by Joseph P. Skipper

from MarsAnomalyResearch Website



Report #195

November 8, 2010

For any who wish to track behind me, the below 1st image is included here to help locate the evidence site on the coastal area of Antarctica at the Southern Sea but inland from the coast.



When zooming in on this site in Google Earth, one will encounter a narrow pale blue strip at this location within which the evidence reported on here resides.


That pale blue strip is a corridor of high resolution surrounded by an extensive sea of smudge obfuscation and that narrow higher resolution strip is the sole reason why we are able to view just a little truth here.


The above 2nd image is another context locator image but this time closer and showing what the pale blue narrow strip of higher resolution looks like and the location of the main evidence sites within it.


If the whole of the Antarctica continent was revealed at this kind of higher resolution, there is no telling what many kinds of truths would be revealed to us in the public.


Further, one can't help but get angry when one realizes that we in the public treated as a bunch of dummies are otherwise disrespectfully fed a load of unmentionable material even though we paid for the real thing but certainly aren't getting that in return.


The above 3rd image is an example of what I mean.


The white blank smooth area in the upper left corner of the image is smudge image tampering obfuscation as viewed relative to and side-by-side with a relatively much clearer not obfuscated right portion of the image.


Note the sharp straight boundary between the two fields.


Note how a portion of the big rough chunk of broken ice casting a dark shadow and with the red arrow on it disappears up under this smudge coating and how nothing more of it, not even a suggestion of it, can be seen through the smudge demonstrating just how thick and obscuring the smudge really is.

Note also that because the Antarctica continent is in theory mostly covered by snow and ice and snow and that solid particulate is so bright sunlight reflective, we likely wouldn't know the difference if we were looking around in the smudge areas and encountered only some occasional poorly seen blurry rocks. We would likely just pass the poor visibility and lack of any detail off as due to the bright white sunlight reflectivity, fog, etc.


However, the above A-B comparison and ruler straight boundary reveals the real truth as to the presence of the obfuscation and this comes to us only because someone by mistake or intent (rebels within?) allowed this narrow satellite strip of truth to be included and come through to us.

By the way, that light green/bluish tint surface that may look like land to you in the above 3rd image is actually very old thick ice floating on water with the edge of the dark water just visible in the upper right corner of the image. I suspect that the ice is tinted this color because it is almost certainly fresh water with microbial life in and on the ice causing the tint.


Be glad of it because it is also causing the ice to be less sunlight reflective compared to the big elevated iceberg chunks also present.


This slight darker sunlight absorbing rather than sunlight reflecting quality contributes to our being able to see better detail rather than it being washed out in white color.

In any case, as we move up this narrow corridor of higher more true imaging resolution, let's examine a few mysteries along the way in the evidence as follows.


The above 4-5th and 6-7th image sets are of the same type of evidence in two separate locations not very far from each other in this narrow corridor of Google-Antarctica imaging truth.


For the lack of a better term I've called these two sites "blowholes" and their general location is in the labeling in the 2nd image in this report. However, blowhole is misleading as you will see below.

This evidence at first resembles blowholes such as that caused by volcanism created heat deep down below that in turn causes heated water to rise and exit as a vent on the surface and so it is natural to interpret these two sites as that. However, take a closer look at these two holes in the 4th and 6th images.

Note that the ice in the hole downward slope is mostly and oddly confined to the left site of the hole in both sites.


Also note that this ice on the left side has a slight greenish tint to it as compared to the rest of the snow/ice in the hole's general vicinity. This indicates that the source of this ice on the left is from within the hole as compared to the other vicinity ice which is much more likely surface snow/ice in origin.

If this was a natural water vent, we should expect that the water with the slight green tint exiting the hole would be much more generally distributed and spread around the hole and its outer surface areas. The fact that the slight green tint ice is confined to the left side only in two separate sites is a bit anomalous and suspicious. Also, note that both holes are elliptical in shape and oriented in the same direction which is again a bit anomalous.

Now it could be that the left side of each site represents a depression relative to the higher rest of the sides of the holes.


If so, it could be that heated water welling up from below but not really fully venting may on occasion rise and push into the depressions and then drain back in the hole leaving water behind on the left side to shortly freeze into the slightly green tinted ice. Unfortunately, this straight down satellite view doesn't allow us to determine if this possibility may be so.

On the other hand, both sites separate some distance from each other have a little too many similarities that strains the chance factor considerably.


It is also possible that they are permanent but camouflaged exit points in rocky terrain for some solid wide but flattened objects exiting from underground to the surface environs always in the same direction and via passage first through the water and then up in the air carrying water shedding off the object always dropping off in the same place on the hole left side.

It would have helped considerably if this higher resolution strip would have encompassed a larger general area of this terrain as opposed to this narrow corridor. Perhaps there is more of this type of evidence to see that could be more informative as context information? Unfortunately, the view here is just too narrow a slice to be drawing much in the way of definitive conclusions.


At this point there's just enough truth for it to be really anomalous and suspicious. The key to the above Antarctica evidence is inland fresh water presence in a liquid unfrozen state and the next evidence below will be of this as well.

Before getting into that, did you know that statistically this continent contains 70% of Earth's fresh water?


Of course most of that is suppose to be in the form of snow/ice solid particulates laying around sometimes thousands of feet deep on as well as offshore of the continent.


You should know that the average temperature in the Antarctic is 49C with the coldest temperature on record and the coldest on Earth being 128.6F or 89C. In other words, its very cold and most of the time far below the freezing point of fresh water.

However, in the peak of summer the temperature can rise to a whopping 41 F (5C) to 59 F (15C) for a very short time.


Note that these temperatures are above the freezing temperature of water at sea level but remember that such "warm" temperatures can last for only a few weeks with little impact on large bodies of ice.


With that said, the above 8th image demonstrates a considerable size inland body of green tinted water in a liquid state embedded in elevated rocky terrain.


