by Joseph P. Skipper
October 12, 2010

from MarsAnomalyResearch Website




The above 1st image is included here not really to demonstrate anomalous submerged evidence in oceans as it is to demonstrate that what you will see in the evidence further down in this report is very likely influenced and compromised to some extent by official level obfuscation tactics in the Google Earth imaging.


The above scene is an example located off the west coast of the islands of Malaysia and east of West Island in the Indian Ocean and in an area of fracture zones in the sea bed.

The rougher textured areas pointed out with the red arrows may represent some residual evidence of artificial constructions or it may just represent fractures zone folding of the sea bed or even both. I suspect the former but it may be the latter. The evidence is what I call "suggestive" as compared to conclusive. The problem is that likely the most telling evidence has been obliterated by the smooth color matched smudge treatments that mimic silting of the bottom covering up this evidence.


A sign that the smooth is smudge is the sharp spot like transition from the rough patches to the smooth and vice versa.

That's my point.


Most of the evidence sites we'll see in Google Earth and in this report have been treated in this way meant to mimic natural filling in and covering over of rough textured evidence with this smoothed smudge and one cannot conclusively tell how much is due to natural silting from ancient times to the present and how much is due to modern smudge treatments.


For example, these treatments have been very effective in obscuring the rough terrain in the above image and only selective spot placement of the smudge gives one pause to suspect these areas of in fact subjected to smudge.

All of the evidence you will see in this report is like this to some extent. All of the evidence has either been partially or mostly obscured by either natural silting processes from ancient times to the present and/or obscured by artificial smudge treatments. That means that the evidence that can be seen represents only very large objects printing through from underneath and only a minimum of what lesser size context evidence may truly be present but hidden from view.

Even so, we're lucky that some of the evidence is large enough to print through these coatings and be detected by us.


The rigid organized patterns of the evidence is typical of artificial origins and likely implemented by intelligence and advanced technology back in ancient times likely before our civilization's climb. In other words, I want you to learn to take the obfuscation tactics into consideration when you're viewing evidence like this and never forget its presence and influence.

If you will do this, it will soon come to you that, as in the above example 1st image where some of the rough texture is left out in spots, you are seeing only the larger rough texture evidence that did not easily cover up and is still printing through from under the silt/smudge because of its greater size.


So, when we're looking at this evidence, we're likely looking at only a very small percentage of what is really down there, and most of us would likely be really shocked if we could see all of the smaller context evidence without the obfuscation presence.


In any case, let's get on with this reports evidence below.



The above 2nd image demonstrates the location of the below next three evidence sites just off the coast of the ice covered Antarctica continent.


Note that all three are not too far offshore but remember that offshore off of Antarctica in these times means offshore of the great ice masses and sheets that surround this continent and extend offshore.


So this evidence may have been created in ancient times before this civilization when this continent was not covered by ice and the current ice presence may be naturally obscuring other important evidence at these sites in the imaging.

As an aside and while your looking at the above Google Earth image of Antarctica, you will of course note that big round circle of really bright white color. This intentionally blanks-out most of the center area of the continent and is always present regardless of the version of Google Earth implemented and so it is intentional and not a technical aberration.


However, the obfuscation doesn't stop there, it's just the most obvious.

The light gray covering most of the rest of the continent is in my opinion mostly smudge treatments that vary from a very dense coating blocking everything out to a more opaque coating allowing major land forms to come through.


Needless to say, it is very suspicious when most of an entire large continent is treated in this way and should logically give an objective person pause.



The above 3rd dim image evidence shows what appears to be rigidly straight linear lines both parallel and at 90 right angles to each other forming clear rectangles that interconnect and share sides.


This evidence is offshore of the southern Pacific Ocean side of the Antarctica continent in a large area of what appears to me to be obscuring opaque smudge. So it is not easy to find or really get a good look at it. I already had this but it was then brought to my attention by a Frenchman with the handle arbona and a nice piece of work too I might add.

As you can see, it looks suspiciously very much like old wall or structure foundations. Note the upper left corner of the rectangle on the right and how it has a small 45 angle cut across that corner. You should know that the vertical parallel lines in the left rectangle leads in a curve up into what appears to be a fissure system not shown here.


