.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that, you know, if you really are Cayce, then why aren’t you famous? And I just say to them, "Look, it doesn’t matter how many people have gotten this information. What’s more important is the quality of the information (that those who did receive it) have gotten.

And what I have done is try to make all of my material come from a very, very high level of quality, so that it can en-Light-en people as much as possible. Because it is not so much important if you reach large numbers of people. If we understand the Law of One, we understand that All is One, and therefore the One is in each person.

So, if you are able to reach one person significantly enough that you have changed their life, then you have reached everyone. So there is no need to worry about getting big numbers.

That’s not what’s important. And that’s why I give my information away freely on the Internet. I only make money from doing personal readings because I want as many people as possible to be able to read this.

I do believe that my readings are telling me that there is going to be much more exposure in the future, in the near future, and I am prepared to handle it as far as it goes. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m certainly going to stick to my ideals through the whole process.

My ideals are that I do not want ego to get involved. I do not want to think of myself as anything special. I have a mission to perform. I have a job to do. The job is to tell people the reality of life on Earth and the reality of life in the Higher Dimensions, and to make that reality more tangible.

The whole reason why we’re here is to make a choice between service to self or service to others. The choice that we’re obviously supposed to make is service to others. The whole reason why these readings are so intensely focused right now, is that we’re heading into a frequency shift—and that’s probably going to be your next question: what is ascension? How is it going to happen?

Just to give you a real brief overview, in Cayce reading 1602-3, it said:

"In 1998, we may find a great deal of the gradual activities that have come about. These are due to the cycle of the solar activity, or the Sun’s passage through the various spheres of activity."

The Cayce readings mentioned the Solar Cycle. In my book Convergence, I’ve discussed how we have now discovered this Solar Cycle through the work of Maurice Cotterell.

Maurice Cotterell has taken ancient work from the Mayans, concerning certain super-numbers, such as 1,366,560, and he’s discovered that these same numbers, that were written down by the Mayans, correspond to cycles in the Sunspot activity that he was able to discover by charting out the orbits of the Sun at its various points.

The Sun rotates 26 days at the equator, and 37 days at the poles. As a result of this, it kind-of twists and binds-up as it goes along—sort of like stirring a pot of soup, it’s faster where the spoon is and slower around the edge.

So, when he plotted out these variables and made a graph out of it, he discovered short-term cycles, but also much longer-term cycles. And one of these longer-term cycles is about 3,740 years, or 1,366,040 days—and this corresponds very, very tightly with the Mayan number because all you have to do is to add two of the Mayan sacred numbers of 260, which would be 520, and you get from 1,366,040 to 1,366,560.

So, this cycle that he had discovered, he believes, is what corresponds to the shifting of the solar magnetic poles. Now, how did the Mayans know about this 3,000 years ago and graph it out with a number that is exactly the same, given this slight adjustment?

The other thing that is even more interesting is that the Mayan calendar is approximately 5,200 days long, and that’s another cycle that the Mayans keep watching. If we expand the Mayan calendar by a factor of 5, we come out to about 26,000 years, and this is the Big Cycle that we are concerned with.

This cycle can be seen on Earth, with the slow-wobbling of the Earth’s axis that’s known as precession, and it’s also visible in the Sun. This Sun-spot cycle, that causes the pole shift, the Mayans also had, and corresponds to exactly 7 of these—wait, let me rephrase that: 7 of these cycles correspond to 1 precessional cycle that’s coming from the Sun.

So, this made me realize, when I looked at the Cayce readings, that there was a hyper-dimensional effect involved in the Solar Cycle. And that hyper-dimensional effect was causing us to go from one realm of frequency to another. In other words, a frequency of vibration.

The understanding that I now have is that we are passing from the 3rd level of vibration into the 4th. And when this passage is complete, the frequency of matter on Earth, in vibrational speed, will be seen to increase. As the frequency tries to increase, it creates a great pressure on any person who is not accepting the higher-dimensional energy, because the higher-dimensional energy is the energy of love.

So, any place that we are not being loving and alive at this time is going to be forcibly shown to us—and very directly—because this energy is forcing us to be more loving—we have to, if we want to stay compatible. If we’re not compatible with it, everything that’s holding us back is going to be very forcibly shown to our face.

At this point it looks as if—though the August 11 solar eclipse probably will have happened by the time this newspaper is released—it is a major turning point in this timeline. It is believed that this event, if you look 3 months before it and 3 months after it, this junction is sort-of like what they might call in quantum physics a "singularity" or [the focal point for] a series of anomalous and potentially destructive events on the planet. It also is what clears the "gateway" for the most positive events, such as ascension.