Note that there is no floating ice and only very small residual patches of snow/ice in terrain depressions around the site. That is very significant. Further, this is just a single sample and there is many times more of this same unfrozen liquid water evidence north of this point in this rocky terrain not shown here.


There is so much in fact that incredibly it all represents an extensive network of mostly interconnected and mostly navigable large water ways.

Considering that this incredibly is located in the supposedly coldest freezing conditions on Earth where ice extreme thickness lasts for thousands of years without melting, this large area of fresh water presence in a liquid state is extremely anomalous.


Also, since there is hardly any ice presence even right at the lake shorelines, we can assume the fact that it is not frozen over likely means that this is deep water right up to the shorelines and perhaps even lightly geothermally heated from below over a large area.

Note that the rocky terrain is also mostly free of snow/ice. This too is typical of the overall site as viewed in Google Earth.


Obviously, the temperatures in this general area may be cold from our point of view but the visual evidence here clearly demonstrates that it is just not cold enough to support extensive snow/ice presence no matter what is "suppose" to be the case in Antarctica.

With that thought in mind, I've tried to look closely time permitting to see if I could see any signs of civilization evidence in this liquid fresh water mile temperature lost world but I see none that stand out enough to really identify as such. If any is there on a size scale large enough to see at this strips resolution, it has been carefully erased to blend in with the rocky terrain which is itself too uniform in coloring causing me to suspect tampering.


If that suspicion is true, then someone has allowed us to see the liquid fresh water sites but anything more than that is apparently taboo.


On the other hand, the above 9th image evidence is located over on the right edge area of the rocky terrain going out into snow/ice fields.


It demonstrates what clearly appears to be green tinted surface water shallows also in a liquid state. Note that the left side of the water site is shallow liquid water while the right side seems to be a darker tinted green and likely biological growth of some kind on wetlands associated with the water site with the growth doing its conversion of sunlight to chlorophyll thing.

Note that, although plenty of snow/ice is present all around the site, the water is still in at least a partial liquid self leveling state.


I've included a view of this evidence because the water is unmistakable even in outer terrain areas like this and this site also seems to present the added bonus of living bio-life evidence as well on dryer ground.


The above 10th image serves as the context locator image for the 8th and 9th image's liquid surface water site evidence pointed out with the red arrows.


The many small red "X's" in the image represents a sampling of the other largest water sites. In addition, there are many lakes and entirely landlocked smaller bodies of liquid water that are present in this area. I have not bothered to point out or document here in this reporting because it would take just too many images.

Above the large water body sites you will see a lot of jumbled ice presence and these for the most part represent water sites where the water depth is more shallow allowing more ice to form. At the same time there is a great deal of large broken up sections of old floating ice presence in the upper area that suggest this area has in the past been more covered with ice.


It may be that the external weather temperature has not warmed so much as the land itself geothermally from below (?) resulting in melt and floating ice breaking up.

Please note in this 10th context image how closely the rocky terrain visible out of the snow/ice with this liquid water evidence is so closely boundaried by the ever present smudge obfuscation fields on either side. It almost seems that someone intentionally fitted this corridor of higher resolution satellite imaging just so that this fabulous huge and extensive unfrozen navigable liquid water site geology could be found by someone in the otherwise heavy obfuscation of Antarctica.


Who do we thank, aliens or rebels?

With not only ice free deep fresh water lakes as well as deep water navigable winding waterways and large open bodies of fresh water in networks and a mostly snow/ice free rocky terrain extensive landscape clearly demonstrating ice free milder temperatures, one has to ask why are humans in the Antarctic freezing in other much more difficult to contend with locations.


This seems like a much more practical location for a permanent settlement supplied by air with a real landing strip.

  • Could it be that there is something recognizable out there secret and hidden from our sight under those boundary smudge obfuscation fields that would preclude the consideration of such a human settlement presence?

  • Could it also be that there is evidence at this site that even I cannot recognize as that anomalous because it is just too unfamiliar to even my eye?


Indeed, it you choose to close inspect this area in Google Earth to confirm my findings here, there is much here in this rocky outcrop area that is very strange looking and therefore speculative and especially in the upper environs.


The above 11th image is a sample of some of this strange looking evidence looking very much like a lot that I've seen on Mars.


In this image it is a dense tangled web of crisscrossing ribbons that appear to exist on formerly wet fresh water site bottoms that are now exposed to the air.

Note how some of the longer ribbons above are not straight but tend to wander around while still going in a specific purposeful direction. In the upper environs this is typical as are the presence of densely packed knobs by the thousands just out of definition reach of the image base resolution.


Also, in other nearby locations these wandering type continuous ribbons seem to connect and/or bridge between multiple very white fresh water ice masses scattered at random throughout the terrain as though they were paths created by something purposefully accessing the fresher whiter ice not suffused with the green tint.


In other cases, the irregular but continuous ribbons also seem to serve as dams blocking floating ice and forming enclosures with floating ice sections in them. Someone managing ice chunks?

The question becomes does this represent some form of life that we are unfamiliar with and find hard to recognize? Perhaps life that does not lay out its systems in very rigid geometric shape as do we Earth humans?


The resolution is great enough in this strip to raise more questions but it is not good enough to answer other questions.


The above 12th image is in my opinion an evidence debris field site located just north above the 4th-7th image evidence sites and well below the many fresh water sites area.


Now let's understand that this evidence is very suggestive rather than in any way definitive. The red arrows point to some of the more suggestive evidence.

This does appear to be a chaotic debris field consisting of partially buried and exposed objects, some of which should be of major interest. At least I think they should be of interest to any archaeologist with even a small amount of curiosity but who can think some outside the box as to the possibilities. I know that I would love to be part of any expedition to this place that believes in truth.


Is that giant rounded object in the lower left the remains of the leading edge of a partially burled disk type craft or some other tremendous rounded structure that met its fate in some ancient cataclysm?

