by Joseph P. Farrell
September 5, 2018

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When Mr. M.S. sent me the link for the following video about the discovery of several "somethings" in Antarctica, I was, at first, inclined to hit the "delete" button, as I do with about 99% of videos people send me.


Sorry folks, it's just the reality of things:

I simply do not have the time to watch videos from hundreds of people.

But every now and then, one manages to pique my curiosity sufficiently that I have to watch.


In this case, I was floored, flabbergasted, stunned, shocked; and there was more than just a queasy anxiety in the pit of my stomach, for if true, then it's definitely confirmation that "something" is "up" down there.

But first, let me hedge today's blog around with multiple riders, caveats, exemptions, exceptions, and cave legentibus:

  1. I have no idea of the reliability of the site from which the video came; I did watch several other videos from the same site, just to get a "feel" for it, and I come away with some ambivalence, though I did not detect any intention willingly to dissemble, but that is a purely subjective assessment, and the reader may disagree


  2. the video links yet another video about "high Antarctic strangeness" that I also watched and will link below, which seems to "confirm" the anomalies found in the first video


  3. if true, what is shown in both videos is nothing less than stunning, and it tends to confirm my suspicions - stated most recently for example on the Richard Dolan Show - that the high strangeness going on in Antarctica may be due to the fact that they "found something"; if these videos are showing genuine anomalies, then that hypothesis has just been confirmed, and in spades


  4. this, however, must always be tempered by the fact that in today's digital age, anything can be "photoshopped". The question then becomes, who photoshopped what is seen, and why. That said, I'd be remiss on a website that specializes in high octane speculation and "the weird" not to pass this along


  5. Finally, an apology to readers: the videos will require about thirty minutes of your time. Again, I pass them along for their intrinsic prima facie interest

That said, here is the video sent by Mr. M.






And here is the second video that the above video referred that I also investigated:





Now, if you've managed to make it through both videos, there are a number of things that stand out to my mind, and which form the focus of my daily dose of high octane speculation.


Again, for the sake of argument, let us assume that the anomalies highlighted in both videos is genuine.


What, then, emerges?

  • Firstly, I note that the anomalies for the most part, as far as I can tell, fall within the general regions that were either "invaded" or that were explored by aerial photogrammetry mapping missions by Admiral Richard Byrd in the well-known Operation High Jump, 1946-1947.


    Let me underscore that once again:

they are within the general regions in which Operation High Jump took place.

A careful and detailed examination of this correspondence I did not do; and thus this remains a merely qualitative "first glance" assessment.


  • Secondly, what is also interesting and intriguing to me is that the author of both of these videos, who calls himself "Florida Maquis" and who did a great deal of yeoman's work on these videos, also did yet another video in which he examines other Antarctic anomalies which fall within the general region explored by the 1938-1939 German expedition in the region they called Neuschwabenland, otherwise known as Queen Maud Land.



  • Thirdly, if these anomalies are genuine, then my hypothesis that the reason for all the recent strangeness in Antarctica, from the sudden visit of former Secretary of State John Kerry to the visit of Patriarch Kiril III of Moscow, to Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin - who incidentally made several strange tweets on his Twitter account both prior to and after his visit:



    One of which was a tweet that was quickly taken down that what was down there was "pure evil" - assumes a context that they did not have before:

they were most probably down there have a first hand look at these anomalies for themselves.

The sudden interest of Turkey in Antarctica would also make sense, because if these anomalies are genuinely there, then it stands to reason that there is a lot of quiet discussion taking place in the background by the "powers that be."




The anomalies themselves are worth commenting on:

again, if genuine, then they are showing three basic classes of "things" there:

  1. structures indicating an intelligent origin


  2. fossil-like remains that are quite large


  3. anomalies both on or beneath the land surface, and beneath the coastal waters, whose exact nature is unknown, but which in some cases exhibit recurring rectilinearity

With respect to the last class, recall that Russia was going to send elements of its Baltic Fleet to Antarctica, along with a "spy ship" to do coastal explorations off the continent.

To put all this high octane speculation as succinctly as possible:

if the anomalies are indeed genuine, then we now have clear evidence that there may once have been some sort of civilization on the continent, but of a very bizarre nature, given the "fossils" displayed in the second video.

The author of the videos, "Florida Maquis", also points out that these anomalies are not necessarily visible from a simple Google Earth search, but rather, that one can only view them in the professional version, and even then, only by using the time stamp feature, which, he maintains, is a simple but effective way that "the powers that be" have been hiding things.


Something might be visible, or hidden, in the year (to pick a date at random) 2011, that will not be visible in the same area if one only looks at 2018, which as he also correctly points out, most people will do.

Which brings me to a second high octane speculation:

let us assume - again only for the sake of argument - that the anomalies uncovered by "Florida Maquis" were indeed photoshopped and injected into the Google Earth (pro version) data stream.

The question then becomes,

"who did it" and "why"?

Here, I suspect, a team of delinquent hackers playing an elaborate practical joke on the rest of us, while possible, is only barely so. If such occurred, in my opinion it would be much more likely that it would come from "much higher up."


The question then becomes,

  • "Why", and here I suspect that the reason is simply to create both a misdirection, and to keep attention focused on Antarctica, but to misdirect it.


  • Why be concerned, for example, about Lockheed-Martin's presence in Antarctica, if there are large "fossils" of a large "something" to be found there?

When all is said and done, I am left with that same queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that these pictures may be genuine, rather than a faked deception and misdirection, for if genuine, they explain a lot of the strange history of that continent in the decades immediately prior to World War Two, and ever since.


In other words, if one assumes their genuineness, then they explain much of the hidden reasons for the recent strange interests and activities there.


If one assumes for the sake of argument that these anomalies are genuine, then they explain the presence and associations of,

  • Aldrin

  • Kiril III

  • John Kerry,

...and many others in and with Antarctica.


For the moment, my vote is on the genuine side.

See you on the flip side...