by Dr. Benny Peiser

June 03, 2023

from ClimateChangeDispatch Website

A new study (Change in Antarctic ice shelf area from 2009 to 2019) by a team of climate scientists and published by the European Geosciences Union reveals that,

the Antarctic ice shelf area has grown by 5305 km2 from 2009-2019, gaining 661 Gigatonnes of ice mass over the past decade...

The new observations confirm the findings of eminent meteorologist Professor J. Ray Bates whose research has shown that trends in polar sea-ice levels give little cause for alarm.

In a paper (Polar Sea Ice and the Climate Catastrophe Narrative) published just over a year ago by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Professor Bates contrasted climate model simulations - which predict significantly decreasing sea ice levels in both hemispheres - with empirical data and observed trends in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice.




Professor Bates said:

"In 2007, Al Gore told us that Arctic sea ice levels were 'falling off a cliff'. It's clear now that he was completely wrong. In fact, the trends in sea ice are an antidote to climate alarm."

Professor Bates also says that little reliance should be placed on model simulations of future sea-ice decline:

"Climate models failed to predict the growth in Antarctic sea ice, and they missed the recent, marked slowdown of sea-ice decline in the Arctic.


It would be unwarranted to think they are going to get things right over the next 30 years."