by Vatic Master
July 12, 2011

from VaticProject Website

This video goes along with the next blog coming up in about 5 minutes.


Also remember we did a whole series on Antarctica here, here, here, and here and the strange events that have occurred over the past years... Also remember Nibiru is said to come up from the south, which means observations for following its progress could only be done from the south pole.


We also have the Mayan Shamans description of the 2012 event saying that it was going to be the "return of the Ancestors and Wisemen" and that could be why all the military down there.


THE 'GOOD GUYS' ARE RETURNING and the bad guys are getting ready for them. We don't know that for sure, but my Gosh, look at the number of countries with facilities down there and very little press about it all. Also in the links above that we covered, you notice the military has been down heavily in presence since 1956, so they know something we don't.


Is it also a coincidence the Bilderberg Group was created only 2 years before that happened? Also remember, that is what Bill Cooper told us as well and he got killed for it at the hands of the government.


He said that the evil ones would pretend the Good aliens were bad guys and try to get us to fight them.


Add to that the Iron Mountain Report on alien invasions and you have very confusing situation. Then notice the similarities in the facilities that "look" like construction that is unfinished, so what are those?


He suggested HAARP facilities, but that is not clear.


Large Scale Construction In Antarctica
by Remanuelli

6 July 2011
from DiscloseTV Website



It would be nice to have a little more information...

I found "Rothera Research Station" on Google Maps where one of the constructions sites was shown in the video. The structure is approximately 180 ft. x 200 ft. and around 25 to 30 ft. tall. This is probably the girders for a warehouse structure being built.

Google Maps lists 5 research stations, but most of the results show nothing or very little! (Only Rothera Research Station and one other has any detail.)