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Once upon a time in a far away corner of the universe in the outer reaches of a medium-sized spiral galaxy, there was a beautiful blue-green planet whose inquisitive inhabitants named their world Earth.


Many different peoples inhabited this planet teeming with abundant lifeforms. They had come to learn the many difficult, yet rewarding lessons of exploring in physical bodies what it is like to feel separate and disconnected from their own divine essence and from all around them.

The collective consciousness of all people on Earth greatly affected everything that happened on this revolving planet. Yet because of their explorations into separateness, the vast majority of these people – or humans as they called themselves – were unaware of how their collective will formed their world. In order to learn the deep wisdom of this Earth school or Univers-city, these humans had chosen to forget how in their deepest essence they were all interconnected and how every individual played an essential role in what happened on their planet and to their people as a whole.

Over the ages and through thousands upon thousands of revolutions of this jewel of a planet around its shining golden sun, the people of Earth explored, developed, and expanded their awareness through many rich, beautiful, and sometimes even painful experiences. Through the rich drama and challenging lessons of many ages and lifetimes, they several times grew close to the point of feeling again their deep interconnectedness with all beings. Yet each time they came close, that awareness then contracted and was eventually shut down by their collective fear of losing individuality and uniqueness.

After several cycles of this expansion and contraction, at one point in a new expansion phase, the collective mind grew so intelligent as to permit humankind for the first time to soar beyond the gravitational confines of Earth in shiny, metallic spaceships. The collective knowledge of the physical world in which they lived grew so deep that certain individuals began to see visions of a major transformation leading to physical paradise on Earth. At the same time, many others greatly feared that these new mental abilities and sophisticated technologies would be used by the militaries and greedy elite to destroy the very life and world in which they lived.

As their collective hopes and fears grew like never before, many humans dedicated to global transformation joined together in a deep prayer about their lives and world.


So for the first time in the planet's history, a powerful collective call was sent out to the universe requesting help and guidance for the struggling planet and its people to move beyond separation, selfishness, and greed towards loving, empowering transformation and integration.


For the first time, humanity as a whole opened to connection and help from the great universe beyond the physical confines of their world.

Their prayer was heard.

In the vast and varied collection of civilizations and species spread throughout the infinite universe, the call for help from this small, beautiful planet was heard.


Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, there existed in the universe a special team made up of millions of caring souls from various planets, galaxies, and even dimensions. This loving team had dedicated themselves specifically to serve and support the inhabitants of developing planets who requested help in times of crisis and transition.

The vibrant souls of this intergalactic transformation team were committed to work together with the local transformation team of any planet that called for help in creating more nurturing, life-enhancing ways of living and growing. This loving team was activated by the collective call from Earth.

Feeling the call for help almost like a fireman on Earth responding to an alarm, the excited souls of the transformation team came together to focus their attention on this beautiful world in crisis.


They opened their hearts and souls to the people there. They learned of the ways of humankind and became familiar with the challenges the people of Earth found themselves facing. While some agreed to observe and provide guidance from a distance, millions of these souls agreed to be born in human bodies and – like other humans – to forget where they came from, so that they might fully experience being human and more effectively provide help and guidance to humankind.

Being born into human bodies and human families without memory of their origin, almost all of these transformation team members felt the many pains and joys of growing up while often feeling separate and isolated from those around them. Some even chose to go through serious traumas with their human families in order to develop deeper compassion.


Others simply felt alone and bewildered, unable to comprehend why those around them couldn't see that love interconnects us all. At times, all of them felt they didn't belong and sensed an inner calling to some greater purpose.

As these dedicated transformation team members grew spiritually and the crisis facing the planet intensified, magical things began to happen. Key writings, dreams, mystical experiences, and even inspiring fables began to awaken members of the transformation team to their deeper purpose.

For some the awakening was gradual, while for others a powerful, unexpected single event lifted the veil. Collectively, members of the transformation team began to remember why they came to Earth. They found themselves spontaneously connecting with other wise humans who were part of the transformation team and who further helped to awaken and inspire them. Their fears and feeling of separation gradually faded as they became increasingly excited to remember their deeper purpose, and to find themselves now playing an integral role in this empowering planetary transition.