I must say that suggestive level evidence abounds in this report of this general site that encourages speculation as to both current and ancient alien presence that the image strip alone cannot adequately answer.


On the other hand, who would have ever expected to find in Antarctica the coldest place on Earth a very large site literally littered with deep fresh water in a liquid state? Is it a lost world or just someone else's world?

Either way, if I am the first to publicly discover and report on this incredible unfrozen liquid fresh water evidence (?) in Antarctica, I think I'd like to call it "Skipper Land," something I've never done before.


However, my irrelevant personal desires aside, make no mistake about it, here's the bottom line with this hard visual evidence from Google Earth.

The at least now public discovery of this undeniable area of surface water in a liquid state and the lack of significant snow/ice presence in this rocky terrain area of Antarctica, supposedly the coldest place on Earth, will have official types and debunkers scrambling and back pedaling for explanations.


As damage control they will be trying to convince us that this is just the result of a "natural" underlying geothermal hot spot in the land that is causing these obvious very isolated warmer conditions and that such sites are extremely rare. Such an explanation will to the innocent likely sound fairly reasonable and many will accept it mostly because they want to.

However, let's think about this a little deeper. In all the many past decades of various settlements established by many nations around on this continent and its many coastal ice masses, why has this obvious warmer conditions site not already been settled? After all, these warmer conditions and fresh water and the location on land just inland from the coast make it ideal.


Who would want to explore a frozen continent from the bases that we do have established where one is freezing one's buns off and it is life threatening deadly to go outside without extreme cold weather gear on?


Does this make any sense to you?

Likewise, look again at image #3 near the top of this report. See that obfuscating smudge blotting out every thing in the land beneath its applications in the upper left corner and side of the image. I would guess that the bulk of the Antarctica continent is hidden from view in this way in varying degrees. WHY? Surely this question must occur to you.


What is it that someone doesn't want us to see in Antarctica? Why is it necessary to obscure most of an entire continent in the satellite imaging rather than just some isolated places? Remember, this is a large continent and not just an island at the lower end of this world.

I remind you once again that shortly after WWII an "expeditionary" military force (an entire fleet including an aircraft carrier) of ships and thousands of men were sent to Antarctica for "exploration" purposes. Of course such a large military force commitment suggests a covert secret mission cranking up the rumor and denial mills.


Further, although this is officially denied, it has been rumored that two atomic blasts were set off some where at or near Antarctica back in those post WWII times. In fact, although I didn't understand the significance of this at the time some years ago and didn't preserve it, I've seen pictures that included a fleet of ships in the foreground, a completely snow and ice covered landmass and mountain range in the far background, and an unmistakable atomic blast between the ships and the landmass.


The presence of a high mountain range suggested Antarctica.

I don't know about you but to me that's a lot of USA military activity in force after WWII was over.


It's also a huge expenditure of money, materials, and man power post WWII (with USA citizens in lean times economically recovering from the war effort) to allegedly test military post war cold weather military operations in case of future war with the old USSR and/or investigate the frozen desolate home of a bunch of cold hardy seals and penguins or even a few isolated diehard freezing Nazis.

Could it be that those few freezing Nazis, if they existed at all, were interacting with 'someone else' long established there and that this someone else was the true target of the USA military operation and that the Nazi presence was just a covering misdirection rumor in case it was needed?


If so, the continued obfuscation of Antarctica in the satellite imaging into the present tells us that control of the continent was likely NOT established by this military operation.


Further, if the story of atomics being used is true, it suggests that who ever is there is able to withstand the use of atomics, were not impressed, and perhaps we've had to accept some compromises with respect to who controls the bulk of this land?

On the other hand, is someone who is us here on Earth trying to hide the habitable conditions in Antarctica to give themselves the time to establish a firm military control presence there? In light of the fact that other nations could monitor such activity via their own satellite over flight imaging, this does not seem very likely.

That's a lot of speculation but then there is the fact of all the obfuscation applications covering most of an entire continent as sampled in image #3 here and that undeniable liquid surface water presence in images #8 and #9 clearly demonstrating warmer conditions. That kind of hard verifiable imaging evidence is hard to get around and explain away.


Could it be that someone else not us right here on Earth is calling the shots in this land confining our settlements to its periphery?

Now all that visual obfuscation is there for a reason and so I suspect this report may hit a soar spot among the secrecy types.


So I suggest that all of you around the world who can please go quickly to this spot in Google Earth (following my visual directions) to download, document, and preserve this evidence before it can be sanitized following this reporting.

Addendum Added 12/12/2010:

It appears that the site of this evidence and its year round unfrozen fresh water in a liquid state is named Bunger Hills and was first discovered and filmed by a seaplane flight in 1947 commanded by Navy Lieutenant David E. Bunger surveying and filming as part of the infamous military 1946/1947 Navy expedition in force named US Navy Operation Highjump overall commanded by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr.


It seems the plane landed on the water confirming temperatures of 38 and that it was fresh water. Note that I've included duplicating material video links below containing 1940s film of this discovery just in case some links are lost in the future.


The site is located about about 220 miles or 350 km from the Russian Mirny Station to the west that is part of my Report 196.












I've checked the coordinates and the Bunger Hills location is the same as that in my report.


Of the great many lakes in this area, the largest and longest is Algae Lake (aka Lake Figurnoye) some 16 miles or 25 km long and up to 449 feet or 137 meters deep.


Admiral Byrd described the area as,

" of the most remarkable regions on Earth. An island suitable for life had been found in a universe of death."

Also, apparently the Russians attempted to establish a small station on this site in 1956 named Oazis later turned over to Poland in 1959 and renamed Dobrowolski Station none of which amounted to much and eventually was abandoned.

This information is important as context but it really doesn't have that much to do with my reporting and observations except to confirm formal discovery and awareness of this site by others prior to my reporting.


