by Mama Morag
March 13, 2020
from Awakening5DHealing Website





We are moving deeper into 'Phase' 5.


Transitory turbulence on the reality plane, do not be alarmed. Interlinked operations are occurring on many dimensional frequencies operating within Gaia's material plane and just outside.


Translucency of veils is clearing illusion, smoke and mirrors, ghosts in hosts are being exposed. The energy is being dragged down, a Dark Tide of Fear is hitting the collective consciousness.


The cabal are using tidal waves of manufactured fear to enable militarized zoning. Fear as a tool for fascism and lockdown is being used on the population to retain control.


5 Black Pyramid Anunnaki ships have penetrated the biodome and are positioning above each of the 5 zones. The Black Ships are energy generators not weaponized in the way we perceive on the ground level.


Positioning is the current energy field on Gaia. Everything and everyone is in transition whether they know it or not. Alchemizing negative energies from above, below and on the material plane is ongoing.


222 Twin Flame source frequencies pulsate through the reality plane, upgrading us to Beings of love and light. Counteracting the Dark Tide with tsunami's of archetype love, twin flame codes are activating the Light Matrix. The Aurora Ascension wave is bombarding the biodome with Shamhbala light vibrations.


As above, so below...


Gaia stirs in her Elemental Transformation and humanity ascends with her. The Archangels are here. We are safe, held in the arms of divine universal love.

5 Black pyramids. 5, inversion of g.o.d. 5 zones. Each operating on its own Matrix, interconnected with controlled movement.


War has been used partly to limit and militarize travel. Plagues, pollution and politics are being used to deter people from moving, pushing isolationist agenda across the zones at this time.


The key objective,

limit movement between zones and within zones...

2 zones are malfunctioning, fractured technologies, outdated versions and glitches are causing the Matrix to crash and go offline.


Firewalls are being erected as the cabal struggle to contain expansion of collective consciousness. The machinery of the Matrix relies on tightly controlled information and data management.


Real-time photography, video and sharing is threatening exposure of dark secrets in the Matrix.


The affected zones are operating on back up systems hardwired to the older versions of the 3d Matrix. This is causing problems for the cabal who are currently upgrading the old 3d Matrix to the 4d 5g dark Matrix. AI is taking over old running systems.


AI is dynamic in algorithmic responses and programming. AI codes the dark Matrix as responsive as opposed to the 3d Matrix which was essentially static. The reality plane contains all the above dimensional frequencies currently.

The light Matrix is fully functioning, all systems are go. Light cities are being constructed within the biodome. New sites are chosen on both dark and light vibratory fields.


Gaia's secrets are hidden in her soil, her stone and her forests. To honor her sacred and ancient past preservation, regeneration and activation of light on the existing reality plane is one of the Light Federation Priorities. Light Matrix activation is occurring on dimensional frequencies people are interacting with every day, in cyberspace, in the real world and on the astral planes.


The astral plane is merging with the perceived reality plane. Those who are awake, whose third eye is operational are aware of the translucency of the veils between the world of ghosts, entities and demons and the concrete and commute world people perceive as reality.


This thinning of the veils has been prophesied and is integral to the raising of Gaia's vibration.

Children are vulnerable to hauntings and attachments as lost Dark Children of the Matrix seek light and comfort from the turmoil of their alternate realities.


Selenite, labradorite and obsidian can be used to ensure protection around homes and children's bedrooms.


Listen to children for they see much more than adults and are far more switched onto the deceits and illusions of the adult world. The Rainbow Children arrived to herald the Great Awakening, ghosts in the machine escaped their torment through the Arcturian Corridor of Light, the Dark Children now seek their redemption.


Barriers engineered in Matrix mind control programs between the world of children and the adult world are now dissolving. Children have a voice, they are activating the collective consciousness to compassion and curiosity, high vibration e-motional frequencies.

The adult population is conditioned to ignore and dismiss children for a reason. Third eye activity is common in childhood, the realms of the unseen are much closer in perception. The machine closes the third eye to prevent this awareness travelling into adulthood.

The dissolution of barriers between adults and children within light filled spaces is creative and tribal evolution. Elders teach, younger teach, everyone learns, this is divine and cyclical rhythm of life. The inversion, perversion, of this sacred learning space for humanity, is sexual abuse of children.