Eventually, all members of the transformation team awoke. Upon awakening, a new, bright sparkle danced from their eyes.


It was a sparkle of knowingness.

  • Knowing that all of us are already interconnected in a divine cosmic dance.

  • Knowing that the joy of love is always there inside when any soul truly opens to it.

  • Knowing that the team's purpose is not to save anyone, but rather to simply be a loving invitation and inspiration to all around them.

  • Knowing that uniqueness and individuality are welcome even in the interconnectedness of all beings.

  • Knowing that when the people of a planet send out a collective call for help, the transformation team always answers.

  • Knowing that the team never fails to give powerful, inspiring guidance to help make it through even the most daunting crisis.

Once upon a time, the transformation team came to Earth to remind humankind – and even to remind themselves – that we are not alone, that we are all equally important actors intimately interconnected in the divine unfolding of the universe. The team came to remind us that fear is but an invitation to growth, and that in the end, there is no end. There is only this sacred moment in which to open to all the richness that we are ready to receive. There is only the eternal here and now.

And so to bring this transformation fable to a close (or is it an opening?), the transformation team found and continues to find ever more joyful, meaningful ways to love, explore, play, and grow together with all people of Earth, as they live happily ever after in the ever present here and now.




Transformation and Fluid Intelligence
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If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten.

In exploring personal and global transformation as you prepare for your journey through the transformation course, it is important to talk about the concept of fluid intelligence in relation to the ability to grow and expand our awareness. Fluid intelligence has little to do with IQ or "book" intelligence.


It is rather the ability to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality.

Our deepest beliefs and conceptions about life and the world are to some degree conditioned by our childhood experiences, our education, the mass media, and various other external influences. An individual's level of fluid intelligence can be determined based on the degree to which he or she is able to let go of previously held conceptions on encountering reliable information or experiences which show these conceptions to be mistaken or overly simplistic.

At the other end of the spectrum from fluid intelligence is static intelligence. When those with a high degree of static intelligence encounter information which seriously questions the established paradigm, they attempt to discredit the new information using laws and principles previously agreed upon under the old paradigm. If they fail at this, the new information is then deemed not worthy of study and discarded. At worst, the new evidence is actively attacked as being irrational or unscientific, even though it may be easily verified.

Scientists with a high degree of fluid intelligence who are attracted to study matters outside the current paradigm are often labeled kooks or wacky by those operating with static intelligence. Yet history shows us that it is often these "kooky" scientists who go on to make the most astonishing discoveries which pave the way for entire new areas of study which were once considered nonsense.


Einstein, Galileo, and Pasteur were all ridiculed at times by adherents to the old paradigm of their day for their amazing discoveries which ushered in entire new branches of knowledge.

All of us are sometimes resistant to letting go of old beliefs, while at other times we are excited to explore new ways of thinking and being. Static intelligence and fluid intelligence are but two ends of a continuum, and each of us may shift to varying points on that continuum over time.


As an example of this, please watch the three-minute video clip below which will test the sharpness of your perceptual abilities:

to see video, click above image

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We encourage you as much as possible while reading through the materials on our website to prepare yourself for the unexpected and to choose the more fluid end of this spectrum. Consider asking for guidance and support in exploring areas where you might feel stuck in old belief patterns.

In recent years, many key pioneers have been successful in operating within the modern scientific paradigm with a very high degree of fluid intelligence. These courageous individuals have used accepted scientific principles and careful research to challenge old paradigm beliefs.


Below are a few shining examples of this pioneering group:

Two classics which challenge static scientific paradigms using reliable, verifiable research from hundreds of scientific studies are The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot and The Field by Lynne McTaggart.


The paradigm-busting film What the Bleep!? covers similar territory in a very fun way.


We highly recommend these engaging books and film for those who are interested in exploring the work of scientists who are promoting greater awareness of ourselves and our universe, and helping people to develop more fluidity in consciousness.

In the old paradigm, static intelligence generally does not acknowledge the existence of a non-physical consciousness apart from a brain. In the new paradigm, quantum physics is increasingly recognizing that consciousness may be a critical factor in what determines reality.

  • Static intelligence places high priority on stability and security.

  • Fluid intelligence welcomes change and even chaos as potential vehicles for personal and global spiritual growth.