I'm not going to bother with it but if someone were to go to the trouble of making a very careful survey of the entire site in this reasonably good imaging and no evidence of the Oazis/Dobrowolski Station sites were revealed, I would suspect the presence of careful image tampering inadvertently covering this visual information.


Report #196

December 5, 2010

So why am I reporting on evidence right here on Earth?


In doing so I'm trying to show you via hard verifiable visual evidence that you need to pay attention to the reality that even planetary issues we all thought were long settled as much as decades and generations ago right here on Earth itself have also not been accurate.


In fact, we may have been sold a secrecy bill of goods all over the place as the few benefit from the long conditioned ignorance of the many for control purposes and that this corrupts the very heart of our world and its populations.


Sorry if this intrudes where some do not wish to go but there it is.


Meanwhile, the above 1st and 2nd images show the location of the evidence general site in this report as well as relative to the location of the evidence in the previous Report #195.


As you can see, the sites are relatively nearby each other. In this report, the location is also the site of the originally Russian Mirny Station at the Davis sea coast. That in turn is supposed to be the coastal staging point for supplying the Russian Vostok Station located deep in the interior of the Antarctic continent some 1400 km from the coast.

Vostok Station is located near the South Geomagnetic Pole at the center of the deep East Antarctic Ice Sheet with the theory that this makes it an optimal place to observe changes in the Earth's magnetic sphere. Vostok Station is 11,444 feet or 3,488 meters above sea level and is the most isolated established research station on the Antarctic continent with a small contingent of now multinational scientists.


Deep under Vostok Station and under very deep ice is Vostok Lake.

Russian Vostok Station was established in 1957 while Mirny Station was established the year before in 1956. Both were established about 10 years or so after the USA secretive military Antarctic expedition in force (Operation Highjump) to Antarctica in 1946-47 right after WWII.


Some believe that the true purpose of the military force was chasing after escaping Nazi forces while others also bring aliens into the issue, both officially denied.


You should know that the general area where Mirny Station is located was also first discovered in 1902 by the German Gauss Expedition and named Kaiser Wilhelm II Land suggesting at the least some German early knowledge of the area dating back to that time before WWI and WWII.

This reporting will briefly examine the Russian Mirny Station area out on the ice and in some low rocks near larger more elevated Haswell Island as well as some suggestive anomalous evidence at Haswell Island itself.


You'll be the judge as to whether that poor resolution visual evidence may suggest civilization evidence and why Mirny Station was at some later point moved inland off the bare ice sheet but apparently avoided moving onto Haswell Island even though it has more elevated rocky mostly ice free terrain complete with fresh water in a liquid state and strangely bypassing it to settle beyond it on the more difficult ice terrain.


The above 3rd and 4th still distant view images zero in on the general evidence site closer with the 4th image identifying the evidence scattered over a wide area.


Now remember that some of the visual evidence is just of Mirny Station with nothing especially anomalous about it. I've included this kind of evidence here so that you know that the evidence I will point out as being anomalous is not to be confused with the not particularly anomalous Mirny Station evidence and where the anomalous evidence is located relative to Mirny Station.

For example, note that long line that is an ice breaker trail passing to the left of Haswell Island with the ice breaker ship in the trail?


There is nothing particularly anomalous about it until it gets to the very top of the image where the trail doesn't stop so much as it disappears underneath a heavy application of dense smudge image tampering at the coast. Note that near the bottom of the image and to the left of the ice breaker trail is a rocky island with multiple old round likely fuel tanks isolated on it.


On the lower right of the ice breaker trail is the Mirny Station sites complete with structures dating back to the days of the USSR as well as signs of ground activity.


Note that they are located inland bypassing Haswell Island which is between the Davis Sea coast and the station.

The most anomalous evidence is at Haswell Island itself identified by the red arrows. One has to wonder why this nearby larger essentially iceless rocky island complete with what appears to be green tinted fresh water on it in an unfrozen liquid state was passed by and not eventually settled as the most climate friendly main station site? Could it be that there are things there that preclude such a settlement?


You be the judge as the evidence unfolds below here in this report.


Be forewarned that most of this anomalous evidence is compromised by poor visual quality due to being at the limit of resolution as well as a lot of image tampering treatments.


As you can see in the above 5th and 6th images, an ice breaker ship has created a trail or path through the ice field from the coast to a point inland just beyond Haswell Island.


The ship appears to have turned around and is now exiting back down its own trail toward the coast which area is hidden under smudge treatments.

Note that the trail as seen lower in the 4th image passes between the small rocky island with the large round tanks on it on the left and the active location of Mirny Station on the right. It is assumed that the tanks have likely served as longer term fuel storage mostly for any ships including the ice breaker using the created channel through the ice field and their isolated location on the small rocky island is an isolation safety factor.

On the other hand, why be so secretive in using the smudge obfuscation field at the top of the image to hide that portion of the ice breaker trail where it obviously has to exist at the coastal area?


What is it there at the coastal area that someone doesn't wish us to see?


The above 7th, 8th and 9th images are all associated with the Mirny Station facilities dating back as much as 54 years and are not particularly anomalous.


As you can see, the 7th image is of the tank site and the 8th and 9th images demonstrate a collection of Mirny Stations structures scattered in the ice and rocks around in the terrain.


Some likely date back to 1946 when the station was first established and in later years. Most of the tanks for example look very old.


This kind of evidence is included here to demonstrate what the Mirny Station area looks like, where it is located, and why it should not be confused with the more anomalous evidence located at the Haswell Island sites as follows.


The above 10th image of Haswell Island serves as the locator image for the more anomalous evidence in this report.


There is plenty of anomalous evidence at this site but most of it is so image resolution and smudge image tampering compromised that not much can be made of it with any real confidence and so I've skipped over that.


The samplings that I have pointed out here suffer from this problem as well but a little less compromised and I suspect some of you will find them suggestive and interesting.


The above 11th image demonstrates a fairly large long ribbon of green tinted fresh water in the Haswell Island rocky terrain.