So this evidence may be in part compromised by fissure systems some distance away but that rigid very organized system of arrow straight line forming rectangles is still hard to explain by fissures alone.



The above 4th and 5th image evidence is located right off the coast of Antarctica and on a substantial peninsula like arm of Antarctica extending up forming the southern boundary of the Cape Horn passage between South America and Antarctica.


What we are looking at is a rigidly organized grid like pattern of a large group of ocean floor mounts sticking above the seabed and printing through a large area of obscuring smudge treatment. Again, I already had this evidence but it was also subsequently pointed out to me recently in some nice work by Dr. Courtney Brown with the Farsight Institute of Remote Viewing fame.

In the 4th image note how precisely uniform in size and spacing each of these mounts are relative to each other and their close proximity as a group to the entrance to what would have been considered an excellent protected inlet harbor in ancient times cutting into the Antarctica continent.


These mounts may have been the pier like underwater foundations of some structures but more likely they are a breakwater to protect the mouth of this inlet as a harbor or they are underwater military obstructions.

Note that I've included a very wide angle context 5th image with red arrows demonstrating a long inland curving depression.


I've done this to bring to your attention that all is not what it may at first appear to be when the eye moves inland in this Antarctica scene so covered over with obscuring bright white reflective surfaces. These arrows are actually located in a huge wide water passage that goes inland, swings in a left curve up north, and continuing many miles north cutting through a mountain range in an arc to the left and back into the ocean at the Rhyolite Islands group.


This passage cuts a very large mountainous landmass off from the main Antarctica continent forming a huge island or more specifically a group of rugged islands.

Note that snow and ice is very white, bright, and sunlight reflective and this is Antarctica where snow and ice presence is primary in our time. That bright white color tends to make this area look like a continuous part of the continent land area when that is not really the case.


Remember, these natural white surface conditions washing out finer detail are also graphically very easy to mimic with smudge treatments and, in my opinion, that has been done here extensively creating a continuous landmass illusion unless one goes to the trouble of looking closer.

In ancient times when there may have been warming trends, this huge dividing inland passage offering two entry and exit points to the sea at each end and protected inland access would have been ideal from a marine shipping and naval military point of view due to its inland location and easy defendability.


Although its distant appearance from above in Google Earth may look like the passage is filled solid with an ice glacier, if this passage is fjord deep in between the surrounding mountains, it may even still be navigable and used by submarines deep under the current ice cover.


Remember, in the manipulated Google Earth visuals we cannot assume that any natural ice cover is really complete considering that some of that inland reflective white cover may be the result of smudge treatments and not real.

In speculation,

  • Could this be the location of the rumored remote Nazi WWII Antarctica base that Nazi archaeologists are alleged to have discovered and established a presence in during or prior to WWII?

  • Could there be x-Nazi facilities here or even older facilities that predate current civilization to an earlier time?

  • Sound too far fetched to you?

Be reminded that shortly after WWII an "expeditionary" military force (an entire fleet including an aircraft carrier) of ships and thousands of men was definitely sent to Antarctica for "exploration" purposes.


Of course such a large military force commitment suggests a covert secret mission cranking up the rumor and denial mills. Further, although this is officially denied, it has been rumored that two atomic blasts were set off some where at or near Antarctica back in those post WWII times.


In fact, although I didn't understand the significance of this at the time some years ago and didn't preserve it, I've seen pictures that included a fleet of ships in the foreground, a completely snow and ice covered landmass and mountain range in the far background, and an unmistakable atomic blast between the ships and the landmass. The presence of a high mountain range suggested Antarctica.

I don't know about you but to me that's a lot of military activity in force. It's also a huge expenditure of money, materials, and man power post WWII with citizens in lean times recovering from the war effort to allegedly test military cold weather military operations and/or investigate the frozen desolate home of a bunch of cold hardy seals and penguins or even a few isolated diehard freezing Nazis.


Could it be that those few freezing Nazis had discovered and had access to technology in isolated Antarctica carried over from an older civilization? If so, a technology resource like that would have warranted an expedition "in force."