The materials presented on this website are designed both to inspire fluidity and to challenge rigid beliefs of the old paradigm. In moving through the transformation course, you may find some of your beliefs about the world challenged. Please understand that we have no desire in this material to make you believe anything. Yet we are interested in challenging all of us to open to more expanded levels of belief and experience in all aspects of our lives so that we can become more powerful generators of love and catalysts for a new paradigm in our lives and world.

The transformation course provides an abundance of rich material challenging us to explore more expansive and integrated ways of living together through stretching beyond our old beliefs and conceptions. It invites us to explore reliable, verifiable information suggesting that the commonly held view of the way things work in our world may be overly simplistic and distorted.


The course also encourages us to move toward less secrecy and greater transparency as we work together to support what's best for all who share our world.

Transparency and Dynamic Fields of Energy and Consciousness

There are many levels of consciousness within each one of us. It is not uncommon for us to have beliefs or knowledge at one level of consciousness which are in complete opposition to that of another level. On one level we may know, as Galileo once contended, that the Earth is the third planet from the sun. We also know that our solar system is located in one arm of a spiral galaxy far from its center, which is far from the location of the Big Bang which allegedly formed the universe.


Yet on another level, the Earth is for us in our lives the very center of our universe, as the church once argued against Galileo.

On an expanded level of consciousness, we may know that each of us and all of humanity is meant to find ways to let go of anger and to live in peace and harmony with each other. Yet on a more contracted level, we may feel fully justified in being quite angry and upset at someone in our family or at some politician or powerful group. Something that very much makes sense on one level may appear quite "illogical" on another. Though our minds might like to convince us otherwise, most of us walk through life with many contradictions within our consciousness.

As we become increasingly transparent to ourselves and others, we naturally become more open and better able to interpret what is happening both in ourselves and others. We become more intuitive or even psychic. By choosing to be transparent, the inconsistencies within us and in the world become increasingly apparent, thus allowing us greater choice in how we deal with them. Through choosing to identify, understand, and transform the inconsistencies within ourselves, they can actually become potent teachers inviting us to deepen our spirituality, if we allow them to.

The more coherently we believe something on all levels of consciousness, the more the universe tends to shape itself around those beliefs. The more deeply we know something to be true, the more likely it is to manifest in our lives. This however, does not necessarily mean that it will be true for others. Each person—through their interpretation of what happens to them throughout life—develops their own version of reality, which has varying amounts of overlap with those who share this physical world with them.

Yet some have a greater ability to influence the beliefs of those around them than others. Those who have a very strong, coherent energy field that is directed outwards generally appear dynamic and charismatic to others. They are thus more easily able to convince those around them of what they believe or know to be true. They are often considered to be great communicators and influential people. This does not necessarily mean, however, that they know "The Truth."

On the other hand, a more "shy" person or one who keeps their energy more contained or directed inward may have a knowingness about something just as strong as an outgoing charismatic person, but because of their shyness or inwardness, they are much less likely (or may not even want) to persuade others to believe as they do.

There is no ultimate right or wrong here. Whether we choose to direct our energy more outward or inward, each of us is doing what we believe to be right in each moment. Yet the more transparent we are to ourselves and to the world around us, the more consciously we can make choices. And the more fluid we are in expanding our intelligence and beliefs, the more powerfully we can adapt to and make good use of the changes that occur in our lives and world.

As we choose both fluidity of intelligence and transparency, we increasingly invite learning, growth, and expansion on many levels in our lives. This further enables us to better make choices which serve the highest good of all of us. Let us then choose to be open, transparent, and fluid both with ourselves and with each other, and to offer support for the limitless possibilities of growth and expansion which lie within each one of us. The materials in the transformation course are designed to assist us in this worthy purpose.

We especially invite you to open to your fluid intelligence and to ever greater expansion of your awareness as you now begin your journey through the course. All of us on the Transformation Team support you on this empowering journey and excitedly await your warm presence with open arms in the community portal of our website, which you will enter once you've completed the course.


We wish for you all the very best in your time with this course and in all aspects of your life.


It is our emotional attachment to certain beliefs
that limits us and keeps us from seeing greater realities.


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And have fun!