Note that it, like the many water sites reported on in my last Report 195, is in an impossible liquid state in this extremely freezing cold and windy terrain of the coastal area of the Antarctic continent, the coldest place on Earth.


There are also two fairly large lakes below this point and near the site of the tower or spire shaped object.


As you can see, the above 12th, 13th, and 14th images, each panning from left to right in sequence demonstrate a lot of evidence that suggests civilization even though it is at the limit of visual resolution and has been compromised by a lot of smudge treatments.


The presence of all that extensive smudge suggests to me that an extensive amount of larger more recognizable objects have likely been hidden from our view leaving only the smaller evidence for us to see a bit of.

The red arrows point out some of the better evidence but do not by any stretch encompass all of it. I suspect that what we are able to see represents only the most minor of the total evidence at this Haswell Island site and why it was left out of the worst of the tampering. If so, we're talking about a very extensive amount of development here that cannot be adequately explained by national or multinational research stations or military activities, not even secret ones.

With that thought in mind, add the fact that Mirny Station is located out in the ice on some scrubby rocks with residents running around in dirty ice and mud slush instead of this big elevated rock island with its extensive relatively ice free terrain and liquid fresh water suggesting a less severe warmer (geothermal?) climate.


Avoiding this more favorable site just doesn't make sense to me. It logically suggests that this Haswell Island locale is being intentionally avoided.


If so, the obvious question is why?


The above 15th image is another one demonstrating a smaller group of likely geometric shaped structures.


Some will argue that these shapes are caused by imaging and/or processing artifacts and that this is the same with the previous 12th, 13th, and 14th image evidence. Without getting into technical discussions, this isn't image artifacts but this observation is based on experience and others wishing to avoid the truth will still want to have their way.


So let them think whatever they will.


The above 16th image primarily demonstrates a close in shot of a tall tower in the terrain casting a lengthy dark shadow.


I got as close as I could with this piece of evidence because I want you to also take a careful look at the brown tinted fluffy texture look that is characteristic of a lot of the rocky terrain. I suspect this brownish fluffy look to be carefully applied smudge image tampering. I suspect that the small lighter color area around the base of the tower and at other small spots to be the real terrain color.

I suspected this as well in my last Report 195 of that locale but didn't feel comfortable enough in making the observation publicly. The brownish texture looks good and holds up well in more distant views but begins to have problems the close one examines it.


If you will look close, even though this is suppose to be raw rocky terrain devoid of any tree growth obscuring it, the brownish areas a actually devoid of any real texture except for some lighter and darker shadings that only mimic rocky irregularities.

Likewise, except for the tower and its shadow, there simply are no other shadows small or large in this image's terrain. When one spreads out the view from the tower, there simply are no objects casting shadows and this is just not how real elevated rocky terrain looks.


The only dark areas are either water or dark places that are highly suspicious as tampering applications or crack and crevassing dark interiors.


The above 17th and last image demonstrates a long continuous object of unknown origin or makeup.


It is colored like the rocks that surround it and may be just more rock?


However, more than likely its visual surface texture and color is a result of careful smudge treatments applied to it as well as to the surrounding rocks causing it to blend in with those surfaces. However, that long continuous cylinder shape looks suspiciously anomalous to me with its long slender but massive uniformity. It reminds me of a long cylinder shaped object falling from the sky wedging into this site and becoming a permanent fixture in it.


Could it be some strange ancient ship?

The two small red arrows point out other suspicious objects associated with questions. What I have identified as fresh water in the upper left portion of the image is identified as such despite the white ice presence due to its green tint no doubt caused by what I've come to learn is the algae typically present in the Antarctic unfrozen fresh water environments. It was the same in the earlier Report 195 and the many unfrozen fresh water sites there. In comparison, salt water sites are characterized by a sunlight reflectivity blue tint.

So what's the bottom line here? Why should this be of any importance to you?


In my opinion, it is a matter of truthfulness and the lack of it coming from the most influential parties on this planet. How are we populations ever to advance when information pathways to us are filled with worthless tripe, false information, and lies?

As for me, I suspect that old past research expeditions into the Antarctic environment have along and along discovered pre-existing civilization evidence in this area.


I suspect the main publicly known expedition involved in this was the 1946-47 military recon in force to Antarctica named Operation Highjump.


I suspect that this civilization evidence is regarded as a potential resource for gaining advanced technological advantage and therefore kept secret from a public that might object to our trying to raid this resource and/or might want to freak out if it is alien and they knew of that with certainty.

I suspect that so much extensive and blatant smudge treatments on the Antarctic continent tell us just how extensive this kind of evidence in larger more obvious forms may be. Just as I suspected with the Moon, I suspect the reason that the Antarctic land in Report 195 and the Haswell Island locale in this report and likely other undiscovered sites have not been settled on by us is because there is already someone there in the best spots active and perfectly capable of defending their territory.

If so, why would they allow our settlements so close to them as is the case here with Haswell Island and Mirny Station?


I have no crystal ball insight into that but I suspect it is logically part of a program by others to allow our kind an arms length proximity drawn by the bait like flies to honey of technological gain that eventually generates familiarity and a gradual reduction of fear driven aggression reaction on our kind's part.


Of course I could also just be full of it on this to. Certainly that would be the official take and those that do not want to be disturbed reaction to such comments, but then there is all that extensive smudge to explain away too.

Earth humans have assumed from the very beginnings of our current civilization and all during it that the Earth is solely our place to dominate and not to be shared in this way with anyone else. It's the same with the Moon right over our heads every night. However, that may be erred assumptions based on pretense and not based on fact.


We may find that we have behaved in our assumptions like the preverbal Ostrich with its head buried in the sand pretending that it is safe and believing in what we want to believe.


Could it be that someone who is not us has an older and better claim to parts of this world?

Those that are use to thinking alone and independently may not be especially disturbed by this concept and keep moving on forward. On the other hand, those conditioned to follow and unable to operate without a community herd psychology may have a lot of trouble with this concept. Where do you think you fit into this picture?