It may be that at some point in ancient times when temperatures were milder in Antarctica, someone with considerable resources and who could at that time operate in the open put in a submerged breakwater grid system consisting of large submerged mounts to protect the main harbor and inland passage entrance from rough surface seas and underwater currents.


Remember, the passage being open at both ends to the sea in warmer temperature conditions could have resulted in a maelstrom of rough tidal currents and flows that likely needed to be tamed.

One thing is for sure, that huge rigidly organized underwater grid system is at the very least artificial in its origins and not the result of any natural random cause. Further, its size confirms a serious commitment of resources regardless of who created it and whether produced in older times or in more current times.


Could it be that we are looking at a small amount of visible evidence of a military submarine facility hidden away in the inland mountains accessible under the ice via this underwater passage?



The above 6th image evidence is a single long straight line of what appear to be underwater mounts off the Atlantic Ocean coast side of Antarctica.


This evidence is just one of several in this general area but this is the longest, most pronounced, and the best visible example. All of the others are a little closer inshore and also all are generally parallel to the present Antarctica shore line. Note the mount's single straight line closer equal placement one relative to the to other which again suggests a breakwater design.

The rigid straight line, the equal size of the objects, their close equal spacing, and their uniformity clearly suggests artificial origins.


Remember, this is not offshore of some human heavily populated region of the world that might have the will and resources for such a large undertaking but offshore of hard frozen Antarctica theoretically populated by seals, penguins, and a few human remote research stations and differing country claim agreements that would likely preclude such large scale operations.



It's the same with the above 7th and 8th image evidence in the Sea of Okhotsk off the northeast coast of Russia.


It's another line of underwater mounts offshore of a large island as seen in the 7th image as represented by the larger red "X" in the above 8th context image. There are also other lines of mounts evidence off the Russian shore in the same Sea of Okhotsk as well as a grid system off of the north tip of the island and all represented by smaller red "X's" in the above 8th context image for those interesting in looking them up in Google Earth behind me.

Let's face it, the official manipulation of Google Earth is not going to allow us to look at more definitive evidence that might suggest past unknown civilizations here on Earth.


For the most part, the only reason that we can get a look at this little bit of evidence is in the mistakes made in the obfuscation of the imaging insufficiently anticipating that you and I might regard this as anomalous. The suggestive evidence you see here is always in remote less frequented places and often where freezing temperatures and ice are factors and viewer interest in the locale is generally low.


Even if one does chance upon such evidence, it it at best regarded as a curiosity more than anything else unless the viewer really thinks independently about it as evidence.

However, the bottom line is that the purposeful placement on the sea floor of many multiple large underwater small mountains of the same size and uniformity in a grid or straight line of rigidly exactly organized positions is just not something that nature is going to do as a natural process and definitely demonstrates intelligent intent and design.


Further, it should not be forgotten that we are seeing this evidence only because of its size and in spite of inadequate attempts to obscure it and that is evidence too. There is no telling how much of this type of evidence exists underwater around the planet that has been successfully obscured and we are just not seeing it.

You should also know that the Antarctica archaeological record shows evidence warm temperature flora and fauna present there in the distant ancient past. This indicates that in ancient times at some point before our current civilization, the Antarctic continent was a warmer habitable place quite different than the current freezing cold conditions.

Still find it hard to believe that there would be any civilization evidence of importance on or offshore of the hard frozen Antarctica continent?


Yes there is that psychology but then you must also ask yourself,

  • Why are huge areas of Antarctica visually grossly blanked out (note the 2nd image here) in the most population popular Google Earth medium unless there was something there readily visible that someone obviously doesn't want us to see?

  • Why would anyone go to such trouble and expense to obscure such a supposedly desolate place?

Surely that alone via logic and reason is enough clue to tip one into a questioning mode.

It's really a shame that the populations of the world are openly treated in such a poor and disrespectful manner by those not wanting to share the knowledge that ultimately is power while at the same time sucking off of us financially to maintain their power.


We are left to live in ignorance and denial and root around in their created just for us designer garbage dump of leavings hoping for rare tiny kernels of overlooked truth even as to our own planet and its past.


It is just incredibly poor human behavior!