by Jim Euclid
May 28, 2012
from Regolish Website


There are three outcomes in the near future; these three outcomes are dependant upon the fate of one planet, predicated by four sentient factions.

The outcome is dependant upon the Truth overcoming lies. A lies dig a hole to hide itself, and truth fills it in. The Lies versus truth is a battle between what is a fictional manipulated reality and what is a true reality.


The truth reveal the three possible outcomes:

  1. Shift of the entire solar system into 5D

  2. A split, with the formation of two solar systems; one 5D and one 3D. The first planet is under the dominion of free will and run by humanity as a collective. The second planet is run as a fascist world, operated under the dominion of the Dracoreptilians

  3. An end of Kali Yuga (dark age), and a gradual, uneventful improvement of life on planet earth as it overcomes the dark history of Dracoreptilian hegemony

The four sentient factions are the,

  1. humans

  2. andromedans

  3. pleiadeans

  4. dracoreptilians

This trilateral omission has been overwhelmingly ignored, primarily through arrogance, by the Dracoreptilians as they attempt to aggressively divert the earth from its likely timeline in 21/12/12.


By the time they realize they have lost the battle, it will be too difficult to change the timeline any further. The more they change it, the more they lose their ability to change it.


All historical deluges of ‘floods’ portrayed throughout historical records have been the effect of self-annihilation by warring factions, except in the one reported case where a deluge was attributed by the arrival of the Moon as it allocated itself into synchronous orbit with the planet earth. Therefore, unless the Dracoreptilians decide in spite to take off with their moon under the arm, it is unlikely a second deluge is likely to occur.

At times of great unrest, one should seek rest away from the rest and contemplate the stillness that is the creator of all things.