As for me, it doesn't bother me. Rather, if true, as long as I am alive I will be moving cautiously but also excited about stretching my mind grasping at new concepts and insights that differences will inevitably bring. I'm ready to pioneer with anyone who is ready to pioneer with me and pursue beneficial avenues for all.

So what's so dangerous about operating within a herd psychology? Think about it.


As just one lone example, cancer is a great killer of humans and the battle against it consumes billions of people's lives world wide and their wealth which at the same time also enriches great world industries. A cheap and readily available cure would benefit populations in the billions immensely but also destroy the great industries that parasite off of this terrible scourge. It's the same with energy and its consumption.


Note that the most influential people in the world are also the richest. How do you think that came about?

What choice do you think the richest most influential people (the few) would make if they could control knowledge of a cancer cure or a source of commonly available cheap energy not subject to centralized control and not subject to population checks and balances? Got any doubts about the answer to that? It's not about to happen.


Why? Because the suffering of the many benefits the few in mega ways important to them and it is how they got to be the richest and most influential by acquiring and keeping advantage under wraps and blocking it from common public knowledge.

The world may be a more complex place than we've allowed ourselves to imagine but there is nothing insurmountable about it for knowledgeable involved and participating populations. Yet we willing sink into ignorance and participate in the world's ills by avoidance and abrogating our own responsibilities to a few who then in turn vampire off of us with our blessing. They pee down our collective collar while convincing us that it is only raining.


Meanwhile, I suspect others watch to see if we can break these chains of our own making but worse, they are likely judging our fitness to fit in their greater environments.


Report 197

January 9, 2011


The above 1st and 2nd images are locator images that should assist you a bit in locating and verifying this evidence site behind me in Google Earth.


A point of this reporting is to provide yet more verifiable evidence that the great bulk of Antarctica imaging is very purposefully manipulated and obfuscated and it is not only to hide some kind of truth from the public but also to misdirect public attention down comfortable but false paths.


You should be concerned about this because the massive extensiveness of the obfuscation involving an entire continent of millions of square miles is a direct measure of the magnitude of this deception and how someone controlling this has so little regard for you and I and our intelligence.

Remember this! Countries, militaries, industries, and individuals that own and control their own satellites that are in operation over Antarctica, unless they are incredibly stupid or in deep denial out of ignorance have thoroughly examined these otherwise hidden from us environs, are aware of what ever is there, and there is no hiding that knowledge from any of them.


The only parties that this information has been successfully hidden from is the public via obfuscation of media that is primarily accessible by the public. You should be concerned about that simply because it is slippery business of the worst kind and just plain wrong.

If our own people are doing this kind of massive secrecy and its indicative poor regard and treatment geared only to you and I in the public, then it obviously suggests that what ever is being kept from us and likely most of our governments and officials is equally massive and it is right here on Earth, not just far out in space.


Remember this, such an expenditure of time, effort, and money would not be spent unless someone anticipated the public being a source of trouble if they knew about it.

Too fantastic to be believed you say. Our own people would not do this you say? Perhaps you should hang on to that level of blind trust as long as you can. As for me, I suspect it's simply a combination of fear of our billions interfering and personal greed for technology knowledge and the advantages it brings those who possess it.


I suspect such a massive level of obfuscation is to keep the world public dumbed down in ignorance and misdirected into shallow behavior so that we will not become aware, upset, and start trying to interfere with the personal plans and goals of others who likely care little for our public welfare beyond the need to preserve us primarily to serve their ability to parasite off of us.

What needs to be understood is that this is not just happening with respect to some distant worlds but right here on Earth in our own environment. That possibility being hidden from us is the biggest offense of all!

Maybe this massive level of secrecy and keeping the public in ignorance is normal standard operating procedure in some areas of this world but it is not suppose to be the case here in the USA even though it may be even more severe in its acceptance and impact here. It is not what the USA founding fathers envisioned for this country and its people, it is against the intent of the law of this land in the form of our Constitution, and it is just plain morally wrong.


Also, it is what former President Eisenhower clearly felt compelled to at least publicly warned us about with respect to the collusion of the military/industrial complex as he was leaving the Presidency and even though he was a military man of the highest order.

What you're going to see here in this report is just a tiny sample of what is wrong but it is still very indicative of how low we in the public have sunk through long term generations of conditioning to bow to the will of a few only interested in self and their own agendas.


If this sounds pathetic to some, that's because quite frankly it is.


Yes our trust in others has been betrayed but we are also complicit because we have betrayed ourselves via our willingness to go along with this state of affairs without sufficient questioning resulting in our failing to cast off the binding chains of ignorance.

Now I realize that the foregoing is a mighty big build up for what some will regard as a little image tampering evidence and that may mean building up greater expectations than the visual evidence for some can be perceived to live up to. If so, I'm sorry for that but there is the need to be prodded to think deeper and that's what I'm doing.


This evidence does have great importance in at least its potential implications. You will of course have to decide any degree of merit of this conclusion for yourself.

I should also add that as I was working on this report on this evidence and nearing completion, I received email contact from Marc Daubert pointing some of this very same evidence to me.


Well done Marc and I'm more than happy to share credit with you.

The above 3rd image shows through aircraft oblique angle publicity photos just what someone wants us see.


What they want us to see is that this is just an technologically updated South African formally Norway Antarctic research station known as Sanae IV. Innocent enough looking in the publicity shots isn't it. Note the three red arrows pointing to #1 a HF Radar antenna array, #2 the main station buildings, and #3 what is identified officially as diesel fuel bunkers.


Now below in the 4th and 5th images you will see some publicity photos of parts of Sanae IV station.


Note that they show closer views but actually carefully still only limited views of the evidence in question at this site.

The above 4th image is an oblique angle aerial photo of the Sanae IV station elevated main building structures as pointed out by the red arrow on the right.