Blurring of the lines becomes the facilitator for darkness and evil. Severed cords between childhood and adulthood, memory loops and blackouts, are being restored in light vibrations.


The cabal subvert this elemental transformation to legitimize and normalize pedophiliac practices. The adult population are rejecting normalization of pedophilia programming despite every facet of the machine promoting and propagating the agenda.


This is because humanities heart beats to the rhythm of light, souls hardwired to divinity. The sanctity and innocence of childhood should be encrypted in light in all societies.


The goddess blueprint in women is inverted by the Matrix to the Black Madonna coding.


Women are slaves, trapped in a misogynistic world that at best limits their freedom, expansion of consciousness and experience and at worst physically, sexually and mentally enslaves them.


The divine masculine has been sabotaged, his truth, beauty and sacred light twisted into dark primitive predatory algorithms. All is backwards in the upside down world and all will be righted to its true divinity.

Multidimensional fields are operating within the Gaia reality plane. We have raised the vibrations enough to penetrate the fifth dimension. Light floods the Gaia plane.


Tribal gatherings pulse high love vibrations from the ground. Celestial intervention is triggering 444 light-body activation. We are now in transit through an ELEMENTAL TRANSFORMATION corridor.


Symptoms of light-body activation triggered by the Aurora Ascension wave are:

  • Aches and pains in limbs, spine and muscles. Toxins are released from our physical bodies as we lighten our vibration and align to higher frequencies.


    We crack through karmic plates of armor. We dissolve restrictive pain and trauma in self care and healing practices.


    We release struck energy, blocks and grit, in dynamic movement, yoga, martial arts and stretching.


  • Headaches can be experienced during third eye and crown chakra activations. Diligently staying hydrated relieves many of these symptoms as does meditation, solitude and retreating to quiet spaces.


    The crown and third eye chakras want to align to higher vibratory fields, we access those spaces in contemplation, reflection, meditation and expansion.


    Headaches can also be indicative of over exposure to the Matrix, toxins on the commute, crowds and crackling static from computers and pylons.


    Nature can lift headaches quickly by recharging us in higher frequencies, clearing the cobwebs of the machine sticking to and cloaking our third eye and crown chakras.


  • Sinus issues can arise as our light-bodies are activated. Throat chakra and third eye alignment is the clearing of blocks between all our senses.


    We use our breath to unplug form the Matrix and release stress, anxiety and tension.


    As we lengthen and deepen and connect more to the power of breath we challenge, dislodge, disturb negative energetic blocks, residue and toxins polluting clarity and flow of energy.


    The alignment of our chakras is elemental transmutation. We are 3d lower realm organic beings able to maintain our physical body in higher dimensional fields. The light body activation process requires we clear passage for energetic flow.


    Mucus is a physical manifestation of energetic grit and grime. Blocks can be dissolved in regular breathwork practice, in conscious commitment to Self care.


  • Nausea and lightheadedness can be experienced in response to dimensional internal and external fluctuations.


    Similar to decompression sickness or altitude sickness depending on whether our frequencies are dropping or climbing. Foggy minds, weak limbs and shallow breath can make us feel faint, untethered from the material plane.


    We can address nausea and faintness by slowing down, resting, rehydrating and concentrating on deepening our breath to draw fresh chi into our mind-body-soul.


    Grounding mantras center and earth us. I am grounded, I am grounded, I am grounded.


    Light-body activation is learning how to be an energetic being in an organic lifetime. It is learning how to tune our energy field and manage our energetic responses to our environment.


    It's a process we learn as we go along.


  • Stomach and intestine issues can arise as we become less tolerant to Matrix food and drinks loaded with toxins.


    Moderation and balance can help us navigate the mind-field of consumption on the material plane.


    Guilty pleasures are often necessary, balancing these out with healthier food and plenty of water will help avoid stomach upsets. We may develop allergies to synthetic food.


    Our bodies want to align to Gaia's ascension field, they want to activate the light-body and lose the heavy density of the old 3d Matrix.


    We can work with our bodies and create a symbiotic harmonious relationship where we look after our Selves as whole beings.