Martin: David, you’re cutting in and out. Can you repeat a few of those phrases you just stated?

Wilcock: Ok. The August 11th (1999) solar eclipse, based upon what I understand in my readings, needs to be looked at in terms of 3 months before the event, as well as 3 months after the event. And during this whole period of time we can see many changes, and these changes correspond to the shedding of the darkness so that the Light may come in.

There is a great deal of symbolic correlations around this particular conjunction, namely the lore in the Bible of the Four Beasts of the Apocalypse. It appears that these Four Beasts of the Apocalypse were actually referring to the four signs of the zodiac in which this Grand Cross is occurring.

The notion of the bride and the bridegroom in the Book Of Revelation corresponds to the diamond ring that will be formed by the Sun’s corona. In other words, the corona looks like a diamond ring. It has a ring, and there’s one point where the Sun is brighter. It’s been called the diamond ring in history.

Also, the time of this corona, over Greenwich, England is exactly 11:11 a.m., that’s when it hits the corona. And I have been seeing this on the clocks for 4 or 5 years, at least, almost every day. Now, also, if you look in the Book Of Revelation, Chapter 11, Verse 11, it says:

"After the 3 and ½ days, the righteous people who had been struck down by the masses again rose up and struck fear into the hearts of many. God appeared on a cloud and said, ‘Come up here’ and they were born into the Heavens, and in that same hour earthquakes shook the Earth."

Now, it’s also very interesting because Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval explain at the end of their book, Message Of The Sphinx, or Keeper Of Genesis (if you have the European version) that the 11:11 ratio is expressly flagged in the Great Pyramid over and over again. And the Cayce reading said that the timeline indicated by the Great Pyramid in it’s internal passageways would be complete at the 1998 period.

Now, Cayce’s readings also said that 1998 was possibly a time of great geophysical changes, but also the possible time for the second coming of Christ. Now, obviously we haven’t had any severe geophysical changes, although there are certainly many things that are creeping up on us. And we haven’t seen a direct physical manifestation of Jesus.

The readings explained there were two sides to the second coming of Christ story; one side is, obviously, a physical apparition; but the other, far more important, side was the awakening of the Christ spirit within each person.

So, when we understand that the second coming of Christ has to do with the birth of Christ within each of us, Christ-consciousness within each of us, then we understand what this Solar Cycle is producing. So, it is my belief, based on what my readings are telling us, at some discreet point in the future, enough people on this planet will have attained Christ-consciousness and that will change the frequency upon which their spiritual vibrations are vibrating.

At the same time we reach this critical threshold of vibration which enough people have attained, that will also increase the vibrational speed of the global grid—which is this geometric network of lines that corresponds to how higher dimensional energies are brought to the Earth. And that’s discussed in Convergence in much greater detail than we are going to do here.

When enough of us shift our energy, that allows the global grid to shift its energy. When the global grid makes the realignment to the fourth-dimension vibrations, according to numerous mystics (including myself), it will make an approximate 20-degree correction in its positioning. That’s a magnetic correction, so that means a magnetic pole shift.

The important thing to remember is that the ascension effect, the effect of people transforming into Light and transfiguring from the physical, will be able to occur at the point that the grid shifts, but the point of the grid shifts takes a few hours to occur, even though it actually transforms. It doesn’t happen instantaneously. However, when that energy in the grid has shifted, there is an instantaneous possibility for everyone (who has attained this crucial vibrational frequency) to ascend.

The vibrational frequency is quite easy to make, actually. All it requires is that you have cleared a 50% threshold of a desire within yourself, on the core level, to be of service to others. So, if you’re just barely above 50% motivated towards service to others, as opposed to motivated toward service to self, serving yourself only, then you will be compatible with ascension.

Now, one of the things that I am here for is to "legitimize" your dark side, your shadow side. I, certainly, do not have a stellar past. There is no need for anyone who reads this to feel that they are somehow incompatible with ascension because they are somehow "not good enough". All you have to do is care for other people on a very basic level and you have made this vibration.

So, when that critical mass happens, that will be the time of both ascension and corresponding Earth changes. And we can never know when it’s going to be. It has to do with the mass-consciousness, and that mass-consciousness can shift at any moment.

There could be a global event that could occur that could make a lot of people suddenly become more loving, and in that moment, that could be when the shift happens. I believe that there are indications that the next major opening for when something like this might occur is in May of 2000. But, I also am open to the fact that any time between August 11, 1999 and May of 2000 there could be this event.