The clear open elevated platform on the left end of the buildings chain is suppose to be a helicopter pad. In the background on the left pointed out by another red arrow is a line of poles with cross members at the top that is officially labeled as forming an HF Radar antenna array.


As for the geology of the place, look closely at the dark parts of the cliff face free of snow and you will see that it consists of many vertical oriented rock formations almost tubular in shape.

The above 5th image is again another publicity photo.


It gives us a much closer look at the main station buildings of modular design elevated up on metal stilts with wide metal tie down straps to keep these structures from eventually being buried under seasonal snow fall and/or being blown away by strong polar winds that might be consistent with an elevated bluff like this in a cold polar environment.


Note that in this image the top and bottom corner edges of the main station buildings are of red material with the metal supports and straps dividing the material into chains of equal sections.

Now below are different views of some of the same Sanae IV station evidence in Google Earth satellite imaging. Of course the Google imaging has the innate ability to zoom in on evidence and that's not good from the secrecy point of view, so any obfuscation tactics must be different to contend with this.


Let's see if or how this was accomplished.


The above 6th image depicts a portion of the HF Radar antenna array system closer in Google Earth.


If this evidence looks strange here, it's because most of it appears to be actually covered over by image tampering to prevent revealing details by very careful object specific applications of dark smudge treatments that have altered its looks. In other words, it's okay for the you and I in the public to see this evidence at a distance in aerial photos but not closer where better details can be discerned.


Why is this obfuscation of a few pole details present at all must less directed at just you and I in the public?

Yes, one might accept that this kind of secrecy covering high tech equipment from the view of competitors or enemies eyes might be necessary. However, remember that this kind of obfuscation here works only on the public using compromised public media like Google Earth and not on competitors or enemy specialists that have their own far clearer satellite technology or that of others available to them.


They can theoretically see this evidence far far better than we can here in these poor Google images. Why then is it so important to obscure this evidence from you and I in the public?

Does any reason for primarily public obfuscation give you thoughtful pause making you think and question?


What ever is being hidden over millions of square miles on an entire continent as exampled by this kind of obfuscation evidence here is being hidden primarily from the public, not from competitors or enemies. That means hidden from you and I.


What threat could the public be that would necessitate such careful object specific obfuscation?


In the above 7th image, we see the location of the Sanae IV station main buildings in Google, you know the ones on elevated metal stilts.


It is assumed that the equally spaced red lights are likely heat sources within and behind the red top and bottom corner edge material of the buildings seen in the closer view of image #5.


But, if you will look closer and more carefully above, you'll see that the bulk of the buildings are now thoroughly hidden behind carefully applied obfuscating blot out dark smudge treatments specific to just these structures.

Why? What could be so important to secrecy that what is suppose to be innocuous modular research station structures needs to be hidden from the view primarily of the public?


Again, remember that this obfuscation tactical works primarily against the public in public media and not against competitors or enemies that have access to their own satellite images without any obfuscation.


The above 8th image is what is suppose to be ordinary diesel fuel storage bunkers as officially labeled.


Yet note the same kind of careful object specific dark smudge image tampering completely hiding what this kind of evidence is officially suppose to be according to distant views and official labeling.

  • Why?


  • Do you think they would be going to this kind of careful effort and expense for nothing just for a lark or joke?

  • Also, do tough South Africans immediately come to your mind when it comes to considering what countries would not only be maintaining a research station presence in Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, but also a very high tech little known one hard to track down?


  • Or, does one suspect that first Norway and then the South Africans are cooperating with some larger power like the USA so that our contingents there can operate in privacy away from the public under the guise of a foreign flag and not be subject to public disclosure and oversight?

  • If so, to what purpose?


  • Does this demonstrate a perceived need for isolation only to develop advanced technology or conduct experiments that might meet with public disapproval and opposition?


  • Or, does this demonstrate a need to monitor someone else not us there in the Antarctic in private without government or public oversight or interference hoping to meanwhile raid advanced technology in bits and pieces for private agenda use along and along?

Remember, almost the whole of the Antarctica continent is obfuscated from public view and even tiny bits of it that are not are still obfuscated by less easy to detect object specific image tampering such as that above in this report.


That's way too much effort and expense just to be doing it for a lark.


Obviously the many millions spent on this clearly demonstrates that someone is very serious about this secrecy and therefore we should be as well, especially since we in the public are almost certainly paying for all of this.


The above 9th image is of a strip of terrain at the Sanae IV station located just off the diesel fuel bunkers partly visible as the large dark spot at the bottom edge of this image stretching up to a point near the Sanae IV main buildings.


It has a lot of smudge image tampering partially obscuring it but note the round large disc imprints in this terrain.


Since there is a hard metal base elevated helicopter pad available for use at the end of the main building structures as officially labeled,

  • What do you think may have caused these imprints?

  • Could it be heavy lift freight supply helicopters landing near the fuel bunkers to resupply them over time as well as at other times near the main buildings for resupply of bundled heavy objects carried on slings suspended under the choppers that can't use the hard metal pad?

  • On the other hand, could it be advanced technology disc shaped craft that someone is operating here and doesn't want others spying on in this remote location?

Take you pick.


The above 10th image is one taken very nearby Norway's Troll Research Station.


When Sanae IV was turned over to the South Africans, Norway concentrated more on Troll Station and it is only about 103 miles or 165 km east from Sanae IV station. The distance between the two stations is relatively trivial compared to the 5.4 million square miles that the entire continent occupies. Both stations are by the way within the sector of the continent claimed by Norway.

When brown areas on the ground are seen within large white color fields of snow and ice, these usually represent rocky outcrops, hills, or mountains also known as nunataks in the Antarctic.


