by Jim Euclid
10 January, 2012

from Regolish Website

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Experiences with ETs are remarkably common.


In an attempt to understand my own anomalous experience in Jan 1996, I pursued a reputable hypnotic regression method which I hoped might be more effective than that which I had attempted to divulge through meditation techniques.

After a session with a Dolores Cannon - registered hypnotherapist in Melbourne - I was amused to find that my encounter with the ET I had met in '96 was a man who called himself the 'guardian'.


He has been instrumental in this and a number of my past lives (notably four that I recall on this planet).


This guardian, who is a 5th dimensional beings from the Arcturus solar system, asked me more than 500 years ago if I would make the descension to earth to assist with the Ascension of humanity from 1987-2017.


It is not unusual to be asked for assignments way into the future. As I was soon to realize, I was one of a large army called up for service.


As problematic as this is for those who make the choice, it is not without its advantages; primarily an ability to overcome limitations of consciousness. Giving up one's heavenly solace in exchange for a greater solace thereafter is a small price with greater reward.

Prior to accepting this mission, I was living alone on a self-created planetoid in the Virgo constellation, not unlike the story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exuprey. Life was simple, though not lonely.


Upon choosing the guardian's call, I left my planet and began the start of this assignment on a rogue planet as a 200 kilogram humanoid with limited physical movements. This was a lesson in the limitations of flesh. In my first incarnation on Earth, I experienced human life about 1500 A.D., in a Micronesian village, where I learnt the limitations of love as a widower in a small village.


This was followed in the late 1800s by a simple life as a university 'gardener' before this life. This was a lesson on the limitations of intellect. This present life as a veterinarian is a lesson in the limitations of spirit.

When I talk about the limitations of spirit, specifically I mean that the spirit desires to modify physicality through the power of flesh, or the force of intellect or the passion of love, but it cannot without renouncing its own essence and realizing it is merely a vehicle of the Creator. This does not imply spiritual suicide but surrender. In essence, the spirit has no essence save that which inspires it.


One of the 'ceilings' which acts as a block for most spiritual warriors is the notion of annata.


Few warriors can reconcile themselves with the unpalatable thought that their soul is not unique in any long-term way, certainly not beyond the 5th dimension or higher. This is one of the lessons in spiritual pride, for though we renounce all earthly things, many warriors still cling to their spiritual pride, which is yet another downfall.

These Ascension times are not about vanquishing the darkness, but helping to liberate all those who are willing to ascend, including the earth herself. It is analogous to the lotus in the mud pond. Given enough sunlight (illumination) the lotus bud will rise above and flower above the dross that surrounds it. Not all conscious forms will be liberated, but those who choose to, will.


The Guardian also made it extremely clear to me during my regression that he was 'strictly business' in his approach to the earth's progress during this time.


The will of the Creator cannot be denied, and the guardian will make manifest the Creator's intent. Obeying the laws of free will, he will endeavor that all avenues are exhausted in order to achieve the goal of ascension. Like anyone who has a boss to answer to, we must do our chosen work loyally, punctually and to the best of our abilities; no more, no less.


We are not miracle workers, just workers of the miracle of life.


We can chose to quit any time. But why would you betray yourself and your sacred contract?

The Guardian who was so instrumental in this incarnation impressed on me the importance of service to others as a spiritual journey in and of itself. In my search for the key to liberation, I came to understand that service to others is the key, just as the Tao pronounced the path is the goal.


There is no end-game or destination, just a continued service to others in an endless journey of growth, liberation and reunion with self and the Creator.


In this time of Ascension, there are millions and millions of non-corporeal and corporeal volunteers helping us both on the planet and off. Some will fail due to inexperience or spiritual weakness, whereas others will surprise those that have chosen them for this form of work.


We are not asked to help everyone, in fact, the number of people we help are meaningless.


Time after all is non-linear in higher dimensions, and in the timeless 'now', the numbers we help always add up to 'one'. So help where you can and leave the rest to others.


If you shine your light, does it matter who it illuminates?

Like many others, when I am done here, I have more work to do, so there is no point with worrying about accumulating trophies.


The times are a changing, and those who remain will scarcely remember what we have done, or ever recognize the service.

We are the faceless minions of the 'divine.'