by Karen AnTara
27 November 2012

from BecomingConscious Website



From time to time, here on planet, we hear about and experience CME’s (coronial mass ejections) from our Sun and Solar Flare activity.


NASA and its scientists like to tell us about these though their view is purely scientific of course and tell us nothing about how they affect us, other than how they affect computers and satellites.

However, we have found that these can be extremely impactful on the physical, emotional and mental levels of the body. We can see the benefits of
these stellar activations in terms of increasing the frequency of the energetic layers within the auric field and this is a natural part of our evolution process.


This is often called light or frequency accretion.


Our auric field is also known as our electromagnetic battery body and these frequencies (from solar flares etc.) are carried as "movements of light" on electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed directly into our electromagnetic field/battery body.


As our physical body evolves through this process, the increase of frequencies affects us at cellular and atomic levels and is part of our transmutation process from a carbon-based form to a silicate-based form.

When we take in huge amounts of frequency over a relatively short period of time we can sometimes struggle to cope with the influx of energy and we need time to absorb these frequencies, integrate them and for our "lightbody" to recalibrate itself.


Having awareness that this is what is happening to us and stating a “command” to “recalibrate and integrate frequencies gently and smoothly” can be helpful.

Some symptoms of electromagnetic field overexposure includes:

  • feeling dizzy

  • experiencing vertigo

  • a buzzing feeling inside rather like having drunk too much coffee

  • feeling as if your insides have been plugged into an electrical socket

  • buzzing or humming in the ears

  • a feeling of spaciness

  • disorientation or feeling like you’re not quite here

  • a spinning feeling

  • dehydration

  • lightheaded as if you are a bit drunk

  • blurry vision

  • flashing lights etc. similar to a migraine

  • difficulty in concentrating and staying focused

  • wanting to lie down and sleep

  • excessive exhaustion

  • stuffy in the head and not clear

Sometimes we can experience digestive discomfort and symptoms connected to the solar plexus area like,

  • bloating

  • burping

  • nausea

  • burning feeling like indigestion

  • feeling starving hungry or experiencing an inability to eat or even to face food

  • strange food choices

  • strange eating patterns

You might also be feeling a bit wobbly, clumsy or you might fall over as your body attempts to recalibrate the incoming new frequencies.

It’s very important to drink more water at these times.


As waster is a conductor of electricity, when we are well hydrated the frequencies coming from the solar flares seem to pass more gently through and around the body as opposed to when we are dehydrated there is a lot more static and interference with the flow which causes our body pain and migraines, whizzing feelings etc.


Being in the ocean and taking salt water baths is also very helpful but actually drinking the water is particularly supportive to the body.