  • Tiredness and irregular sleep patterns are a consequence of our Shift from linear manufactured time-zones to quantum existence.


    The Matrix wants us to obey, conform, surrender to its suffocating tiny little boxes of identity and experience.


    Quantum manifestation on the material plane, accelerated as we rise through the Fourth Realm is creating challenges for many of us.


    We are still locked into routines, calendar, deadlines and synthetic workspaces engineered to lower our vibration. It's up to us to realign our lives to spaces where flexibility allows the flow of creativity, passion and divinity to embed in our realities.


    Take the pressure off by using naps, meditation and nature to soothe tired minds as they expand beyond the limitations of the Matrix.

We have reached another event horizon friends.


The skies crackle with starship sound and laser beam warfare. The Dark River flows upside down. It catches all of dark intent in its tidal waves.


Dark portals are being activated by CERN to counteract elemental corridor of transformation carrying the aurora ascension wave codes for light-body activation.


The blueprint for the new earth is being uploaded to the collective consciousness. The human motherboard is receiving a massive upgrade. All are experiencing this in the material plane whether they are conscious of it or not.


Attachments and entities are counteracting celestial activations, ghosts in hosts, CERN directives are to demonize all who walk the material plane. The Dark River will drag those left on the lower reality plane, down the dimensional spectrum, its destination the dark cities of the lower fourth realm.

Each zone is operating on its own Matrix within the dimensional wavelengths of the fourth realm. Sacred spaces on the Gaia plane have reached Shambhala.


Other places on the material plane are mired in the swamp, home to shadows, abandoned spaces tormented by tortured souls, demonic deviance and haunted houses. The past echoes across time and space, materializes, manifests in the darkest places. Its fuel, light energy, drained into darkness.


Secrets risk exposure, truth marches on. The cabal have instigated measures to ensure the secrecy of their networks. A new 'normal' will resume once upgraded movement, security and surveillance have been put in place.


The dark Matrix is replacing the old 3d Matrix, many older programs are unable to process the upgrades, causing malfunctions, some are now obsolete. Facsimiles, outdated motherboards resistant to change are shutting down, corrupted in light vibratory fields of ascension frequencies.

The Dark Matrix seeks to counteract all light waves in a great tidal wave of darkness, the Dark River. Still in timeline infancy its tides carry the lost souls of dark wizardry.


The inversion of celestial light gateway activations by CERN is opening gateways to the Dark River of the Fourth Realm.


Its fuel is the fear of humanity, its origins are 666. As light-waves flood and propel and magnetize humanity to rise beyond the confines of lower realm slavery, the dark tide will carry all it catches down into the depths of the fourth realm. Here the dark cities are being built.


Zombie cities, hosts feeding ghosts, clones and hybrids, seekers of chaos, sin and primitive pleasures. Dark portal activations are commencing across the reality plane. Forests become spaces for demons to play. Deserts play host to hauntings, jungles hide a myriad of Matrix manufactured darkness, there to keep the ancient healers, the spirit gods and earth guardians at bay.


Warfare between these ancient and archon energies is rumbling across Gaia's natural world. The astral merges with the material. The Elders rise. Earth guardians in ancient ritual, language and magic are being called upon once again by their surviving bloodlines to vanquish dark spirits from Gaia's sacred spaces.


Her lungs will breathe again. Her waters will flow clean and clear again. Her forests and jungles will heave sighs of relief as the earth guardians, shamans of the natural world, clear her sacred plains.

The clearing of the material plane will be 'Phase' 6.


Light missionaries and warriors, healers and lovers are all playing their divine role in the ascension of Gaia. The Realm of the Dead seeks chi to drain. The Archangels of Light are here to ensure every last lost soul is alchemized to wholeness.


The Dark Children stir in unrest and neglect. Their souls ache for recognition, remembrance and redemption. They are seen by crystal children, woke warriors and healers. Those who look into the darkness know the dark children must be relinquished from infinite torture in the Vast Machine.


Shaman, light missionaries and warriors receive downloads regarding material plane clearing. Active light warriors are already throwing light nets to release all of darkness to light.


This is causing fear and disturbance for those caged souls clambering to escape the ever darkening astral planes. Exposure of possession, haunting and attachment is on the horizon for the collective consciousness. The astral plane fuses, merges, fluctuates within the reality sphere, anything not of truth, light and love will rise to the surface to be healed.

