Editorial by Alex Collier, Nov 1995

Dear Friends,

There is but one thing of which I am positively sure of. That life exists. It has been a common trait of the mind to think that death is the only thing in which we can be surely certain. But honestly, death as a process is really the one thing we know the least about. However, we do know that there is life. We live it, pretend it, covet it and even die for it.

And this life is all about us. And our intent to live. And if we do in fact live, then our life must have some origin. If everything has a purpose, then there is some reason why we live. Do you know your reason to live?

The more we study life and the cycles hidden in nature, the more facts are found that sustain the belief that nothing is without purpose. You may chose to be a Christian, a Hebrew, or an Atheist. Never the less, regardless of which polarity of thought or ideas you stand in or are creating from, you cannot remove the fact that life exists. And all life is intent.

The Andromedans have said that to their knowledge there is only one impossibility. Only one thing is impossible. That the beginning of life started out of an empty black void in which nothing existed, or in which there was no preceding cause or creative power. All other things are possible. This is not.

My friends, if we could see into the long endless past, and could trace back every preceding condition until at length we came to total emptiness, total blackness, total nothing, I'm told that this would be in fact attempting the impossible. Because the first simple rule of existence is this; all creation is and must be an endless chain of previous causes to account for a single life on earth or anywhere else.

This endless chain of intent and preceding causes never had a beginning, never began as the first moment or originated out of emptiness. Mankind is part of an endless process.

Mankind is exactly the central link in a chain of intents. Which means that there are as many links and causes in the past as there are to be in the future. And I feel if we could count those that precede mankind we would find that same number of links and events and moments of intent ahead of us.

Always be at one.




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