by Noel Huntley


Excerpted from "ETs and Aliens "
from GoogleBooks Website

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The Andromedans are a very advanced extraterrestrial race that has been involved with human evolution.


They were asked to contribute to the great plan for the human species and thus have been interacting since the beginnings of mankind. They have been described as a non-physical race of ancient 'angelic beings' and are the 'spiritual force' behind the Ashtar Command.

Andromeda is the name of the constellation that contains the star system Beta Andromeda, the home of these beings.


Note that the galaxy Andromeda is merely seen from Earth within the Andromeda constellation and is of course much further away in location - about two million light years from our galaxy.

A representative from Andromeda by the name of Om-Ran has communicated through Robert Shapiro and explained that they came to participate in the human explorer-race experiment for solving the irresolvable problems from everywhere.


Their function would be to aid processing of the mind and mental power in a more benevolent manner. That is, to bring to Earth greater benevolence to mental power. Andromeda is sometimes referred to as the seed, or seat of thought in the galaxy.

In these missions of aid to civilization there is always gain available to the givers. In this participation, the Andromedans learned that their benevolence wasn't as high as it could be.

Om-Ran is evolved beyond the physical and made contact as a light form. His race has been following our progress since the beginning.


Owing to their higher-dimensional nature they could not bring the element of mental power to humans through genetics. Since the plan was for Sirians to cross-breed with humans, and they were more advanced, the Andromedans emanated a radiation towards these Sirians, who then in turn passed this trait onto humans through genetics.


The necessary thought element was thus acquired through codes for human development; hence the human was, in a manner of speaking, mentally hybridized with the Andromedans.

Nevertheless the nature of the human was such that the mental powers did not dominate. And even today the body determines thought to a large degree; the mind is not in charge, as opposed to the Andromedans, whose mental powers are in charge. This was as it should be since the purpose for the human race was to create heart decisions, and the mind is not to be involved as the sole factor in assimilation of knowledge.


This heart/feeling ability would then create a direct link between the spiritual self and the (universe) Creator itself. All knowledge could be acquired through the emotional self.


The individual mind would not be emphasized, though the Creator mind would be present. This relates to the purpose of the Creator to have the human race collectively take over - see chapter on creators and universal entities.

Andromeda scientists continue to study the ecology of planet Earth, collecting data for evaluation and analysis. Human contacts have been made in which advice is given regarding the negative factors that man is introducing into his environment and the full dangers and consequences of this.


They are able to predict the probabilities based on present conditions, then extrapolate the energies into the future.

Channel source Zoosh describes in the Shining the Light material an Andromedan spacecraft landing on Earth to evaluate the minerals in the ground. In addition, he states they sealed the Andromedan chain of life into the earth energetically.


This energy chain enables other Andromedans to find the place and also welcomes others. This was all achieved from the ship.

Following this, one crew member exited and stood on guard (this was for the safety of any intruders - the ship and ET would probably have been invisible but the ship would leave a disturbance).


Another member disembarked and walked to a place he had been to before 800 years ago - for reasons of sentiment and remembrance. Zoosh states he left an 'energetic gift'.

The Andromedan then walked into a nearby house without disturbing anything. It was nighttime and people were asleep, except for a man watching the TV, who simply went into a trance; his eyes open during this time. The Andromedan picked up a few articles which caught his interest for examination.


Before he left he wished to leave a gift but this couldn't be done by leaving any object.

As he left, the owner's dogs were barking, except for one, though none of them could move much, and the ET with the tip of a finger transmitted the memory of his life into the dog. It was stated that this positive influence would be passed onto others.


This is the way some Andromedans pass on their lineage to other ETs and occasionally to Earth people.

Millions of years ago the Andromedans visited Earth when the Sirians had established themselves in colonies throughout the planet. They welcomed the Andromedans, who requested setting up a few outposts around the globe and within the inner Earth (referred to as Fice civilization according to Zoosh).


These outposts were for research purposes and they were not interested in hybridizing species, but mainly in studying the flora and fauna. Some of these genetic experiments with plants were used to aid the Sirians in creating a more durable Sirian body.


From the present-time human perspective we merely sustained a small contribution from the Andromedans for our mental bodies and not physical bodies.

Wendelle Stevens in his book UFO Contact from Andromeda recounts a case of a university professor who was contacted by a woman by the name of Lya from planet Inxtria in the Beta Andromeda system.


It states that she was a thousand years old and the professor had the opportunity to travel in her ship on several occasions during the contact period of ten years.


He was told they were conducting an in-depth study of the conditions on Earth to evaluate the positive and negative factors influencing the planet's and the human race's progress and evolution.