by Montalk
November 03, 2005
from Montalk Website


The Forces of Light do more to show the door than to force people to walk through it.


That is the idea behind the Law of Non-Interference. And the door must be shown in a careful way to maximize freewill. There are specific individuals who either cannot or will not currently choose higher knowledge.


What will the Forces of Light do about them?


Nothing really, except make sure that those who have chosen the light are given just enough protection and guidance to pull their own weight and face their own consequences without unnecessary interference.

Look, the times ahead - and here I mean the next 5-10 years (as from 2005) - will see more polarization. That is, a turning up of the contrast. When you take a muddy picture and turn up the contrast, rather than everything becoming brighter, merely dark gets darker and white gets whiter.


Same here… there will be entire segments of the population who will become stronger in their ignorance and darkness as time goes on.


If all you see is them, then you’ll think we’re all doomed. However, at the same time, those who already carry the light within and are open to its growth or germination, these will also grow in strength. So - a growth in strength more so than a growth in number… that is what’s happening.


Number isn’t everything, sometimes it’s more about quality.

The Forces of Light are performing surgery on our planet… that means a delicate operation that works through us rather than upon us, which involves incarnating into human bodies and turning over the system from the inside while the other half of the team stays in the higher realms and makes sure those below get a fair shot at doing their jobs.


To come in and force things is not just a violation of freewill, not just impossible if some Creator force prevents it, but would also screw up the learning course of this planet.

For instance… if free energy technology right now were suddenly unleashed upon the world, that would change things so drastically that a lot of the learning lessons masses have yet to go through will be denied.


It’s like a movie whose dilemma is suddenly resolved halfway through, then the rest of the movie is a waste of time.


That is why free energy inventors who are too overzealous in getting their stuff out there receive preventative assassination from the dark powers and why the forces of light do not have much authority in helping them prematurely end the world script.

So - everything in time. It takes faith. Forget the stupid people, put aside the darkness, focus on what is lightening up within you and waking up within the few that you know to be waking up… strength matters more than number.

There is a plan, and it is being implemented, but it must also be subtle and delicate and sophisticated… perhaps so sophisticated that not even we, the foot-soldiers, are always aware of its workings.