The Dark Tide will play its role in this divine timeline of events. Its flow will catch the lower realms operating on the material plane.


Our mission in 'Phase' 5 is to stay completely aligned to abundance, love and progress. The challenge is the cabals ever more extreme counter moves and restructuring of the material plane fixtures and fittings. The world is changing, transforming before our eyes, online and in real-time. We are adapting, upgrading, downloading, activating at an accelerated rate.


We are caught in the maelstrom of all out light and dark warfare on multi dimensional fields around us. The energetic resonance of this is hitting many of us in the core, the solar plexus. Transmuting the heightening fear frequencies generated by the population is becoming a fulltime task for many healers and light workers.


Trust the angels, they have our back. Surrender to flow and know we are all safe.

The Dark River is fueled by fear, it will be avoided if we counteract fear with love. 2020 celestial alignment is activating biorhythmic transformation in Source Light activation. The mega boost for this transformative process are sky rocketing Twin Flame vibrations permeating the material plane.


Soul mates, soul tribe, soul love is manifesting for many who seek true love, deepening intimacy and spiritual connectivity through passion and play.


We can sidestep the fear by being giddy with love. We can immerse ourselves in the quest for our soul mate, in magnetizing our true love to us or we can focus our attention on Self. We can deepen existing relationship in dialogue, exploration and energetic expansion. We can delve deep into what makes us human, love, creativity, intimacy and chemistry.


Offset and counteract fear by making 2020 all about love beautiful people. The Matrix seeks to disable instinct and replace intuition with algorithms. Critical thinking is the trigger for expansion of consciousness.


Critical thinking elevates our vibration by breaking algorithmic codes for thought and behavior and instigating lateral pathways of consciousness. Critical thinking births compassion. Compassion is a direct route aligning with Gaia's ascension field.

The Matrix operates on the inversion of common sense, middle men, bureaucracy, and economic sleight of hand to create the illusion of logic and practicality. The deceit is the inequality, there is nothing rational or compassionate about the Pyramid Tomb, it is the death bed of originality, authenticity and sovereignty.


The light Matrix is rewiring the collective consciousness from the inside. Infiltrating dark Matrix mediums for programming the population with light algorithms. Moves and counter moves. Rationality is the nemesis of polarity. Policy is where the infiltration of the light Matrix will make itself felt in the perceived real world.


For now the infiltration is adjusting to changing parameters caused by intensive lower realm combat. The Dark Knights are here, their territory is the desolate spaces of the old world. A great battle between the Archangels of Light and the Dark Knights for lost souls of the lower realms.


The spider spins his dark web in earnest.


Dark cities are under accelerated construction. The light cities will house all who have raised their vibration beyond the densities of fear, hate and deviance.

We seek to free those under attack from demons engineered to feed off the innocent. We seek to vanquish demonic entities, possession and attachments on the material plane. We seek to clear the astral before the Dark River builds momentum to reach the lower populated realms. All who resonate with their mission know updated directives will come through in time.


We will align through higher self interaction, synchronicity and divine timing to ensure timelines of peace and harmony manifest. Archetype Twin Flame union magnesites love, dissolves polarity, anchors sacred source light to the material plane.


The Aurora Ascension wave generates transcendental source crystalline light-body activations. Magnetizing all souls towards the light, the ascension. We stay focused on love, self love, soul love, sweet love, sensual love to dissolve the static, synthesized frosty coding of zombie marriages, zombie jobs, zombie lives the Matrix wants us to capitulate to.


We fight fear by embracing love in all its forms in our lives. Integrity, rationality, morality are natural biorhythms of the human heart, all else is engineered deviance and darkness. The cycle of chaos and destruction ends here with Gaia's ascension.


We hold passion as our purpose, love as our goal and peace as our Right. We stay in energetic frequencies of love and abundance by dropping into gratitude.


Stay mindful, present and Dreamweave beautiful people, the world is ours to create, resist Fear and Embody love by being posssiiiittiivvee...


The Dark Tide wins if we give into fear, truth and divinity will level the playing field.


444 lightbody activations are leveling us up.