So, you have to live every day as though you could be ascending this day. If this was your last day on Earth, did you do the most valiant and most spiritual thing that you could be doing? Did you overcome self-indulgent habit patterns? Did you clear boundaries that you’ve put up around yourself that say these are your limitations and you can go no further? Have you lived-out your potential? So, I try to live every day as though it were my last and I try to live-up to my highest potential.

At the time of ascension, all who ascend will have the experience of the most profound religious experience of their entire life. The experience is supposed to be so ecstatic that there is no way to even emphasize how fantastic it will feel, using human language. It’s also been told to me that, once we have ascended, we will have the opportunity to return to the Earth, after it has been cleansed by the pole shift, and this will be the beginning of the 5 th root-race, according to the Cayce readings and the Mayans. Both say this.

The 4th-dimensional beings are actually going to be—according to what the research says from these readings—the 4th-dimensional beings are a cooperative melding between the human form and the form of the Zeta Reticulans or the Greys. And that’s why people are seeing these alien abductions going on and there are these hybrid babies that are being produced that are half human. These are the bodies that are going to be able to live in the 4th dimension.

A 4th-dimensional being has all of the same abilities that Christ did, once he ascended. It’s 100 times more harmonious to live in this realm of vibration than it is in the 3rd dimension. Life is much less complicated in one sense, much more joyous and invigorating in another sense. The Earth is going to be returned to a pristine state. That is going to be the collective effort of these entities, once they’ve ascended in the beginning. They will be able to use telekinesis to prepare the Earth and to restore the natural balances in our ecosystem.

So, it’s a glorious future that’s ahead of us and I live every day with the knowledge that, from talking to these beings and doing research, that this is real. It would be nice if everyone else could experience the faith that I have of knowing that this is really going to happen, and believing that this is going to happen, because it really does change your outlook.

We can then understand the fact that all of these apparently hidden correspondences— between weather changes, the degradation of society, the outrageousness of the government and media—all the good things and all the bad things, together, that they’re all leading up to a point and the point is not doom; the point is spiritual transformation. And the transformation itself is such a glorious surprise that it goes way far beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Do you have any questions?

Martin: You’ve pretty well covered it. The two primary questions I had were concerning the pyramids of Egypt, because the Illuminati have some rather nasty plans in mind for August and December of this year, in terms of rituals at the pyramid that will, essentially, work at sending out a vibration, planetarily, using the energy grid to, basically, keep people asleep, and I just wanted to hear your comments about what surprises there may be in store from the Lighted side regarding the pyramids and use of the pyramids. That was one question.

The only other question has to do with the "harvesting".

Wilcock: Ok. You have to understand that the Great Pyramid exists at the epicenter of the global grid. In other words, the global grid is a series of magnetic and hyper-dimensional lines of energetic force and they correspond to the five basic platonic solids—the octahedron, the cube, the tetrahedron, the icosahedron, and the dodecahedron. So, the epicenter of all of that energetic work is at the exact site location of the Great Pyramid of Giza. That is why it was built there.

When we’re looking at the August 11 conjunction, we’re looking at a hyper-dimensional physics effect. The actual alignment of planets is so strong that it greatly increases the amount of pressure of the 4th-dimensional energies coming in. And when the eclipse happens and the Sun goes corona, it actually creates a sort-of hyper-dimensional laser beam that strikes the Earth and moves along its surface. And every place where this eclipse touches is getting this dramatically powerful burst of energy. There is nowhere on the planet where that is harnessed to a greater degree than at the Great Pyramid of Giza, because that is the epicenter of the grid.

My own readings are telling me that this is an effort that is being made [by the dark ones] in order to try to stop the increase, or to try to use the increasing energy to create greater chaos on the planet.

Martin: Right.

Wilcock: The important thing to remember is that, if you look at the hierarchy of dimensions in the octave—and when I say the octave, I mean the fact that our dimensions are based on a cycle of 8—in other words, once you’ve gotten to the 8th dimension, you’ve gotten back to the Oneness, there is no more fragmentation.

We live on the 3rd dimension. There are also beings who live in the 4th, beings in the 5th, beings in the 6th, and you could say that there are beings in the 7th, but their nature is very mysterious to us.

The negative entities do exist. They do have their UFO technology, and they are trying to subvert the human population. But the much greater amount of input comes from the Light side. The negative entities can exist on the 4th-dimensional level, the 5th-dimensional level, and the very, very beginning of the 6th-dimensional level. But at the point when they hit the 6th-dimensional level, what’s called the spiritual entropy is so high that it, literally, dissolves their soul unless they become positive. Therefore, essentially speaking, all 6th-dimensional and 7th-dimensional beings must be of the positive polarity.