Such brown areas more or less free of snow and ice are almost always irregular shaped areas. However, the regular clump like formations over such a wide area in the above 11th image suggests that something else is going on here near Troll station

What I want to point out here is that the very regular brown areas on the right in the image look very much like groupings or clumps of large plant life. Plant life large enough to get tall suggests woody growth. However, we are for the most part led to believe that it is just too freezing cold in this area seasonally to allow for large woody growth.


Why? Because the ice would form in the woody more moist areas and the ice crystals would shatter the growth from the inside out. On the other hand, remember those unfrozen fresh water lakes I introduced to you in my Report #195 on Bunger Hills and their implications.

Yet note the darker spike like shadows pointed out by the red arrows that appear to be thrown from the rim of the elevated brown color clump areas down into the low ground blue color open area. This evidence suggests taller tree shadows.


Even so, when a search is made for publicity photos of the outer terrain around Troll Station, it is always bitter wind swept cold snow and ice with some small rocks but never the large brown clump systems you see above. Why? After all the regularity of this evidence would clearly provoke curiosity and imaging.


Obviously something is quite wrong with these very different visual depictions.


The above 11th image that I call "hole in the tampering" or "the egg that shouldn't be" returns us full circle on the obfuscation presence evidence.

  • First, in this and the two previous reports 195 and 196, we started exploring the realization that smudge image tampering is universal to the entire Antarctica continent rather just certain parts of it.

  • Second, even when there appear to be small minor holes or strips with less image tampering, a closer look usually reveals that there is still very careful object specific image tampering hiding truth and creating illusionary misdirection's intentionally leading away from truth.

Then there is the above 11th image example demonstrating a hole through the normally always present thick layers of blur and smudge image tampering revealing the sharp contrast of the very rugged terrain below that is so typical of the type of universal obfuscation all over the continent.


Frankly, I'm warning you that you need to be concerned about this and what it may be hiding.

The massive amount of image tampering present in this publicly available material covering millions of square miles of a whole Antarctic continent right here on Earth is a direct measure of what someone feels is the massive amount that needs to be hidden from you and I in the public. Someone did not do this for a lark and the many millions spent on this clearly attest to their seriousness in doing it.


Evidence that wide spread and massive just cannot be explained for example by some rumored German military presence begun at some point since the turn of the last century. There just isn't enough time for it and there is simply no reason for the expenditure of such a mega effort to hide simply rock, soil, and water geology.

On the other hand, what we might describe as alien presence existing over hundreds or thousands of years would explain the extensiveness of the evidence as well as the extensiveness of a fear reaction and the obfuscation to hide it. It is this kind of logic that I am suspecting and following. Think of it like this.


Where there is smoke and a lot of it, there is usually fire and a lot of it.


The extensiveness of the image tampering is like the smoke and what else but advanced intelligence presence that cannot be defeated or suppressed in secret would be important enough for Earth humans to try to pretend to deal with in this wrong headed way?

In other words, while we are perhaps being misdirected to endlessly worry about what is in distant space and on distant worlds, are real advanced peoples not us living right here on Earth in Antarctica with us and observing our behavior? If so, what must they think of us?

In my opinion, a technologically advanced people would likely also govern themselves by encouraging intellect, openness to truth and fairness as well as public learning, advancement, and involvement in governance while trying their best to avoid too much reliance on the leadership of a few that usually always eventually corrupts that leadership.


If such a people are present right here on Earth that are not us, I repeat, what must they think of us?

Through our public complicity via avoidance of the difficult and the disturbing, we have encouraged and allowed by our abstinence the very concentrations of power to build that President Eisenhower warned us of that are so corrupting and consequently the essential enslavement of a whole world by a relative few to the point that our value has been reduced to just what we can provide to others concentrating on their selves.


A truly advanced culture may find this Earth public condition just as appalling as dealing with those leaders corrupted by power.

For example, black projects and their supporters likely conducting the secrecy and hiding behind blocking curtains of the secrecy can successfully deny access to black project information even to Presidents that are suppose to be the most powerful people in the world and they can do it with impunity.


What does that say about who has the power and who does not?

I would not be harping on this subject if I did not suspect that what ever is being hidden from us in Antarctica is even more important and immediate to us than what ever is being hidden from us on the Moon, Mars, and elsewhere out in space.


Also, remember that although it might be difficult for the public to get truthful information from distant places like the Moon and Mars not tainted by black project manipulation, such information can be more obtainable and quicker from older technology fly over camera survey work over Antarctica circumventing the black project control and without the investment in fabulous scientific expertise.

All it takes is for the you in the public to get fed up enough with the poor parasitic treatment to get this started. Since the satellite imaging of the continent is so densely and universally obfuscated as demonstrated by Google Earth, that confirms that there is something there to be visually seen.


The big question is what is it as confirmed by visual evidence imaging of our own.

If it is someone not us and highly advanced occupying an entire Earth continent since ancient times as I suspect is possible and they are not outright hostile to friendly attempts at contact by we in Earth's public, then to hell with the black opts types. We'll make an end run around them in force and forge a new way adjusting to the situation as we go. That is if we have the courage for it.

If we can't unlock from our conditioning for this and get our heads out of the ground through our own initiative, then appalling does indeed describe us as we are no better than those that control us and myopically fixed on self.


Perhaps some of us can at least demonstrate to anyone watching that we at least have enough merit as individuals for consideration.

Of course, like the great intellect Stephen Hawking who prefers that we avoid alien contact for the time being, you may disagree. You may even prefer not to grow and might be satisfied just fine with historical low treatment and servitude to the will and personal purposes of others. As for me, I prefer to think for myself and try to benefit myself as well as others if I can.


A balance on this can be achieved.

The bottom line is what is being hidden from us in a whole continent like Antarctica?


For me, the bulk of a whole continent being so thoroughly obfuscated with a doubt at our financial expense is just absolutely not acceptable if some of our own people are doing it. It is holding us all back and consigning us to someone else's dung heap. No one is going to break the servitude chains for us including any of those potentially represented by the evidence here.


This is something that we must do for ourselves to prove that we deserve something more.