channeled through Judy Boss

from Walk-Ins Website

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Soul braiding?


It's an unusual term for an unusual time. To understand it more fully, remember—the physical body is an instrument for the soul to express itself in, to learn, to share, to contribute... always creating. Understand that many extraordinary situations are resulting from the powerful dynamics occurring as our Earth (known comically as Terra Shamballa) makes its shift from the third dimension frequency into the fourth dimension.

This powerful transformation provides Earth's inhabitants and the whole solar system with the opportunity to ascend into higher frequencies of evolution. The outer, more developed realms of the universe are contributing their knowledge and technical support to enable this great cosmic plan. The cosmos is offering help through advanced star ships that release powerful energies upon the planet to heal earth and its inhabitants by integrating, balancing and releasing outmoded, negative energy.

With our cooperation, they also shower our planet with energies that awaken our higher mind and open our loving heart—our Christ center—so we may become more loving and intelligent people. Those with a loving heart and an open mind are offered the opportunity to receive many wondrous and long-promised gifts of the spirit.

The Evolutionary Leap

Indeed, now is an extremely important and exciting time as millions of souls on and off the planet contribute their help to assist in this evolutionary leap. Evolved beings from advanced star systems and star ships telepathically impress upon our minds helpful information so we can move into realms of higher learning. Other advanced intelligent beings have chosen to "walk in" to bodies in which the soul has chosen to depart so they can make their contribution. Yet other souls have offered to share an expression of their soul's experience and wisdom to another soul for a temporary and often specific purpose that will benefit humanity.


This is what soul braiding is all about. The process is always done with the cooperation and willingness of the "main soul" expression inhabiting the body. Perhaps this agreement was made before the original soul entered the body, either at birth or as a walk-in. Or, perhaps the soul in the body needs information or experience for a particular purpose and asks for help. The request may be answered by a soul who agrees to provide a part of its expression for this purpose. In turn, it will increase its own experience through this act. The energy from the incoming soul comes in through the top of the head in a spiraling downward process, hence the term soul braiding.

How and Why?

For example, let's say the planet is ready to be given advanced information of a technical nature.


This information can be brought into earth by the braiding in of a soul expression who has this knowledge. This information will then be blended into the original soul inhabiting the body. When the purpose has been completed, the soul expression will unbraid itself and return to spirit. This may occur often, seldom or only once. Different soul expressions may inhabit a body at different times for a particular purpose.

The soul, as a spark of the Creator, chooses to express its creativity in many different dimensions of time and space all occurring at the same time! Another aspect of your own soul may participate in both or either the soul braiding and walk-in process. Or, another entirely different soul, one you know from another dimension of time and space, may blend with you for the present dance of life upon the Earth. Interactions such as these are quite common.

In most cases, the main personality is unaware of such occurrences. The integration stage, when different life expressions share space, are entering or departing, can be a confusing and unsettling time for the body vehicle which has the challenging task of being the container of this changing, dynamic flow of energies. Emotionally, it has the formidable task of staying balanced. Patience is necessary to allow the blending of these energies to move comfortably into creative expression. It is best to move slowly and allow time to make the necessary adjustments in harmony with the personality needs.

For the evolved, this blending of souls is for the purpose of a higher nature and contribution to the betterment of humanity. However, those who are troubled, depressed, influenced by chemicals and emotionally out of control may encounter "take overs" of an invasive nature. These souls in trouble then experience what has been referred to as possession or multiple personality disorders. Asking for both spiritual and psychological help in these situations is your best choice. Your humanity is just beginning to understand the complexity and the multidimensional nature of the soul and its affect upon the personality.

There is no limit to the creativity you are gifted with. Sharing and blending with others, both multidimensional aspects of ourselves and other souls as partners of the ONE WE ALL ARE is an ongoing expression of life.