by Jon Kelly
October 09, 2015
from NewsInsideOut Website



A new video published to YouTube on October 7, 2015, offers a look behind the scenes at the making of an inspirational video during the "Ascension Blast" at Morningstar Transformations in South Surrey.


Canadian musicians Eli Kaiser, Molly Warner and Vi-An Diep performed "I Release - The Voices of My Ancestors" from inside of a labyrinth surrounded by dancers, activists and meditators in the hours before the September 27 Supermoon Eclipse.


Their music video produced at the gathering hopes to encourage,

"Amazing creations that come when conscious groups gather together to inspire change."

The "Ascension Blast" crew assembled as,

"A circle of healers, inspirational leaders, artists, musicians and people of power while we send out the sacred vibrations of OM, as well as a powerful healing song to encourage the release of all limitations and to step into trust of love and of the Universe."

Participants were asked to,

"Make a sign with one word of Power to send out across the planet, encouraging other people who are ready to make change and create the life of their dreams to do just that."