Selection of Pieces Pertaining to The Formative Cultures of The Pacific Coast of The Pre-Inca Empire of Tayhuantinsuyu

from GoldLybrary Website

In March 1964 the Ecuadorian press reported the discovery on the coast, at Los Esteros, Manta [ancient Jokay], of c.10,000 ancient artifacts, no doubt some of which are displayed on this page.


No two of these artifacts are the same.

Stan has today begun preparation of the formation of an Online ‘Museum’, with collaborative photography by Philip Coppens, of pieces from the Manclark-Carrillo Collection of 3200 artifacts – most of which are in the care of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito which has promised to collaborate on the project – including unique representations from coastal Ecuador of the formative cultures of the American continent, dating from the early Valdivia period c. 5000 BC through to c.1000 AD, older than the earliest cultures of Mexico by some 2000 years.