The path of negativity is a path of separation. It’s a path of service to self. It’s a path wherein the entity believes that, since self is God, then others must serve that self in order to serve God. So, they desire to enslave the public, and rationalize that, by getting the public to serve them, the public might then learn to serve themselves as well. And in serving themselves, they’re serving God.

The reason why this is a backward philosophy is that everyone else is God too, not just yourself. And when you stop thinking of yourself as separate from God, you realize that everyone is part of this Oneness. And so that’s why service to others IS the positive polarity, whereas service to self is a confusion, it’s a belief that serving the self is serving God and, therefore, everyone else must also serve yourself.

Now, these negative extraterrestrials have worked with the elite of Earth quite extensively. They’ve had negotiations, agreements, etc. And I am sure that it’s the negative entities in the higher-dimensional planes who alerted our governments and the Illuminati and so forth to the existence of this conjunction and what could be done with it.

The way I look at something like this is, almost as a humorous side-note, because no matter what type of human sacrifice ritual you try to do, or however you try to thwart this energy, the positivity of this energy, of this conjunction, is so overwhelmingly powerful that it just defies any attempts to defile the energy. We have more people on the planet who are balanced in the direction of the positive than in the negative. Not necessarily the vast majority, but enough people are more oriented toward service to others than service to self.

The best thing that these negative forces can try to do is to try to keep us in a constant state of fear. The way that they do this, primarily, is through news media and creating world events, deliberately fabricated world events, to instill this never-ending sense of terror and paranoia, a sense of apocalyptic, millennial doom, so that we are, essentially, very fearful. If they can keep us in a perpetual state of worry and fear, then they can also keep us feeling that we have to be of service to self, because if we don’t we’re in grave danger.

And so, the self-serving behavior would be to hoard food, and in the event of Y2K, to buy guns so that you can shoot anyone who tries to take your food—that’s all self-serving. And so, the more fearful that we are, the more paranoid we are, then the more we are actually espousing this negative philosophy.

And so that’s what their purpose is, they’re trying to grant us the opportunity to be afraid, grant us the opportunity to live in terror. And my readings have said that there is going to be a rapidly escalating constellation of events at the later half of this year, that we’re just now about to go into, including the possibility of a very large-scale war—I just got that the other night—which could be very imminent. And all of these events are going to be designed to make us just more and more fearful.

So, that’s why my readings are telling us that the most important thing we can do at this time is to disassociate from the media, at least from the main, corporate media. Don’t pay attention to the death-pangs of the world that is being transformed. Pay attention to the birth pangs of the world that is being reborn within you, of the Christ-consciousness that is being reborn within you.

If you focus on the system and structures that now exist, and you don’t acknowledge and respect and love the fact that they must be cleansed, then you certainly will have the opportunity to be very fearful. If you focus on the consciousness change that’s happening within you and on what this is all leading to, that we’re about to go into this ascension, and you can hold that energy of positive vibration and be extremely excited about what is happening, because you understand why it’s happening, then you are on a good path.

The fear-mongers are going to try to make us think that this is the apocalypse, that this is the end of time and the world is over and we’re all going to die. Different people, such as Dr. Steven Greer, have suggested that they might even try to stage a mock alien invasion with reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology.

[Editor’s note: Not just the use of "alien" technology as in craft, but remember Project Blue Beam’s satellite-driven holographic sky-show capabilities. For those unaware of these and other diabolical possibilities, the potential for gullibility is quite high—call it the late 1990s version of Orson Welles’ famous 1938 "War Of The Worlds" radio broadcast which sent a wave of panic throughout the country.]

I’ve been getting information that they might start a very large-scale war. So, we have to keep our eyes open for these things.

But, in short, I think it’s very important to remember that the negative entities are sort-of like a bunch of bumbling fools who have not yet realized the true essence of the universe. They believe that this is going to work, because they believe that they are stronger than the Light, and so they’re going to try things like this.

But it doesn’t change for one minute the fact that the 4th dimension is coming, and there are more people on this planet who are positive than negative, and we are going to ascend. Everything is going to occur on schedule.

The beings in the 6th and the 7th dimension have infinitely greater resources and power available to them than these negative entities do. And so, all the negative entities can really do is amplify pre-existent personality patterns that we have that are fearful, and just make us more fearful. That’s all they can really do. They can try to lead us to becoming self-serving, but ultimately the choice rests with the individual.

So, it’s important that we remain faithful to our own spiritual ideals and remember that is the purpose of what’s going on here.

Martin: That’s a perfect place to stop.

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